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Random Thoughts…Part 2

I wasn’t going to post this but you need to understand something. Please do not believe everything you see on TV. The powers that be that run this country want you to be :

1. Distracted

2. Dumb

3. Dizzy

…while they plot against you.

I’m sure by now you have seen or heard about the Colorado movie shooting of the new Batman premiere. I just want to point out a few things…

1. Please look at real bomb gear:

And now look at the bomb gear of the alleged “SWAT” and “FBI” men outside this young man’s “rigged” apartment:

I may not be a Harvard grad but I know when something doesn’t seem right.

Please ask yourself a few questions:

1. How did this boy:

…get back inside the theater after he had gone outside via the exit door to retrieve his bag of death?

2. At first they claimed that there were 2 shooters…what happened to the other one?

3. So….let me get this straight. AmeriKlan, in its infinite magnificence, can put a man on the moon and devise a satellite to spy on us but they can’t defuse a bomb some 24 year old kid made?

Guys, I feel for the families…I really do…I was planning to see Batman with my best girlfriend and now we have second thoughts, but I urge you to deprogram yourself from what the controlled media is feeding you…this reeks of a set-up.

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17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…Part 2

  1. This is the ‘angry white man’ syndrome in effect.

  2. SomeGuy on said:

    I pretty sure the pic they are using is an old one; since the shooter had bright orange hair and called himself the Joker. I wonder why they aren’t using his current mug shot.

  3. I smell a rat…When the White media is concerned, I always think of how it will be used against us. The question I’ve been asking myself for the past 2 days is:

    What is the end goal?

  4. Mickey on said:

    What fucking gets me is that in spite of yet another CWBGM (Crazy White Boy Gone Mad), people will STILL be more afraid of Jamal, Malik, & Tyrone instead of Preston, Parker, & Todd. SMDH.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    I cosign with Mickey, in my mind I thought this is just too diabolical. I always wonder what race the perpetrator of the crime is. If it was a brother he would have been shot at once no questions asked. But I figured it was’nt a person of color. Plus his way of booy trping his apartment and all the other stuff he planned for his attack really made me know it was’nt a black man. But they want to stop and frisk brothers and racially profile brothers while they are driving. Never once thinking that Preston and Parker and Keifer would be up to no good.

  6. Mental Conditioning at work. White people, as a whole, are more violent than any group of persons of colour in history.

    Of course it helps that the white powers that be will spin this into, ” He studied too hard…He was a good kid…He was molested so he had to blow up the place”, blah, blah, blah

  7. Miss Mary:

    They shoot blacks on command. But a white man needs to be “studied” by the FBI, you know, the very group that put him up to it in the first place.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    So what happened ? Was he studying too hard? Was he just overwhelmed by school? It’s weird to me that his mother a psychiatric nurse knew exactly that it was her son. I don’t know all this is crazy and I’m sure we will have the whole story as it unfold in the coming weeks. shaking my head for real.

  9. when whites do bad things there’s always a justification.

  10. ynotme on said:

    The Aurora Police Department interviewed an “associate” of James Holmes(the shooter) last night .. but they are saying they have no reason to believe that he is involved in the shooting. There were also allegations that someone who worked in the theater received a telephone call and opened the exit door for the shooter to gain re-entry.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    See this getting fishier and fishier. It’s a dead cat on the line as the elders used to say. What is really going on? These people are so twisted. Are they trying to have a scenario like the joker in the the plot of the movie? I told you they are just diabolical. Just pure evil. God only knows what else is next.

  12. brothawolf on said:

    Of course this fool will be looked upon as an individual and not as another “problem” because of his race.

  13. Tyrone on said:


    Whites will always fear god-fearing blackmen more than CWBGM. Instead of whites dealing with the problem at hand, which is, certain white males in the US and abroad have lost their damn’ minds because the anglo-saxon power structure is crumbling from within. They avoid talking about the real real, instead, media pundits are yapping about gun-control. Guns and their availability to whomever, allow white folk to sweep their racial baggage under the rug for the time being. This episode is not a one off event, expect more of this insanity to take place in this country, europe, etc. Whitemen in the Middle East have been doing the same ish for decades, their fellow white brothers are following right behind them. Black people, please be aware of your surroundings in your particular hometown, this ish can jump off anywhere.


  14. Tyrone on said:


    When all of the facts are revealed, this tragedy is gonna be another Fort Hood that could have been prevented. Family and friends are gonna acknowledge what most folk already assume, They Knew! These guys always reveal themselves as lunatics beforehand. Denial is the hallmark of white racism, which in the end, will be the cause of their ultimate destruction as a racial group on this planet. But, should we be surprised at all of this? Whitemen have been violent and jealous-hearted from the start, that’s how they gained the power and wealth they have right now. Sadly, a lot of innocent folk on this planet are gonna die senseless deaths because whitemen don’t love themselves…Bottomline!


  15. mary burrell on said:

    It’s just like Columbine, I expect more lunacy in other parts of the United States of Ameriklan.

  16. Yes…whites are snapping…and will continue to snap.

  17. asada on said:

    Worst case, this was planned as a way to get more views for the Dark Knight movie. just my two cents.

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