Observations of an Invisible Woman

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you saw these gents on the street, what thoughts would come into your mind?

Which set of boys would you consider to be fearsome?

Which one is a “fashion statement”?

Which one is an acceptable form of young adult  rebellion?

Since both forms of “fashion” stem from homosexuality in prison, which one would you equate to being homosexual?

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35 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I do not mind the Good and the Bad; but I hear God don’t like Ugly and neither do I.


  2. Well, those bottom boys ( pun intended 😀 ) look more stereotypically gay, but, of course, it is not actually possible to know anything about either pair based on race, appearance, or current activity. That said, if I were walking along and saw the top pair working on a car, I would feel fine since they are busy. If I saw two slutty-looking “bros” walking along wearing those sunglasses…I’d probably want to walk to the other side of the street. Also, ride them like ponies…so to speak.

    In my experience, ANY young males are potentially dangerous if they are not occupied with a sufficiently enjoyable and distracting activity, so the bottom boys would be more worrying. Both outfits are “fashion statements” if intended to be by the wearer and both are acceptable forms of attire (IMO). Personally, I prefer the more revealing style of the bottom pair.

  3. Goodness…what brought out that response, Onitaset? Do you see this in Brooklyn?

  4. No, my stomach is just churning. It isn’t good for my African spirit to see this ugliness.

    Reminds me of those postings by Cynical. Sheesh–one was enough.


  5. Yeah….I know. I hear ya. These kids over here when I go to Philly walk around like that all the time! I even see butt cracks!

    My thinking is this:
    If these black kids knew what it meant and where it came from, maybe they’d stop?

  6. Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom. — KMT Proverb

    In my view, it’s not Knowledge that is lacking, but Wisdom. Our people largely do not understand African Psychology; that, “Not unlike the mirror, we reflect all that we sense.” We believe that as long as we know something is bad, we won’t be influenced. Europeans rely on this lack of wisdom. That’s why most of us know that the European portrays us negatively on the news and the movies and BET but we continue to watch it–we do not believe it will have an effect, though our habits, fashion and opinions say otherwise. It’s not European subtlety but African error.

  7. Onitaset

    Well said!!! How can we get back to our wisdom? Trying to tell these kids that low slung pants isn’t fashionable but dangerous is like talking to the wall.

  8. @ Voe

    Ok. So one doesn’t incite poor and dangerous? Both are quite unattractive.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    I can’t tell you how disgusting those photographs are. That is so unattractive. It’s very disrespectful. I was told that it originated from prison culture. The young men have heard about the origination of that disgusting fashion trend. Some of them have been incarcerated themselves. Here where I live even the young ladies are sagging. that is just awful to see young women dressed like this. And we wonder why we can’t advance. Sister Truth we are not going to make any progress with this kind of foolishness. But the young are victims of the hip-hop culture.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    Lil Wayne is their messiah. He even appeared on a BET awards show a couple of years ago, With his then I believe 12year old daughter on stripper poles. It was my belief then that this generation of young women were in trouble. Anytime you are on stage before a life audience singing about having sex with every woman in the world. Or whatever that stupid song is, My point was what the hell is wrong with BET? What kind of father is he? What about her mother allowing this? But that’s what this hip-hop culture is about.

  11. Break down the wisdom. When I told an Elder about a scene of youth, she told me “Birds of a feather, flock together.” These little proverbs were all that was needed then.

    I promote Community Centers for the easy distribution of Love, Knowledge and Wisdom. It’s the absence of “Love, Knowledge and Wisdom,” and the easy distribution thereupon which is harming us.

    For the European easily distributes Hate, Ignorance and Error amongst us and few of us are, like you, opposing it.

  12. What’s wrong with BET? two words Sumner Redstone.
    And as for little Wayne and his daughter? Wayne is a victim of rape and he never sought help for his troubles….He shouldn’t be a dad til he got his act together,

  13. Yes, of course, the black pair will arouse sometimes implicit associations of violence and poverty. While most people will see the white pair and probably just think look at those show-offs, or something to that effect. It’s only to be expected in our culture where clothes and style are signs of group affiliation and status and then become entangled with gender and racial stereotypes.

    As for attractiveness, I really have never cared too much for policing another person’s appearance. Everything is basically OK to me, somethings I prefer, but nothing is to be looked down upon. I certainly wouldn’t dress like either pair, but then I get to be the boss of my own underpants and they theirs…though I don’t think those white guys are wearing any.

  14. @ Voe

    Hmmmm….I like that. “policing”. is wanting blacks to dress with respectability “policing?”

  15. @diary

    I think that this style of dress is a valid concern. However, I also think that it is just one of the endless symptoms of something else. One of the signs of the times, as it were. What prompts people to dress in such inconsiderate ways? To dress according to particular stereotypes? The black pair wear clothing promoted by the media and likely modeled by friends and family, but clothing that represents (to certain eyes) something wretched and vulgar.

    It is for good reason, too, that it is seen in such a way. As you said in your post, it is a style of dress originating in one of the most degrading, dehumanizing institutions to exist: the prison system. To dress in the style of sagging pants signifies what? Ignorance, aspiration to incarceration, poor taste? The sickening assimilation of prison culture into a twisted, toxic, and dehumanizing mockery of so-called “black culture”? Maybe. On the one hand, those sagging pants.

    On the other hand, the sagging shorts on the white pair, the sunglasses, and the disregard for others. Their clothing is a costume that identifies them as a certain type of “bro-ish” (oblivious, privileged, almost certainly frightfully bigoted) “dude.” To dress in such a way as they do implies that the rights of others to exist in public, to inhabit safe public spaces with their families, is not as important as the boys’ desire to pull their shorts down as far as is legal.

    There is a blatant disregard for the basic fabric of civilized society. Both displays are troubling, but just manifestations of that same old iniquity that has been festering for ages. To be clear, what I think is disturbing isn’t that someone dresses skimpily or has sagging pants , but what that signifies.

    It’s a tree with deep roots, and all we ever see is the leaves.

    PS. Excuse my rambling and long-winded comments.

  16. @ Voe

    I like your explanations…very well stated.

    “To be clear, what I think is disturbing isn’t that someone dresses skimpily or has sagging pants , but what that signifies.

    It’s a tree with deep roots, and all we ever see is the leaves.”

    Wow…that’s deep.


  18. @ Someguy


  19. My thoughts are the top 2 black guys are heavily identified with what they are wearing and the bottom 2 white guys are just idiots having fun.

  20. @ Wilson

    Yeah…that’s what I thought too.

  21. Yup.. I find white people can shift in and out of these roles easier than black people. Black people are more serious in my opinion.

  22. @ Wilson

    I think that’s why I find the imitation of our heritage so condescending.

  23. brothawolf on said:

    You know, I thought that style would be out of style by now. It was going on since the early 1990’s. I thought it would be yesterday’s news like disco.

  24. @ Brothawolf

    Yeah…the rappers and entertainers keep it alive.

  25. As for the jeans sagging with the behind showing, I consider that tacky.
    As for the pants sagging and the bits of pubic hair showing, I consider that nasty.
    Neither is fashionable and I consider neither an acceptable form of nothing, and I consider none of them fearsome.

  26. In my neighborhood, the two white guys in pic #2 showing their pubic hair and butt crack would be charged a fine or arrested for nudity.

  27. mary burrell on said:

    The two white guys are just idiots. But that just goes to show how entitled they feel they can just walk around with their bums hanging out and not be judged. It’s just boys being boys.

  28. Maybe they are trying to tan their white asses?

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @ynotme: LOL!

  30. Negress

    A lot of blackmen in this country are in denial about what’s taking place with young black males, as it relates to sagging and other elements of so-called urban culture. From my perspective, black males are being asexualized and homosexualized, and it’s flying right over our heads. It’s cool to hate women, kill them, rape them, beat them, disrespect them, etc. It’s cool to be locked up in a “Sausage Factory” with no immediate access to women. This bs is what black males have shoved down their throats via hip-hop and the penal system. It’s painful to witness the systematic destruction of “Black Manhood” in this country…Painful! We should be enjoying life, having fun, chasing women, good music, good food, etc. Instead, we’re killing each other, poisoning our bodies with drugs, alcohol, bad foods, hating our women, and on and on. At some point, black male pride has to show itself, because, the status-quo is unacceptable. God created the blackman to be “The Best.” Negress, we have no more excuses…Nada!


  31. @ Ty

    What’s stopping us? When are we gonna have this conscious awakening????

  32. @Negress

    It’s all mental sista. Every blackman must have his own mascot so to speak, something or someone to motivate him to want better in life. I use “The Black Eagles” as a way to keep me focused. Enlightenment is an individual journey, every blackman has to discover the truth on his own terms, it’s that simple sista.


  33. Booker T Coleman says this:

    “If black would just realize how great we really are and stop fighting and band together, white supremacy would crumble in seconds.”

  34. For the last time: if you want to blame one man for the “sagging” fad, blame Tupac Shakur. Without his celebration (and eventual “martyrdom”) of thug life, that fashion statement stays in prison.

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