Observations of an Invisible Woman

Black Like Me

Since my need to conquer white supremacy has me thinking about all sides of this insanity, I will give you the opposite side of my post, White Like Me.

Since pale skin is deemed desirable and white women are the standard of beauty, why does any white person wish to have darker skin? Why tan? Why risk skin cancer to look like a clone of the very thing you deem inferior? Isn’t darker bad? Isn’t darker ugly? Isn’t darker “niggerish?”

Some common connotations associated with white:








Sounds good, right?

Now let’s examine black:






Bad luck


Sounds bad, right?

Ok. Fine. It is what it is. I’m not the one that created the dictionary.

So…now that we understand how whites use the most important weapon ever made, language, to convey psychological warfare, why would they want to look darker? And why make products that look like this?

Not only is the product promoting blackness, it is promoting blackness 20x! Now that’s black!

My supposition:

1. Whiteness, in its pale glory, is secretly unhappy to be pale. Pale skin denotes sickness, sadness and sterility. Being devoid of colour is considered unattractive and flavourless. Hence the need to obtain colour as a way of expressing happiness, spirit, well-being and health.

2. Whites are envious of blacks. Melanin has given us resistance from disease and sickness. We do not age or wrinkle easily. With our God given protection from UV rays, mixed with our plethora of skin shades from “peach” to chocolate, we are quite a striking bunch of peoples. When I hear white women comment on Michelle Obama’s “well toned arms”, I know secretly that is her exposed skin that arouses them.

3. Whiteness, in its supremacy, can draw from anything it wants, apply it to themselves whilst scoffing at the very thing they find grotesque.

4. People, no matter who, are never happy with what God has given them.

5. They can tan and grow darker while still maintaining their white privilege. So for them, it’s the best of both worlds.

Any thoughts on why this? Do you disagree/agree? Why or why not?

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49 thoughts on “Black Like Me

  1. Tyrone on said:


    Black is such a beautiful word…Black is so powerful…Black is so alluring. Earth Tones(Black & Brown) are the standard, and always will be. African people should thank The Almighty everyday for blessing them with M-E-L-A-N-I-N. It’s the most prized cell on the planet, worth more than gold and diamonds. Beautiful complexions, beauty, sexuality, ageless beauty, sun protection, and the list goes on and on. Honest whites admit the obvious, they would love to have our heritage and color. As you stated Negress, folk gotta love who they are regardless, but they can still dream at the same time…Bottomline!!!


  2. I dunno know–your peers over at Abagond’s seem to think black shouldn’t be a description.

  3. ChazIng on said:

    They want to share in non-‘whiteness’ but only when convenient. I recall someone saying that Europeans appropriate East Asian (violent) masculinity through their use of martial arts in competitions (e.g. Bloodsport). In all instances I have seen, the Asian male is beaten at his indigenous craft to show the European that when they enter into a non-Euro sphere, they can not only excel but be almost instantaneously better than the non-Euro in non-Euro fields (e.g. Avatar). Thus darker or tanned skin for them makes them more beautiful or desirable, but for non-Euros, tanned skin means nothing but innate racial inferiority.

  4. @ ChazIng

    Excellent Reply!

  5. ChazIng on said:

    Thanks and I do love your probing questions as well.

  6. @ ChazIng

    Thanks. I’m tired of being beaten down. And also, as I age, grow less fearful.

  7. ChazIng on said:

    Yeah, that’s me as well.

  8. Africans (and Asians) ruled Europe for over 700 years, ushering in the modern age. The beauty standard was African then. Shakespeare himself wrote (in 1623), recounting an old saying: “black men are pearls in beauteous ladies’ eyes.” The European in America is unique in holding the beauty standard as European, and this is recently. Ergo the contradictions. Though its better to not listen to this garbage. If one engages honestly with a European (to the best of their ability,) the European would confide an admiration of your beauty, as will the rest of the world. It will be a disservice to anyone to think that Europeans don’t regard us as aesthetically superior. Perhaps I should make a post on this.

  9. @ Oni

    once again good reply! And I agree that it is a contradiction. I’ve always wondered why the attraction to our skin and culture is so strong.

    Perhaps your post could shed some more insight…

  10. mary burrell on said:

    My new name is Ms. Onyx Obsidian Blac.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    Forgive me for being off topic, But Can I find Ting state side here in Texas? I will start at The Jamaican restaurants, That sounds like a good idea.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    They like certain things about black culture. They use our slang,our style of dress,they wish they could dance like us,etc. Some even like to have sex with black people so they can say they had the “experience”. Deep down they may think our dark skin is beautiful(melanin-envy) and we tend to age better. But they don’t really want to BE black. They just like to pretend every once in awhile. You know like when white girls wear cornrows or braids for a few days. Then take then out.lol

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    This quote from Mark Twain is very telling:

    Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare….Where dark complexions are massed, they make the whites look bleached-out, unwholesome, and sometimes frankly ghastly. I could notice this as a boy, down South in the slavery days before the war. The splendid black satin skin of the South African Zulus of Durban seemed to me to come very close to perfection….

    The white man’s complexion makes no concealments. It can’t. It seemed to have been designed as a catch-all for everything that can damage it. Ladies have to paint it, and powder it, and cosmetic it, and diet it with arsenic, and enamel it, and be always enticing it, and persuading it, and pestering it, and fussing at it, to make it beautiful; and they do not succeed. But these efforts show what they think of the natural complexion, as distributed. As distributed it needs these helps. The complexion which they try to counterfeit is one which nature restricts to the few–to the very few. To ninety-nine persons she gives a bad complexion, to the hundredth a good one. The hundredth can keep it–how long? Ten years, perhaps.

    The advantage is with the Zulu, I think. He starts with a beautiful complexion, and it will last him through. And as for the Indian brown–firm, smooth, blemishless, pleasant, and restful to the eye, afraid of no color, harmonizing with all colors and adding a grace to them all–I think there is no sort of chance for the average white complexion against that rich and perfect tint.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    I heard a white guy say, “I’m glad I”m a white man in this country. I would never what to be anything else. “It’s good to be white in America”.

  15. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great reply Onitaset. Great observation!

  16. Your Highness

    That quote from Twain is legendary. It explains a lot. I’ve always suspected that envy was the main culprit for the animus.

  17. Miss Mary

    Most whites feel that way which is very telling about their true self worth.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth: Check out the Google Doodle for today is that a black man running on a watermelon. Someguy mentioned it on Abagond’s open thread. I looked at it. and I think that’s what that doodle is. I’m disappointed in Google. Check it out.

  19. This can make an interesting addition to a post on Black beauty. Thanks for being well-read, Brother.

  20. Miss Mary:

    Just saw it! Trifling…just trifling but EXPECTED.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks I appreciate that. Although I do have over one hundred books by African scholars,I do have a few by white,Asian and Hispanic authors. I think it’s important to be well rounded in knowledge.

  22. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes you’re right. I remember reading this quote way back in high school. I heard that Twain got a lot of backlash from whites after this statement. It’s one of the quotes whites don’t like brought up.lol

  23. leigh204 on said:

    Damn, Christina Aguilera’s one orange-looking carrot. She looks weird.

  24. Kushite Prince on said:


  25. Mickey on said:

    What’s funny about Christina is that she was listed on a “50 Blackest White People” list a while back. Kim Kardashian was also on the list. Also, Christina once stated that, “she wouldn’t mind a little cream in her coffee” when auditioning dancers for one of her concerts when one of her Black friends asked her about hiring White dancers.

  26. Tyrone on said:


    Those black people are strange to me. I’ve never felt the inclination to see myself as less than black, regardless of all the bs. My father would kick my ass, if i walked around apologizing for having dark skin. My sisters and brothers weren’t raised like that, Thank God! Slavery wasn’t that long ago, we still have a ways to go sista.


  27. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    If you’re not black right now, it’s never gonna happen. As you stated, they want to be black for a period of time. Eventually, the truth knocks them up side the head…Hey Ya’ll, We’re Not Black…Chill Out With The Black Ish…Agree?


  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah that’s true. They like playing dress up.lol But they have the luxury of going back to being white when they grow tired of the delving into “blackness”.

  29. Tyrone on said:


    Actions say everything. Doesn’t matter what they say, their interaction with african people speaks volumes. Whites admire the beauty and grace of blackness, whether they acknowledge it or not. As long as we know the truth…It’s A Go!


  30. Tyrone on said:


    That’s interesting, she stated that she wouldn’t mind a lil’ cream in her coffee? Christina is on the paler side of the spectrum, as it relates to so-called latinas. My comeback to whitewomen who say that…If a blackman is not giving it to you, don’t lie on your p***y. I mean, if it’s that serious, don’t tease the brothas…Show & Prove! At least, Kim has the stones to live out her fantasy, unlike J-Lo, who avoids blackmen because her parents don’t approve. Don’t get it twisted, i love blackwomen, but the “Swirl Olympics” is comical to me. Whitewomen say they don’t like blackmen, but they run to Jamaica to spread their thighs along with other well-off whitewomen from around the globe…Irony!


  31. SomeGuy on said:

    I think I got a little short changed on my melanin. I may need to borrow a cup or two.

  32. Mickey on said:

    @ Tyrone,

    I did not know that J-Lo’s parents had issues with her dating Black men. She dated P. Diddy for a while. But I am not surprised as I have heard of Puerto Ricans discriminating against Blacks, even though they are of partial Black heritage themselves. Also, after she dated Ben Affleck, he said in an interview that he believed that the main reason why the media was all over his relationship with her was due to racial prejudice. He said that he believed that “people looked at me as this White boy from Jersey and this Latin woman from New York and thought ‘What do they have in common?'”

  33. @ Someguy

    Tsk, tsk, tsk…..that’s a shame ’cause I looooove dark chocolate.

  34. Yeah isn’t it funny that right after he dumped JLo he married Jennifer Garner–a white woman not confused about her whiteness–they now have three fully white kids..

  35. ynotme on said:


    I did not know that J-Lo’s parents had issues with her dating Black men. She dated P. Diddy for a while. But I am not surprised as I have heard of Puerto Ricans discriminating against Blacks, even though they are of partial Black heritage themselves.

    If I recall correctly, her mom is the one that has issues with her dating black men, but she ended her relationship with P. Diddy shortly after they were both arrested in connection with the nightclub shooting. They were found with a stolen gun, but the charged were dropped against her. P. Diddy was the ONLY one charged in that incident but was acquitted back in 1999. I believe her decision to end that relationship were due to all the negative media coverage surrounding the shooting and also pressure from the Latin community for her to be with her “own people”

  36. The most beautiful skin tone I’ve ever seen on a person verged so close to black, that it was almost blue. And to that end, the most physically beautiful aspect of Alek Wek is her gloriously dark skin tone, which in some photos has actually been made to look even darker.

  37. Fiamma on said:

    His statement also unwittingly acknowledges the existence of white privilege, and just how difficult it is to not be white in America. He told the truth.

  38. Ben was NEVER in a million years going to marry a woman of color. Southies NEVER marry outside their race and JLo should have known better.

  39. Kushite Prince on said:

    The darker the berry,the sweeter the juice. :o)

  40. I missed this. Have you got a picture you can email me?

  41. the tradition of white artists performing blackness was well known and accepted as witnessed … but also in less obvious ways… the black body is ‘in fact’ the white body in masquerade. Thus the exotic other is a whitewash … the Hollywood system effectively reflected the way fear and desire for the other is controlled and the fiction of racial purity is maintained both on and off screen, by having a well known ‘white’ woman play the role of an ‘exotic’ black woman

    [there is] a gendered construction of black masculinity [Stuart Hall says]. This notion is loaded with a whole range of connotations… [it has] characterised young people as being individually attractive and glamorous while at the same time [whites are] fearful of them collectively. The duality of fear and desire [exists]… where contradictory feelings towards black subjects can be felt simultaneously

    Merely a representational iconic body… that can be read in a transparent chain of signification; the black body reduced to stereotype and metaphor signifying drugs, guns sexual hedonism and so on, depending on the time and place…

    P.S. This might be a html-text disaster

  42. ok smart alec. You win. How did you get the “quotes”

  43. Tyrone on said:


    Black culture made J-Lo a multi-millionaire. If not for Puffy, she would not exist. The irony of this saga, is that, J-Lo has been living a lie since she parted ways with Puffy. This explains all of the failed marriages since then. Essentially, we have a mixed-white female with african blood flowing thru her veins handcuffed by her parents and non-black puerto-rican men from being with blackmen. This is a sensitive subject for white latin men. More so than not, white latinas who make it big in hollywood marry “Gringos” over their own men. Both sides are white in the classical sense, but the culture is not the same. Sophia Vergara is Colombian, but she’s engaged to a Jewish or Italian whiteman. Kim K has the same problem…her white persian brothers would disown her if she married a blackman, but as long as she’s dating Kanye, they bite their tongue. Black womanhood dipped in cream has a good side and a bad side. The reality, J-Lo is not willing to suffer a financial loss to love the men(blackmen) she really wants to be with…Ditto!

  44. Mickey on said:

    It’s funny the thing about Kim because she has been married twice to men of color – once to a Black man, once to a Biracial man. And she wanted to marry Reggie Bush. I think it would shock most people if she married a White man.

  45. Happy to have came across this post. After this comment, I plan to follow and then kick around reading your previous posts. Years and years ago, I came across a book that pretty much explained that white people learn that they are white. Some of them bathe in the glory of white privilege and others are ashamed. A % of those who are ashamed have no qualms about taking advantage of their white privilage despite their humility and the others are so humbled they are afraid. I remember finishing this book feeling/believing that at the end of the night, right before whites fall asleep, they don’t feel good about their lot in life, no matter how privileged it SEEMS to be. I agree with every possibility you have for why they darken their skin without first returning the African legacy we weren’t afforded, and supporting the reinstatement of this America we built, TO US. Despite what a lot of people have been conditioned to believe, they aren’t ethical or moral. Instead they have nerve and tanning beds!

  46. @ Ibeelaw


    Great comment and please feel free to comment at will. This is an adult forum designed for healing and fighting racism/ white supremacy.

  47. Blackness = resiliency. As mentioned with FLOTUS’ toned arms, we maintain muscle tone after years if not exercising said body part, now that’s soldier. I recall 2 weeks ago walking pass 2 yurugu female. The younger decided to change up the conversation the closer I got and stated “I bought a new bronzer…”. Internally I scratched my head. In an instant the black list notated above came to my thoughts and confusion set in, at least momentarily. I snapped out of it when I recognized it for what it was: a complimentary acknowledgement, masquerading as jealousy and inadequacy. I kept on my merry way, but it stuck with me because these d’evils do everything in their ability to make us feel inferior and hate ourselves. Yet they envy yet despise us simultaneously. Seems like the inner-, outerworkings of psychopaths. As I like to state: sick people make people sick!

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