Observations of an Invisible Woman

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7 thoughts on “Please Read…

  1. SomeGuy on said:

    Unfortunately, the outcome is more dependent on Whites changing than Black/Mixed Race people. Personally, I believe the only way that’s going to happen is by force. People don’t willingly give up their advantages. You have to make them do it.

  2. Mickey on said:

    Co-sign. The reason White supremacy still exists is because White people do not want to give up their privilege. Why would they want things to be equal when they are on top? It means loss of their precious privileges and they can’t have that. Not to mention the fact that self-hating POC further help the status quo. But what is funny is that if, for example, POC forced Whites to give up their status, the same self-hating POCs will try to make friends and play nice to the POCs they earlier scorned.

  3. Which means war.

  4. Mickey, I read that in the 450 years that AmeriKlan has been “discovered”, they have been in conflict/war 400 years.

    That says a whole lot about who they are and what they stand for. And from now on, I will no longer describe myself as an American.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    This is a great post sis. A lot of valuable information. I couldn’t agree more.

  6. brothawolf on said:

    I LOVE that illustration up top. It defines the United States perfectly. And the article is so spot on.

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