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Lupe’s Explanation

Have I ever told you that Jah speaks to me. He “tells” me what to write and what words to use to reach out to my readers.  On Sunday, I was outside, tending to my garden, soaking up the sun when I asked God to give me another idea to discuss and evaluate. Then, out of the blue, HungLikeJesus contacted me and asked me to watch a video and possibly use it on my next topic.

The Most High sure does work in mysterious ways.

Question time:

1. What messages did you get from this.

2. Are the videos that show “Coonin’ Time” to be blamed for the breakdown of little black girls and boys’ morale and self-image? If so, where are the parents?

3. Why aren’t more videos like this one in the mainstream media? Is it because the “need” isn’t there or because blacks aren’t interested in this type of hip-hop?

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44 thoughts on “Lupe’s Explanation

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I must admit I did’nt know a whole lot about Lupe Fiasco, Put this video is excellent. Children are impressionable. They imitate what they see whether negative or positive. The music artist of today really need to be more resposible with what they put out here and call art. The babies are watching. Parents need to be more vigilatant about what they allow the young ones to watch. I applaud Lupe Fiasco. To me this shows he has a conscence. This is just my opinion.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Mr. Fisco also has some scathing criticisms of our President as well. Check him out.

  3. Miss Mary

    I must admit, I don’t know todays musicians. When HunglikeJesus gave me this video to watch, I was impressed!

    Where are the parents?! Why are they allowing their kids to watch filth?

  4. mary burrell on said:

    where I live I can give you an explanation, If you live in an area where people or poor and disenfranchised, There are lots of young single parents that are just kids themselves. They are living in darkness and ignorance. Not all but there are quite a a number young people that are letting their kids run amok they are raising themselves. They se the mothers addressing their friends as b***ch and n****er. Using all kinds of inflamatory speech in their day to day existance. It just makes me want to run into my house and shut the door. That what you saw in the video is quite on point.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    I’m sipping on a cool bottle of Ting sister It’s so good.

  6. WOW Mary…I know that being disenfranchised plays a big role in this game but allowing your kids to run amok?


    Ignorance begats ignorance, eh?
    My mom raised us with an iron fist! We had to be in the house, pressed clothes, combed hair and all.

    Maybe what we need is more tough love.

  7. I miss Ting. I used to drink it all the time in Brooklyn. That and Ginger Beer. I’m jealous!

  8. ynotme on said:

    What’s with that “Ting”? I am going to have to give it a try!

  9. mary burrell on said:

    See your parents cared about you. But it’s a different time. There are some responsible parents but alot of these young people need to have parenting classes. I repeat a lot of them are children raising children.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    @Ynotme: Haha, I had it in Jamaica. It was very good. I found some online and was excited. Very refreshing.

  11. ynotme on said:

    Parenting classes may help a few, but I doubt it will help those who chose to be irresponsible and probably didn’t want kids to begin with.

  12. Ynot me has a good point. A lot of folks never wanted kids but just had them anyway. That’s where the problems start. And unfortunately, the abuse.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    @ynotme& sister Truth: Good points. It’s just a need for education and we have stop careing for each other. It used to be the neighbors helped raised the community. It truly takes a village. This is more than a tired and trite cliche. But we in such an apathetic society now.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    *live in an apathetic society*

  15. @ Miss Mary

    Isn’t the apathy you speak of causing the disenfranchisement? Are they one and the same? Or maybe it’s just the world has changed and we’re struggling to keep up? Wilson’s video on the Zion thread explains that feeling.

  16. ynotme on said:

    @ Mary Burrell

    I’ve seen “Ting” in the Ethnic Aisle at my local Supermarket (ShopRite) but never tried it…I will give it a try (if it’s still available)

  17. Another thought to this video, guys…

    Maybe this kind of hip hop wouldn’t sell as much as the dirty bump-n-grind ones.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Conscientious rap is not profitable. foolishness and ignorance trumps responsibilty. *sigh*

  19. ynotme on said:

    @ Mary Burrell

    It used to be the neighbors helped raised the community. It truly takes a village. This is more than a tired and trite cliche. But we in such an apathetic society now.

    Very true and well said

  20. @ Miss Mary

    What a shame! That’s what we need is socially conscious music like in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s owned now by mostly white men whose main goal is money.

  21. A Sister in those poor neighborhoods related to me how a woman with an excessive amount of welfare, due her large family, was wearing “coach” (I still don’t understand but it’s supposed to be luxury) shoes but had to borrow $0.99 tampons from the poorer Sister. I also saw a woman who was unemployed with two kids tugging her Louie Vuitton bag.

    The question of responsibility and parenting are two questions I wish to inject into our people, especially those who need it most. Still:

    A man can’t be judge of his neighbor’ intelligence. His own vital experience is never his neighbor’s.

    Truly, just about all of us need lessons in responsibility and parenting. I know a “Conscious” Sister who hasn’t any children or habits to make her out as irresponsible who seriously seems like a Sitcom character.

    She watches Television, but her television is more White: The TV Dramas and sort. While those do not encourage as much explicit self-hate, they are still miserably drab and unintelligent.

    As I recommended to her, I recommend to share this video of Malcolm:

    It says Advice to Women but all of us can take this advice–you Sister truthbetold already have. 🙂

    As to the video, I didn’t understand it totally. Does the boy reject the girl? Is that the message? Boys will reject you? Another message I saw was how people on videos were like minstrel actors and begrudgingly so–i.e. pity the video characters. I’m not fully getting it.

    But I suppose that, that’s one reason for the lack of appeal of those videos: The messages are complicated.

    For what it’s worth, those self-hating manuals are actually very simple–almost entirely non-cognitive.

    This video can open eyes, certainly, but what is it opening eyes to?

  22. @ Onitaset

    Good question! Perhaps it’s opening our eyes to how we came to be the adults that we are? Every artist interprets things differently. What I find funny is how good the song and video was yet I’ve never heard it on the radio.

    One more thing about Minister Malcolm. He’s right! We need to turn off that TV and tune out that poison.

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great speech by Malcolm. He always kept it real! You have to admire that.

  24. Lupe is about to get real real with his next two albums. Enough of the saying a whole lot of nothing and let’s hope some others get on this bandwagon and take off the blackface and softshoes.

  25. @ Jesus

    Thank you sooooo much for this excellent video and a great topic for discussion.

  26. I can use a basic analogy of what I think about the positive rap “anomalies” in current Hip Hop:

    I think it’s like an alcoholic that is sitting around drinking one day, then out of the blue, they see an Oprah sobriety special on TV. It’s some super celebrity talking about going through hell to finally find comfort in being sober. So, this alcoholic gets it into his mind that he can be clean and sober too. He goes and pours his Hennessy down the drain and over then next week, tells everyone and their grand mama he’s quit drinking. Hell, he’s even eating right and may even be doing a couple of push-ups every day.

    The first party he goes to, he’s cool. Everybody’s got Budweiser, he’s got Pepsi. People offer him a beer, but he refuses with a nervous smile, all the while staring that cold, delicious beer down like it was Beyonce butt azz naked!

    The second party, the offer comes again and he says “Why not, it’s just one beer.” By the end of the night, that dream of sobriety is just an amusing anecdote he can bring up with his buddies in the years to come.

    The reasoning: Hell, I’m just going to give in anyway, so why not give in now and enjoy the alcohol immediately! I know, I was this guy. I was a heavy drinker and the only reason I’m not today is because my health prevents it.

    It’s the same with people who follow Hip Hop. Their hooch is all this garbage rap that is mass produced and consumed like cans of beer. This poison dulls their senses. Once they hear a positive song that moves them, they start to heal the “wound”, but they also start to feel the pains of life more acutely. They can’t use the old music to support their escapism. After a short respite they just give up and go back to the same old negativity. They can conceal and soothe their pain with gangsta bravado, hyper-sexuality and other unhealthy practices. Positive Hip Hop doesn’t allow them to do that. It forces them to face reality and deal with it. You can’t hide in the Light.

    Most people just can handle it.

  27. @ Someguy

    Wow. First, let me say that I’m sorry for your troubles. It seems that us black folks drown ourselves in weed, the drink, shopping, sleeping, sex and food just to get away form it all.
    Your analogy was stunning and very heartfelt.

    Thank you for opening up to us. You know, maybe you’re right. Maybe this gangsta nasty-ass rap is really a drug to dull the pain of minstrelism. Maybe that’s what selling out really is. I don’t know.

    Your explanation certainly makes sense to me. But doesn’t that mean that we as black folks gave up? I mean, doesn’t getting “addicted” to the filthy rumpshaking music make you give up on your morals and decency? We gave up on ourselves.

  28. mary burrell on said:

    People are so desensitized. They don’t know how to live anymore.

  29. SomeGuy on said:

    I think a lot of folks did give up. Apathy and depression are very strong within the Black community. Many people just want to live their lives like they are in a rap video. It’s sad. Just look at the suicide rates among American Blacks.

  30. @ someguy and Mary

    Well said.

  31. Apathy and depression are very strong within the Black community. Many people just want to live their lives like they are in a rap video.

    I think a lot of black people believe that nothing better can be achieved from/by the black race so they just settle for what already exist.

  32. @ Ynotme

    Now THAT’S depressing! After all we’ve been through…

  33. mary burrell on said:

    And the killing thing is white bloggers from spin magazine and jezebel white publication had the nerve to to say they thought he was being prechy. It pisses me off when these white suburban jerks, On the outside looking in don’t care about the pathological damage these negative images have on the black youth in our community. They think because they listen to a couple of mixed tapes this makes them true hip hop heads. They are living their priviledged lives in their nice manicured neighborhoods, While young black youth are dying over violence and petty b.s. That is something to make me angry. They are so obtuse when it comes to black culture. Someone suggested they get aTim Wise book or Youtube some of his lectures. Maybe that would educate those idiots, Before they start trying to comment on things in our culture.

  34. @ Miss Mary

    Anything that is being done to uplift the black community will be misconstrued as “preachy.”

  35. Negress

    Lupe Fiasco is not the kind of blackman the powers-that-be want in hip-hop. He’s a threat to their “Master Plan.” In their minds, they seek to push self-destruction onto black youth via hip-hop lyrics and videos. Stupid black males promote killing their own race, degrade blackwomen and women in general, support far-left ideologies such as marxism and communism, radical islam, and so forth. Again, whites maintain control over black folk via media…tv, movies, music, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Colored folk are the majority on the planet, think about it black people?


  36. @ Tyrone

    Ok. That’s what I thought….This minstrel show is necessary for their agenda to come to fruition.

  37. @Negress

    Being brutally honest about it, they’ve been successful in implementing their plan. We see the results of that on a daily basis.


  38. @ Ty

    Do you think we’ll get over this phase of hating each other? Black man and black woman, I mean. Something that shocks me is the way we blame each other for everything. But I also know that’s been drilled into our heads.

  39. @Negress

    Black Love is the strongest force on this planet…Period! If it was not, our race would have died off a long time ago. Why the conflict? Whitemen and other men want to marginalize black manhood. In their minds, blackmen are the greatest threat to them having power on this planet. Secondly, the same group of men want sexual access to blackwomen…in order for this to become a reality, blackmen must be castrated mentally and sexually. As with all bs on this planet, it’s about the prime real estate between a woman’s thighs. How does this take place? Politics is the best way to achieve this goal…Democrats support policies that hurt blackmen, and who are among the most loyal voters for them, Blackwomen? I’m not gonna bore you with all the details, you already know Negress. Some sistas may say that this has nothing to do with politics, i disagree. If blackwomen are supporting a political party that seeks the destruction of blackmen, how can they claim to love blackmen? 99.9% of blackmen in the penal system are self-identified democrats…the same men who kill, rape, and rob their own people. Yet, blackwomen have more hatred for Tyrone and other like-minded blackmen. Sistas don’t even realize that they’ve been brainwashed to hate good blackmen, it goes over their heads just that easy. Self-hating blackwomen support thuggish blackmen and the like who cause chaos in our race, and they need to be called out as much as possible. The hoodrat sista with the dopeboy boyfriend is hurting good blackwomen, allow me to explain sistas. Why are some brothas jumping ship on sistas? All of the crime and violence, family dysfunction, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and other ish that we see in our race makes it easy for so-called good blackmen to nullify blackwomen. Their rationale…blackwomen are spreading their legs for punk ass men who create jacked-up children, which explains the insanity that we see among young black males. In turn, good blackwomen remain silent about all of this. The miseducated and uninformed sista in the projects is hurting the educated and self-aware sista in the burbs. As i tell my homeboys all the time, if the women of a race are messed up, the men are in trouble. In essence, blackmen are afraid to be real men because they’ve been castrated by their black mothers to fear and bow to whitemen and other men. Oftentimes, a blackwoman will say to a passionate brotha…Why are you so amped up about this or that, as if blackmen don’t have a right to be angry? (Sleeping With The Enemy)…this is the crux of the issue. Blackwomen helping other men destroy blackmen, and blackmen lusting after the women of their enemies. This is what causes conflict between both parties. As black people, we’re scared to tell the truth about what’s really going on via other races. Some of us have too much pride to admit that we effed up. Again, all of this bull$$$$ is about power and p***y. Blackwomen have the most prized real estate on the planet, which is why others want to divide them from blackmen…Bottomline!!!


  40. @ Ty


    May I say, that black men are the strongest force on earth. What pains me is the way I see us hurting each other, calling each other bitches and the whole BWE movement which makes me sick!!!

    Also, I must say, sleeping with the enemy isn’t good for either of us so we must stop fornicating with Europeans. You cannot fight your enemy if your making love to your enemy.

    If we just learned this one thing…we’d be alright.

  41. oh…and one more thing. This hatred of us by us, is a great tool used by white supremacy.

  42. @tyrone you once mentioned that the rape of african/amerindian/asian women during the past 500 plus years is proof of the true nature of white men and their lack of desire for their women. I understand your point of view, but isn´t rape usually about power and control, not desire, or at least not just desire? I think that the rape of brown and black women does not necessarily mean that white men showed their true preference, rather they took advantage of a situation in which they were in power, and helpless women happened to be available.

  43. I still listen to “words I never said” for a motive>>>”complaining bout the liquor store, [but] what you drinking liquor for”

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