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Things This Blog Has Taught Me

This is my 100th post! I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday I began furiously typing away, revealing more of myself than I ever intended. Funny thing about writers; the more they write, the more they have to say. For this special post, I’ll reveal what this blog has taught me.

1. Black people are far more intelligent, inventive and intuitive than we give ourselves credit for.

2. Whites, even if they fear, hate and profess their superiority and intelligence, can’t stay from us.

3. Black people’s psychological and emotional responses to racism is just a raw as it was 500 years ago.

4. The black intra-love relationship may be shaky but it’s not nearly as bad as others want us to believe it is.

5. Whites are far more fearful of our power than they care to admit.

6. ALL Coloureds basically have the same hurt and pain no matter where they come from.

7. When whites feel deflated and defeated, they resort to childish name calling out of desperation.

8. Not one black person feels warmly about the Divided States of AmeriKlan.

9. Blacks know we need to do better but don’t quite know where to start.

10. A lot of us have given up the dream of equality for this country and are leaving/thinking about leaving AmeriKlan.

11. The internet provides people who are afraid of you with ammunition to hurt you via psychological warfare.

12. The fact that Coloureds all over the world state the SAME THING about whites, tells me that whites, globally, are the biggest threat to humanity the world has ever known.

13. Whites use the power of words to convey hate. In fact, they study the dictionary and thesaurus to perfect their vitriolic vernacular.

14. No one is as obsessed with our genitalia than whites.

15. Blacks have such a connection and relationship to God, it’s almost metaphysical.

16. Envy of our complexion is the root cause of racial animus.

17. Most Coloureds don’t want revenge. They want justice.

18. Whites are ashamed of who they are. The false bravado and fierce defiance is but a front for that shame.

19. The blacks that I’ve spoken to, via personal email, have all agreed that there is “a plan” to wipe us off the face of the earth.

20. Coloureds as a whole do not trust white people.

What has this blog taught you?

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36 thoughts on “Things This Blog Has Taught Me

  1. ynotme on said:

    WOW!! Happy Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed each and every post and looking forward to the next 100.

  2. Nakale on said:

    You have made it! This blog has taught me that white people have us in their minds constantly to the point of insanity. You pretty much stated most of the observations from a black person’s point of view.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth I found this blog purely by accident. And it has been such an education for me. I see this as a forum to discuss my frustrations about race in this society. For years I did’nt know who to articulate the anger I was feeling and being a black woman in this society. In a nutshell what I’ve learned is that white supremecy is a evil system that needs to be dismanteled. black people need to be unified, and not let petty differences divide us. This is what color aroused racist want us to do fight each other. They want to divide and conquer us. All these racist internet trolls are just fearful that they will lose their priveledge in this country. They fear black people.

  4. Matari on said:

    “What has this blog taught you?’


    That you are an EXACT female (although probably younger) version of me. Our views are so similar/identical to yours across the board IMO it’s almost eerie/disconcerting. Not many can or care to see such things!

    The only difference between us (that I see) besides age and gender is that I’m still hoping. albeit slightly, that there are some (a few) white folks that can be redeemed/saved from whiteness.

    Nonetheless … I understand your caution, hesitancy..

  5. @ ynotme

    Thank you…I hope to continue My expose and dismantle of white supremacy.

  6. Miss Mary

    That’s all I ever wanted.

  7. @ matari
    I’m honoured you compare me to you. I’ve given up. My focus is on us now. The only being that can help/ save whiteness is Jah.

  8. tehnoun on said:

    Congrats on the 100th post! =D

    And I tell you, this blog and others have been a massive learning experience for me. I seriously can’t describe everything that I’ve learned here, if only because then the comment would be a massive wall of text and I hate doing that.

  9. @ Tehnoun

    Thanks a lot. I’ve learned a lot from my commenters too.

  10. SomeGuy on said:

    I’m glad I clicked on the link in your name when I was at Abagond’s site. I’ve enjoyed your blog since I first found it a few months ago. Keep it going, keep it real, sister.

  11. Mickey on said:

    I concur with Mary Burrell. This site has articulated & confirmed much of my suspicions regarding this country and the people who both uphold White supremacy and benefit from it.

    This country is sitting on a powder keg. And in the words of Malcolm X, “when you have a powder keg, and there’s too many sparks around it, the thing’s going to explode. And if the thing that’s going to explode is sitting inside the house, and if it explodes, then the house is going to be destroyed.”

  12. Thanks Someguy. I enjoy your comments as well. I find your objectivity refreshing.

  13. @ Mickey

    AmeriKlan, being the cousin of England, is most destructive. Everyone that has fought for equality and dared to expose this evil regime has died. I know that right now, I’m being watched…as is ALL equal rights groups.

    Being black and female, I pose an incredible threat to the Illuminati. I’m not brainwashed by their lies and deceit. Nor do I watch TV, which emits lethal brainwaves designed to confuse and corrupt us.

    As I delve further, I believe I’ll be suspended or put on the FBI list as a “terrorist.” But I do not care. I was born melaninated. And non-AmeriKlan. And female.
    I had a bullseye on me since birth.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve learned that you’re a very intelligent sista that seems to have knowledge on varying topics. That’s why I always visit your blog. It’s also taught me that black people are very similar no matter where they live in this country. I guess we all have a shared experience living in this prison known as America.

  15. Prince:

    Prison…good word. Yes, I’ve always been behind bars in one way or another.

  16. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sad but true. Like Malcolm said “Every black person born in America is already in a prison.”

  17. I learned that, when they keep them, Sisters keep incredibly interesting diaries. I’m happy to be a reader.

    I’m surprised that I did not see you on “Freshly Pressed.” Ok, I’m not surprised, but I just read that its description is “Browse the Best on WordPress.com,” how did they skip over 100 of your posts?

    We know. Congratulations Sister!

  18. leigh204 on said:

    @ truthbetold/DOAN:

    I enjoy reading your blog entries. It’s very interesting. There are many excellent points you bring up that I agree with. This blog is really informative and educational. I find I am always learning new things. Keep it up! 🙂

  19. mary burrell on said:

    Don’t stop telling the TRUTH!

  20. grin and bear it on said:

    Truthbetold, congratulations on your 100th post! I often click over to your blog from Abagond’s site, although I’ve never commented here. Like Abagond’s, your blog leaves me thinking and questioning. Keep up the good work.

  21. Ron Thomas on said:

    This blog has taught me that although we may all feel alone at times, there are many of us sharing the same struggles, same pain, same anger, same…..everything. It reinforces that we are not alone.

  22. brothawolf on said:

    This blog has taught me that I’m not crazy. It taught me that there are people like you, Abagond, Ankhesen, Davey D, and other black bloggers who feel the same way.

  23. this is a great blog i will continue reading to learn more

  24. moorbey on said:

    Komrade i know itz a little bit on the late side but congratz on ur 100 post and looking forward to the next 100. Panther Love

  25. Thanks…Panther Love back atcha.

  26. Your the third blog I’m following after Abagond the great and The noble brotherwolf ,I don’t even remember when I started following abagond though brotherwolf is clear, and now you.

    Why ? because you speak about what no one else even mention much less talk about, issues at the center of my/our lives.

    I while back posted a comment on abagonds about how tired I was of the constant focus on black vs white issues.
    It was an expression of what I wish for, not the reality we are forced to live.
    In my unstable and difficult life I often doubt myself ,and I’ve learn to see things through time.

    Well I’ve yet to regret and I’m greatly appreciative of your blog as well as abagond,and the ever noble brotherwolf
    who by the way maybe posting the best yet with “The Hateful Savior Pt. I and Pt.II”
    even better than some of abagond’s best posts (not that best is that much of an issue with the topics we cover)

    Another thing about it is that I’m an atheist,diaryofanegress a deist,abagond a catholic,brotherwolf I don’t know.

    but we all seem to care about ourselves as black/african people
    we care about justice and truth
    we’re searching for answers to the lies we’ve been told.

  27. Mbeti

    Africa is the very center of spirituality. Whether or not we call “I am that I am” God, Jah, Yaweh or Allah, He is one and the same. If I didn’t vent my feelings, I’d explode!

    As a black woman, I’m rendered powerless and insignificant. And I’m reminded of that DAILY!

    We need at least one space to feel safe to vent and talk and heal.
    Glad to have you with us.

  28. This blog has taught me that there are others who see what I see and that we have not all drank the proverbial kool-aid. Which is why we would be seen as ‘threatening’ negroes–some how, some way, the lifelong, continuous, constant onslaught against our basic humanity has not rendered us mindless zombies nor has the ubiquitous attempt to make us feel as if our worldwide condition is our ‘fault’ been effective. We are like the historical Maroons or Mau or any other justice seeking people who have stood up or merely spoken out against systemic oppression. I feel honored to be amongst you. Have learned new info that i was previously unaware of and been exposed to such eloquence and intelligence. Definitely beats the hell outta CNN or MSNBC.

  29. You & I are soo here…cuz I personally think that’s wasted energy. And counter intuitive. I don’t think we have any more time to waste waiting for them to join us and really think that they would only slow us down and have us end up in bumfluck egypt somewhere–probably on purpose. lol..so yeah, later for that imo. And later for them. Self-preservation is the apparent name of the game for them and it must be for us. And if it ain’t, then I say, just admit it and move outta the way. (not directed at any 1 in particular).

  30. You and me too. I believe mine started around 10 years ago, during the Bush years and with the intro of the Patriot Act. But like you, I don’t give a fluck. lol…when you realize that these ‘beings’ are so petrified and frightened of simple, plain TRUTH, it puts it in perspective. While they have the full weight of the system behind them, it is THEY who hide in the shadows and lurk. How can you fear or be intimidated by cowards like that? I know I have more integrity and courage in my body waste than they do in their entire bodies. So we are sympatico on that note and that all black people are prisoners of war.

  31. Your blog and others similar has taught me we are powerful and soulful beyond measure. That a great change is happening. And we have no reason to be fearful for are enemies have done their worst and failed.

  32. Kal

    And that’s why they remain ever fearful.

  33. I do comment on Abagond’s blog and I accidentally found this blog. I believe that this is a good blog.

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