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Open Discussion #2

Ok…it’s that time again. Anything on your mind, kiddies? Let it out. Anything you want. Here’s what I was thinking last night when I watched the Fastest Woman Alive Track Meet. The woman who won, an islander, said her grandma went online and saw hate mail directed at her:

“She looks like a man!”

“She’s probably cheating!”

“Damn Jamaicans!”


Guys, is it my imagination or is the instant media, like Twitter and Facebook, invented for evil?

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53 thoughts on “Open Discussion #2

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Yes,I feel with social media via internet, facebook, twitter. It can be a good thing but people are cowards they spew their vitriol to hurt people. They would never say these things to peoples faces. They get behind their computer screnns and keyboards to threaten and bully people.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    *screens* typo sorry.

  3. nicoleizhername on said:

    Haters Gonna Hate…What Else Is New, but I will say this:If you don’t care for me then why bother seeking me out? That’s a problem a lot of white folks got. They seem to think their “opinions” matter and have the nerve to get upset when you put them on permanent ignore status. Also their is a desperate, almost exhausting take they have on any woman’s beauty that doesn’t equate to theirs. They don’t understand why we don’t want to look like them. That a lot of us like our culture, heritage and people and want to express that fully so they nitpic with the name calling as if they matter to us. A lot of our own have taken on those bad traits, but we can change that. Anything free and some of us lose our damn mind. You put that much energy into negative posts on these social networks, but won’t take the same energy to even think about creating and expanding new technology.
    Some of us ain’t gonna make it, but I still have a whole lot of love for my people.
    Like somebody said on youtube “PanAfrikanizm till the casket drop”

  4. mary burrell on said:

    @nicoleizhername 1+ I agree.

  5. I got something on my mind that has bugged the absolute hell outta me the last week or so. It’s this great white hope Micheal Phelps, now I can appreciate his great athletic abilities and you can’t take that away……….but didn’t this same dude get busted for weed? Now I don’t think of weed as a drug, but still it’s illegal. He also got dropped from Kellogg for this same “drug” bust. You would be hard pressed to find anything about that in the news these days. Now let’s say Kobe got busted for drugs, first of all they wouldn’t even want him in the Olympics much less have him on the front of everything from here to China. It just wouldn’t happen and I know some would say, yes they would, they love Kobe. Remember when they gave Vike two years for killing a effing dog? Well, sports fans here in Atlanta, one of the hockey players killed his team mate while driving drunk. Not only did he not go straight to jail, the dead man’s family forgave him and he was shipped off real quiet like to Canada to finish playing hockey.

    Now, a different irritation for me. Little Gabby gave her all in the games and showed off. What did she get and from her own? Hair jokes. I just published a piece that addresses that very issue and we live up to our self-hatred on time, with a sharp point. We love to hate each other and some make a career out of it. I’ll tell you this, as long as we hate each other and ourselves, we can forget about ANYTHING else.


  6. mary burrell on said:

    @Hunglikejesus +1 Twitter was on fire this last week. Our people talking crazy talk about this young lady’s hair. I was so angry about that. This young woman was making history and being all kinds of amazing and all some of the idiots could do was make negative comments about her hair. I think Facebook and Twitter is used by negative thinking people.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    *are used by negative thinking people.*

  8. nicoleizhername on said:

    I saw this article: Zambian miners kill Chinese supervisor over pay
    Black Folk WorldWide Betta Get A Clue Quick.
    Dr. Amos Wilson tried to warn us 20 years ago about Military Science/Business and “Dem Asians”
    Both Wilson and Dr. Clarke said We as Black Folks Have No Friends. The Sooner We Accept that, the faster we can start making moves!!!

  9. mary burrell on said:

    Something I want to know and It’s ben gnawing at me. The NAACP. Are they even relevent? What are they doing for the black community and People of Color? Does anybody know? What do you think SisterTruth? That would be an interesting post.

  10. mary burrell on said:


  11. @ jesus:

    I agree. Phelps has gotten off quite easy. He’s got the complexion for the protection. I’ll be doing my next segment on black vs. black soon…

    Facebook is a great tool for the FBI to know where you are at and will be. That’s why I never joined.

  12. @ Nic:

    Blacks need to get it together…and mighty quick ’cause we’re running outta time. We’re so busy trying to make friends with everyone except ourselves.

    We need black entrepreneurship.

  13. Everyone/everything on the Internet is traceable and it ain’t just the FBI who’s looking.

  14. I have a Facebook page, but NEVER post about where I’m going and rarely where I’ve been.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    So BIG BROTHER really is watching us. That’s scary. I don’t own a Facebook account nor a Twitter account. My co-workers were trying to get me to get one. My thing was “No I don’t want it.” For the simple face I see all the ugly things they do and say about people. I see the ugly stuff so called relatives do on there.Just no thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

  16. Miss Mary

    The NAACP is owned by wall street.

  17. Zuckerberg is apart of the illuminati. So I don’t trust anything he puts out.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    I had to wonder about that. Ben Jealous the President of the NAACP appears to me to be a bought and paid or Negro. I got the feeling he was a house negro. So My feeling was right. You helped answer my question. They are’nt as effective as they were during Jim Crow. Black people’s lives were in peril during that time. Well We are still in peril and It became clear to me that they just dont care. All they care about is money.

  19. Miss Mary:

    Black organizations were infiltrated by the FBI from the days of j Edgar Hoover. In fact, it was he that helped to discredit the black panthers.

    They were propagandized to be “dangerous” but in truth, they were loyal to the black community, pro education, anti gang warfare, pro woman and anti establishment.

  20. Hurt people, hurt people.

  21. ynotme on said:

    I have a question…Was Serena Williams “crip” walk inappropriate after winning the gold medal against Maria Sharapova?

  22. @ Ynotme

    I don’t think so…

  23. I don’t think it was inappropriate either.

  24. Tyrone on said:


    With the generation we have today, i don’t see any positive use for Twitter and Facebook. All the self-hating black people in this country and abroad troll the Net bashing other black people when they get the chance. When i heard the news of her winning an individual gold along with team gold, i knew all of the sista-haters would show their asses for all to see, and that’s exactly what happened. And now the media is hyping up the financial problems of Gabby’s mother, which is a personal issue, the entire globe need not know all of that info.


  25. mary burrell on said:

    @Ynotme: That was awesome!

  26. @ Everyone:

    Guys did you hear about the white dude that shot up the Temple in Wisconsin?
    What’s going on?

    And why don’t the media ever talk about white males and their love of racial violence????

  27. I know this is totally off topic; but i have a white instructor and her language seems to imply that she fears black guys and that ALL black guys are big and scary–it is so utterly ridiculous that it is horribly funny and i usually end up laughing and people are looking like “shouldn’t you be offended?” and i’m like “why? it would be different if i weren’t around black men my whole life and never felt in danger, not once”

  28. mary burrell on said:

    The shooter was from some white supremist group. He thought he was shooting Muslims.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @phoebeprunell: Your white instructor is educated and still a fool. smh.

  30. @ Phoebe

    Yeah…she sounds like an ignoramus. A brainwashed fool.

  31. Also, this deep rooted in history so white women are conditioned to believe that black men desire them.

  32. mary burrell on said:

    They are on HLN trying to compare the Aurora shooter to this skin head fool. They have psychiatrist. trying to say the Aurora shooter was a schizophrenic, and this guy is just a hate monger. He was in a rock band that had other skin heads for it’s members. Always trying to explain away the evil in these monsters. They are trying to determine what kind of mental illness this guy is suffering from. damn shame.

  33. mary burrell on said:

    All these crazie beckies and mary sue’s think somebody is trying to rape them. REALLY!

  34. @ Miss Mary

    Yeah…always an explanation for evil.

  35. Ever see mandingo? art imitates life.

  36. mary burrell on said:

    Yes sister I read the trashy paperbacks my uncle used to hide in the garage as a kid and saw the movie.

  37. ynotme on said:


    I know this is totally off topic; but i have a white instructor and her language seems to imply that she fears black guys and that ALL black guys are big and scary

    At this moment, your instructor is probably shagging one or more of those “big and scary” black guy(s) over at that secret love shack, Camp Niggerhead. Lol!

  38. Go to the Google front page. These mutha fuckas put up an animation of a Black man running on a watermelon track!!

  39. @ someguy

    Perhaps it’s time for a watermelon post?

  40. Kushite Prince on said:

    All Boule members must join the NAACP. A lot of folks don’t know that.

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    If Phelps were black–they would’ve hung his ass out to dry! That’s a fact!

  42. @ prince

    I’ll be using a lot of your material to help with the celebrity illuminati.

  43. Kushite Prince on said:

    Sure thing. Anyway I can help, just let me know.

  44. SomeGuy on said:

    My thoughts exactly.

  45. *Disclaimer*

    Look Someguy, black men are the biggest consumers of watermelon and they dominate the track and field events– just look at Usain Bolt–that is one fast, ww havin, watermelon eating black man! I dare you say any different.

    Also some of ya’ll black folk don’t even consider yourselves black–so how do you know Google was even targeting you? So paranoid– i bet that animated “black” man is not even black but only a colorless man.


  46. SomeGuy on said:

    Haha! ūüôā

  47. Ron Thomas on said:


  48. @ Ron..

    But…but….I already wrote it! It’s gonna get published soon, dude.

  49. Ron Thomas on said:

    A watermelon post…………………………………………………

    All you all are going straight to HE****. I mean Cleveland!!!

  50. SomeGuy on said:

    All I know is that I absolutely cannot stand the smell or taste of watermelon.

  51. Just the wind or deeply symbolic?

  52. AND the govt in their forever manipulative game playing..co-opted the Panther’s breakfast program and health screenings. What I’d like to see is a list of so-called black ‘leaders’ who are actually on the payroll of the FBI? I’m sure we’d be astounded by the length and breadth of that list.

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