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The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

I received so many comments on this blog (and personally) regarding blacks, food, illness and obesity, I decided to do a follow-up and go more in-depth. The food industry wants certain populations of this society terminated. And food, being the essence of life, is the perfect tool to accomplish that.

How many of you have noticed that McDonald’s has cleverly marketed the fast food giant in the direction of urban folks? Please take a look at this commercial:

This popular commercial aired in 1993 and sales soared! With a “church-sounding” band in the background and rich, famous basketball players competing for burgers, the Food Giant has subliminally convinced urban folks that the greasy, salty, high-calorie, low-in-nutrition food is “ok” for consumption. How very clever!

Even more clever…use it to promote athleticism:

This isn’t the first time the food industry has spent billions of dollars on clever strategies designed for the destruction of poor, urban people.

Along with soda, Popeye’s chicken, Red-Lobster and Burger King have all “ghettoized” their commercials with the clear purpose of attracting a younger “hipper” audience…and riddling us with cardiovascular disease and ultimately death.

Did you know that some farmers employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by popular fast food groups use a synthetic hormone called oxytocin? Oxytocin is a natural hormone, “the love hormone”, produced by the pituitary gland to aid in our reproduction. When injected into cows, goats and sheep or used in a powdered form, you can produce more milk, bigger chickens and gargantuan sized tomatoes and lettuce. It is also used to expedite the growth process in vegetables when mixed with the soil. The love hormone is manufactured in India and mainland China. In bulk, it is affordable to many farmers.

This drug, once ingested can cause over time:

1. Heart palpitations


3. Migraines

4. Slurred speech and memory loss

5.  Anxiety

6. An increase of glucose ( sugar ) in the blood stream, which predisposes you for DIABETES

7. DEPRESSION ( big in the black community)

8. Excessive bleeding

9. Shallow breathing or asthma-like symptoms

10. Death

Congress passes laws that give certain farmers stipends or bonuses for the mass production of these poisonous foods. Then the Food Industry teams up with the advertisers on Wall Street on how to market these foods to their “target audience.” Hence the many commercials we see with our people enjoying this filth, of course accompanied with rap/soul/R&B /hip-hop music. Remember the “McRib” sandwich? It was modeled after the black culture’s love of barbecue ribs, especially in the south. The main ingredients in the famous sandwich?

Pink Slime:

Transglutaminase aka Meat Glue

What is pink slime?

Processed scraps of beef trimmings and fat, treated with ammonia..that’s what pink slime is, in a nutshell. It doesn’t sound appetizing, but then again, neither does most of what goes on behind-the-scenes in bringing meat to the table, including the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in cattle and livestock.

{Source: pink slime info.com}

What is Meat glue?

Meat glue is an enzyme called transglutaminase. Some meat glues are produced through the cultivation of bacteria, while others are made from the blood plasma of pigs and cows, specifically the coagulant that makes blood clot.

When sprinkled on a protein, such as beef, it forms cross-linked, insoluble protein polymers that essentially acts like a super-glue, binding the pieces together with near invisible seams. The glue-covered meat is rolled up in plastic film, followed by refrigeration. Some manufacturers have gotten so proficient in the practice that even an expert butcher can’t tell the difference between a piece of prime beef and one that’s been glued together with bits and pieces of scraps!

{Source: Mercola.com}

Since 15 % of AmeriKlans use food stamps due to economic hardship or senior citizenship, it’s not hard to see the pitfalls and traps that are set up for the black community. Since these techniques have gotten so advanced that even experienced butchers cannot tell between “fake” meat and real meat, how so we combat this growing and dangerous trend?

Any thoughts?

{Next…What’s in my water?}


****Addendum per Mary’s request****


My all time favourite herb is:




You cannot go wrong with this. If I were to list all the healing properties of this ancient herb, we’d be here all night. But just to give you an idea of how awesome peppermint is, it cures: Nausea, halitosis aka bad breath, helps to “dry -up” acne, circulation problems, high blood pressure, dandruff, nervousness…the list goes on and on. I grow wicked amounts of this herb and give it away to my family and friends. My mom LOVES it. My best friend eats it raw when she can’t brush her teeth right away. And as for me? Well….let’s put it this way, my brother told me the other day, “When God comes for his world and everyone is running for cover, all you care about it protecting your peppermint plant!”


Herb Iced Tea ( use any herb tea you wish. I use, what else…peppermint! )

1. Boil A large pot of water and let cool slightly

2. Use 5-7 tea bags of your choice

3. Pour warm water in a pitcher with honey and lemon slices, if you wish, and let chill overnight.

I stopped drinking juice after I found out they put aspartame in it. Aspartame, in short, is rat poison!

Since I began drinking my natural herb teas, I’m more energized and sleep better.





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32 thoughts on “The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. Mickey on said:

    I am about eating fresh produce that is organic. Grass-fed beef instead of corn-fed. Spring water instead of tap. I played with the idea about being a vegetarian, but I love meat too much. Besides, I don’t believe that meat itself is the culprit behind all of these diseases and ailments that plague us. Human have been consuming meat for literally thousands of years and led healthy lifestyles. I always thought that the meat was being tampered with. Things that make you go, “Hmm…”

  2. Mickey,

    Food is being used as a tool for population reduction. Certain members of our society need to be “weeded out” and food is one of them.

    Remember in the 80’s when Billie Dee Williams advertised Colt 45? Malt liquor was utilized as a trap for blacks, especially black men, who were enamoured with being cool like Williams.

    The toxic ingredient in malt liquor?


    I’m writing a post on this called what’s in my water.

  3. Such an excellent post! What’s funny about these McDonald’s commercials with Michael Jordan is that people play him for his burger, but never mention what they would give him in return for his win. He bought the burger . . .!

    Either way, I stress with our people that the Three Necessities paradigm is wrong: “Food, Clothing, Shelter.” It should be revised into the Four Necessities: “Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness.” That we do not acknowledge this revision yet, we have these troubles. Because though the White man’s food is poison, he eats it himself too! It’s not bad that he eats it–it’s bad that we eat it!

  4. Onitaset:

    You know what make me angry? In white neighbourhoods, they have fresh farmers markets everywhere! Fresh seafood, fresh nuts and berries…in fact all you see is a sea of green vegetables.

    Drive 30 minutes to the “black section” and all you see is:

    Mickey D’s
    Burger king
    Bodegas selling hot dogs
    Liquor stores
    Check cashing places

    It’s stunning to see the transition. Don’t tell me foul play isn’t at work here.

  5. Foul play is definitely at work. Onitaset had a video of a 110 year old man that looked to be about 50 or 60 years old and he stressed the importance of how eating healthy preserves the body. Our bodies, especialy mine, have a lot of backup since we can’t expel properly all the toxins we consume from food. When working out some people fart a lot and its because of the body having backed up gas. I know I need to eat better and unfortunately there isn’t any farmers market within walking distance. However, it would help if organic stores and farmers markets would reach out to the less fortunate with some form of discounts or accepting EBT. Because organic food is extremely high and that is on purpose.

  6. @ Acj13

    yes…food stamps are ridiculous if they can’t provide nutritious food to those that need them. And as for the farmers helping out the poor? Forget it! The poor are the ones they want to kill.

  7. Matari on said:

    You’re rocking the TRUTH, Truth!!
    You just keep outdoing yourself! Thank you. No wonder almost everyone is swelling up (gaining LOTS of weight) … stomach fat.. We’re collectively/effectively eating the *growth hormones* they’re feeding our meat/fowl stock.

    I think now’s a good time to go back to being a Vegan/Vegetarian…
    There’s plenty of meat-substitutes one can purchase, or recipes one can produce in their own kitchen.

    All sorts of marvelous tasting/healthful things can be made with nuts, fruits, veggies, blender, a CHAMPION and a large mixing bowl!

    Everyone should also learn/know about the health benefits of *food grade* (35%) hydrogen peroxide.

  8. @ Matari

    Thank you kind sir!

    Peroxide you say? Hmmmmm……maybe a post is due?

  9. True, but God can always change the heart of one farmer or a few. But really many people should just become a farmer themselves. Its not easy and there are trials and errors but its important. I’m sure that the moment that someone comes up with a way to help the less fortunate the government will have a problem. There was this woman in Chicago I believe that would suppy food to those who were hungry. Well the state wants her to pay $1,000 or stop all together. Smh!

  10. No shock there, acj13. Anyone that tries to benefit the needy is shot down.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, Thank you for this very informative post. Organic food is expensive but it is worth the money but all the good organic produce is in the well to do communities, While the poor and disenfranchised become obese and sick and eventually die. I think this is done on purpose. Now that you are educating us. If you and Brother Matari can share some of your holistic juicing and tonic recipes it would be greatly appreciated. He said something about cayenne in a previous post. Please share. Thank You.

  12. @ Miss Mary

    Sure, I’ll post a simple iced tea recipe I drink as an addition to this post while I work on some tonic posts.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Siter, Truth, You have got to look for the movie Drop Squad. It talks about all the stuff we talk about in the threads.

  14. Drop squad? OK…thanks…I gave you a simple iced tea recipe up top.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    God bless you dear sister. Thank You.

  16. Sure…I post more tonics and herb teas at a later time. Youre welcome.

  17. Matari on said:

    Ms. Mary

    Cayenne is nothing short of amazing – by itself. When used in combination with other herbs, it’s even more astounding – as it acts as a catalyst for other herbs!

    The first link is a comprehensive PDF file download about curing with cayenne.
    I *HIGHLY* recommend downloading/studying this PDF file. It’s very valuable/beneficial info!


    The second link – below – is a general Google search re the *benefits* of cayenne. More information, etc..


  18. Thanks Matari! I love cayenne pepper. Do you like Scotch Bonnet peppers?

  19. Matari on said:

    Scotch Bonnet?
    I’m not familiar …

    All peppers are good though.. the hotter the BTUs, the better/more potent the medicinal ingredient – Capsicum.

  20. just a side thought, the bst (now banned, as far as i know) and oxytocin are partly responsible for girls developing earlier than natural.

    oxytocin doesn’t actually make cows produce more milk, it allows them to relax and release their milk. if abused they can become dependent on it for milk let down. the bst is what makes them produce over 100 lbs of milk per day, unnaturally.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    @Matari,Thanks my brother.

  22. @ Thanks Cari. Earlier development of these girls causes early menopause and cancer.

  23. lovely :(, thank you for further information

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  25. ynotme on said:


    Thank you, very informative post! I am slowly weaning myself off processed foods. I am also cooking with smaller amounts of salt, fat and sugar by using natural substitute like strong spices and herbs.

    I was told by a friend that the foods we eat can affect or change our DNA and those changes can be passed on to future generations. I don’t know if my friend’s information is correct, but it was convincing enough to push me to eat healthier

  26. No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.

    – Booker T. Washington

  27. Thanks for your informative post. I’m trying to wean off of processed foods, junk foods, pop, etc. Replace them with fruits, vegetables, some meat(mainly fresh fish and chicken), and certain breads. Also, use vitamins as a supplement.

    There are common themes in the “food desert”

    They all have fast food restaurants and some chain restaurants. No fine dining and no good eats.

    Convenience stores

    Substandard grocery stores.

    Here are two videos from YouTube that featured a couple of food deserts:

    Need I say more?

    Stephanie Baldwin

  28. Thanks Stephanie for the video.

  29. Just as I was finishing watching Super Size Me movie, here’s the recent article on energy drinks:


    The sad part is that most energy drinks are freely sold everywhere, especially in poor and POC neighborhoods, where they’re aggressively advertised.

    Stephanie B.

  30. You Eating People Parts When You Eat Bread ? on said:

    The Bread that you get at the supermarket and all of the bread at fast food places has human hair in it.


    Pink slim was mentioned already and they spray your meats at Safeway and other stores with ammonia. And all fast food meat is grad D which is just a step above dog food level.

    Thses people don’t know what to eat and are just figuring out that humans need to eat like our ancestors in order to thrive. Look at this. This Book is worth reading and shows that they don’t know a damn thing about nutrition, but will force their B.S. on you and yours.


    Watch it on you tube and go to the library and check out the book. This way you are not supporting them.

    Our ancestors knew that food was medicine and that wild caught is best next grass fed and raised then organic. Vegan is a death trap our ancestors were never vegiterians. Veggies are of major importance, but so is meat. The meat we get now is toxic and the veggies less nourishing because the soil is left hungry.

    The cycle is being broken and needs to be fixed. I have started on the healing path and have healed myself and other greatly, but there is much to be done. Check out Traditional foods are your best medicine. Take a good look at the pictures and see who is missing in the perfect health pictures and then when fed grains and othe edible stuffs see what it does to the people in one generation. Notice all of the diseases not present or no knowledge of.

    Now they are healing themselves using old black and brown knowledge and acting like they discovered it. While the black and brown people even the ones trying to get healthy by being vegitarian or vegan are made to suffer.

    People will hold on to this because they have been taught that this is our diet. The love to pull out the apes and other monkeys and say they are vegans and go on and on about intestines. Yet, they never tell you you don’t have the enzymes or a huge amount of Beta cells in your pancrease to eat a bunch of fruit everyday all day and you can not digest grass. Cows have 4 stomachs to digest grass we have one. We Lack Proper Enzymes To Be Grass Eating Fruits and Veggies only to be Vegans. This is their B.S. Let’s leave it with them.

    Check this out and watch what she is eating to heal herself and then ask what your anscestors ate. Yes it is long, but important. Look at the 5:30 and 8 min mark and then you will know something. Drop your grains and beans and stop all junk food and watch your health come roaring back.

  31. Mickey on said:

    The DVDs “Food Matters” & “A Beautiful Truth” also teach about how food was and still is used to heal the body.

  32. Mickey

    I saw a beautiful truth. I loved it. Thanks for reminding us.

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