Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Undocumented Immigrant

I was listening to NPR the other day and a caller got my undivided attention. He told tales of how his family worked their fingers to the bone, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and essentially built this great nation…to have it taken away by “those illegals.” This man cursed and wailed how unfair AmeriKlan was TO WHITE PEOPLE with the loss of jobs due to employers hiring day labourers. With each sentence of how the AmeriKlan he knew and loved was gone, I began to feel rage, bile and bitterness swell within me.

When my people were brought here from West Africa, the slave masters dropped us off in the Caribbean. Sugar cane, tea and rum were hot commodities. My people, poor rural farmers, came to AmeriKlan for a “better life.” What that means today…I really do not know anymore. I actually long for home where I can spend days on my farm with my vegetables, farm animals and fruit trees. Little did we know that this “better life” would include 12 hour workdays, high electric bills, stale rancid air, garbage in the streets and a mortgage that you’ll never pay off.

You know, I’m going to tell you my most embarrassing secret…I’m a natural voyeur. Yes, you read correctly…I love to watch people. I love to sit by the window of a little coffee shop and gaze out at the passers-by. I wonder all sorts of things about them…where they are from, who they are, what lives do they lead and what ethnic origin they are. I have the ability to know when someone is “different” by their hair, nose, eyes and the cast of their skin.

I always wondered why white AmeriKlans believe themselves to be just “American” but not, say…Polish or English. After all, didn’t grandpa come here from Poland or England on a boat? Then I realized why whites living here do that. The white mind, in its infinite disease, will categorize themselves into a monolithic “white” group according to their status of “whiteness”. Whites, being DNA-inferior, must recruit as many “whites” as possible, like the Irish and the Italians, to continue their status as supreme beings. That is why all other groups of Coloured people are seen, treated and verbalized as their country of origin, i.e. Mexican, Jamaican, Samoan, etc…

What they fail to realize and acknowledge is that they are the one true illegal alien in this country.

Escaping British rule and domination, they sought freedom on a Red man’s land. The very land that they stole and committed heinous acts of genocide and perversion. But…please remember that it is because of their sick, twisted mindset, coupled with the fact that they construct all the rules using the one invention they are most proud of:

…that they have the power to call themselves “real” AmeriKlans. Please know that very little is indigenous to the Europeans as they are NOT an indigenous people. Their parasitic tendencies have been their only way of life for over 2,000 years. In fact, it is essential to their survival. Corn, wheat and even rice are all Aboriginal / African in origin. Yet they feast on these “AmeriKlan” foods with bursting pride and tall tales of their pioneering ancestors.

So let’s get back to the caller… He claimed that “illegals” are coming over here and taking away jobs from good, honest, tax-paying AmeriKlans. I thought about this…a lot…and came up with this:

When the Pilgrims arrived here unwashed, unkempt, smelly, unread, unschooled, in need of assistance, hungry, disease-ridden and terrified…the Real Americans of this Land did not reject them. They didn’t curse at them. They made no demands for them to pay taxes. They simply helped them. They taught them skills on how to fish, build homes, make clothes out of animal skins, grow maize and virtually how to survive. These undocumented immigrants in this strange new world, mastered these trades that they learned for free, they then committed genocide against the very people who helped them and forced the survivors onto reservations where they would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then constructed laws and rules for their own betterment and forced others that didn’t fit into their social structure into ghettos where they too would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then claimed this land as “theirs”, developed a monochromatic culture called: Stars and Stripes, Thanksgiving Day, The 4th of July, Americana…etc. They then claimed certain stolen foods as their own and shunned all other “exotic” peoples, foods and customs that they didn’t agree with as “different” and therefore savage. These undocumented immigrants then sought to control and close the very borders from whence they came to protect what was now “rightfully” theirs.

Buddhism calls what the Natives did for the immigrants Compassion. We call this Altruism.

So let me ask you…what name should we give to the real undocumented immigrants of this land?

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17 thoughts on “The Undocumented Immigrant

  1. This is pretty excellent. It’s a good thing that your example of literary talent is so widely available.

  2. Thank you…it’s been eating away at me for days.

  3. Fiamma on said:

    Europeans in the US willingly come together under the banner of ‘whiteness’ because the Wasp powers-that-be orchestrated it to happen that way. It would have taken far longer for this nation to have metamorphosized into the unified powerhouse that it is if the majority of its inhabitants (European-descended whites) were busy squabbling over their ‘Old World’ cultural differences

    Blacks can actually learn a lesson from this–instead of “I’m NOT Black/African American…my folks come from Jamaica!” (Yeah, Jamaica by way of Africa…and now living in America), we, BLACK PEOPLE, might be able to make more headway in this country if we presented a more unified front! That’s not to say that anyone should forget their cultural heritage; but to try to make a big difference between one’s non-US heritage and the heritage of long-term Black Americans who suffered and died for the freedom of Black people in the US is NOT helping any of us when all is said and done. The truth is that within 2 or 3 generations in this country the Caribbean and African immigrant heritage will be more or less buried in the past, and the descendants of these peoples will be just plain Black like all other Blacks in the US.

    There’s a passage in the Bible concerning Jesus being rejected by his own compatriots (“a prophet in his own country….”, and, in a very real sense, some whites will hear a non-US accent and happily hire the Caribbean or African applicant etc over an American Black, whom they assume will be little more than a malcontent based on American Blacks’ history of rebellion in the US.

    I can actually understand trying to get over in this way in the first couple of generations in the US, but, after that, the nationality of (distant) ancestors will become meaningless, especially if one has a Western sounding surname and lacks the ability to do a fairly decent job of mimicking a native Caribbean or African accent….

  4. @ Fiamma:

    You best comment yet! And I agree with every word.
    Please remember than blacks were taught and reared to fight one another on the plantation.

    Blacks from Africa were pitted against Islanders in prizefighting matches for the masters enjoyment.
    The master in his evilness, knew that black solidarity would be the end of his money train.

    So he devised an excellent plan to keep us separate. May I add that’s also why blacks from say Trinidad don’t care for Haitians. And Puerto Ricans do not care for Dominicans.

    This is why we need s unified Africa. If all black people could put that Willie Lynch Syndrome aside and unite, we’d be unstoppable.
    Oh…and one more thing…

    Since many Islanders are creole, and they tend to look lighter and more mixed than African blacks, whites seems to prefer them due to skin colour prejudice.

  5. Yes! This is what I have been saying for the longest! The descendents of illegal immigrants cannot tell others how not to be illegal immigrants. Maybe thats why whites like to pretend all the natives are dead, it makes them think this land is there. Also whats up with the stupid so called belief that whites founded America before the Native Americans ever got here. Wtheck?

  6. This post upset me a lot. It’s a reminder of the hypocrisy and sickness of the white mind.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    It is my understanding that the Native Americans were the first Americans. They were here first. Leave it to Europeans to come with their disease, raping, pillaging, stealing. Throughout the history of the world it is my observation that the history books hide a lot of information and the truth is hidden. Holidays like July 4th, Thanksgiving are just a sham. I like the quote by Fredrick Douglass about the 4th of July and what did that mean to slaves. He spoke the truth. It meant nothing to an enslaved black person. Full of lies and hypocrisy. The man spoke the truth.Truth is something I think a lot of whites have a problem with when discussing the history of this country.

  8. tehnoun on said:

    If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that no one remembers anything that happened more than two years ago unless it’s convenient for them. So that’s why when white people bitch about these “illegals”, they fail to mention that their ancestors did far, far worse when they illegally immigrated here all those centuries ago.

  9. That may be the truest thing I’ve ever heard.

  10. “The truth is that within 2 or 3 generations in this country the Caribbean and African immigrant heritage will be more or less buried in the past, and the descendants of these peoples will be just plain Black like all other Blacks in the US.”

    This may be true of Caribbeans ( like some of those in my Trinidadian family), but I haven’t observed this much among African immigrants. They tend to marry and procreate with their own ie Nigerians marrying Nigerians. Besides that, I’ve come across more than a few who believe descendants of slaves are beneath them due to having European blood, giving us “special” names like Akata (sp?) which means cotton picker.

    Honestly, I don think true Black unity will ever exist in th US.

  11. Meeeee either!

  12. Tyrone on said:


    Whites get away with lumping themselves in the same box because there is power in numbers. Doesn’t mean they all like each other. American whites, immigrant whites, spanish and arab whites are opposite of each other, yet, they all behave the same as it relates to black people. How can we control and exploit blackness to our benefit? This is why i laugh at black folk who swear up and down that spaniards and arabs are not like white americans because they have more african blood in them. That’s funny, blacks are still treated like dirt in North Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, etc. West-Indian, Spanish, and African blacks are fooling themselves if they think whites are gonna treat them differently. It’s amazing how african-americans built the greatest country on the planet, yet, blacks from other parts of the globe can migrate here and talk smack about us with no shame. Jamaicans are notorious for this, but, they don’t wanna talk about all of the poverty and violence on the island, the domestic violence here in the US, etc. If the British system is so great, why are they in this country? Blacks from Africa are just as stupid…Africa is effed up 10x as much. Blackmen in our homeland killing their own with no shame, infecting our sistas with HIV, allowing Islam to enslave them, and so forth…They Can’t Talk! No disrespect to native-americans, but, our ancestors built this country. If anybody should reap the rewards of this nation, it should be african-americans…Bottomline!!!


  13. Mickey on said:

    Even though the Native Americans were the first people to settle in what is known now the United States, Whites have said that they originally came from elsewhere. Some state that Native Americans walked over from Asia via the Aleutian Islands and made North America home. But much of history, especially in American, is a bunch of lies agreed upon so who knows what is true and what is false.

  14. Tyrone on said:


    As was the case in Brazil, whites from Portugal were put on planes and flown to the country to offset the majority black population. The same thing took place in the US, under the guise of seeking a better life, Really? Jewish, Italian, and Polish whites were allowed to enter this country because the white population wasn’t large enuf. Whitemen have always feared blacks being the majority in the US and other colonized nations, because of the black male/white female dynamic. In other words, the white race will be phased out due to white females having caramel babies with blackmen. When like-minded whitewomen had the chance to sleep with blackmen undercover or not, a mulatto child was produced whether whitey liked it or not. Allowing mestizos and indians from central america to flood into the US is about offsetting the low birth rate among whitewomen. Yes, they’re not white, but not black either. Again, whitemen don’t fear other men the same way they fear us. Buffering, is the term that i use. Most of the bs that our race deals with revolves around sex and population. The race with the largest numbers dominate politically and otherwise, which is why the concept of “Eros” is a big deal to me. In order for black folk to really floss, we must be “Omnipotent” and “Omnipresent” in every aspect. This is where blackmen being behind bars and in the morgue hurts us the most. It’s our ballgame to lose, that’s how i see it.


  15. Mickey on said:

    The race with the largest numbers dominate politically and otherwise, except with the case surrounding South Africa during Apartheid.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    Black people are not a monolith. I’m learning this. There wil never be unity as Dr. Reine said. We will never be able in America to progress in society. If anything I feel we are digressing.

  17. Mickey on said:

    The classic “Crabs in a Barrel” routine.

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