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My Conversation With Neely Fuller

Anyone who is classified as black in this world knows that I do not exaggerate when I say being black in a white supremacist world is the hardest job you’ll ever have. So today, when I woke up angry and confused, wanting to hurt someone for this prison I was born into, confused as to why things were spinning out of my control, my Spirit told me to pick up the phone and call Neely Fuller.

For those of you that do not know him, this is he:

And for those of you that do not know of his book:

Please RUN to the bookstore and buy it, study it, talk it over and digest it. Then read it again.

I decided to call this scholar due to the fact that my insanity was coming too close to the surface and I got nervous. I prepared myself to be calm and as intellectual as possible. I told myself that no matter what, I will not give in to my emotions and start crying on the phone to this man I admired so much. At the sound of his deep Southern drawl and the way he asked me what was the matter, I was rendered a slobbering fool, crying out about my utter helplessness regarding:

1. My job

2. My upbringing in AmeriKlan around whites…especially white females

3. My decision to no longer have white friends

4. My anger

5. My hatred

6. My depression

7. My decision to leave medicine

8. My thoughts of leaving AmeriKlan forever

9. The Willie Lynch Mentality

10. My powerlessness to fight this system

He listened to it ALL.

I ranted like a derelict, making unintelligible sentences, unable to hold back. I complained and complained…and wondered why blacks were so passive. Why can’t we just band together and conquer this poisonous system once and for all.

Then, in his careful Southern drawl, he spoke:

“Miss Truthbetold…may I ask the young lady a question? Whites have no regard for each other. In fact, the only time they come together is to practice white supremacy. So why would you think they would extend some regard for you?”

I suddenly got so quiet, I heard the ticking of the clock in my kitchen.

He waited for my response but I was rendered a mute.

Then he took over.

“A white supremacist will study a grain of sand. Why? Because all things created on Earth have a purpose. Even a grain of sand. The white supremacist knows this. So he studies it. Watches it. For days, weeks, months, years…until he figures out what purpose the grain of sand has.

And when he figures it out, he finds a way to use that grain of sand for his own supremacist advantage. This is true for everything he touches, sees, hears, smells and tastes. Including human beings. Now, some might say, “Hey Joe, what are you doing with that grain of sand”? But Joe, the white supremacist, will respond, “It’s here, ain’t it? It must be here for a reason. And I’m not gonna stop til I figure out what that reason is and how it can be used.”

His Grain Of Sand analogy was so simple. So direct and so basic, I had trouble processing it. “Why? Why would anyone do that? Why study a grain of sand? Why waste the time?”, I wanted to know.

“Because the system of white supremacy depends on him being ahead of everyone, including those that look like him.”

I felt a funny sensation akin to horror wash over me. I wanted to understand this need to “be ahead” but could not. I wanted to wrap my mind around this but it made no sense at all. Why not pool all of your resources together? That’s what our ancestors did.  I desperately wanted to understand why. Why? That was my question. Why? That makes no sense! You’ll have a greater chance of survival if you all share. He chuckled then spoke.

“You cannot explain insanity to the sane. You cannot make an insane person sane again. One of two things will happen. Either you must go insane to understand their reasoning or you’ll walk away with no resolution. Racism is insanity.”

I then remembered one of my favourite books The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Bobby E. Wright. I told him about it and he agreed with Dr. Wright’s theory. He advised me watch “white movies”, study the characters, listen to their dialogue, the way they play with words…words are very important to the supremacist. Especially the way they twist rhetoric and use “codified” language to speak to each other right in front of us. Example: I’m going to a picnic. Pic-Nic…Pick-a-nigger for lynching. We use their own words designed to mock us and they laugh at our ignorance. I was once again rendered speechless.

Were all of our words “codified?” Was anything real? Even the sports we love to play like pool and football have dual meanings.

“Whites make up language that only they can understand with each other…they do it all the time in public, at work, in presidential speeches, etc…you just have to know what to look for” he said.

My mind was reeling. He wanted me to watch Casablanca. He told me whites are mindful of their time…always doing something with their time…like playing chess, reading, crossword puzzles, etc.

“Why is that, Mr. Fuller?”

“”Because time is never wasted with the white supremacist. Their ability to reason and think ahead is their best asset. Blacks live for now…the Supremacist thinks 20 years ahead. I fired a question at him that been on my mind for ages.

“Mr. Fuller, do you think whites want to kill us off?” He thought for a while then spoke.

“No. If they wanted to do that, they could’ve killed us off a long time ago. Whites need us. For capital, for the prison systems and for their massive egos. We are their ego trip. Whenever they look at us, it gives them an ego boost because they know where we come from. And they’ll never let us forget it.”

I was overloaded. He told me to think this over…re-read the book. Write down any and all questions I had and call him again…I thank him for his time and before we hung up he spoke again in his drawl.

“Once you begin to realize that you’ve been imprisoned and now you’re trying to free yourself, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.”

Boy, was he right. I felt tormented afterwards. I wanted to think about this, but couldn’t. I wanted to write down my feelings but couldn’t. I felt confused. Angry. Relieved. I needed some air. But…I was happy that someone understood. I was totally exhausted. We’d been on the phone for nearly 3 hours. I went right to sleep.

Family, there is so much about us, as black folks, that we don’t know or understand. So much as been kept hidden from us on purpose. My conversation with Neely Fuller needs to be shared with the black family. We need to talk this over and come to a greater mental consciousness.

This consciousness is what The Fear is all about. Can you imagine what would happen if we step outside of our mental plantations and came together? Schools would close for they could not even begin to teach us. The white economy would be destroyed without us spending money every 15 minutes.  Whites would go mad. The world, without us playing into the game, would never be the same.

This very question is what keeps the white racist up All.  Night.  Long.

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135 thoughts on “My Conversation With Neely Fuller

  1. Wow. Wow. I had to cock my head to the left after I read this.
    This is interesting to me, what Mr. Fuller says.

    I’m reading a book titled “Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement From the Margins to the Mainstream”. I’ve been reading it for the past three weeks and let me tell you, it’s heavy. It’s lengthy and thoroughly detailed, sometimes annoyingly so, but the demand for it is necessary.
    I’ve become frustrated while reading this book; it’s taking me forever, for one, but primarily because I’ve been going “insane” while reading it.
    I couldn’t understand, really, why I’ve been suffering from headaches while reading this book, why I’ve become exasperated while reading this book, why I’ve become angry while reading this book, why I’ve become tense, saddened, agitated and the list goes on.
    Now I know. Now I seriously know: “You cannot explain insanity to the sane. You cannot make an insane person sane again. One of two things will happen. Either you must go insane to understand their reasoning or you’ll walk away with no resolution. Racism is insanity.”
    I’ve been going insane reading this book, attempting to understand the rationale (or pseudo rationale) of racism, of white supremacist thinking. I’ve been going crazy trying to do this.

    I read books like this to expand my knowledge, to learn of different perspectives, to be informed. But I had no idea I would go insane in the process.

    Excellent and thought-provoking post, Negress.

  2. As horrible as White supremacy seems, I’m still certain it’s part of the natural order of the world. Don’t get it twisted, if people of color were in charge, we would be doing the same exact things to retain our power. One thing you have to understand, it’s not the people on this world who are the true source of evil. The true source of evil is the world itself – this prison Earth. It may sound very Gnostic, and most likely it is, but don’t mistake this planet for something it is not. This is a place for suffering. Any pleasure or happiness you may receive here only exists to increase the sensitivity to pain. So, it makes perfect sense to me, this “twisted” logic of supremacy. It is a madness created by madmen living on a mad world created by a mad creator.

    By adjusting your vision to the correct angle, all things can be viewed with clarity. Just be warned, once you do so, you won’t be able to go back to sleep.

  3. SomeGuy, that’s an interesting perspective, and it makes sense to me – most of it, anyway. The “mad creator” aspect I don’t agree with.

    But the thought of our people manifesting the same behaviors of racist whites if we were clothed in that privilege is both frightening and disheartening to me. I’d never want to be imprisoned with such a mindset.
    Power, in the wrong hands – or with the wrong people – is a frightening thing.

  4. You’re such a blessing, Sister truthbetold. We waited for this conversation and you delivered. It’s very profound yet simple. It’s sure right that the European is very specialist and madly tribal. Thanks for writing this.

  5. @ Someguy

    “Don’t get it twisted, if people of color were in charge, we would be doing the same exact things to retain our power.”

    Now Someguy…that I dont believe. Not on the same level as The Psychotic Ones.

  6. Thank you. When I read the Bell Curve and The Negro Problem, I nearly fell over. Their reasoning makes no sense since Africans gave the world language, math, science, medicine and astronomy.

    I’m trying to look at this from a reasonable perspective but it cannot be done. Not with them.

  7. SomeGuy’s perspective is not historically verified. The ancient world is familiar with a dominant African people. The story of their righteousness was widespread. Here’s an excerpt of an Ethiopian King speaking to Persian spies from the Father of [European] History himself Herodotus:

    “Neither did the king of the Persians send you bearing gifts because he thought it a matter of great moment to become my guest-friend, nor do ye speak true things (for ye have come as spies of my kingdom), nor again is he a righteous man; for if he had been righteous he would not have coveted a land other than his own, nor would he be leading away into slavery men at whose hands he has received no wrong. Now however give him this bow and speak to him these words: The king of the Ethiopians gives this counsel to the king of the Persians, that when the Persians draw their bows (of equal size to mine) as easily as I do this, then he should march against the Long-lived Ethiopians, provided that he be superior in numbers; but until that time he should feel gratitude to the gods that they do not put it into the mind of the sons of the Ethiopians to acquire another land in addition to their own.”

    We have always been known as blameless–we are unlike Europeans and Asians.

  8. Onitaset

    I’m still raw from it. I’m having trouble processing this information. I’m dumbfounded as to how we as a people allowed ourselves to be mislead and lied to. We taught the world EVERYTHING yet we’re the ones that got bamboozled.

  9. @ Onitaset

    Africans are not perfect beings. I never claimed we were. We fought tribal wars, yes… But I honestly do not believe that we would have gone down the road of sexual depravity and madness as the European.

  10. I may not have written it clearly, but I was showing how we are unlike the Europeans and Asians, in the sense that given the opportunity to be unrighteous we refused under principles of righteousness. That’s what one of our Kings himself said.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    You called Neely Fuller? I didn’t know you knew him that well.lol I tried calling him on the Cows radio program a few times. But there’s always so many people on the line,I can never get through. That must be a real honor to speak to someone with a great mind like that. I haven’t heard too many people explain white supremacy as well as him. He seems to understand how the white mind works. And how sick and twisted it can be towards those who are different than them. I don’t claim to be an expert but living in California around white folks for thirty plus years—I think I know how many of them think.
    I have his ” Code Book” and it’s like my Bible.lol A little excerpt:

    is a textbook for thought, speech, and/or action for victims or racism (‘white’ supremacy) by Neely fuller, Jr. Neely fuller Jr’s basic premise is this: “If you do not understand ‘white’ supremacy (as racism) what it is, and how it works everything else that you understand, will only confuse you”. On page 44 the author lists Four Basic “Show-Offisms” By/Among the Victims of Racism

    1. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the things that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.

    2. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the information that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.

    3. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to belittle (each other.)

    4. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to make sexual impressions on each other.

    His explanation is that many non’white’ people spend much time/energy/money “Showing-Off” (to each other). They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of racism (white supremacy) on their “personal affairs” seem unimportant and/or non-existent. This ‘show-offism’ serves no constructive purpose. it only helps non-’white’ people to become more pitiful, primitive, stupid and/or silly, in comparison to the activities of ‘white supremacist, and/or, in comparison to ‘white’ people in general. On page 64 Neely fuller Jr’s states:


    Reason/explanation being that in a socio-material system dominated by ‘white’ supremacists (racist), the ‘white’ supremacist is responsible for all problems involving the people who are subject to them. In being black and awakening in capitalist America post Jasper Texas, We know the enemy and it is all of us who are not seeking solutions to problems which are solvable. ”Dr Neely fuller, Jr’s has the solution and I am not a conspiracy theorist. There are long histories of conspiracies. I am a realist.

  12. It’s always psychology. Our moral compass is internal but corruptible. Few of us believe the latter and that’s where the mess comes into play.

    For instance, we smartly opposed Jim Crow when it was starting. But when Elders are asked, it’s as if they knew nothing beside Jim Crow. This means that while we opposed it, we didn’t teach opposition, ergo the later generation was corrupted into accepting it. We know this as seen in the difference between a person born into slavery and a person brought into slavery. Without institutions teaching our moral compass our moral compass is corrupted.

  13. Some of us are already doing it, in certain parts of the African continent.

  14. I want to get my hands on this book.
    Could be a gem for me.

  15. Your point about us behaving in the same manner as whites if the shoes were reversed is a point that I said I could agree with.
    And I can.
    But as I think about it, specifically your comment about the natural order of the earth, I wonder then, what’s the purpose of dwelling on, iscussing, and attempting to fight

  16. Sorry, I hit post message before I was finished.

    …what is the purpose of attempting to fight against white supremacy if it’s the natural order of things? And if our people would behave the same way if we were privileged, there would be no talk of white people being intrinsically different than us.
    It would only be a matter of a flip script so to speak.

  17. When I say “Natural Order”, I don’t mean that Whites are supposed to rule over everyone else (not that I’m accusing you of saying that). What I mean is that Whites people, along with everyone else, are acting within their nature. Nature isn’t nice. Just look at the non-Human life forms here. The reason we would fight to end White supremacy is so that we may benefit, rather than them.

    I don’t believe White people are intrinsically different than anyone else. How many people of color here have White ancestry? If you have even one drop, then by the logic that states Whites are intrinsically different, then YOU are different to other Africans who are pure of blood and free of contamination.

    I’m sorry, but I have a very different view of the struggle and the roles and actions of people within that struggle.

  18. I think you too easily believed SomeGuy’s theory. Please read “Diop’s Two Cradle Theory” here: http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/diops-two-cradle-theory/

    The King in Africa summed it up: ” . . . but until that time he should feel gratitude to the gods that they do not put it into the mind of the sons of the Ethiopians to acquire another land in addition to their own.”

  19. I don’t talk about theory, I talk about life. Maybe you are just too young to know how this world really operates.

  20. If anyone wants to hear him, here is a clip. Very eye-opening.

  21. Judge by cause, not by effect. — KMT Proverb

    If I relied only on my wisdom, you could have a point. But Diop, Chancellor Williams and Ancient KMT are older than you.

    Ibn Battuta (an Arab) visited 14th Century Black Africa. He reported:

    Amongst their good qualities is the small amount of injustice amongst them, for of all people they are the furthest from it.

    He continues:

    Among these qualities there is also the prevalence of peace in their country, the traveller [sic] is not afraid in it nor is he who lives there in fear of the thief or of the robber by violence.

    Think now of 14th Century White Europe and the Dark Ages. I rest my case.

  22. Those specific civilizations may have been peaceful, yes. But look at modern day Sweden…kinda White, kinda peaceful, right?

    I’m not referring to individual nations, I’m referring to nations in general. White culture is different, but White people, biologically, are not.

  23. @ Truthbetold,

    In such times, you have to change your perspective lest you go mad and crazy.

    See I find that I am stressed out when things mainly don’t go my way. If I start to question some of the basic assumptions I carry, then at least I can start to understand the stress and find it easier to live as me, in my own skin.

    As humans we naturally expect some things, just because we are humans, we are individuals and thus we expect things to function a certain way. But why? There is no rule in the sky that says this is how things have to be.

    There is no rule that says, black people should not be at the bottom, that you should be treated well at work, that a white person should recognize there racism etc. Things can go whatever way they will, we can’t really control what is out there.

    See these quotes:

    “Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone.”

    “As long as a man feels that he is the most important thing in
    the world, he cannot really appreciate the world around him. He is
    like a horse with blinders; all he sees is himself, apart from
    everything else.”

    “The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a
    warrior. It is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified
    in doing so, believing that someone is always doing something to us.
    Nobody is doing anything to anybody, much less to a warrior.

    A warrior takes his lot, whatever it may be, and accepts it in
    ultimate humbleness. He accepts in humbleness what he is, not as
    grounds for regret but as a living challenge.”

  24. We’re talking life, not theory. Unless you are in Sweden, you may as well discuss Mars. For what it’s worth many Africans in Sweden do not agree that it’s peaceful; what’s more Europeans believe that the ghettos of America are in “peace.” Think on that.

    To say Whites are biologically the same is to doubt your eyes. Sure, Whites eat like we do, laugh like we do, drink like we do; but no one can say we are biologically the same. You just can’t make that claim.

    If you mean White people are human–ok? Who is doubting that? If you are saying we have the same version of humanity–see how you enjoy “picnics.”

  25. Perhaps I veered off a bit, but I have wondered in the past, specifically when I was taking history courses in college, if our people would have excercised the same type of dominant and aberrant supremacy if it was we who were given “black privilege “. If so, then we’re no different than whites and it’s humans with their inherent corruption that’s the root of the madness, I suppose. If not, then somone can make the argument that we’re goverened by a different moral code.
    Maybe I oversimplified.

  26. Keep believing in those fairy tales and you are eventually going to get a rude awakening.

  27. That last comment was for Onitaset.

  28. It’s a fairy tale that we do not like lynchings?

    Do you want to lynch a White man? Does a White man want to lynch you?

    Both of these are illegal, but–even though we are claimed more violent–which is more likely?

    The Moors ruled the Iberian peninsula and eventually disbanded their own Armies. Egypt itself for a time had no standing Army.

    What fairy tale am I subscribing. You said Black and White are biologically the same–you probably meant similar–because Black and White are clearly not the same. If you mean the two are similar, what are the similarities. You already admitted “Different Culture” so what more needs to be said? What rude awakening is there? I’m going to find out that Black is the same as White. That’s ridiculous.

    A culture is an outgrowth of one’s biology. To say that the cultures are different and always have been different is to say that the biology is different and always has been different.

    If there is a fairy tale, it’s the only dispute of Black=White. That’s foolishness. Nothing can be different and the same. That’s a contradiction.

  29. I think the hardest part of life is coming to terms with the fact that one is not important. Sometimes when we think that, at least speaking for myself, I immediately go into thinking , I must be worthless then. But, not being important doesn’t mean you are worthless. I think it just allows you to be you. Can you imagine that? Living life not feeling offended round every turn?? All that weight off your shoulders…

    However, sadly life doesn’t play ball and I come to read that life is full of tyrants. A tyrant can be anything that holds power over you, a person, a system, a job etc.

    See this quote:

    “‘A petty tyrant is a tormentor…….Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.'”

    “Nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.”

    “The perfect ingredient for the making of a superb seer is a petty tyrant with unlimited prerogatives. Seers have to go to extremes to find a worthy one. Most of the time they have to be satisfied with very small fry. Then warriors develop a strategy using the four attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, and timing.”

    What is a warrior? According to Don Juan, a warrior is a man of true knowledge and knowledge is the gateway to freedom, but you can’t achieve something like freedom for nothing. Also according to Don Juan, one of the main things keeping a man from being free is “Self-Importance” and the thing that can mostly get a man or woman to kill their self-importance is a “Tyrant”. For that reason, a Tyrant is a gift to a warrior.

    You see even Jesus talked about the second death.. When you die this death then you go to heaven(which I assume means you become free from the bounds currently holding you). The second death is when your self-importance dies.

    Personally, if I try to reconfigure how I see the world and the situation of our race, then am better able to handle the stress or at least not let it defeat me. Stress in of itself can be a tyrant.

    Maybe all that is jibberish, maybe there is something to it… I don’t have any definitive proof but it kinda makes some sense.

  30. A culture is an outgrowth of one’s biology. To say that the cultures are different and always have been different is to say that the biology is different and always has been different.

    Oh, so you are a Black HBDer. That’s amusing. So, you do engage in “theory crafting” after all. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, huh?

    Personally, I don’t think you are going to find many Black supporters in the movement who agree with you. You may have some White supporters, however.

  31. Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct. — KMT Proverb

    For both SomeGuy and Alegna.

    The Ancients made the same difference of Ethics; call it HBD if you will, but if you can look at the evidence but can not see the truth, you were mis-taught.


  32. @ Onitaset

    Your quote actually supports what I said, not your claim.

  33. I am not debating with you, I am teaching you.

    Another quotation:

    When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.

    It’s ignorance–lack of knowledge–which leads one to conclude in your favor. There has never been and never will be an African Society of Europeans. Your claim is that there has and will be, but you do not and can not have any evidence.

    You pretend like the White man is a victim rather than a propagator of his culture. That’s ignorant. If he was a victim–why does it always resurface?

  34. First off, you’re teaching me?? LOL I am well versed in Hermetic Science, junior. You aren’t schooling anyone. You have mis-interpreted the teachings, which is why the uninitiated should not have access to such material.

    Second, you’re claiming that I made all types of wild assumptions, which I did not. Who are you arguing with? It certainly isn’t me. I never said or implied any of that sh*t you wrote. Stop twisting the argument to your favor.

    Third, I really don’t give a f*ck what you believe or whom you quote. My teacher is Nature and my religion is Life itself. Believe what you want.

  35. You are not familiar with the sciences, lest you’d know who was prohibited from being initiated and who never completed the system. Then you would understand why you misunderstand nature and life. Don’t claim what you will not understand.

    I did not twist your statements, you made a false point and nearly mislead someone.

    If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery; if he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement.

    I’m not worried if you care. My concern isn’t for your confusion but the confusion you spread.

  36. Negro, stop playing Dungeons and Dragons.

  37. brothawolf on said:

    I’m actually speechless. I don’t know what to say or how to respond.

  38. That was your most capable rebuttal.

    As horrible as White supremacy seems, I’m still certain it’s part of the natural order of the world. Don’t get it twisted, if people of color were in charge, we would be doing the same exact things to retain our power. One thing you have to understand, it’s not the people on this world who are the true source of evil. The true source of evil is the world itself – this prison Earth. It may sound very Gnostic, and most likely it is, but don’t mistake this planet for something it is not. This is a place for suffering. Any pleasure or happiness you may receive here only exists to increase the sensitivity to pain. So, it makes perfect sense to me, this “twisted” logic of supremacy. It is a madness created by madmen living on a mad world created by a mad creator.

    This madness remains to be evinced or coherent. Two-half-of-a-brain would tell you that this is nonsense. I hope that you see as much some day.

    Toodles, “Elder-by-age-only.”

  39. To all:

    I’m saddened that once again an academic discussion has gotten way too personal and now we’re attacking the family that we’re supposed to be loving and protecting.

    What this conversation has taught me is how damaged we really are.

    @ Someguy

    I do agree with you that power has the ability to corrupt. And sadly, our ancestors have sold us out to worship Mammon. And yes, they are doing that now in Africa. My question is if we had not be introduced to the European mindset of MONEY, do you think we would have gone down the SAME path as them? I say no. There is no history of our people practicing such insanity.

    @ Onitaset

    Yes. History says that the African isn’t the same as the European…in fact we’ve not committed anywhere near the same level of depravity as the European. But to be fair, we did have bloody wars over tribal superiority and turf.

    But…one the other hand our ancestry is rooted in Knowledge and Teaching. That’s what we gave to the world in the form of astronomy, language, math, pharmaceuticals aka “bush medicine” and…well…civilizations.
    So I agree with your supposition as well.

    @ Wilson

    I agree. Being ordinary sucks. But I don’t think it’s jibberish. Melanin was here first and without it life as we know it would not exist.

    @ Mickey

    You’re so awesome! Thanks again.

    @ Alegna
    This issue has been debated for eternity. I feel that we are different from whites. I’m going to write on the Pineal Gland to confirm this.


    I’m speechless too…

  40. I ain’t mad at you, Onitaset. Meet me for a drink or two at my local bar. Perhaps you can astral project there, HA!

  41. I do agree with you that power has the ability to corrupt. And sadly, our ancestors have sold us out to worship Mammon. And yes, they are doing that now in Africa. My question is if we had not be introduced to the European mindset of MONEY, do you think we would have gone down the SAME path as them? I say no. There is no history of our people practicing such insanity.

    To answer your question, I think there has always been currency. It may not have been printed money, but all societies on Earth revolve around some sort of currency. If it hasn’t already happened in the past, which I doubt, eventually the love of currency would lead to the same problems. The exact same path? I don’t know, but the results would be the same.

  42. But to be fair, we did have bloody wars over tribal superiority and turf.

    With all due respect, when? “When” is very important. Rwanda had a recent Genocide, but what historical genocide is there in Ancient or Classical Rwanda?

    The most popular expansionism of African people was the s0-called “Bantu Migrations” and even Europeans are telling us that it was non-violent.

    There’s no need to concede grounds to a false viewpoint. The research was done. The narrative of turf acquisition don’t follow through violent conquest.

    You must push yourself to name the exception, but the exception is always explained by the year.

    We must be careful with what we ‘believe.’ Many of our ancestors ‘warred’ by putting on large masks and intimidating their opponents. We always valued life.

  43. I waited at the table and didn’t see you. 😥

  44. Many of our ancestors ‘warred’ by putting on large masks and intimidating their opponents. We always valued life.

  45. True sages are those who give what they have, without meanness and without secret!

  46. @ Someguy

    I respectfully disagree.
    The European constructed the caste system, the concept of race which promoted them and them only. They made other people “white” to up their numbers and keep ahead.

    Africans never had any form of skin colour prejudice.
    Would there be black supremacy? Yes. Would we have been as depraved. No. And I do agree we’ve always have currency in the form of gold, silver and copper. But the same results? I don’t agree with that.

  47. But I see what you are saying, you are questioning if the very concept of money according to the Europeans somehow changed the African concept of currency. I’d have to say that it’s doubtful, but even if were so, it wouldn’t change the fact that greed is a part of all cultures.

  48. @ Onitaset

    OK. I agree with that. Fair Enough.

  49. European constructed the caste system

    Europeans created the race caste system, but the caste system itself has been a part of West African society for thousands of years. Google African guilds and caste systems and you’ll see the division. Skin color division is irrelevant. There are many more types that are just as destructive and native to Africa.

    We are neither better nor worse than Europeans. We just happen to be their current stepping stones to global supremacy. That makes us a target.

  50. Onitaset, answer me this: What was the percentage of priests to non-priests in Ancient Egypt and how many of those priests shared their knowledge with the other castes?

  51. OK Someguy…You do make a very interesting and valid point. Allow me to educate myself on this more before I give a rebuttal.

  52. I’m reading the comments and boy, do I have a lot more learning to do.

  53. [Some people] are always knocking on the wrong doors, talking to the wrong people, and asking the wrong questions. — A Folk Saying

    You’re asking the wrong question. You’re pretending to understand the issue.

    Your question betrays you. Percentage is irrelevant and all the priests shared their knowledge. I can stop there. If you want to say that they had secrets, there is a rationale without your understanding–this ironically answers your question.

  54. I just wanted to say that I’m not claiming to have any special knowledge of the world or occult secrets. I’m just sharing what I have learned from my years of experience and dealing with Humans beings of all types. I watch people. I study them. If someone can dig out some gems from the things I write, that’s fine. If not, that’s OK too. I’m sharing my OPINION only.

    Take it or leave it…SHIT OR GOLD…it’s FREE.

  55. @ Someguy

    I take all your comments seriously. And I also respect it. So thank you.

  56. Stop acting like some pretentious snot! You ain’t Buddha, Negro.

    My point was, which you missed, that the priests kept their secrets to themselves and with good reason. Certain knowledge isn’t for everyone. If you have information to the contrary, please supply it for everyone to see.

  57. There is no secret-keeping, it’s a matter of readiness. Knowledge is for everyone–but not everyone is ready.

    Like everyone should know of the African Origins of Egypt, but not everyone is ready to know it.

    Just like how you learn this or that math at this or that grade. Said differently, you’d be hard pressed to teach every ten-year-old today “Magneto-Hydrodynamics,” but this doesn’t mean you’re withholding Knowledge.

  58. Ancient Egypt was a CASTE system. If you were not a part of a certain caste, you were prohibited from learning their knowledge. You appear to have a “New Age” rather than a scholarly understanding of this great culture. If you are so interested in the Ancient Egyptians, I suggest you go to school to learn archaeology with a specialty in Egypt. Remote viewing, astral projection and past-life regressions are not the way to go. Try mundane schooling. It’s more expensive, but more accurate.

  59. I never mentioned any of those “New Age” bits. That’s your imposition. Also, you’re investigating the wrong land: Egypt instead of Ethiopia. Furthermore, I already clarified the prohibition.

    You say “caste” to mean what? Be more explicit.

  60. Meaning each man and women had a job or profession which he or she maintained. A soldier couldn’t just up and decide he wanted to be a priest and a priest couldn’t just choose to sit down a scribe he thought was wise to convert him to a priest. Priests had their own practices, beliefs and mysteries that stayed within the priesthood. Sure, some of that trickled down, but the majority of the teachings were priest-only.

    Of course, a soldier or a merchant wouldn’t be ready to learn the advanced teachings, since they wouldn’t even have access to the basics. The Ancient Egyptians, by and large, were an uneducated and illiterate people. Less than one percent of the people could read. It was the minority, the rulers and the priests who coveted all the knowledge and power. Your Utopian view of this culture is historically inaccurate.

    Again if you have some special occult knowledge on the matter, please share with the rest of us.

  61. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, You guys are on a much higher level than I am. I am at a remedial level. This is some heavy stuff. Esoteric and metaphysical. It’s above my head. But the comments are interesting. Hermetic science,I have to google that one. I will listen to Mr. Neely Fuller. I think I can follow him.

  62. ´´No. If they wanted to do that, they could’ve killed us off a long time ago. ´´
    @diaryofanegress, when I first read this post, I was glad because it anwsered a question which I had wanted to ask you for some time. In one of your posts you mentioned that there is a plan to erase black people from this planet. This idea definitely makes a lot of sense, but I asked myself: if whites wanted to erase us, surely they would have done so by now? After all, they seem to accomplish everything they put their minds to. I´m glad that Fuller anwsered this question for me, and his explanation definitely makes a lot of sense. It also saddens me greatly because it emphasizes just how sick and psycopathic the white mind is; instead of feeling guilt and despair when they look at us- the result of centuries of blood and tears created by their forefathers, they feel a sense of superiority due to our misfortune and subjugation. Whites are psycopaths-there is no hope for them. I have come to realize that even the well meaning ones eventually show a need to feel superior to those who look different to them, or justify the destruction of brown and black people. Many of them have guilt which they are afraid to acknowledge, lest it should lower their self esteem and ego. Many of them simply have low self esteem because they perceive themselves as inferior to the ´´other´´so , they degrade us in order to feel better about themselves. We are all affected by this system, because they contaminate us with their poison. Even those of us who live in mostly black and brown communities are affected by them. Middle Easterners and Arabs are the only people they have left untouched in terms of daily life and cultural values, although this may change with time. Everywhere else, people aspire to learn their languages, educate themselves in the Western education system, even love like they do. Amongst those who once practiced polygamy, monogamy is now viewed as more sophisticated and moral way of life. That is why I am not surprised at the state of the African family in both Africa and the diaspora. Monogamy is not natural for us, it never was. Monogamy was created by whites to control wealth and keep it within certain families. I do not think it is a coincidence that places such as India and the Middle East, where arranged marriages and polygamy are still the norm, have the lowest rates of divorce. We westerners act like we are so superior to them, while broken homes are becoming the norm, people also abuse each other physically and mentally, and many kids do not know what it means to see their parents love each other. They may stone and abuse their women (which I am completely against) but in the West pornography is commonplace and women are sexualised everywhere, despite the spread of feminism. Despite women´s liberation, women are still secondary citizens and usually valued mostly for their beauty and youth. It disgusts me and that is why I believe that at the end of the day, no race is better than the others. We are all messed up and, call me pessimistic and brainwashed, but there is no hope for any of us. This system of white supremacy has been going on for too long. Black and brown people worldwide have been deeply brainwashed and many of us hate our family and acquaintances more than we hate the opressor. They have truly divided and conquered us. The only hope for us is widespread race mixing, which will eradicate the whole concept of race and therefore render white supremacy pointless, or an apocalypse. Blogs such as this one give me hope, but there are not enough of them and I fear it is too late. All anybody can do is try to find happiness in the little things and be grateful for our blessings. To those of you who have actually bothered to read this far, I just needed to express my sadness and pain, because I feel like right now this is the best outlet.

  63. I do not know where to begin. You’re calling a class-system a caste-system.

    When you consider that a Priest was chosen at seven-years-of-age, it’s very easy to see why a Warrior couldn’t up and become a Priest. Still, this is not to say that the Warrior didn’t have his privileged, advanced training that a, say, Priest couldn’t replicate.

    On literacy and education, you are discussing Egypt. Egypt had very many phases and dynasties. Egypt was unstable. Indigenous Africans initiated Egypt; but toward it’s ending, Indigenous Africans were not considered “Egyptians.”

    I can simply say that at Wa’Set there was as much as 80,000 students at one point. Among those students were those who would rule outside of Egypt.

    Not much more can be said. It’s Ethiopia one wants to review, not Egypt. But that discussion would require reacquainting myself with the Ethiopian habits, and that has to wait. If I recall correctly, the ‘education rate’ of Ancient Ethiopia was phenomenally high. The question of ‘literacy’ is another one entirely when the culture is “oral.” (Writing being used for taxes and trading.)

    Re-acquaint yourself with Marimba Ani, SomeGuy.

  64. Race-Mixing and Polygamy!!!!

    Larissa–are you Napoleon?

    Anyway, neither of these would benefit African people. Polygamy is not African (see Diop). Race-Mixing would destroy us as a people.

  65. @ Miss Mary

    We’re all on the same level. We’re African and we’re still learning. Please listen to Mickey’s video. It’s great.

  66. @ Larissa

    Thanks for the heartfelt post. I wanted this post to be a positive outlet for us to communicate so your thoughts are welcomed.

  67. To all:

    I’m really sad by this post now. We’ve gone so far off the beaten path. When I called Mr. Fuller, I was angry and hoping for some answers. He gave me plenty to think about.

    Why are black people so quick to argue to the death about trivial things when we should be more concerned about fixing our situation???? You know, right now some white guy is laughing his ass off at us berating each other.

    Can we please get back to the post and discuss this calmly?

  68. OK, Falafel-King. You’re still side-stepping the issues, but that’s alright.

  69. Kushite Prince on said:

    Race mixing wont stop racism. It would only make race more dense. It would not eliminate racism. People would find some other reason to hate each other. Not to mention,it would eliminate black people. Which I can not condone.

  70. @Onitaset, how would it destroy us as a people? Surely the goal is greater equality, peace and happiness for people worldwide? I advocate race mixing as a last resort because I believe that white supremacy persits because different races still exist . I realize that humans would still find other grounds on which to opress one another (as we currently do).Nevertheless thank you for broadening my knowledge by suggesting Diop.

  71. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve seen that before. It’s a great interview! He really breaks it down.

  72. Sorry, sister, you are correct. I didn’t want this to get out of hand, but when I’m goaded into a fight, the fighter inside of me cannot resist the challenge.

  73. I completely agree.

  74. What can I say? I’m a very talented dancer.

    I do find it strange though, why you take the Priest’s education so lightly. He starts at seven and studies for at least forty-years. I do not see what you hope to accomplish by suggesting an injustice in a warrior of 34 not being admitted to a forty-year study program . . . but that’s you I guess. I wonder if you realize that the aim of educating a Priest is to have a Priest . . ..

  75. @Onitaset I meant persists

  76. Kushite Prince on said:

    I hear you. These type of threads always turn out like this. It’s to be expected. These type of subjects always bring out strong view points. A lot of these posters are very passionate in their views. I admire a person who can back up their point of view. Just as long as it stays respectful. We don’t need any name calling and cursing. If you’re going to do that at least direct it against white folks.lol But seriously,I understand your frustration sis. We’re a very hurt and damaged people. So many times people will take it out on those closest to you-your own people. It shows you the self hatred we have internalized from over 400 years of racism. But I think we can get past it. We have to–we must. Just let everyone say what they want to say and get it all out. We’ll never heal as a people until we express and release the pain we have. It’s important to our mental health. We wont all agree and have the same ideology–that’s fine. Just as long as it’s an ideology that will get us out of this hellhole we’re currently in. If it’s a REAL solution I don’t give a damn where it comes from,you feel me?

  77. Not to sound like a child, but the personal comments are mostly from SomeGuy. I figure it’s just his style.

    Let White folk judge. I’ve no gripe against SomeGuy. His style isn’t the best, but not everyone can be as stylin’ as me. B-)

  78. Like I said before. I ain’t mad and I’m not just saying that.

    One thing to know about me is that I believe combat brings out the truth. The hotter the battle, the more bullshit is shed and truth is revealed.

    It may seem personal when I fight, but it’s really not.

  79. Kushite Prince on said:

    I understand what Larissa is trying to say but it’s just not based in reality. Race mixing could never be a cure for racism Racism is a product of group identity. It is one half of a perceptual phenomena directly tide to the social mirror. (I love me and those that look like me). When this perception is introduced into a caste or class social structure the natural laws of conflict creates racism. It doesn’t matter your hue, your nationality, or ethnicity some form of nepotism will root giving birth to this perception of us versus them. The cure for racism is an end to group identity or at least redefining its meaning. (which won’t happen as long as we are different from each other). Mixing races only creates a mixture of the races, it doesn’t change history, the present, or our differences. How does Billy having a child with Yalonda change the social-economical landscape of this country? It doesn’t and I have proof. This country is actually mixed culturally, we have influenced the identity of caucasians just as much they have us. (Picture the white hick racist playing the banjo) Yet, racism still exist. Even Obama’s Grand Mother didn’t change her perception of black men just because her daughter was screwing one,,right? Racism will always exist as long there are different people on this earth and even when there are no more races. There will conflict about shades, ethnicity, hair texture, locations, and nationality. Why? Because all of these are rooted in group identity.

  80. Marimba Ani is another author for you. I provide notes on this lecture of hers:

    See here: http://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/notes-on-marimba-anis-yurugu-lecture/

    The belief in “Universalism” is actually a European belief. As to “Racism,” I find “Tribalism” a better description of what we see. It’s noticed that Europeans always have been and always will be “Tribal” (e.g. France and England fought a “One Hundred Years War.”) In that sense, it’s separating, not intermixing, which will solve our problems. That is–our problem is Tribalism being imposed upon us, not Tribalism existing in the world. Tribalism existed since times immemorial but African people thrived independent from that phenomenon.

    Your solution of intermixing would expand tribalism (or racism) not reduce it.

    My apologies for calling you Napoleon. I meant it as a joke, but wrote it the wrong way. I was only pointing out that Napoleon advocated the same solution to the race problem: Polygamy and Intermixing. 🙂

  81. “Felafel-King,” “Negro,” “Junior,” “snot,” “Your Utopian View,” and “Astral Projection” are not personal?

    Man, I really do have a lot to learn. :-p

    We certainly have a different style. 🙂

  82. Sister Truthbetold, can you add a tumblr button to your share?

  83. Hehe. Would you have continued to fight otherwise? A brother has to get in a few nut-shots to liven things up.

  84. @Onitaset no offense taken and thanks for the video. I should have been clearer on the topic of polygamy: I suggested it not as a solution to the race problem, but as a possible explanation for high rates of divorce and marital dissatisfaction worldwide.

  85. You will free yourself when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart without letting things perturb you. This is the way of Maat.

    It is slightly fascinating to slight someone else, but only slightly and best when that someone else is White. It’s not entirely comfortable to be at a Brother’s throat. Obviously, though, as Sister truthbetold put it, the conversation is Trivial.

    I talk to hundreds of people face to face and we hardly debate. But it’s a way to pass time and waste an otherwise productive day. 🙂

  86. And you would be surprised to know who WAS NOT considered White before. Irish, Russians, Italians, Sicilians, Germans, and a number of others were not considered White. And it is ironic that Germans were in that category considering they are the ones who invented the “Master Race” meme.

  87. Hotep, Onitaset.

  88. I think that a lot of us are living a foreign culture and this dissatisfies.

    Nevertheless, the polygamy in Africa is due the Asian (Arab) invasions. It’s Patriarchal though African people are historically Matriarchal (which is monogamous).

    The Europeans actually practiced polyandry, as in, Brothers would share a wife to assure their bloodline’s descent. The White woman has many sexual partners, this we already know. We see this not only in prostitutes but common White women. It’s a running joke, for instance, in this culture that a woman has more partners than a man.

    This is different from in Africa where boys and girls go through rites of passages then go through mating rituals for future partnership. Sankofa is a deep, deep word for “Return and Get it.” Islam was in Africa for over a thousand years. We have to go far back in our history to get knowledge of self.

  89. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great book! I love Marimba Ani. A very under rated scholar in my opinion.

  90. ´´There will conflict about shades, ethnicity, hair texture, locations, and nationality. Why? Because all of these are rooted in group identity.´´
    @Kushite Prince I agree with this statement. I would like to believe that race mixing would lessen the damage of white supremacy, however we humans always find a way to hate each other.

  91. “And you would be surprised to know who WAS NOT considered White before. Irish, Russians, Italians, Sicilians, Germans, and a number of others were not considered White. And it is ironic that Germans were in that category considering they are the ones who invented the “Master Race” meme.”

    Once again Mickey has given great points.

    I remember reading about how the Dagos were not “white” due to Moorish Blood. When it suited the Supremacist, Italians went from being “Olive-Skinned Niggers” to white people virtually overnight!!

    This just proves the madness of white supremacy. I believe they are doing this now with Spanish-speaking Africans who wish to desperately distance themselves from Black.

  92. @ Larissa

    Neely Fuller taught me that hatred of your fellow man comes from one group that “has” and the other that “has not.”

    Envy and rivalry breeds unhealthy competition. That’s why blacks are killing each other over sneakers.

    And…that’s why you’ll see a poor black woman who sports an expensive pocketbook. To “show-off” to her black peers that she too can be “white” and successful.

  93. @Onitaset, thanks for the information

  94. @diaryofanegress you just reminded about a conversation I recently had with my stepmom. She told me that in this day and age, Nordic Europeans view the Spanish,
    Italians and others from the Southern part of the continent as inferior. As Neely Fuller said, no wonder they despise us-they barely stand each other. I have observed that a lot of Spanish people look no different than Arabs or Middle Easterners. As for the Spanish speaking Africans, I am not yet insane enough to understand how they could possibly think that they are not black. It is absolutely delusional.

  95. @I remember once at school, there was an Italian girl in my class. One of our classmates called her white, and she said. ´´I´m not white.´´ He then informed her´´You are Italian, that counts as white´´.

  96. @ Larissa

    Spanish speaking Africans, Italians, Middle-Easterners, Indians and Asians ALL come from black Africa. Melanin created life.

    Scientists discovered the tribe of the Original African Birth Mother where all other humans were spawned.
    There is no more discussion about who you are. If you have life, you are African!!!

    What makes me laugh is the light-skinned Puerto-Ricans, Domincans, Peruvians, etc who deny their blackness.

    I knew a Puerto-Rican woman who looked like Cameron Diaz who got OFFENDED when I mentioned Africa to her.

  97. I’ve met Portuguese, Italians, Maltese and Greeks who do not classify as white.
    When they come to AmeriKlan, they change their tune real quick and start taking about niggers.

  98. When whites hear that Africa is the birthplace of humanity, I´ve noticed that it is really hard for them to understand or accept. They start frowning and feel really uncomfortable. I once I even heard a girl say, ´´Why Africa?´´ Can you believe it?

  99. Yes, my dear. Total insanity. Don’t even try to understand it.

  100. That is because in Europe, Europeans identify with their nation and/or ethnic group. It is when they come to Amerikkka that they have to denounce their backgrounds in order to become White. Although, I have heard of many Europeans still refer to themselves as X and do not want to be referred to as White. They do not want to be put in the same category as someone who may look like them, but does not share their background. That is the difference between European Whites & American Whites.

  101. But according to White supremacists, only the northern Italians from Italy proper are considered White. The Sicilians are not considered White due to the history of race mixing with various POC, including the Moors and other Black Africans. But what is funny is that once I ran across a thread on a White supremacist website and the discussion was whether or not Sicilians were White. After reading what everyone had to say, the conclusion seemed to be that even they did not know themselves. Some of them wanted to consider the Nordic person White whereas others wanted to include the Spanish definition of White.

  102. Sister,

    Thank you for sharing part of the conversation you had with Mr. Fuller with us… Talking to a person of his caliber must have been a really nerve-racking experience, but your dedication to us allowed you enough composure to write this thought provoking post…Thanks again.

  103. Negress

    In order for white folks to survive on this planet, they have to brainwash, miseducate, and exploit blacks for their own personal and collective gain. For them, it’s about self-preservation. Mr. Fuller hit the nail on the head, whites study and think ahead. As people of color, we often wonder why they still have the power and money, despite having the smallest population on the planet compared to africans, asians, and native-americans pre-slavery. Whites know this from the jump, especially whitemen. How does this relate to us as black people? The whiteman’s greatest fear in life is an educated and informed black woman or man. This group of sistas and brothas operate on the same cloud so to speak. We study whites in the same way they study us, thus, we’re immune to their bulls**t. When we speak the truth about them, they attack us personally, instead of dealing with the real issue…they can’t control their anger. As black people, we have to understand the racial dynamics that are at work via white men and women. Whitewomen are female, thus, they have value despite their whiteness. On the other hand, whitemen are not men of color. Women prefer dark-skinned men over pale-skinned men, minus the bs. Whitewomen can run into the arms of other men, whitemen can’t do the same via blackwomen and other colored women. It may seem simplistic on the surface, but it’s not. The female side is desired and valuable to other men, the male side is not. The anger and hatred of white males revolves around this harsh reality. As black folk, we never had all of this explained to us in a way that made sense. We were told that it was about us being less than, our skin color, facial features and hair, and so forth. In hindsight, all of that was a smokescreen from the jump. White racism is about them not liking themselves, not racial supremacy. A simple tool for black people to use…IF IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, DON’T BELIEVE IT! We could avoid so much ish on this planet, if we simply follow and obey this simple rule…Mathematics! If it don’t add up, subtract it from your psyche. Negress, we will be victorious, i have no doubt about that. Keep your head high Nubian Woman…Always!


  104. @ Truthbetold,

    I have a couple of questions since you hold a certain view point that I don’t totally understand. I am trying to understand where you are coming from.

    What do you mean by melanin came first? What are the consequences of this?

    Are we 100% sure Africa is the birthplace of ALL human beings?

    Where is this information coming from???

    Have you ever heard of the out of asia theory?


    It’s not that it’s right, but it’s that we can’t know for certain what happened in the past… A new theory can pop out here or there at any time. Evolution is a theory, out of Africa is a theory, Big Bang is a theory etc etc. These are not facts.

    What about if both Africans and whites are 2 branches from an original race?? What about that… Why assume black people are the original race?? How can we know for certain when essentially most if not all of science is theory SUBJECT to CHANGE depending on what new information we learn that we didn’t previously know??

    In Marimba Ani’s book – Yurugu, she states that one thing Europeans have done, is make us think linearly. That time moves in a straight line. There was a beginning, there will be an end, the big bang happened, the first cell appeared, it evolved, then the first bipedal humanoid appeared, etc etc. This straight line is called progress. What if this is wrong?? All these are based on assumptions. Most scientific theories at the base have certain assumptions that are agreed on as being reasonable.

    Truthbetold, I am just asking, what if you are wrong?

    The basis that you begin from is that we are the original human family. This could be true, it could not.

    Here is another question. Do you believe Africans to be more special than White People? White people sure believe they are more special, but do you believe the reverse?? What constitutes special??

    I am just asking because I am confused.

  105. @ Wilson

    I’ll be doing a segment with posts and videos on Melanin starting tonight.

  106. Ok, I look forward to it.

  107. Very good article Sista. I must part ways with you and most people on this however. Mr. Fuller says A LOT of things that I can go along with and to me it looks more like a cult of personality.

    He said once on the COWS that if we see another Black person in trouble that we should not offer any help that person. Especially if said person is in trouble with a white person. WHAT!!! Isn’t that the time to most help a Black person. I know “conscious” Black folk love him and would probably give their lives for him, but I say, NOT ME. OH!! I must also say that I’m codified either, but I applauded all we can live that way.

  108. I kind of disagree with the “race-mixing will eliminate Black people” stance because there are many mixed race people who identify themselves as Black. But the question is “What is Black?” After all, race is a heavy social construct, especially in America. White supremacist believe that race mixing will destroy the White race, however, what is pure? Even the Nazis considered a person who was 1/8th Jewish to be considered a “pure German.” What would constitute a “pure Black”? No more than 1/8th of another bloodline?

  109. Loved this article!

  110. You are making me go bankrupt with all these books I keep buying. You’re lucky I already have this one, or I’d have gone broke.

    Once again, great article (along with making me even more jealous of how much more articulate and intelligent you are than me. But it’s a good kind of jealousy =P), and it’s awesome that you actually got to speak with Neely Fuller!

  111. @ tehnoun

    hehehe. This winter I hope it snows and snows ’cause I have a slew of books to read and write about!

  112. What stays with me about this post is your heartbreaking honesty and all the people who are dealing with this pain from centuries of oppression — and then Mr. Fuller comes along and clears away all the smoke and mirrors and deceptions that make us turn against and blame one another with just a simple statement:

    “Once you begin to realize that you’ve been imprisoned and now you’re trying to free yourself, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.”

    I can say with absolute certainty that Mr. Fuller is right.

  113. @ Blackloveis

    Writing for me is so personal. I purge and heal when I write. I don’t know how to write any other way. Jah speaks to me…He tells me things, gives me intuition when I stand in the sun. Sometimes I write off of pure instinct and have no idea where these thoughts came from. After I write my posts and go back and look at them, I say to myself “Did I write that?”

    The other day, I went to the supermarket and saw a bunch of white people looking at me. Usually when I’m around them I feel sick. I can absorb their racist energy and get me nauseous.

    After understanding why I get sick and how to see myself and them in a different way, I’m beginning to react to them totally differently.

  114. I experience something similar all the time, white people looking at me strangely even when I haven’t said a word. Like, what kind of N is this? Sometimes, I get hostility because of the way I carry myself I’ve been told (whatever that means)

    I’ve observed white people reacting with immediate suspicion toward some blacks VS being pseudo-friendly and tolerant (barely) of other blacks — and this can happen without a single word being said. It’s not always about the clothing or social standing, either, it’s like they can just sense something about you they just don’t like and nothing you can do will make them change their minds.

    I used to think it was me — since I was seldom seen as a good black — and then I decided it probably WAS me.

    I believe blacks and whites vibrate on different frequencies and that white people’s instinctively on some primal level pick up on things about us that we might not know about ourselves.

    It’s like there are three types of blacks: All three groups are subject to mistreatment but the degree and type of deception may differ.

    “good blacks”
    “bad blacks” aka “n**gers”
    and black suspects who usually default to the second group

    no matter which one you think you belong to, at the end of the day, we are all pretty much seen the same.

  115. @ Wilson,

    I have heard of African tribes who believe that Blacks are superior to Whites and that certain tribes are better than others within the African diaspora. I have also heard of Black-skinned supremacy where extremely dark-skinned Blacks feel superior and believe anyone lighter-skinned than themselves to be inferior. Of course, this type of knowledge is not well-known.

  116. @ Blackloveis

    Whites can pick up on whether or not you’re “into” them and they feed off of that. I give off my vibe ( they know what it means ) and try even harder to irritate me.

  117. “The other day, I went to the supermarket and saw a bunch of white people looking at me. Usually when I’m around them I feel sick. I can absorb their racist energy and get me nauseous.”

    Interesting that you wrote this, because I too, have felt this way in a variety of public places where there’s white people around. I’ve experienced this for years, namely the part about absorbing racist energy.
    I began to question myself when I felt this way and I even began to think myself paranoid. And to throw it out in the open, I had the audacity to mention this in a therapy session, because I thought I was imagining things. I actually thought it was all in my head.
    Besides discussing this type of thing with the therapist, I would share these feelings with others, only to be told that I was overreacting, or being overly-sensitive, or over-analyzing some minute detail. Whether it was a curve of the lips, a certain shift of the body or some other action that this prejudiced person would exhibit, I picked up on it, interpreted it rather quickly and found myself overwhelmed a lot of the times by the meaning of it.
    And not only would I pick up on “racist energy” as you call it, Negress, but I would pick up on other things as well.
    I’m quite sure that many of us are highly tuned in to this white racist broadcast channel, but for some of us, our antennas pick up way too much for our own good, for our mental health. I suppose that’s where some of this insanity creeps in.

    Being highly perceptive can be both a blessing and a curse.

    I’m not trying to make anything deep or claim that I (or anyone else) possess some type of creepy, psychic wavelength. I only write this and share my experience briefly because I can totally relate to what you said here.

  118. @ Alegna

    Please see my Dr. Afrika post on melanin and he will expose and explain this.

  119. Kushite Prince on said:

    I totally agree with you. Mr Fuller is right on point as usual. Also,it’s nice to see you here. 🙂

  120. @Negress

    God gave black folk all the tools necessary to rule the planet, therefore, we would have no incentive to conquer others in the way that whites and mainland asians have done in recent history…Ditto!


  121. Of course mixing could never eradicate racism. One only has to look at the ‘coloureds’ of South Africa, places like Brazil or any other society where there were a mixed population.

  122. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right. Brazil is a great example. I wish more people would realize that. And stop this believing in this fantasy-like dream that race mixing will end racism. History proves otherwise.

  123. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I want to buy Mr. Fuller’s Book but I want to buy it from him. Do you know his phone number or contact info?

  124. @ Jay …I’ll look for it. It’s in my book shelf.

  125. OK.

    Here’s the info from the COWS:

    Order your copy of The Code Book or The Word Guide at this address – http://tiny.cc/FULLER. [The C.O.W.S. archives: http://tiny.cc/76f6p%5D CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943# SKYPE: FREECONFERENCECALLHD.7676 CODE 564943# Invest in The COWS – http://tiny.cc/ledjb

  126. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Thank You.

  127. Mickey on said:

    Dr. Frances Cress Welsing on “Donahue” back in the 1980s or 1990s.

  128. Another profound post! Everything he said about them resonates. In my opinion, if you understand the sociopathic personality, you understand them. They never see anyone else as true allies, simply pawns to be used and discarded once they’ve gotten whatever they need/want–what Mr. Fuller said about them not even being able to get along with each other is so true–every tactic they use against us, they perfected on their own 1st. I see the white race as the proverbial ‘children of lack’–in every sense of the word—lack of melanin, lack of genetic dominance, lack of worldwide numbers, coming from an inhospitable geography with a lack of easily exploitable natural resources,etc. We probably have all heard that saying about how certain people act when they ‘ain’t used to having nothing’–well, historically, that describes their behavior. We, on the other hand, were the 1st, were surrounded by natural resources galore, beautiful weather…what the hell would we have to rebel or fight against? I think this is at the root of the differences in our world views and historically I don’t see where there is any evidence of the theory that black people have acted with such predation. All the time, in all situations, with all people, prior to the doctrine of white supremacy? I think there is something very primal & reptilian about the way these people operate, which I say points to physiological/biological differences. Maybe it does simply boil down to lack of melanin or maybe a combination of biology and circumstances. But there is definitely something ‘off’ about them and their behavior in relation to basic human interaction.

  129. I look at Mr. Fuller as the father/grandfather I never had, the one person in your family that tells the facts of life as it really is, in the rawest format and leaves you with the most effective tools one can use when navigating your way through this mistreatment. It is one of “the” best experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life to date, next to coming across and reading Dr. Welsing’s book, “The Isis Paper”. Both of these individuals have given so many complete answers to nearly all of the questions I’ve often wondered and was confused about in being a Black man. So much clarification, so much reflection on past experiences in my life with family, friends, associates, strangers, strange events that occurred, with nearly everything referenced from the perspective of how we as Black people have been treated and continue to be treated in a sea of manufactured confusion. They say that things happen for a reason. I now don’t take that statement as lightly as I used to. Each one of us should give ourselves major credit for taking the first step in understanding how this system of mistreatment works, its reasoning, why it is practiced and what the solutions are to ending it. If there’s anything I’ve gotten out of my studies, it would be the fact that the less confused I become, the more clearly I understand how things work in this system of mistreatment. Of course, racism is an essential component of this system but I’ve learned that there still something much deeper.

  130. jeffo of tha universe on said:

    It’s called “lost and gone astray”. Remember “Black Power” in the late 60’s. This time we will complete our journey back to our rightful state…of everything. Awareness is the foundation, I believe.

  131. Being still learning as Mr Neely Fuller propose us to do , i have observed after several discussions with him how confused we are in this system designed into this purpose. We have to be our own leader , observe and ask questions like the WS are doing with each and every victim of their prison ( system). My question is How many people are really prepare to face this truth and this statement. Yes White supremacy is more than an evidence it is harder than rocket science and the most Porwerfull religion on the planet and having effect daily in the 9 areas of activities; We must open our mind use our logic and seek to get out of the box. Mr fuller has written one of the most effective book on the problem of racism and is also explaining and giving correct advises to change our behavior. Don’t follow what Mr Neely Fuller says don’t follow what somebody says follow the logic and still learning. We must have this in mind 24/24 and 7/7 as individuals. Everything is about Logic and understanding like he says : if you do not understand white supremacy which is racism what it is and how it works everything else that you understand will only confuse you.

  132. Ten things to stop according to the code…

    1. Stop Snitching
    2. Stop Name-Calling
    3. Stop Cursing
    4. Stop Gossiping
    5. Stop Being Discourteous
    6. Stop Stealing
    7. Stop Robbing
    8. Stop Fighting
    9. Stop Killing
    10. Stop Squabbling

    We have to stop to be serious with stupid things and stupid with serious things……

  133. NELLY FULLER S AWESOME!!!..I have been on the edges of this in African centered academics, but this is the practical application!!!!! love it!!

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