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Soul Music

We need a thread on the music that gets us through some of the more trying moments, as well as what we listen to when we just sit back and run it all through our minds.   —–   Ron

Ok Sir, as you wish:

Ok….your turn…

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37 thoughts on “Soul Music

  1. SomeGuy on said:

  2. @ Someguy

    Good choice!!! Remember this?

  3. Ron Thomas on said:

    Good Morning Ma’am,

    You are a jewel for this!!!!!!!

    As an awkward kid growing up, considered a nerd for being more interested in getting out of the Deep South through education and effort, music was one of my twin escapes from a less-than-pleasant” upbringing. It was always a way to express the things I was too shy to say, and let me know that I wasn’t alone in the way I felt.

    Today’s music just doesn’t seem to pack the same sense of “purpose”, and to ME, is less adept in/at explaining the often complicated things that go into Black relationships. Then, we seemed to be singing about the things that mattered most, and looking for ways to make love last.

    Now, I just don’t know.

    In any event, here are some that I play when I need to clear my head, and remind myself why I pushed so hard to get where I am.

  4. Ron Thomas on said:

    You can’t go wrong with Otis.

  5. SomeGuy on said:

    Yup. It reminds me of the Blues Brothers movie.

  6. @ Ron

    When my agency went out of business and I lost my job, I was sitting at home on unemployment, eating cereal for dinner and wondering what was gonna happen with the mortgage.

    This got me through:

  7. SomeGuy on said:

    I like the UB40 version of this song.

  8. @ Someguy

    Yes, that was good too…

    @ Ron

    Bobby womack is for real! You can feel the emotion in his voice.

  9. Ron Thomas on said:

    I played this once for my 17 year old, and she loved it. It’s great when you can pass on good music to the next generation.

  10. That’s a good one, Ron

    Listen to this one:

  11. Ron Thomas on said:

    I have listened to that song a great many times, and it never goes out of style.

  12. Ron Thomas on said:

    There was a time when the messages in the music were heeded by a great many of us, but that time seems past.This is one of those songs, and Marvin was way ahead of the curve on this one. Along with “What’s Going On”, I consider this one of his seminal works.
    I only wish that the music of today represented us as well as that of times past. It was a window into our world, and usually done with great class.

  13. @ Ron

    You said! Nowadays it’s all about showing off your money and shaking it in front of the camera. Remember when black men worshipped black women?

  14. Remember this one?

  15. Ron Thomas on said:

    I remember playing this as my 1st marriage crumbled, and I was watching my life fall apart. Once again, it was the near perfect song for what was happening to so many of us in the military at that time, due to the stresses and strains from being on the road and away so from home much.

    Even now, this one still brings back that pain.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    I definitely love That’s the way i feel about you. Bobby Womack is the truth. Across 110th street and Harry Hippie is another cool jam by Bobby Womack. But what does the trick for me is, The King of Pop. Michael Jackson. All Jackson Five and Janet songs are my go to thing. In Heavy rotation on my Ipod.

  17. Ron Thomas on said:

    I could never get into MJ; the music just seemed too….something, for me.
    As for his sister, of all her music, I consider this her best…………

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Also Angela Bofill,I tried, and Phyllis Hyman. Such underrated soul divas.

  19. This one helped me through some hard times.

  20. @ Ynotme

    Percy is my all time favourite.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    Doesn’t get much better than Gladys Knight and the Pips! I’ve always loved this live performance of “Neither One of Us”. It’s a flawless performance!

  22. LOL!! this is right up my alley I’ll try to contain myself.

  23. Aiight this the last one……………..for now. Did I show my age?? LOL!!

  24. one more…..yall know how youtube is.

  25. Another favorite

  26. A very inspirational song

  27. My favorite lady

  28. Esther Phillips – And I love him

  29. @ Jesus

    Flying High is one of my favourites….

  30. @ Ynotme

    Esther Phillips is marvelous!

  31. Ron Thomas on said:

    This one brings back some interesting memories……

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