Observations of an Invisible Woman

Love, Your Number One Fan

When I read the responses from my commenters, I can’t help but wonder who they are, what they’re like and what they’re thinking. White males love my blog. They post the most “interesting” comments, always wanting me to accept my utter inferiority and stupidity. I get a lot of comments that actually ask me to be more open-minded to the plight and suffering of white people. After all, they have it real hard with everyone ganging up on them. I laugh and shake my head because we both know there is no such thing. Something that’s always fascinated me about these white commenters is why they insist on coming here.

After all, I never go to their blog. I know intrinsically that I would be unwelcomed.

Before I begin, whites are always asking me if I make this stuff up. After all, I openly admit that I’m biased and prefer the company of Coloureds.  I openly say what’s on my mind concerning AmeriKlan and its treatment of people of Colour, and they wonder all the time if I lie just to have something to complain about. Please read these unapproved messages from An Esteemed One and remove all doubt:

1. “self defense is not murder”

OK. Fair enough. We all have opinions about the Zimmerman case. Next:

2. “there is no such thing as an “african” there is no nation of “Africa” or race of Africans, get over it your a negro, that is and always has been the correct scientific term for that race.

the monies zimmerman raised have nothing to do with this case legally he did not need to tell anyone about that money as it is all from private contributions, he is not a political figure nor does he have to conform to any laws other than paying income taxes on it , and that is not even a sure thing either.”


3. “Martin was not lynched that takes a group of people to do not one. wow talk about distorting reality to suit your ugly needs. martin acted like a fucking retard and attacked a man with a gun, he got dead real quick. this is not a racial issue.”

….keep reading…

4. “the biggest falacy about black slavery, (blacks were not the only slaves nor anywhere near being enslaved for the longest. really it is time to get over it) is that white people went down there and captured blacks for slavery. the real truth is black people in strong tribes even had slaves and traded the weaker tribes into slavery for export to anyone no matter what their skin color or ethnicity. as a spaniard I’ll tell you no matter how pale my skin I’ll never be white because the moors held us slaves for 700 years, and you never hear a spaniard crying about slavery or racism. get over it a long time ago. your own people did this to you not the white man. lincoln even was willing to ship you lazy mother fuckers home .”

I’m speechless now.

5. (On abagond’s blog, in which he addresses me directly):

“yes I know I”m colored. I live in an area surrounded by REDNECKS, & NARROW MINDED PEOPLE (including people of color mexicans ,blacks, ukranians,russians etc.) I converse with evrybody and try to help as much as possible . I give money to homeless people (when they do something to earn it) I feed starving artist(just for being themselves & trying to earn a living). I don’t hate anyone for their race color or creed. I’ve been told my whole life I’m not white because I speak different languages. which to me is funny because you would think that speaking multiple languages is a good thing because it takes education & intelligence to do so. when I was young my skin was bronze because I lived in Miami FL. when I moved back up north I lost my pigment and was very fair skinned and even whiter than some white people. even still I got beat up daily in school for not being white & dating a black girl.  I take great offense @ being called a racist because I’ve put in my dues as a black man.

with all this being said , I can read and comprehend enlish on a better scale than most native speakers @  a very high level.  the stand your ground law says zimmerman is innocent no matter who attacked who.  this has nothing to do with race.

a young man who did nothing wrong?? he attacke another man. period that is illegal he did do something wrong. there is nothing a person can say to another man that justify’s putting their hands on them.

dumb?? I have 7 phd’s . what is your education?? truth betold??? you are totally emotion based. none of your statements have anything to do with facts or real law.

slavery has nothing to do with today’s modern world. black’s still are uneducated not because of the system but because of the attitude of hip hop culture and black mentality that to be educated is not black.  I’ve seen this happen many times. black boy’s follow a girl into book store, and when they find out she (a white girl) is there to study & not just hang out , they beat feet, quicker than a cat can lick it’s own ass.

Slavery??? it’s really high time blacks get over slavery . black were probably slaves the least of all cultures that have ever been enslaved & they did it to them selves. black people in Africa sold other black people into slavery. this is not something that white or other people did to black people , they just took advantage of another commodity on an open market , human forced labor.  the term slave comes from the slavic nations who were the first slaves. my people the spanish were slaves for 700 years and we hardly ever mention it , or use it as a crutch or excuse for not trying, & or blaming other people for our shortcomings. GET OVER IT ALREADY.”

I think I’ll stop there.

There you have it, boys and girls. Can you almost see the froth bubbling out of his mouth?

This supremacist has demonstrated the mentalities and ideologies of most whites. A concoction of ignorance and hatred with a splash of indignation. Served with ice.

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38 thoughts on “Love, Your Number One Fan

  1. Mickey on said:

    This guy deserves a one-way ticket to the looney bin.

  2. LOL!!!!!

    I wanted to laugh my ass off but he was so sad. It gave me a peek into the white mind…again.

  3. Mickey on said:

    He honestly thinks that he is Black, yet, has the mindset of a racist White. He believes that because he has been discriminated against, dates Black women, thinks that the Zimmerman case does not have any racial undertones, has ancestors in Spain that were ruled by the Moors, and has dismissive attitudes regarding American slavery that somehow he is an expert. I guess he is a self-proclaimed Negrologist.

  4. Mickey, I just read, for the second, time this book called ” The psychopathic racial personality” by Dr. Bobby Wright.

    It’s a short read, under 3 hours, and it’s jammed packed with clear and precise truths.

    I’ve always suspected that the white mind set was unique, but…I had no idea how much MORE unique it was in comparison to say, blacks and Asians.

    Dr. Wright, gives a stunning detailed explanation of how the white thought process and thusly whites as a whole, function under psychopathy.

    Neely Fuller also explains this. And the number one tool they’ve devised is Denial. Very strong and destructive to their core which is why they are fixated on blacks.

    You know what?

    I feel bad for them. Their legacy will always be sick, twisted and evil.

  5. Nakale on said:

    The comments were funny, but it also reveals how obsessed they are with us. Obsession is a destructive and unhealthy trait. White people will never be emotionally and mentally free until they denounce their ill feelings towards us.

  6. Whites can’t and won’t ever be free from their ill will towards us. Doing that would allow them to look into themselves and we both know they’d rather die than confront that demon.

  7. tehnoun on said:

    I take it he’s a pupil of Allegory.

  8. LOL!

    Yes, I thought of Allegory too…

  9. mary burrell on said:

    You can’t fix stuck on stupid.

  10. Fiamma on said:

    Sounds like ol’ self-hating, mulatto Cuban ‘miguel miquel’/’circusboy’ from Blog ‘abagond’. He can call himself white or self-ID as a pale-skinned Spaniard all he wants; his avatar photo tells different story.

    Instead of raging against other PoC online, like the Tom that he is, what the balloon-hat wearer needs to do is go into his closet or kitchen, or wherever it is he’s hidden his ebony-skinned grandmother, and tell her, “Abuelita, you are just a Negro,” and see how well that goes over….

  11. Best response ever!

  12. tehnoun on said:

    I honestly think racism makes people allergic to logic. It would explain why they seem so desperate to avoid facing it.

  13. Yes…it’s actually a mental illness.

  14. leigh204 on said:

    So wait. Circusboy/ClownUniversityGraduate with 7 PhD’s is part black? I must’ve missed that. Regarding his avatar photo, I can’t take anyone seriously who posts a pic of himself looking like a drunken dumbass.

  15. This clown is symptomatic of goofs everywhere. Everyone should have a hobby but this clown is ridiculous to say the least! The only PH.d he has is dumbfuckology. In particular he specializes in goofery. He and his ilk are a laugh a minute! He only deserves mockery and derision, not serious engagement as do the rest of these cunning array of stunts racists.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    I was thinking on my commute home from work, If Allegory is bi racial. Maybe he hates the black part of himself. That is such a tragic way to live. All that self hate. Maybe Allegory is female and bi racial. I wonder what and who Allegory is.

  17. Mulattoes can be a confused bunch especially if they haven’t come to terms with “fitting in”.

    I think allegory and Miguel are cut from the same cloth.

  18. He should hook up with duckduckgoofs and randy.

  19. mary burrell on said:

    Yeah,I’ve read comments on Abagond from that duck duck goose character, That is one messed up individual. That mindset is just sick.

  20. Fiamma on said:

    Hi Everyone,

    Circusboy has said somewhere in his many posts on Abagond’s blog that he is Cuban and that he is Black or is considered Black. He also stated in a different post that, as a Spaniard, his ancestors were enslaved by the Moors for 700 years. He has never directly stated that he is of mixed descent. However, in looking at his avatar, and taking his own words into consideration, I would definitely say he is a partially Black Latino –either that or he has a dissociative identify disorder.

    In Cuba most people would typically fall into the mulatto (mixed race) category. A ‘mulatto’ by this definition basically means any person of discernibly mixed Black and white ancestry (though not necessarily a 50/50 mix). The parents of most Latino mulattoes (the majority of Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans) are themselves mulattoes. JLo is a Puerto Rican mulatta. Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican mulatto. Though in Puerto Rico itself both singer are probably classified as ‘blanco’/white.

    Going by my own experiences, most Latin American mulattoes living in the States cling so much so to their individual nationalities (and to the Latino cultural label itself) as a pseudo-racial identifier, that many non-Latinos seem unaware that the vast majority of Caribbean Latinos are the (mixed race) descendants of enslaved Africans.

  21. Seven PhDs?? BWAHAHAHA! He can’t even compose a sentence correctly and he expects us to believe he has seven PhDs??

    Bro, you need to stop drinking NOW!

  22. SomeGuy on said:

    They can also be very DANGEROUS. How many societies were destroyed by mulattoes…

  23. I write about that with my Hispanic Fallacy Post.

  24. Yes…the Chinese are in Africa doing that right now with numerous rapes. Then the mulatto offspring will be trained to hate and destroy their own people.

  25. Mickey on said:

    Tragic mulattoes do exist, unforfunately, but please note that all of us racially mixed individuals are not cut from the same cloth.

  26. I agree. May I say that my own family, living overseas, never had such issues with this. In fact, we were unaware of it.

    But…coming to this country does something to most people. It indoctrinates them into a “weird” way of thinking and looking at oneself.

    Suddenly, we begin to notice hair, skin and noses. The same family member we grew up with is no longer “good enough” and we cling to the white/light-skinned part of our heritage and forget willingly about the African.

    Even though we are mixed like you, we’ve never forgotten where we come from.

  27. Tyrone on said:


    This guy is a perfect example of why i focus on Spaniards and Arabs so much. Whites who have african blood in them are the most racist out of all whites. They seek to control and manipulate the thinking of african people, because, they want us to mix with them over and over again. At the same time, they’re willing to dilute the black race no matter how harmful it may be over the long haul. This is the insanity of mixed whites on display…if they truly loved black people as much as they claim, they would be serious about it. More black human beings on the planet would be the objective, not less. As blackmen, we need to move whitemen like him out of the way…it’s about the brothas, not the other. Black Eros + Dark Eros = Global Eros. Blackmen have sexual supremacy on the planet, therefore, we need to make prudent use of what the almighty gave to us. Why i say all of this sistas? The majority of bs that blackmen and whitemen fight over deals with women and sex. Blackmen want to keep other men away from blackwomen…blackmen want to co-opt x percentage of women from other races as a bonus…whitemen and other men seek to destroy or handicap black male sexuality…refined blackmen are a threat to non-black men because we can take their women from them…Eros is sexual ideology put into practice…love and sex are the foundation of black manhood…blackmen who don’t love blackwomen and women in general bring sadness and despair to womanhood and humanity as a whole. Didn’t mean to swerve in another direction Truth, but, it’s important that we as black people know why whitemen think and act the way they do as it relates to their interaction with our race.


  28. Ahahahah! Oh Shriek, I enjoyed this one VERY much! Ahhh….and here I was thinking that these people weren’t being replied.

    You rock on sista – I am grateful for the freedom from turbulence I find in your wake. Go supersonic.

  29. LOL!!!


  30. mary burrell on said:

    Brotha Wolf has that idiot Allegory, Abagond has that Duck Duck Goose fool. Why are they on black people’s blog sites? I guess they have fear of their white priviledge taken away. or they are just psychos.

  31. brothawolf on said:

    Miguel Miquel/Circusboy is the dumbest “human” I’ve ever had the misfortune of conversing with. Looking at his picture alone puts his intelligence into question. He looks drunk as a skunk which, and given the comments he spews out, he’s living proof that beer kills brain cells.

  32. 😀

  33. I wonder the same thing.

  34. Most people hide behind the term ”Hispanic” are mixed with Black and are Black. These people in the Latin American countries have been brainwashed to see themselves as White by their Spanish conquistadors because of their lighter skin and hair so forth.

    I don’t hate Hispanics but I have to point this out.

  35. I like this post a lot. I think White people, for the most part, are delusional and racist. They don’t make sense to me at all. I don’t understand their obsession with us and yet hate us at the same time. I don’t see why they always come on our sites and blogs. I come on here to discuss the issues that matter to me and many

    And why should I love the White man? I have no reason to as a Black female living in AmeriKKKlan.

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