Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Black Anglo-Saxon

When I meet blacks who believe, with sincerity, that they are accepted within the White Club, I look at them with amazement and wonder. Look at these men and women:

What do they all have in common?

All are rich, uppercrust, black (skin only), in the public eye and prefer, exclusively, to mingle, befriend, date, marry and breed with whites. Let’s examine why:

1. When blacks in AmeriKlan have “made it”, there are rules they must follow:

a. Ignore and discard your people for whites

b. Uphold a certain kind of imagery

c. Have the utmost regard and respect for the hand that feeds you

d. Never help or bring to light the plight of your people lest your White Card be torn asunder

e. Pretend with all your might that racism is dead.

2. Self-hatred. “Why, oh why was I born in brown skin?! Why Lord?? Can’t you see I’m better suited to be with my “real” people?”

3. Money is a helluva drug.

4. Black hatred. This is big folks. REAL BIG. Yes, my lovelies, The Black Anglo-Saxon hates his brethren. He hates your brownness, your big nose, wide lips, kinky hair, your smelly food, granny’s Pecan pie and your legacy in chains. He is repulsed at the thought of his own genetic degradation and tries frantically to distance himself from that image. He shuns any talk of slavery, injustice, prejudice and discrimination. After all, if blacks really wanted to improve their situation, they would’ve done it by now. Y’all just lazy…and he refuses to be apart of your sickness!

By marrying whiteness, he too, by association, will become white. Every minute in white company will rid the Black Anglo-Saxon of his or her own blackness and be spiritually indoctrinated into the Eurocentric mindset. By breeding with whiteness, he hopes to have (almost) white children:

And they will be encouraged to marry white so their kids will be even whiter, thusly obliterating the bloodline. Is there anything that can be done about the Black Anglo-Saxon and his/her quest for Supreme Whiteness?

Any thoughts?

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79 thoughts on “The Black Anglo-Saxon

  1. mary burrell on said:

    This has always made my blood boil. When OJ Simpson got in trouble the first thing he did was run back to the black community. I guess when you have success in whatever field they aspire, the next thing is to take the white woman. That shows them they are equal to the white man and he has arrived. But the crazy thing to me is they are still a n*** in the eyes of white supemacy. No matter how accomplished.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    *white supremacy*

  3. Miss Mary:

    Nothing irks me more than a Black Anglo-Saxon. They are truly lost. But funny, isn’t it? When they fall, they want us to support them. Like it never even happened.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    SisterTruth I loved MJ so much. But I could forgive him for some reason do you think MJ suffered from this madnessas well?

  5. mary burrell on said:

    *madness as well*

  6. No. MJ was a victim of :

    1. His dad
    2. The music industry
    3. White Supremacy

    Underneath, he was still that 5 year old boy.

  7. brothawolf on said:

    This proves that whiteness is a mental illness.

    In this society, if you want to be close to being “accepted”, you have to accept the matrix of whiteness which includes discarding your identity as a person of color. But, as OJ and Tiger learned the hard way, you are still a person of color in “their world” and you will be treated as such.

    Dating white people – exclusively – is often seen as an “escape” from the harshness of being non-white in a white supremacist nation. In a way it’s like a drug.

  8. Brothawolf:

    Amy Holmes, tiger woods and such are such poor excuses for the community. Oh by the way, the Almighty made my observation of people extra sharp so I notice things and feel things that probably make no sense to others.

    Case in point.

    Look at Amy’s left hand.
    See anything?

  9. brothawolf on said:

    I see something, but the picture’s too small.

  10. tehnoun on said:

    Isn’t it a shame? That someone would basically abandon their own culture and heritage for one that’s utterly rotten and hateful and detests them 100% of the way? And yet they don’t seem to notice.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    I believe it is a mental illness this hating ones heritage. I noticed this in Tiger Woods in an interview with Oprah. She asked him a question about being black or something of that nature, His body language was stiff and he seemed annoyed. He answered with something stupid like I’m a caperasian or something crazy like that. I always wondered was his father ashamed of being African American. This was and probably is a touchy subject with him. I guess it’s not his fault if his parents did’nt instill racial pride in him.

  12. Her left hand…ok, I’ll stop being coy. Her hand signal is of the Masonic Brotherhood. Hence her rise to fame.

  13. The Willie Lynch Syndrome in effect.

  14. Miss Mary:

    Tiger is lost. He hate himself and it shows.His dad isn’t happy either with being black.

  15. I think it’s interesting that Black Anglo’s are usually men.

  16. By turning the black man against his woman, the mission become easier accomplished. There cannot be a black race with out the black man.

  17. Great point! So why don’t Black men see the “game” being played, and just avoid it?

  18. 1.) Truth.
    2.) Truth.
    3.) Even more truth.

  19. Plus, if anyone has noticed, a lot of black women would rather date their own men. I see it all the time. They do date outside of their race, but many (that I know) don’t do it for THESE reasons. When your actions are parodied in culture and songs, you know it is either a problem or it exists on a noticeable level.

  20. @ the good Dr.
    Fame and money coupled with the need for white acceptance is to resist.

  21. @ Darc

    Most white women date white men for a few reasons I will explore in a upcoming post.

  22. I don’t undertsand the pyschology of going for a goal (white acceptance) that can NEVER be achieved. I get the money and fame point but only to a certain extent because many of these men already have money and fame when the white woman steps into the picture. Tiger’s situation is logical to me because he wasn’t raised by a Black woman, but many of these other men? SMDH!!! If I had had a son, I would have drilled into my son the “bring home a Black girl” mantra!

  23. ynotme on said:

    @ Dr. Reine

    Who did most of these men and women get their money and fame from? They are just maintaining their loyalty to the hand that feeds them.

  24. Tiger Woods and Amy Holmes:

    That is assuming that they see themselves as black.

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  26. Sharina on said:

    Great post and Great comments.

  27. SomeGuy on said:

    Ah, the Anglo-Blaxon. Such a confused breed.

  28. White folks sign my paychecks too, but that doesn’t stop me from maintaining my love with and for a Black man.

    I think this is a deep rooted psychological issue for some Black men.

  29. you forget to add every last professional footballer playing at the top level. Wait, your server might crash trying to upload all those pictures.

  30. I guess I’ve never cared what professional athletes do as I prefer my men educated. And educated Black men tend to marry Black women.

  31. Dr.

    Did you know that these white women were given to the black man as they are apart of “the deal” ?

  32. mary burrell on said:

    SisterTruth you have got to rent Drop Squad and Good Fences these are just obscure gems. They kind of go with what we are talking about on this thread.

  33. Not sure I’m believing the “given a white woman thing” because it doesn’t appear to be even close to necessary. When I was an undergrad at a major sports university, the white women literally threw themselves at Black athletes. And that was in the 80’s, I’m sure things are much worse now.

    A white woman has always been an easy pull for Black athletes.

  34. @ the good Dr.

    Blacks in sports and entertainment are given rules to which they must follow. But I do agree that white women are always a draw.


    Ok…I’ll check them out.

  35. ynotme on said:

    Dr. Reine

    I agree that educated black men tend to marry black women, but integrity and pride probably play a larger role in their decisions. The black Anglo-Saxon often “do not” have much of either. Psychological issue may also be a part of it, but I believe greed is the primary underlying motivator for a lot of the decisions they make in the sports and entertainment industry. Their goal is to maintain or exceed their level of fame and fortune.

    White folks are in control of sports and entertainment and the quickest way for the so-called blacks to “MAKE IT BIG” financially is to be the white man’s puppet.
    Most of the blacks in Hollywood who are dedicated to their own people had to endure a slow financial progression and/or success in comparison to the rest.

    My paycheck is also sign by white folks but I certainly cannot compare my salary, integrity and pride to those “sell-outs” in the above mentioned employment.

  36. Honestly folks, i don’t ever see Tiger Woods having romantic feelings for black women or even Thai women (his mother’s ethnicity).

    I believe he is the product of his whitebred environment. Many black people came out saying how “Tiger is about to learn he is a black man” after his cheating scandals. You can only make that assertion if Tiger Woods saw himself as black to begin with.

    He has gone to white schools his entire life, raised mainly around white people and plays in a predominately white sport–his world his white–therefore the women in his world are and will be white. I don’t know what we are expecting.

    His new girlfriend looks no different than his ex wife. She is just 10 yrs.younger.

  37. Sad…It’s like we keep losing our people to this brainwashing. And you know what? He’ll never learn.

  38. I guess I don’t make much of a distinction between being the white man’s puppet a little or a lot. Put another way, we’re all the white man’s puppet on one level or another because he controls our money (ie pays us). And in the process of earning that money, we sell each other out everyday, at least that’s what I see among Black scientists working in the Pharmaceutical industry.

    Blacks in entertainment and sports simply sell us out on a larger scale and in front of a larger audience.

  39. phoebeprunelle on said:

    I don’t think Tiger is a “sellout”… that would be impying he knew better.

    White is all he knows.

  40. I don’t know a Black woman who finds Tiger attractive and I’m guessing the only thing white women find attractive in him is his money.

    As for Tiger seeing himself as Black, why should he see himeself as Black when he’s multiracial? I think people should see themselves however they choose. White folks created that one drop nonsense, why should we agree to that?

  41. i found this incredibly interesting.
    my personal life has been very confusing.

    the distance between me and black men like me is so vast, it’s unsurmountable.
    I wonder why a lot.


  42. I’m pretty sure my Black husband didn’t marry me out of either integrity or pride. And I didn’t marry him for those reasons either.

    I don’t think I know Black people getting married out of integrity or pride, it seems to be about personal preference to me.

  43. I don’t either but it’s because I don’t think he’s a Black man.

  44. Thinking about this thread reminds me why the best slave watcher’s were the slaves themselves.

  45. @ the good dr.

    Slaves that hated themselves were the best slavecatchers. The master knew this well. All of this goes back to the Willie Lynch Syndrome.

  46. phoebeprunelle on said:


  47. @ the good dr.

    Slaves that hated themselves were the best slavecatchers. The master knew this well. All of this goes back to the Willie Lynch Syndrome.

    Oh…and one more thing, this is seen heavily in the workforce. A post to come.

  48. The interesting about Tiger is that one of the reasons he received so much attention in the very beginning was because he was perceived as a Black golfer who could be the best in the world. And during those early days Tiger never denied his Blackness. He went right along with the hype when the media talked about him being a Black golfer. It wasn’t until after he made it to the top that he balked at being Black and became “Cablinasian”.

  49. watch to the half way point and see what I mean about the footballers *sigh*

  50. wilson on said:

    The black anglo saxon darth make alot of money though…

    Should he really care that he doesn’t get approval from the likes of you? (I am not saying this in a hurtful way)

    Me thinks not.

    Tis sad but tis the truth.

  51. @Wilson

    But who will catch him when he falls?

  52. wilson on said:

    Uhmm, lets see…

    No one. He made the gamble, he took the plunge. When he reaps the reward, he sure as hell doesn’t share it with us “black folks”. So it follows that if his gamble fails, then he should be prepared for the full consequences i.e. he better pray his trophy mistress or his pay masters catch him before he hits the ground.

  53. phoebeprunelle on said:

    well, in all fairness, Tiger’s primary phenotype is that of a black man…when people see him they are not going to rack their brains about how much non African ancestry he has.

    The one drop rule: IMHO, that gives black people an advantage.

  54. Tyrone on said:


    Black people hating themselves is not natural, no one can tell me otherwise. I’ll never believe that white is superior to black…Never! Black folk can coexist with whites on this planet, work with them, live in the same hood, attend school together, date from time to time, even have sex, and so forth. That being said, we have no reason to feel guilty because God blessed us with melanin. Some black folk have a guilt complex because others are not black, that’s not our problem to worry about. All of this ish makes sense to me now, it’s about being accepted into “The White Club.” Blackmen and blackwomen as well, willing to toss their blackness aside for acceptance and priviledges within white society, which is pure bulls**t. It’s not about black being less than, it’s about getting over. If i marry a whitewoman, whitemen will see me as part of the fam…Tiger Woods. If i hook up with Nicole Brown, all of the brothas will see me as (The Man)…OJ Simpson. Sistas in hollywood do the same ish, but, they don’t get the same amount of flack, because the black male/white female dynamic is considered the greater evil, Why? Blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet, all men want to taste “Black Coffee.” On the flip side, whitewomen are very much overrated, and have been from the start, so, Why are blackmen chasing after a group of women whose men didn’t even wanna have sex with them…The Rape Of Blackwomen? If the black female is the truth and the light, Why look elsewhere brothas? Black folk are on too this bs now, it won’t last forever.


  55. Tyrone:

    I disagree. Blacks cannot co-exist equally with whites on this planet. The very existence of whiteness is to oppose blackness.

    That’s why I promote segregation.

  56. Sharina on said:

    well said Tyrone

  57. Tyrone on said:


    Whiteness Is Temporary…Blackness Is Forever!!! Whites don’t wanna be white, therefore, it won’t last. This is the point i forgot to mention in the previous post. In hindsight, i agree with you, as it relates to segregation. Whites will never be happy being white, which means they will always meddle in the affairs of african people. Whitemen lusting after blackwomen, and whitewomen lusting after blackmen. In order for african people to have peace of mind on this planet, whites have to stay in their lane, or, they can no longer exist on this planet…Bottomline! Yes, that’s a harsh thing to say, but it’s reality.


  58. Tyrone on said:

    Mary Burrell

    The crazy thing about Tiger Woods, is that, his blackness afforded him access to any woman of his desires, yet, it is the one part of him that he hates the most…Strange Fruit!


  59. Well said, Ty.

  60. Tyrone on said:


    The (One Drop Rule) is a big part of the problem. Blackmen feel that they can father black children with any race of woman, which makes it easier for them to enter into relationships with said women. The Real Real…I don’t have a problem with blackmen being intimate with non-black women. God created blackmen to be fruitful and multiply, which is why he gave us the best. What i don’t support is inter-racial marriage, because, blackmen belong to blackwomen…Always! Another woman can’t love us the way sistas can and vice-versa. As a race, we have to regrow our population on this planet, and that can’t happen without “Nubian Loving” blackmen bonding with the black female. Other men fathering black children, i don’t play that game. The “Black Seed Principle” is always at work, 24/7/365…Ditto!


  61. Tyrone on said:


    Black people love being black too much to ever accept the (Black Anglo Saxon) as normal…Bottomline!


  62. Tyrone on said:


    Mulatto men can’t have it both ways. They can’t use their black side to gain access to all kinds of women other men can’t have, yet, hate blackness at the same time. This is the game many mulatto men play and have played thru history…Tony Parker, Rick Fox, Kris Humphries, etc.


  63. phoebeprunelle on said:

    I agree…what i am saying is different. I have never known Tiger to identify with other black people.

  64. An interesting factoid regarding Tyger Woods: there is at least one context in which he is willing not only to acknowledge, but to brag about his blackness.
    Remember those “sex SMS” which surfaced in the media when his affairs with about half of the white women on the planet were disclosed?
    In several of those SMS, he self-describes as a black stud.

    Go figure.

  65. Hmmm…so sexually he is a virile black man. But racially he is an “other.”

    How wonderful for him!

  66. So he’s “packin'”, that’s not enough to make up for all that unattractiveness to me.

  67. Mickey on said:

    So he’s a part-time Negro? He’s Black when it’s convenient to him?

  68. Yes. Like Mariah Carey who was ambiguous when it counted then a Negro when it was convenient.

  69. Tyrone on said:


    This is the contradiction of the “Mulatto Male.” Unlike most mulatto females, who’ve been more loyal to black people over the course of time…the males of the group tend to be more conflicted about being black. They want all the perks that come with being black, but, don’t want to make a full commitment to our race in the same token. The black side gets the sugar, the other sides gets them over. We wonder why the likes of Halle Berry are the first to come to mind? They’ve been useless all this time, passing as white, marrying whitewomen to blend in to white society. Having a half-black child is stressful enuf, but, raising a half-black son is a crapshoot. Michael Ealy is what most of them should be, but, he’s an exception to the rule. Having a black mother and father is best for black people, because, the likes of Tiger Woods is not an acceptable alternative…Bottomline!!!


  70. So then you agree with the tragic mulatto syndrome? Or is it just for men?

  71. Tyrone on said:


    Is Mariah Carey really black? Her mother is white, and her father is mixed/half-black. I’ve noticed that some mulattos are trying to lower the bar, as it relates to who’s black and who isn’t. In my mind, 2 black parents, one black and half-black parent, 2 half-black parents. Mulattos, there are only 3 ways to create a black human being…Stop The Madness! When we (Stay Black), the nonsense is not relevant. I tell white spanish folk and arabs this all the time…If you love black people so much, Why aren’t you black like me? They can’t answer the question.


  72. Excellent points.

  73. Tyrone on said:


    In many ways, blackness is a female construct, always has been

    Peace Sista

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  75. Racism will essentially be replaced by overt anti-blackwoman sexism. As long as Blacks live in the anglosphere or are aware of the anglosphere, blackmen will aim to equal the man in charge who is mostly rude/indifferent to blackwoman. Blackmen are faithful to masculinity before they are faithful to other black people. Anglos have no use for blackwoman and wield Oprah and Michelle Obama to promote respect of white control over money/status and to encourage blackmen not to suppress/ignore blackwoman entirely. The mulatress, however, knows what is up since her father made her the proof of his sexual preference which leaves blackwoman behind.

  76. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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