Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Plot of Black Male Homosexuality

{Disclaimer: I am not homophobic. I’m making an observation.}

Look at these black men:

And perhaps the most famous, in which he played 6-7 different characters:

Remember this?

That is none other than Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation. His first “big” movie where he played a homosexual.

Please watch this clip:

I must admit, I LOVED this show…in the beginning.

But then as I got older, I realized that something involving our men was amiss.

The plot to destroy the black man did not begin here:

If you understand white supremacy, then you’ll know why I say this. The supremacist never just plans anything on a whim. He planned it for decades. Then he planned a back-up plan. And if the backup plan fails, he has a plan for that! So please understand when I say that on the slave ships, the plot to destroy the black man wasn’t invented…it was invented here:

And was made into propaganda with this:

Using the most powerful tool ever invented. This:

Now that we see my trail of destruction. Let’s examine this plot.

The black man, the pinnacle of manliness, strength and athleticism, is made to look more like a woman to emasculate him, rendering him useless and “soft.” Soft = controllable. Controllable = Non threatening.

Of course, the ultimate fear of whiteness is blackness. Did you know on slave ships, the white master would dress up little black boys and grown men in jewelry, dresses and what was considered “make-up” to prepare them for rape? Could the plot of black male homosexuality be a rape fetish fantasy come to life?

Listen to this clip provided by Mickey and Brothawolf:

Hmmmm….makes you think, no?

Of course there are a lot of black men in Hollywood who don’t put on the obligatory woman’s dress and lipstick, but they are few and far between.

In my desire to end white supremacy, I’ve read countless books, watched documentaries and listened to various lectures on the “whys” and “hows” of our slow demise. Since black men have the highest concentration of melanin, the need to homo-sexualize him will ultimately fulfill the plot of eugenics, which is simply the destruction or manipulation of a race of peoples. This highly controversial “science” was used in Nazi Germany to rid the world of an “inferior” race of people. Then it follows; if the black man is groomed and educated to become homosexual, the black woman cannot reproduce, thus diminishing our race over a short period of time. Combine this theory with the birth control many single and married black women take, which I may add causes increasing difficult impregnation, along with the cancer causing solution that infiltrates the black woman’s womb during abortion, and we have a serious problem on our hands!

Today, I believe that eugenics is the culprit of our men being trained and groomed to desire other men.

Any thoughts? Do you disagree / agree?

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56 thoughts on “The Plot of Black Male Homosexuality

  1. ynotme on said:

    Did you know on slave ships, the white master would dress up little black boys and grown men in jewelry, dresses and what was considered “make-up” to prepare them for rape?


    So now I understand why they’re encouraging black men in Hollywood to wear dresses. I can just see those fu***ng white perverts jerking off while watching those black men in their dress…Since it’s illegal to use physical force to satisfy their sexual fetishes, I guess the next best thing is to imagine the entire act.

  2. Probably. Or it’s too sick to decipher.

  3. Mickey on said:

    Whenever we are told about the sexual exploitation of Blacks during slavery, it is always about White men sexually exploiting Black women. But I have wondered about the existance of gay slave masters and I see that my thoughts were not far off. Where did you read about this?

  4. Various blogs and literature. I think Onitaset has one about it…but I’m not 100% sure. Plus there are videos on youtube about it.

  5. SomeGuy on said:

    Many Black people have made this argument to me, but I don’t buy it. What I think is going on is that a minority of Whites think its funny to see a so-called tough Black man in a dress. It’s funny to them because it’s a contradiction. To me, that’s all there is to it.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Buy this book! Baruti does an amazing job in explaining this sick agenda that’s going on!

  7. ok..fair enough.

  8. Thank you….another one on my list.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great video by Irritated Genie.

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s a great video. You’ll really like it.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    I wish it were only that simple. But the reality is it’s a way to signal to the white elite that the black man is still the white man’s bitch! But you’re right,they do get a kick out of it. But the meaning is much deeper than you know. You’ve probably heard of the casting couch in Hollywood,right? But have you ever heard about the “director’s chair”?

  12. SomeGuy on said:

    Also, remember that White Americans love degradation in their entertainment. They love to make fun of people and see them in a degraded state. It’s funny that I never noticed that until a White New Zealander pointed that out to me.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Someguy Yes I’m quite aware they love sick behavior in their films and television shows. But it’s not limited to just entertainment. They were doing these sexual perversions in Greek and Roman times. Homosexuality and sax with children was always a part of their culture. This blog proves they do it in their everyday life.
    This blog really exposes their sickness.

  14. Mickey on said:


    The fact that many whites are entertained by the degradation of others is not new to me, at least. Paul Mooney once spoke of this on one of his comedy CDs. He said that they make fun of everyone and laugh, but when the joke is on them, they get offended.

    Note what he says at the 2:04 mark:

  15. Prince: Thanks for the video…very true!

  16. Mickey, love Paul Mooney!

  17. leigh204 on said:

    You’re spot on, Mickey! Many white people can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

  18. Kushite Prince on said:

    Oops! That’s actually the wrong video.lol I meant to put up a different video. I don’t know what’s up with my computer lately. Sometimes when I copy a video and try to paste it–a different video shows up. Not sure what’s going on.lol

  19. SomeGuy on said:

    Yeah, I recall this album fondly. He is, without a doubt, my favorite comedian. One of my favorite lines is the one about the goat being in the White family tree.

  20. Tyrone on said:


    White manhood and homosexuality go hand in hand. The Greeks and Romans are considered the standard bearers for whitemen on this planet, and both of them were very much homosexual. If they were adverse to women, then, we can assume that the same standard applies to the Spanish, Portugese, French, and British as well. It all makes sense now, in hindsight. In the modeling industry, women with curves are hated on, but those who have male-like bodies are celebrated…small breasts, narrow hips, flat butts. Honestly, i think a lot of us have been in denial about the homosexuality of whitemen in relation to blackmen


  21. Tyrone on said:

    Kushite Prince

    As we know, Hollywood is run by liberal jews and homosexuals by and large. Over time, we’ve always wondered why so many black male actors jump into the arms of whitewomen? A small number of them we can understand, but, a truckload of them is suspect. Hearing rumors about the possible homosexuality of certain black male actors and others in the biz made me think out loud. Are whitewomen a decoy to keep us off balance as to what’s really going on in the industry? As Truth stated, black male sexuality has always been the #1 fear of whitemen on this planet. All of the bs that we deal with on this planet via whitemen and others is about diluting or destroying black manhood…Period! It’s not about other men hating our skin color, they want the same brown skin themselves. They can’t compete with us head-to-head physically and sexually, therefore, they have to bring us down a notch. Black manhood unleashed, means, the racial makeup of the planet will reflect the power and majesty of blackmen. A pro-life, pro-blackwoman, pro-woman type of blackman is the most dangerous kind of brotha on the planet. “Sex Wars” is the term that i use to describe what is taking place. We talk about religion, education, economics, government, but, sexuality trumps all of them. Simple Concept…if a race of men can’t reproduce themselves…They Die! If a race of men can’t protect their women from other men…They Die! Abortion, contraceptives, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, hiv/aids, poor health, suicide, violence, and other ish are killing our race. Kushite, blackmen have no idea how large the racist structure on this globe is, as it relates to us. Nations, religions, colleges, journalism, hollywood, sports, and so forth. The way i see it, any blackman that’s in the clique is suspect right now. Hip-Hop, more so than any other medium, has contributed to the homosexualization of black males in the US and beyond. Hatred of sistas is cool, crime is cool, being locked up with a bunch of men is cool, gay sex in prison is acceptable, sagging is homosexual in nature, but the youth see it as cool. Hip-Hop has been a bold face lie since the 1990s. Collegiate and professional sports is another part of the problem. Jerry Sandusky is the tip of the iceberg, where there’s smoke there’s fire. He can’t be the only one black people. And, let’s not forget about the new sensation that’s the rage all over the globe, Cuckolding! Whitemen allowing random black males to screw their white wives or girlfriends while they watch. When i got hip to this craze, it confirmed what i’ve always believed from way back…whitewomen lust after blackmen as much as they do because they know the ugly truth about the faux sexuality of white males. Wesley Snipes effed up his career, Jamie Foxx can’t escape the video of him on In Living Color no matter how hard he tries, Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry didn’t learn from the mistakes of other blackmen in hollywood. Blackmen don’t dress in drag, unless he’s gay…Bottomline!!!


  22. Ty:

    That was a really good explanation.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    Well, here is where we have to agree to disagree, Men in the early history of theater have always played women and men parts. In Kabuki theater men play women’s roles. All these comments are interesting non the less. But these men are just actors playing roles. this is my opinion.

  24. ynotme on said:


    In the modeling industry, women with curves are hated on, but those who have male-like bodies are celebrated…small breasts, narrow hips, flat butts. Honestly, i think a lot of us have been in denial about the homosexuality of whitemen in relation to blackmen

    Wonderful observation…

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Tyrone Wow! That was a great post. You explained it perfectly. Not much I can add to that. But you’re right,there’s an assault on black manhood. They want to corrupt the minds of young black boys. Make them think being feminine and acting gay is normal. The whole purpose is to destroy the black family structure. First you destroy the image of black men and the rest just falls into place. All this pro-gay/lesbian/interracial/transgender nonsense is being forced on our people. I really wish black people would WAKE the hell up! This is no joke! This is very serious. Our very survival depends on it. The next generation is depending on us. The time for being a coward is OVER! It’s time for real black warriors to stand up! And we need strong sistas by our side.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    Are you familiar with the secret society knows as the Boule?

  27. yea, when I saw Denzel Washington in a car, in drag, I was horrified, but it was not as shocking as when I saw Chris ROck as “yasmine” (?) on the Fresh Prince, “grinding” on Will. (eugh) Must I forget Murphy’s “stag” night

  28. You saw Denzel dressed in drag in real life?

  29. Prince;

    You mean the black society?


  30. Mickey on said:

    The only time women’s curves are not hated on is if the gay men want to be women themselves (i.e., transvestites, transgender, etc.)

  31. mary burrell on said:

    @omalone1 I have never seen Denzel in drag. I think you are b.sing us. And what episode of the Fresh Prince was Chris Rock on grinding Will? That’s not true either.

  32. Thank You. on second thoughts I was lying . “Malcolm X” was not in drag; it was “Demolition Man” Wesley Snipes (To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, 1995) who joined the ranks of Brandon T Jackson, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Flip WIlson, Jamie Fox, Miguel Nunezan & Marlon and Shawn Wayans. You see, its not such a big deal. Now whats up with that nigger Mr Chappelle. Why is he being so uppity. Has he got a chip on his shoulder. Butler should have shot him.

    BTW, if you think Mr Washington is clean, I would remind you that in Richochet he is drugged and then RIDDEN (“RAPED”) by a QUEEN (and not the Egypt type).

    and by the way, if you were going to be surprised about anything, DONT BE. I mean, I just saw Dr Kambon referenced on an #anti-nigger# site. dont believe me, check the right hand bar: http://violenceagainstwhites.wordpress.com/

  33. ynotme on said:

    looking at the first pic, Wesley Snipes looks very attractive in that red dress, but they could have done a better job hiding his protruding penis if they wanted a more realistic feminine look.

  34. I thought I smelled $hit. I guess since a few Black men cross dress they ALL must do it, GTHOH!!!

  35. No. This is b.sing

    As for Chris Rock

    yes, I was imagining things. Call it “nigger science.”

    In that case, don’t watch Season 6, Episode 3, “Get A Job”, Sep 25, 1995


    Ininifte love is the only truth. Everything else… it’s all an illusionn

  36. No. This is b.sing

    As for Chris Rock

    yes, I was imagining things. Call it “nigger science.”

    In that case, don’t watch Season 6, Episode 3, “Get A Job”, Sep 25, 1995

    Ininifte love is the only truth.

    Everything else… it’s all an illusionn

  37. and dont check this link, whatever you do. definitely not at the 12 minute mark

  38. yes indeed. Why not. Its healthy. Liberate the inner female. Down with victorian morality.

  39. Mickey on said:

    @Mary Burrell,

    This is a summary of the episode from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that omalone1 is referring to. Chris Rock plays a double role as the famous star and his sister:

    Hillary’s talk show is looking for an assistant talent coordinator. Will and Carlton fight over who gets the job but Will ends up getting the job. He gets excited when a famous star, Maurice visits their mansion to discuss doing Hilary’s show. He gets more excited when he is told to take out Maurice’s sister out. If the sister is happy, Maurice would do the show. Will rubs the good news in Carlton’s face and jumps in joy. But Will ends up getting the bad bone when he sees what Maurice’s sister really looks like.

  40. mary burrell on said:

    @omalone1: Sorry, my mistake.@Mickey Thanks alot for helping out.

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    @diaryofanegress Yes the black society. I’m thinking about doing a post about it. It seems not too many people are familiar with it.

  42. “…if the black man is groomed and educated to become homosexual…”

    I’m curious; how does one groom or teach a person to be homosexual? That would seem especially hard to do with Black men as Black people as a whole are very homophobic.

  43. Fiamma on said:

    I saw that movie a while back (“To Wong Fu, Love Julie Newmar”). IIRC Wesley Snipes wasn’t playing a woman but a gay male cross-dresser. But even many of them will try to hide their genitals by tucking them between their upper thighs….

  44. ynotme on said:


    I saw that movie a while back (“To Wong Fu, Love Julie Newmar”). IIRC Wesley Snipes wasn’t playing a woman but a gay male cross-dresser.

    Thanks for the info.

  45. Pingback: The Plot of Black Male Homosexuality | Innerstanding Isness

  46. blackmystory on said:

    @Val the idea of homophobia is a Caucasian construct, designed to sway us away from the reality that homosexuality as a social construct WAS not OUR thing, back in the days when we were spiritually conscious. By the time Caucasian went to Kemet, that civilization was on it’s last leg, yet we celebrated the duality of the male/female principle in EVERYTHING. Compare that to the European Greco-Roman his-story and you get a tail of rape, pillage, gods screwing human males, human males screwing each other, the goat, the horse and occasionally a female. In the state of Sparta these warriors were considered the highest form of brave men and it was thought that their semen would make any young boy brave like them, so many PARENTS would encourage the exchange of semen between adult and boys.

    In one sense we are homophobic if you correctly use the Latin appellation, which is phobia=fear, Homo=man; and we do fear us some Caucasian man. But it has nothing to do with fearing homosexuals, but not in agreement with and having little or no desires to entertain that UNNATURAL lifestyle. This rues they use to intimidate us into compliance by implying that we are a hateful people. Trust if another ethnic group was in our place, a lot of hating WOULD go down. We fear GOD, however or whoever you want to apply that to that is not the Caucasian man, so we try to live in Ma’at and as one with nature.

  47. Mickey on said:

    Please listen to this brother @ the 28:37 mark. He speaks about this regarding Psychology, Greco-Roman history, and the Black community.

  48. @ Mickey

    Have I ever told you that you’re awesome?

  49. No your the awesome one; between this and your post on foods,I haven’t had this much respect for a sister since The Great Dr.Frances Cress Welsing.

    I could tell tale after tale of how this has been used against me over the years,but what really starts to surprise me is how a skinny poor brother like me can still resist and persist.

    This blog and comment phenomena of the internet may actually be a component in bringing about true justice amongst our species; its been my experience thus far
    first the pc itself,then the pictures,information and music ,then films and now like minded people connecting and addressing real issues.

    I’m continually amazed at the scope and extent to which through this medium my problems and needs are solved and resolved beyond my wildest dreams.

    Imagine, we may yet see the complete demise not just of
    white/albinic supremacy/aggression but all human/sapien mistreatment of all (self,family,species and environment).

  50. Mbeti

    I don’t know what to say except many thanks. Dr. Welsing is a legend and I’m just a lowly Negress trying to do my part.

    Since we are becoming more aware of the plot to exterminate us, the question is :

    What are we going to do with it? Organization is the key here. Form groups and educate friends on the dangers that lay waiting for us. Thanks again.

  51. Jabulani Khumalo on said:

    There is always choice. One can choose right knowledge & right action.

  52. g wiz, are you able to re upload the pictures that were here? ‘guidance

  53. Mickey on said:

    Here is a clip from “Hidden Colors” regarding the Black male image.

  54. ‘Whenever we are told about the sexual exploitation of Blacks during slavery, it is always about White men sexually exploiting Black women. But I have wondered about the existance of gay slave masters and I see that my thoughts were not far off.’
    I too have recently wondered why this topic is rarely addressed. I’m sure there were plenty of white slave owners (who probably identified as hetereo) who were probably more prone to sexually assault/abuse children than adults. After all slavery was all about the power dynamic. And we know from history they have a thing for pederasty. I’m also wondering if this is part of the reason that black people on the whole are perceived as so homophobic–I have read articles written by other black people that state definitively that homosexuality didn’t exist in the black diaspora prior to slavery but I instinctively doubt that. (someone may have info that convinces me otherwise. I am open to it). As of right now, I believe that human sexuality is too complex for me to believe that. I think it possible that prior to slavery/colonialism that black people, like some Native American cultures, viewed homosexuals as ‘dual spirits’ and they were not necessarily feared or mistreated b/c it was seen simply as part of the full spectrum of the human experience. It just ‘was’. So I really think that part of this great loathing that exists in some of our people for homosexuality is b/c of a long suppressed memory of ‘forced’ homosexual activity by slave owners. Something that was seen as so shameful that it isn’t even talked about when we talk about the forced rape of black female slaves. Could it be that generations of abused black men were so ashamed that they dared not even discuss it with their women and this has then led to an accepted culture of collective silence when it comes to the problem of molestation & sexual abuse of black boys? The implication is that it’s ok for black girls to speak about their sexual abuse but taboo for black boys. I have to say tho that I don’t think that black people are more inherently homophobic than any other group and if anything, I think we tend to be more accepting of differences. I think rape(both male & female) was used by whites during slavery as another tool of degradation and brutality against our people and I think that the effort to feminize black men is real but homosexuality and black male effeminization are two separate topics that seem to get conflated.

  55. Mickey on said:

    I picked this up via COWS.

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