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A Message To White People

A little while ago, I was reading my text book. For those of you that are not aware, I’m leaving the field of medicine. The Spirit came to me and told me to write all of you this message. So here it is:

I know you think me a savage. I know you think me mad. I know you think me unworthy and subhuman. But since the internet is forever, you’ll need something to look back on when we’re gone from this earth. Know that the situations and circumstances that will follow in the near future were caused, planned, perpetuated and exercised by you and you alone. You drew first blood. And for that, you must pay with your souls.

That’s all.

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36 thoughts on “A Message To White People

  1. ynotme on said:

    “you must pay with your souls.”

    Well, we can only assume their soul is worth enough to make a payment with. lol!

  2. Yes… Look into their eyes. Deeply. You’ll get your answer.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Hell is what they deserve for enslaving,raping and castrating our people. They have colonized and pillaged everywhere they went. They committed genocide on the Native Americans as well. They killed their babies and raped their women. They MUST pay for their sinful and hateful crimes. Whites love to say that they should rule over “inferior” races because of their advanced technology. They see African people has primitive. But they don’t realize they are the true savages. Africans and Native Americans were a peaceful loving people. And Europeans stole their land and killed them! That’s why Thanksgiving is a joke! It’s the celebration of genocide. Blacks and Native Americans celebrating Thanksgiving or the 4th of July is like a Jew celebrating Adolf Hitlers birthday!

  4. ynotme on said:

    @ Kushite Prince

    Thank you! Very, Very well said!

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks. I was just letting off a little steam.lol

  6. ynotme on said:

    History has proven that whites are and always will be harbinger of doom and destruction…Period!

  7. nicoleizhername on said:

    add Columbus and Presidents day. both federal holy-days.

  8. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right,we can add those to the list as well.

  9. Tyrone on said:

    To White People

    “There Is No Forever…Enjoy While It Lasts”


  10. brothawolf on said:

    I only hope that the end is near, very near. I’m almost out of my mind from this continued whiteness that seems to go unpunished.

  11. The fact that you’ve survived tells me more than you know. Keep your head up.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    I thought Chris Rock’s Commentary about 4th of July was the truth. Hev did’nt say anything that was’nt the truth. And certain individuals got angry.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    “Happy white people independence day, the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed the fireworks. Chris Rock tweeted this on July 4th. real talk.

  14. Truth is the white man’s kryptonite.

  15. leigh204 on said:

    That’s why lots of racist white people are scared. They’re afraid of their come-uppance.

  16. tehnoun on said:

    Well, I suppose the problem is that most of the Europeans who came over and fucked everything up thought they had some divine right to do so, or that they were somehow “naturally superior” and thus it was perfectly okay for them to enslave and murder everyone else. When your culture allows you to think in such a manner, even the passing of centuries can’t completely fix it.

  17. @ Leigh

    Whites are truly a fascinating group. Fearful of the unknown but afraid of change.

    That’s a lot of fear.

  18. @ tehnoun

    I’ve studied this and found the secret to the concept of whiteness.

    1. Self preservation
    2. Dominance

    Knowing those two things will lead you to a better understanding of the white mind, white actions and beliefs.

  19. Mickey on said:

    There is a White author by the name of Andrew Hacker who wrote a book years ago called “Two Worlds: Black & White – Separate, Hostile, and Unequal” and he said that basically every White American’s fear is that they would much rather be, for instance, robbed by a fellow White, even if they lost more money or possessions, than be robbed by a Black person because they are afraid that if they are confronted by the Black robber, the Black one will take an extra moment to pay them back for what White people have done to Blacks. He goes on to say that it is a fear that most White people don’t talk about or think about until a moment like that occurs. It is guilt on a deep level.

  20. Mickey on said:

    You are right. White racists definitely want to dominate. And the ones who may not be racist don’t really do much because of the self-preservation aspect. They know that the mistreatment of POCs is wrong, but they do very little to confront it. There is a man by the name of Dr. Robert Jensen who wrote about this. This is a piece from another blog.


  21. Ok…thanks. I’ll check that out and get back to you.

    Ok…I’m back. Yes, I’ve read Dr. Jensen’s material. I’m always amused when whites publish work about white privilege. I’m frankly tired of them “intellectualizing” why they’re racist. Like the piece I did on Tim Wise. It amused me but I wanted to know why he’s so respected.

    Mickey, you wanna know why I don’t put much stock into these white analytical figures?

    Because they all learned this from Mr. Neeley Fuller. And gave him no credit! Like Elvis who stole Bo Diddley’s music, voice, dress, hair and dance moves but gave Bo (and Jim Brown) no credit.

  22. wilson on said:

    I have some questions for you truthbetold:

    “Just for a second, imagine you were a white woman, lived in the comfort of that privilege.”

    — How would you act towards black people?

    — Do you think you’d have the strength to overcome the brainwashing that tells you, you are superior?

    — Would you be able to deal with the anger black people have towards you, for what your ancestors did?

    — How far would you go to appease the past, knowing full well you weren’t there personally, knowing full well you might be giving up your privilege — maybe that lovely farm you are looking for? Imagine for one second, you found the perfect farm, the one you always dreamt of, but lost it to a black woman… How would you feel? Or didn’t get that job you always wanted because of affirmative action… Will you still have the grace to accept defeat?

  23. @ Wilson

    I write from the perspective of a black woman only whose goal is to heal and conquer supremacy.

  24. leigh204 on said:

    @ DOAN:

    I agree with you wondering why Tim Wise is respected. Due to his pale hue, his words are considered significant, truthful, and eye-opening. The very things he has discussed about race has already been mentioned by black people and other POC for ages. Simply put, Mr. Wise doesn’t deserve a lot of credit.

  25. @ Leigh

    Tim wise will ride this pony as long as the money keeps pouring in. no white person is willing to give up their skin colour privilege.

    If by some chance colour is no longer an issue, they, by design must invent another reason why they are superior. That’s why I believe their madness is DNA linked.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    I admit I was naive about Tim Wise’s agenda. He gets paid lots of money for his speaking engagements. And he just happen to find a niche so to speak talking about white priviledge to university students. So I guess i can’t just believe he’s doing this for altruistic reasons, and that he wants to bridge the gap between the races. silly me it’s all ablout the money.

  27. I was too. But I learned that no white person wants equality. That would mean their destruction as a race.

  28. wilson on said:


    The reason I asked to look at it from the other perspective, is so that you can get a feel of how hard it is to go against the grain, if you are an individual stuck in a system that oppresses other people – since that oppression covers all aspects of life, not just the overt one. EG chances are some of the clothes you buy, or the imported food you get, are made or grown by economically oppressed people, either small children working for cents by the hour in some developing country or people who have had there lands stolen from them by corporations, yet even though you know this fact, because they are so far removed from you, you still buy the stuff, thus encouraging and supporting the system that oppresses. Playing your role in the madness that goes on in this world. Or the fuel you put in your car, ever ask where it comes from and what those people have to endure for that fuel to come to you cheap? Yet you still do it… Don’t you? It’s not like you have a choice but the thing is you do, if you really exercised that choice, you will sacrifice so much privilege. And that’s the thing, beyond a certain extent, you can’t, no one can.

    You can see that it is not that they are all inherently evil, for some it might be a lack of strength of will. It might just be looking after there own personal interests. The same way everyone else does.

    Not that I am excusing this behavior.

  29. I write from the perspective of a black woman only whose goal is to heal and conquer supremacy

    How disappointing.

    Why supremacy?
    Agency is all we need.

  30. @ Wilson

    May I ask you something? what is your purpose for asking me to be empathetic towards the white plight?
    Of course the phrase “White Plight” is but an oxymoron but humour me anyways.

  31. @ Dahoman X

    Alrighty then….please explain your idea of agency. And how to achieve this without conquering supremacy.

  32. please explain your idea of agency. And how to achieve this without conquering supremacy.

    For both agency and supremacy, I go with the commonly admitted definitions:


    Supremacism is the belief that a particular race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.


    One’s agency is one’s independent capability or ability to act on one’s will.


    Notice how the focus of the former is the other (“whites” in your initial statement, I assume), while the latter is all about one as actor of his/her destiny.

    How to achieve this? The tough question… mainly through economy, I guess.
    On my side of the Atlantic (a balkanized continent of economically dependent states with weak, inadequate institutions), I suppose this would involve economical and political self-sufficience, actually representative institutions more in touch with our cultural & social realities, economical integration and pooling together our limited resources in strategic sectors (ie: military).

    On your side (a deprived ethnic minority in a white-supremacist country), this could begin with working towards a relative economical autonomy. On the Open Thread over at Abagond’s, I remember you mentioned black-controlled communities you visited, complete with black-owned businesses. I believe it was in Atlanta. Maybe it can be replicated at a bigger scale?

    My point is that supremacy is a dead-end. Ironically, you seem aware of this when discussing white supremacy. You know, and I know, that it will not end well (and that there will not be a lot of people on this planet who will feel sorry for them when they will begin to reap what they sowed).

    Yet you seem tempted to replicate their error. That’s what I find disappointing.

  33. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. Let me make this clearer. I don’t subscribe to black supremacy. I don’t believe that ANY group of people is superior to their human counterparts.

    Perhaps my harsh rhetoric and distancing from whites is my emotional reaction from being victimized but I do not subscribe to any forms of dominance.

    My goal is a Global Black Wall Street. I do promote segregation openly. I want black schools, teachers, businesses, etc…so yes, I agree with you that agency is a better term.

    And no, when whites meet The Most High, I won’t shed not one tear for them.

  34. wilson on said:

    I have read here and there about your religious commitments so I shall use a saying from jesus as he lay on the cross dying,

    “Forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.

    Obviously some do know what they are doing, but it is my opinion that the vast majority are just victims to human self-interest.

  35. H.E.V. on said:

    Excuse me for jumping in, but I have to. I don’t follow the logic that white people are unaware of their participation in the system of white domination. They are constantly claiming that they are the smartest, most intelligent, most technically advanced and strongest warriors on Earth in all areas of people activity. Therefore, I would have to logically conclude that they could not be unaware of how they participate in white domination nor that they don’t have the strength to stop. To be so would invalidate their claims of superiority.

    When we speak of replacing white supremacy with justice, we mean that no person would be mistreated and that people who need help the most get the most help. Therefore, the hypothetical white woman (or man) you speak of would not be deprived of a home, job or anything needed to sustain a physical existence. Furthermore, she (or he) would not be mistreated because under a system of justice, mistreatment of anyone would not be allowed. So under this logic, I am not inclined to give any white so-called person a pass on their refusal to stop practicing white domination in favor of justice.

  36. @ HEV

    Beautifully written!

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