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The Stupidification of AmeriKlan

I don’t watch TV. And I mean hardly ever.  If there is something special I want to see then yes, I’ll turn it on but for the most part, my remote is dusty. I think back to childhood when TV was “family friendly” like The Cosby Show. Lessons were learned and idiosyncrasies were, for 30 minutes, challenged.

I want to blame MTV’s The Real World for starting this madness but something tells me this was a slow and painful process. After the network studios discovered that they could make a bloody fortune out of  the dumbing down of society, our very intellect, morale and soul would be for sale.

Last night, I finally turned on the Propaganda Machine and saw this:

It was a “pageant” show with an overweight mom telling her four year old to be more “sexy.” As I felt bile rise from my belly, I wondered why any mother would allow her child to be sexually exploited. With pederasty at an all-time high, predators putting ads on Craigslist to *ahem* meet children and the recent explosion of the Penn State scandal, I’m floored.

Is this what we’ve become? A mass of drooling, brainless, think-less consumerists who just wants to be entertained? What about the explicitness of our programming geared towards children? What does this say to our little girls? That they are nothing more than a pile of flesh. And what does this do to our boys? What messages does this send to them?

I said to myself, “Who would watch this? And why? And why are they in syndication? Who is the executive producer and why does he still have a job?” My mom says I think too much.

Is it really a wonder why AmeriKlan is mocked, stereotyped and hated? Is it really a wonder why other countries scream of our ignorance and hypocrisy? We promote violence and exploitation based on greed and everyone looks the other way…as if this is normal behaviour! Yet when it explodes in our faces, we look at one another with wide eyes, agape, and wonder what went wrong.

When will this mass hypnosis come to an end?

Any thoughts?



My friend just read my post and said, “Ummm Truth? I’m gonna blow your mind!”

ok….my mind really can’t be blown anymore but, whatever…..thrill me.

Behold the Baby Thong:

You know what?

I stand corrected.

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34 thoughts on “The Stupidification of AmeriKlan

  1. I must admit I do love me some PBS, but that’s really as far as I’ll go. TVs are made to either program the masses or put forth an agenda or both.

  2. introvertedwanderer on said:

    What I’ve seen a lot of is the acceptance of bullying and violence on television, specifically on these reality shows. I remember a long time ago, starting with The Real World, if a cast member committed a clear act of violence or if the cast member’s behavior could be viewed as being harmful to another roommate, that cast member was quickly removed from the show. The powers that be took it seriously and didn’t let it go without consequences. I’ve stopped watching most reality tv over the last couple of years, but from the ones I have happened to tune into recently, the cast members are able to get away with a lot more. They might not hit someone, but they will bully and form a mob mentality against one person to the point where that person just throws their hands up and decides to leave the show. I saw this happen on that horrid show, Jersey Shore, Snookie’s claim to fame. A female cast member, Angelina Pivarnick, was bullied, in my opinion, on two seasons of the show, and she ended up leaving before the end of filming, both times, because the cast was malicious toward her. I don’t know why she didn’t stay away after the way she left the first season, but she came back for more for the second season. While she was an obnoxious character, just like the rest of the cast, for some reason, she got on everyone else’s nerves more than the rest of them did to each other, so she was scapegoated as being the source of most problems of the show, and was accused of basically being a downer. The male cast members treated her like crap, basically calling her every name in the book and berating her at almost every opportunity, and the other female cast members couldn’t stand her for the most part. Never once did I see anyone stand up and say “Hey this is wrong, even if some of her behavior is annoying, it’s not right to gang up on one person like this.” By the end of her time on the second season, she looked like how a woman who has been in a long term abusive domestic situation might look. It was sickening to watch.

    Aside from the bullying, I just can’t stand to watch the casts of a show like the Jersey Shore. I joke with my sister sometimes, that they all look “dirty”. The men and women both tan all the time or wear tan spray. The men always have gel in their hair, and the women wear pounds of make up. I didn’t mind thier appearance so much at first, but over time they look stank and disgusting and the sight of them is revolting in my opinion. I wouldn’t even want to touch a cup from which Snookie had just finished drinking. That’s how nasty I find her. And the fact that their parents all seem to be cool with how they behave, and basically laugh at their antics, is a sad sight to see.

    With these kids beauty pageant/talent type of shows, I have never tuned into them, and I hate seeing the way these young girls are made up for these pageants. I never participated in beauty pageants as a child, so I don’t know exactly what goes on in that world, but I would never have my own daughter participate in that activity, just by looking at the way that the girls are dressed and the amount of make up they wear. No way. There is an appropriate age and time for women to wear make up and try to be sexy, and the ages of 4, 5, 6…… is not the appropriate age for any of that. I think that some of these mothers are highly narcissistic and are living vicariously through their daughters, which can lead to resentment and anger later on, from their daughters.

  3. Thank you! I’m not the only one who feels like there’s an “agenda” at play.

  4. @ Introverted

    Do you think that the acceptance for this “bully culture” is what’s fueling the aggression and violence in our society?

  5. The baby thong?…

    I mean then again, it allows for easy access when the baby needs to relieve him or herself


  6. Matari on said:

    “When will this mass hypnosis come to an end?

    Any thoughts?”


    My thoughts – according to YOUR post re Amerikkka – are centered on these verses: Eze 16:49, Matt 10:15, Jude 1:7 …

  7. @ Matari

    Ok…give me a sec…

  8. Wow Matari, Now I need a night light!

  9. Ron Thomas on said:

    It would be easy to lay this at the doorstep of one culprit, but from where I sit, the change was gleefully embraced by the majority of people in this country. And it didn’t seem to be all that painful; people walked right up to the kool-aid bowl and grabbed a cup.

    Of course it was about money. As you said, once the networks saw they could “make a bloody fortune out of the dumbing down of society, our very intellect, morale and soul would be for sale,” there was a run on the market. Every dumbassed thing that could be packaged and sold to the willing suckers was rushed out of the gate, touted as “entertainment”, and plastered over the airwaves.

    The hook was, “You too, can be a reality star. You don’t need any talent. You don’t need any special skill. You don’t even need a double-digit I.Q.. Look at what we already have!!! Come on down and make a fool of yourself on-screen, and you’ll be3 a star!! You’ll be the idol of millions; the envy of other millions!! You’ll be somebody!”

    It appeals to a lot of people’s desire to be “somebody”, and feeds that craving for attention; any attention.And since I really don’t have any other skills, I’ll show em.” I need to be a skank? Done. I need to be a jackass? Done. I need to be a bully; Done. An idiot? Done. A stereotype? You Betcha!!! Prostitute my kids? How much is it gonna get me? Etc……..Done, Done, and done.

    So it lures in the “common american” to let the forget about their problems, and they can laugh along with people just like them. That’s the plan; to keep them from thinking too deeply about what’s going on around them; keep them believing that they’re better off than “those poor suckers.” All the while, they are being forced out of their jobs, their homes, & their lives at a breakneck pace. They are being told that “a college education isn’t for everybody”, not understanding that is used to keep them for ever being in contention for anything with those of us who weren’t fooled by that foolish tripe.

    As for who watches this? Most everyone; especially white americans. They get off on it. “Lord knows my life is so terrible these days, I need a good laugh and some beer.” And since other white people told them it was okay to do so, HA!!! See, it ain’t so bad. Once again, they can’t see they are being used; dumbed down; turned into fodder for the next war, low-wage slaves for the increasing glut of low-paying no-future jobs that is all they can get, and willing followers for the next white-savior that comes along and promises to restore them to their “former glory.”

    Kinda sounds like a re-run of the fall of the Roman Empire, doesn’t it?

    I do not wish to monopolize the board, so I’ll cut this short after answering the following:

    “We promote violence and exploitation based on greed and everyone looks the other way…as if this is normal behavior! Yet when it explodes in our faces, we look at one another with wide eyes, agape, and wonder what went wrong.”

    You nailed it with that series of words. And we know what is wrong. We can’t save it, and THEY don’t want to.

    There is no fix on the horizon; no saving grace in the wings; the cavalry ain’t coming over the hill, and the sharks are circling our leaky raft. As a group, as a race, as a people, we are going to have to pull together a lot harder than we are now, paddle one hell of a lot faster and in unison, and do our damnedest to teach each other what we need to know if we expect to have a PRAYER of surviving the coming disaster. When things fall apart and they turn on each other, all the ones who made enough money to wall themselves off from the chaos will continue to egg on the masses, and we all know they will point them in our direction.

  10. @ Ron

    Again you tickle me with your fabulous responses.
    You know what’s funny? Folks don’t wanna know they’re being used. They’re happy being in the dark. As if the light is the problem!

    I had a conversation this morning with my friend and tried to explain my deepest fears.

    I think this is a massive global conspiracy to trick the masses into a consumerist lifestyle, make them spend their kids college funds on that new car. Make women and men question their sexuality and become bi, tri and “animal” sexual. Tell them it’s ok if your 2 year old is having sex…it “normal” for a boy his age.

    Forget school…it’s for losers. You should make a “girls gone wild” tape and sell it to become the next Kim Kardashian. All for the purpose of losing your soul and morals.

    She told me to lay off the crack.

  11. JensenJay on said:

    Good Job! Love the way you speake the Truth.

  12. Ron Thomas on said:

    Thank You.

    As for your friend; she doesn’t want to know. You probably scared HER with your thoughts. So she mentally ran away: “Thinking about this stuff is too hard. And it requires me to DO something. Girl, you just need to chill out.”

    All you can do is keep trying.

  13. *sigh*

    Yeah…and praying.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    I have this conversation with a couple of my friends. Yes It is the dumbing down of American society. Something is horribly wrong when you parade young children in costumes and make them perform like trained seals. I’m sure what usedto be the Learning channel is now like the Playboy channel for pedophiles. I heard on one entertainment channel one mother trying to justify why she let her 6 year old baby be in a pagent. Do you know she had the nerve to compare it to Gabby Douglas saying her child desrved to have her dreams fufilled as well. Sick just absolutely sickning. When a Ivy League university, Forgoes letting Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison speak at the graduation and chooses Snooki from Jersey Shore, You know something is terribly wrong in the society. America is lost.

  15. Miss Mary

    But haven’t we been lost for like 500 years?

  16. mary burrell on said:

    And one last thing Oprah is giving everyone a reality show. I think the OWN network is on life support and the plug needs to be pulled.

  17. Hmmm…I wonder if she made someone mad. You know, a black woman who DARED to have her own network?

    Maybe she’s being targeted?

  18. mary burrell on said:

    My God Life with Latoya. This the Jackson sibling with zero talent. Why do we care about her day to day life? Oprah is slipping I’m telling you. But she will be interviewing Gabby Douglas next week.

  19. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  20. mary burrell on said:

    And the new reality star. A spinoff of Toddlers and Tiaras. Honey Boo Child. It hurts to watch. It makes one uncomfortable. Sister Truth if you could just see a little bit. I would just feel like you are being stabbed in the heart. A little girl who comes from a proud redneck family. Their words not mine. The obese 300lbd mother and pregnant sixteen year old daughter and 300lb mother’s boyfriend. It will probably make you vomit. It’s just that bad. And there’s also a pig in this cast of abomidable misfits. I’m glad they are showing white fols looking crazy.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    It would make you feel like you were being stabbed in the hear. (typo) I’m glad they are making white folks look crazy instead of black women behaving like harpies.

  22. ok…maybe I’ll take a little peek just to see.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    @Ron Thomas,@Matari: Men with brilliant minds are sexy.

  24. brothawolf on said:

    I’ve been saying this for years.

    I’m going to look at it through the concentration of reality TV.

    One of the usual network tropes that I see is that they must have a reality TV show even on networks where reality goes against the station’s narrative like Cartoon Network. Their reality-based shows didn’t last long. Still, the trend continues on other stations.

    MTV was once a station that broadcast music from popular and up-and-coming artists. Now, with they are hotbeds of reality TV shows featuring oversexed, emotionally charged, possibly alcoholic young people who only thinks about drama, sex and drinking.

    VH1 is no different. However, they mostly feature women – women of color especially – as drama queens looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They mostly want to show people of color as dysfunctional people with no morals, little intelligence, poor manners and childlike behavior. Why? Because it’s one of this nation’s guilty pleasures to see people of color as less than human.

    Sadly, this is what the people seem to want more and more as some shows get high ratings. The people are saying that they want drama and sex because anything that’s high-brow is too boring, too confusing, or (ironically) too stupid to watch. So, the networks capitalize off the guilty pleasures of their audiences.

    It doesn’t matter if it follows a particular theme of another reality show. It doesn’t matter if it’s like “The Real World, Survivor, Dance Moms, Love and Hip-Hop, Keeping Up With the Kardashians or anything of the like. Networks will jam it down our throats and some people will gobble it up.

    This has been happening while media giants have been seeking control of every media outlet for years. To this day only a small handful of companies control about 90% percent of the media, and all are owned by (drumroll please) white males.

    Perhaps it will deal a heavy blow if the people demand and support programming that doesn’t indulge with the usual fast food-line ups. Maybe if people would advocate the support of independent media outlets that actually have a balance voice in their communities. Until then, there will be more so-called “entertainment.”

  25. @ Brothawolf:

    White males that dominate TV:

    Sumner Redstone
    Dick Wolf
    The Goldwyn boys aka MGM studios
    Chuck Lorre
    And…The Spelling clan! Yes..even though aaron is no longer with us, the Spelling dynasty rules with grandsons and his daughter.

    It is really a wonder why TV sucks? Is it really a wonder why blacks are made to look foolish?

  26. brothawolf on said:

    The six companies that own most of the mainstream media are:

    News Corp.
    Walt Disney
    NBC Universal
    Time Warner


  27. Thanks Brothawolf….I didn’t know it was that tightly controlled! There’s no telling what’s “truth” anymore.

  28. I don’t know….

    Seems like to me it is more about marketing and money than actually trying to make anyone stupid.

  29. brothawolf on said:

    It can be both. Like they say sex sells. The more people want sex, the more they’ll take it. At the same time it changes the perception of those who watch it. They end up wanting sex more and more.

    So, I think it’s not only a case of supply and demand but also a case of dumbing down the masses.

  30. dumb down the masses (especially with cricus bread) and tada* , they are ripe for the taking.

  31. Omalone, yeah…the taking. Some are already “took”.

  32. tehnoun on said:

    Whenever I see these kinds of shows, I have such a strong urge to just punch the parents involved. It’s just sick to do something like this to a four year old (especially this one mom who was basically doping her kid up before these shows. Ugh)

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