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What’s Wrong With Tom?

Once the most powerful movie star in the world, Thomas Mapother has fallen from grace. With his infamous couch-jumping incident on Oprah…

…to his 3 failed marriages, one must ask, what’s going on with Tom?

My hypothesis:

1. Drugs

2. Scientology has brainwashed him so completely, he’s imploded.

3. Mental Illness

4. He’s hiding something that’s eating him alive.

Tom Cruise has become the number 2 man in the Church of Scientology. Could his erratic behavior be linked to the church? And how? And let me ask you something…his “adopted” son, Connor, a black man, looks an awful lot like him…doesn’t he?

Tom Cruise

Hmmm….I smell a rat.

What do you think happened to Tom Cruise?

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30 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Tom?

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I have never been a Tom Cruise fan per se, But when he jumped up and down on opinion.Oprah’s couch I truly believed he was a nutburger. Those scientologist brainwashed Katie Holmes. She always looked like a stepford wife. There was always something vacant looking in her expressions, in her eyes. The little daughter Suri always looked like such an unhappy child to me. I’ve always suspected something was wrong with them. Even when Oprah would interview them it looked controlled. I just knew something was wrong just could’nt put my finger on it. And I suspecet he he has Napolian Syndrome. All those short men always feel like they have something to prove. Anyway that’s just my opinion.

  2. Yeah…I agree. Something is lurking under the surface with this guy. After Cocktail and Days of Thunder, he skyrocketed to fame. Perhaps this is a symptom of a greater disease?

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Plus Karma will get you. The way he threw Nicole Kidman under the bus. Well the payback is a MOTHER!

  4. Ohhhhh yes! I predict Tom’s demise very soon. And John Travolta.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    OMG! I love John Travolta that makes me sad. But I would still love him anyway if he came out of the closet. What’s done in the dark comes to the light. But yes I things are starting to unravel for him as well.

  6. Miss Mary:

    John disappeared for decades then magically came back and won a nomination for an award. Then his son got sick but The Church is against medicine, so he let his son die.

    His divorce and meltdown will be next.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    The Chuch of Scientology is very scary to me. I wonder are Will&Jada apart of this cult as well. and yes I always wondered if young Jett’s death was due to their twisted doctrine of the strange religion. That’s the problem with Hollyweird. They get indoctrinated with strange doctrines. You know SisterTruth, the Bible speaks of in the last days men will heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

  8. Last night I read Proverbs:


    How long will the simple ones love your simple ways?
    Very telling. Hollywood is full of sheeple.

  9. Stepford is so accurate, lol!!!

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    I think Will and Jada are good friends with Tom and Katie. I’ve heard that Tom introduced Will to Scientology. In this video Will says he doesn’t want to be an icon,he wants to be an IDEA. Sounds kind of strange to me. Judge for yourself.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    John Travolta supposedly said that Hollywood is run by Homosexual Jews. That’s why he’s been attacked lately. Jewish people do not like when folks say they have a monopoly on the film and media industry. I remember Marlon Brando made a similar statement and he was forced to apologize.


  12. mary burrell on said:

    Ok….Will is too deep for my pea sized brain. Idk, that sounds like some of that weird metaphysical L> Ron Hubbard stuff to me. I’m Just saying. Whatever Will.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    *L Ron Hubbard*

  14. When Will joined in with Tom, his family became quite erratic, especially his child.

  15. There are a tremendous amount of secrets surrounding Tom Cruise. I feel like a veil is going to be raised when it comes to this man. I’ve always liked Tom, but there is definitely something going on. I’m convinced that him moving up the scientology latter is the reason for Katie getting the hell out of that marriage.

  16. Yes, me too. And fear of her child being tortured.

  17. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah,Will seems a bit out there.lol I’ve noticed Jada has changed a lot too. She used to be that cool “around the way girl” from the neighborhood. Like when she was on the show A Different World. But her whole demeanor and attitude has really changed. Plus I’ve heard the rumors about her and Will having an “open” marriage. I personally don’t know too many black folks that are down with that.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    Tom Cruise is catching hell right now, because, he doesn’t stay in his place. Those who challenge the status-quo, get treated accordingly. Mel Gibson is hated in the industry because he dares to challenge the “Jewish Elite” who run it…Bottomline! Talk about black folk, asians, native-americans, but, say one bad thing about jews and homosexuals, you’re toast. Isiah Washington, who was booted from “Grey’s Anatomy” for speaking his mind, is an example of the bs that takes place among a bunch of people who claim to be so tolerant and open-minded.


  19. Tom right now is on the verge of a meltdown. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  20. mary burrell on said:

    But it is true the Jews and quite a few members of the gay community run the entertainment business. I guess they don’t like to be put on blast.

  21. Tyrone on said:

    Mary Burrell

    Precisely? Have you seen or heard from Quincy Jones sistas and brothas? Another entertainment veteran who got put in the “Dog House” because he dared to speak on the racism against blacks in “Hollyweird.”


  22. I live in metro DC and there are PLENTY of Black folks with money doing all kinds of crazy ‘ish.

  23. Miss Mary:

    Here they are:

    Harvey Weinstein, top dog
    Chuck Lorre
    Phillip Dauman
    Sumner Redstone, BET owner
    Steven Spielberg
    Jerry Bruckheimer
    Warner bros or the siblings that took over
    Goldwyn from MGM studios
    Disney, who was a racist and illuminati member
    Dick Wolf
    Brian Grazer
    Robert Zemeckis, Spielberg’s partner
    George Lucas, who is illuminati
    Aaron Spelling, who made night time soap operas like Dynasty and Charlie’s Angels

    Those are ALL top producers/directors/screenwriters. All Jewish and illuminati.

  24. mary burrell on said:

    @Tyrone: I did’nt know anything about Quincy Jones but now nothing surprises me. Wow! Just Wow. scary scary. Peace and Blessings.

  25. Yeah that scientology stuff just seems a little wierd to me, and it seems all the celebs who are involved (Will, Jada, Tom etc) seem to act a little ‘off’ as well, after they get involved lol smh

  26. Will’s demise will come soon, like the others.

  27. brothawolf on said:

    That’s so funny. When I saw and read this post, I thought about John Travolta too.

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Dr Reine Yes I’ve heard about what goes on in DC. It can get pretty wild. I have a friend that lives in Atlanta and he says the homosexual activity is in FULL swing! Also they have swinger parties.This is all by design by the mainstream media. They have been pushing this gay agenda for over 15 years plus. Now black people are starting to be more “open” to these new ideas on sexuality. I’m totally against these perversions. Black people are being brainwashed to think these things are “normal”. It’s the Jewish controlled media that is pushing this gay/lesbian/transgender sickness on our children. Black people have stand strong against this. Homosexuality is genocide-if you don’t reproduce you die. Since gay people can’t reproduce they have to recruit.

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  30. introvertedwanderer on said:

    I don’t know what happened with Tom Cruise. It has been interesting to see how he has fallen over the past seven years or so. I still remember when Tom Cruise was a very tight lipped guy. He woud keep his mouth shut in interviews when it came to his personal life, and would only answer questions pertaining to his movies, and questions of a general nature, but he was firm about not going into his personal life. But that stance seemed to change very quickly once he started seeing Katie Holmes. He suddenly became a lot more impulsive and very willing to share things about his romantic life and also his beliefs with the world. I didn’t mind the start of his change so much, with the infamous and much ridiculed couch jumping incident, because I actually found that change in behavior refreshing on Tom’s part, but it quickly went down hill from there, and the popularity that Tom once had has gone down the toilet, and it is something that he won’t ever be able to regain. I guess the fact that Tom has always been described as an intense guy has a lot to do with it. From how other actors have described him, he has that intensity with the different roles that he has played, and that obviously crossed over and eventually got out of control in his personal life. So I’m thinking that the mental illness explanation isn’t too far of the mark, along with Scientology.

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