Observations of an Invisible Woman

20 Secret Thoughts of the White Mind



1. If reasoning and logic fails, violence is the way to go.

2. Blacks are born genetically deformed. That’s why they’re always at the bottom.

3. If God wanted us to be equal, he would have made all of us look alike.

4. It’s black people’s fault that whites feel guilty about slavery.

5. Being called a racist is much worse than actually being one.

6. It’s OK to have black friends and lovers…just as long as they know their place.

7. Equality is fine…as long as whites remain on top.

8. If not for whites, Africa would’ve died a long time ago.

9. No matter how horrible life gets, at least whiteness is better.

10. Slavery really wasn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

11. AmeriKlan truly is the greatest country on Earth.

12. People that hate AmeriKlan are just jealous of its superiority.

13. Racism is much worse down South than up North.

14. The Civil War wasn’t really about slavery.

15. My neighbourhood is much safer without black people.

16. Blacks never contributed anything significant to mankind.

17. Black women who marry white men are marrying up.

18. White women who marry black men are marring down.

19. No matter how much money black people have, they’ll always be niggers.

20. Black life is worth less than white life.

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33 thoughts on “20 Secret Thoughts of the White Mind

  1. It’s insights like these that make me question if you’re really a Black women or not. Seriously, you seems to know your enemy well. I can’t even disagree with any of these things and you scare me.

  2. @ Jesus

    I’m really African….LOL!
    And yes, studying others makes it very easy to learn their ways. I’m frightened too…these thoughts are very real and very dangerous.

  3. Regarding #10, all you have to do is tell a White person, “Picture this:

    1. Picture a Black woman walking up to your blonde child, inspecting him/her like cattle, and her asking someone, “How much for this child?”

    2. Picture a Black man selling members of a White person’s family without their knowledge or consent.

    3. Picture a Black man/woman whipping the shit out of a White man or woman for being “uppity”.

    4. Picture a Black man walking into a White man’s cabin and having sex with his wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/aunt/female cousin and the White man CAN”T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    5. And if the woman becomes pregnant, GUESS WHO HAS TO HELP RAISE THE BIRACIAL KID!?

    I bet if you mention any of these scenarios to them, they’d sing a different tune.

  4. WOW!
    You said it, Mickey.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    #19 I used to wonder a long time ago when I was naieve and a young girl did white people call my favorite entertainers niggers. Did people call Oprah a nigger. Well it’s 2012. And yes they call the President of the United States and his wife and children niggers. We don’t live in a post racial America. I hate that word because white people will not admit to their racial bias.

  6. Miss Mary

    The word “nigger” was the greatest white invention ever. It gave them the ultimate ego trip.

  7. I think some of them get some sort of psychological orgasm from it. That’s why they want to say it so much.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    I saw a quote that went like this.”The voice is the sound the soul makes”. All you have to do is listen to certain white people to know whats in their hearts. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks that’s from the Bible. I totally believe this to be true. Especially with superiors on the job. When they start commenting about social issues on race in America.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    #19 is true,I remember reading Michael Jacksons autobiograpy Moonwalk. He said someone keyed the word nigger on his mother’s Mercedes.

  10. What part of Africa are you from?

  11. @ Miss Mary


  12. @ Nakale

    I’m from the islands originally.Sorry for the confusion.

  13. Ron Thomas on said:

    Black men with education; carry themselves with class and dignity: “You must be married to a white woman.”

    I have been asked that at work by numerous people, black, white, hispanic, and asian. The standard answer is, “well you speak so well, and you carry yourself so gracefully, I just thought….”

    And the old standard, “You’re a credit to your race.”

    My standard answer is “Go F*** Yourself and the horse you rode in on.

  14. And the old standard, “You’re a credit to your race.”


    Are THEY still saying that???

    I thought that went out of style shortly after old white people reluctantly stopped using words like “colored” and “Negroes.”

    What I hear is: “You’re very articulate… you write/express yourself well.”

    But don’t dare flip the script and show THEM your passion/emotion/ire/righteous indignation.. lol.

    Whiteness is a trip! And that’s sayin’ it nicely.

  15. Ron Thomas on said:

    I was told by a black co-worker last week “It’s that intelligence of yours that keeps you from being able to talk to people like us, the common folks.”

    When I quit laughing, I explained to him in words that I won’t relate here, just what I thought about that statement, him and his lineage, and where he could put his soup-coolers.

  16. @ Ron

    I rarely get that from blacks. My biggest beef is with white women . I terrify them with my speech and complexion.

    Im an enigma.

  17. A Sister told me last night about my use of language on my site. Though, I concede that “insomuch” and “inasmuch” are words removed from “the common” experience. Still, it’s a short memory of who we are which disregards the perfection of the language we use. Paul Laurence Dunbar was such an eminent Poet that the President of the Confederacy himself, Jefferson Davis praised the poet’s genius; then there is Ida B. Wells, of more bravery than most, who despite writing for a largely illiterate people, wrote of such flawless standard acknowledging that we deserve the precipice for such is what we are.

    Long story short, we are the new standard. You don’t need to be hard on your co-worker, he just didn’t get the memo we been had. 🙂

  18. No pun intended . . ..

  19. leigh204 on said:

    “15. My neighbourhood is much safer without black people”

    Years ago when I was a barely adult leigh204, I moved into a so-called white neighborhood. There wasn’t a lot of diverse neighborhoods back then, but one thing is certain, I didn’t feel safe around the white people where I lived. The neighbors were always eyeing me as if I didn’t belong there. And they didn’t warn me about high incidences of some nut(s) breaking into people’s homes. The first chance I found out about multi-cultural neighborhoods springing up, I moved the hell away from that white neigborhood.

  20. Kushite Prince on said:

    This is a great post sis! You and I must really think alike. Our minds must be connected in some way because just last Thursday a white co worker was telling me about seeing a Civil War museum he went to last month. He went down south on vacation with his wife. After he told me everything he saw at the museum,he told me that slavery had little to do with the Civil War!lol How funny is that? So I laughed when I saw number 14 on your list. There’s not much I can ad to your list.

  21. @ Your Highness

    White people can be read like a book. Just think in terms of arrogance and denial.

  22. Kushite Prince on said:

    You are so right!lol

  23. brothawolf on said:

    You described it accurately.

  24. @ Brothawolf


  25. Thanks for the concise replies people. “insomuch” as they were refined

    I would only add to this list lots of humour such as:

    You hear the one about the school bus full if black children that went off the cliff?
    you hear about the other bus?

  26. That’s awful. But I can see that being a news story. “A driver of a school bus plunges to his death” with pictures of the White driver and no mention of the Black children. Terrible, but believable.

  27. That reminds me. Another entry that should be added to this list is the lack of sympathy that many Whites have towards POC. Whenever a missing child or woman is in the news, they are almost ALWAYS White. Yet, approximately one-third of missing persons are POC. But you never hear of them unless it is the local news, NOT the national news. There is actually something called MWWS (Missing White Woman Syndrome).


  28. @Negress



    Come on sistas and brothas…Tighten Up!!!


  29. @Mickey

    The irony of #4 on the list. Whitemen want blackmen to have their women sexually, girlfriends, wives, daughters, aunts, cousins, etc. Growing up as a youngster back in the day, did you see all of this coming blackman? Whitemen raped our foremothers with impunity for hundreds of years, and their male offspring are so impotent sexually, that, they would rather watch their greatest enemy on the planet penetrate their beloved white females for their personal pleasure…Mind-Blowing!


  30. did you hear about Madeline. A white girl went missing and I swear they broke the record by exposing this family to the public eye for just under two years. How about that!

  31. And they’re still looking for the killers of JonBenet Ramsey, Natalie Wood and other white females.

  32. @Tyrone,

    No, I did not see this, mainly because I am a woman and did not fathom it at all.

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