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Asian Fetish

White men love “exotic” looking women. (I don’t understand what that means exactly…but whatever…) Always have. That’s how Mulattoes/Mestizos were created. But let’s examine another dynamic of white lust. The Asian Geisha Fetish. The asian woman is thought of as docile, which gives him all the power. She is ultra feminine, loves to serve (again, more power) hairless, petite and horny. All she lives for is sex, sex and more sex. The kinkier the better. What the white woman will not do, the asian woman will do plus a whole lot more.

The fantasy of the Geisha goes waaaaaay back. From foot binding to concubines, asian women are subjected and subjugated to a man’s every whim. Take my friend, X. She calls me on a regular basis and wails about how every white man she meets, on the internet or in person, reveals a kinky, horrifying desire to “fuck an asian chick.” She prefers white men to her own kind, something that irks me and we argue over. I tell her that her need to marry European men is nothing but white supremacist brainwashing. She tells me to mind my own damn business.

She tells me in excruciating detail( some of which I wish she hadn’t ) about how white men love her yellowish skin, the coarseness of her long, straight black hair and her exotic eyes. They beg her to shave so she is totally hairless and ask her questions about how Asian men do it. The funny thing is, she knows of the fetish, admits that it is demeaning, but dates white men anyway. Asian men fling themselves at her shamelessly, but she ignores them for the California blond.

I’ve never had an experience ( Thank Jesus ) with a white man who lusted after me just for my brown skin. But I do know that they exist. What is the fascination with women of colour? And why are white men ever lustful of Asian women? Is it truly that she is more willing than white women to satisfy their lustful, deviant cravings? Or perhaps boredom with white girls? But if that were true, why do white men typically marry and have children with white women?

My Supposition:

1. Asian women, being born into a patriarchal society, are geared to serve her man. And men love that.

2. The hairlessness and petite figure of many ( not all…I’ve seen some Asian females with an ass and bosom that would put any black woman to shame ) Asian women reminds the white male who is subconsciously homosexual of his secret desire…a young boy.

3. It’s just a preference.

What are your thoughts?

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38 thoughts on “Asian Fetish

  1. First, let me say for the record that the only females on this planet for me and men like me are Black women and to hell with the rest of them.

    I could never understand the general appeal of Asian women, with their boyish shapes and that bone straight hair. White men are sexual deviants and love anything hairless and boyish. Another blogger and I talked about this recently and I was made to understand the brain of white men and their sexual appetites. It’s because white men lack the strength and manliness it have real women, so they fantasize about the most child like women. Also, it’s them that started this clean shaven pubic bandwagon thing that a lot of Black men have picked up on. PLEASE!! That is waaaaay to child like for me. When I was growing up and sneaking peeks at my father’s stash of adult reading material, them was women. Bush on top and bottom.

    I really have stop trying to understand white people and the bs that they put forth. It serve only as something to shake my head at.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    I work in health care and I have observed lots of older white men and some older black men with young asian women. I call them mail order brides. It’s is my supposition as well, that these young women will cater tyo their every whim. A seasoned lady will not tolerate this foolishness. So they want someone who want talk back and obey on command. This just my opinion.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    *won’t talk back*

  4. Jesus:

    Then it begs the question, are white men subconsciously homosexual?
    And if so, then Jerry sandusky is a “normal” white male.

  5. I have been told by more than one source that in ancient societies white men preferred sex with little boys for pleasure and with women only to procreate. Looking at the news and Cynical Afrikan, it seems to be true.

  6. ynotme on said:


    Not only does the hairlessness and petite figure of many Asian females reminds white males of young boys, It reminds those fuc**ng pedophiles of kids.

  7. In my collegiate days, an older White man recommended to me that I marry an Asian woman because he expected she’d be especially servile in contrast to “American women” of the materialist variety.

    It wasn’t appealing; yet it’s worth considering the historic White woman. You mention that the Asian woman is sexually willing for anything. Compared against the historic White woman, she’s a sexual conservative. The traditional White woman is sexually depraved. This we all know in the sheer multitude of partners White women boast of even to this day.

    The Asian woman’s appeal seem to be in her willingness to serve a man faithfully. But there’s two other bonuses. There’s a lack of influence on the Asian woman from the Black woman; which means she’s less ‘strong’ than the Black and White woman. More, the Asian woman also places capital on White beauty.

    Not ironically, this plays out in your relationship with the woman in question. She is not easily influenced by your intelligence, and worse, you can tell she’s putting a premium on White men.

    Over all, though, the White man hates the White woman (and man) and the White woman hates the White man (and woman). In so be reared in this interracial culture, the White man is more confused onto his ambition. Ergo the fetishes. Which may well be responses to the fetishes placed on White men.

  8. Also, I follow a blog called the chive because I’m love imagines and they have plenty of them along with other blogs. If you go over there and see the type women that they love to post, those women are just one step away from being little boys with big fake breast. They even have a post called the hip bone or something like that, where they show off their love for hip bones on women. Yes!!

  9. Onitaset:

    So it boils down to control. Surprise, surprise…

  10. I’ll check that out…

  11. I think the reason (some) Asian women want to be with White men is because they want to have access to White privilege. They feel having a White man or having White friends or doing things that Whites do will eventually give them access to Whiteness and its privileges.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    So this goes beyond what I was thinking, That all they wanted was some cute little china doll. But it going into perversion and pedophilia. God only knows what dark twisted agenda white men have. This is helping me to understand that creep Sandusky. disgusting just simply disgusting.

  13. isme on said:

    I’ve thought it was about the perceived similarities to young girls, not young boys, personally, but I can’t say how widespread that was.

    Also, because of how our society has deemed PoC to be less than, a white person with somewhat who isn’t can either play at being noble and progressive, or play at being wicked and perverted. Or both.

  14. Val:

    That could also be the reason for eyelid surgery.

  15. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes there’s a lot of self hatred with asians. They suffer from colorism as well. They have no reason to be talking about black folks at all.I’ve heard that skin lightening cream is big in asian countries. And here in California asian women fawn over white men. I see it everyday. I guess that white supremacy has quite a strong hold on a lot of people around the world.

  16. SomeGuy on said:

    I remember being down in the City in ’97 and my friend and I spotted this attractive Chinese woman wearing a canary yellow dress and walking like she owned the damn street. As this woman walked by two White construction workers, one said to the other, “One of these days, I have to get me a Fortune Cookie!”

    For some odd reason, that event has been stuck in my head all these years.

  17. The perversions of the white male are limitless. No wonder he is confused.

  18. brothawolf on said:

    “I’ve seen some Asian females with an ass and bosom that would put any black woman to shame.”

    Quick question: You saw them in real life?

  19. Yes. Whilst traveling, mainly in boston and San Fran.

  20. way off topic, these Asians woman who might put black females to shame… where on earth are they.
    properly thinking, I recall reading the book “Begrimed and Black” where the author spoke of these asian women wanting to look white, and in some places, even referring to themselves as whites. lol

  21. I’ve seen many Asians who think of themselves as white also. As to the physique, I saw well-endowed Asians in Boston’s Chinatown area.

  22. I should admit that I don’t understand why you wrote “any Black woman.” It kind of implies that the most well endowed women in the world are Asians. Maybe “most” or “a lot” would have been more accurate. But I sincerely doubt that the most endowed women in the world are Asians in Boston’s China Town.

    And “to shame” seems a bit harsh. Why would our perfectly endowed Sisters feel ‘ashamed’ for anything? Let alone some Asian women?

  23. leigh204 on said:

    Hi, hi. I’d thought I’d drop to leave a comment regarding Asian fetish. DOA, I think your friend “X” is definitely brainwashed. Far too often, I hear/know Asian women like her who place white men on a pedestal. Does she put down Asian men as well? I’ve met more than my fair share of white men who have come up to me and say really disgusting things such as asking if my private parts are slanted and if I’m, um, tight. Seriously? How effing stupid is that?

    Btw, the Asian women you mentioned with asses and bosoms, I bet with a degree of certainty, they were mostly likely SE Asians (Viets, Filipinas, Thais, etc.) They tend to have more lush figures than NE Asians.

  24. It seems my honest observation is being questioned. To all that question: yes, I’ve seen Asian women who have lush figures and quite frankly better endowed than some black women.

    As much as I love the family, I’ll be honest about my observations even if it offends.

  25. Hi Leigh, thanks for dropping in. my friend X, puts down the penis size of all Asian men and says callous things about their height.

    As for my comment about Asian womens figures, I stand by my observation. Some Asian women I’ve seen in Boston and San Fran are very lush and they show it off well.

  26. Why is an Asian woman with a butt and breast so strange to so many Black folks? The SAME Black folks who trip when others stereotype us, SMDH!!!

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    I agree. That has a lot to do with it. It’s about being accepted in the white world. Nothing but brainwashing from the Western world.smh

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes that’s true. There’s a Vietnamese woman at my job that all the guys make a fuss about.lol I will admit she does have some curves on her though. And growing up in Long Beach there were a lot of Filipinas in my neighborhood who had pretty nice figures. Although I don’t see it very often with NE.

  29. We understand some Black women but any Black woman is a whole other statement, no?

  30. Tyrone on said:


    Asian women allow whitemen to feel like “The Man” so to speak. There is a racial and sexual hiearchy among the tribes, always has been. Whitemen will never equal blackmen, but, they trump asian men. Asian women are no different than other women, they want handsome, tall, athletic, well-endowed men to father their offspring. Females, regardless of species, have the same mindset. The alpha male gets the most females, sugar, and babies. If asian men were on par with us as blackmen, this would not be an issue worth discussing. Another example of whitemen getting lucky. As it relates to race and beauty…blackwomen are first on the list, east-indian women are second, southeast-asian women are third…Thai, Malay, Indonesian, etc. I’ve run across attractive Chinese and Japanese women, but, neither of them can match “Chocolate Thai.” It goes like this…women are judged by their beauty and phenotype, men are judged by their color, build, and sexual prowess. Color matters to men more than women. A woman can have black, brown, caramel, yellow, and white skin, but the phenotype is what makes a class of women beautiful. Out of all women, blackwomen have the dominant phenotype…brown eyes, wide nose, full lips, large breasts, wide hips and butts. This explains why whitemen raped so many blackwomen. As to the sexuality of whitemen, i think a lot of them have no earthly idea what to do with whitewomen, Seriously? Whitewomen flock to blackmen for a reason, their men can’t give them what they need and want in the bedroom…Ditto! Again, whitemen are too light and asian men are too small. Women love earth colors(black & brown), height, and sexual prowess. Brothas have all three…We Win!!!


  31. brothawolf on said:

    Yeah…I have to start saving up my money to visit either of those places. 🙂

  32. Alchemist on said:

    There is a documentary called “Seeking Asian Female” by Debbie Lum. Here is a summary:

    about Steven and Sandy—an aging white man with “yellow fever” who is obsessed with marrying any Asian woman, and the young Chinese bride he finds online. Debbie, a Chinese American filmmaker, documents and narrates with skepticism and humor, from the early stages of Steven’s search for an Asian bride, through the moment Sandy steps foot in America for the first time, to a year into theirprecarious union. Global migration, Sino-American relations and the perennial battle of the sexes, weigh in on the fate of their marriagein this intimate and quirky personal documentary.

    The trailer is at seekingasianfemale.com

  33. @ tyrone,

    i don’t agree with a lot of this

  34. phoebeprunelle on said:

    Actually, their IR marriage numbers are tapering off…DOAN you may interested in this read:


  35. SomeGuy on said:

    Those Chinese are smart. They can see the rise of the Chinese superpower and the consequences of having a mixed-breed child.

  36. I think the fetish for asian women is unfortunately part of the culture. It even has it’s own page on tv tropes.

  37. Vasiliki Mazis on said:

    Legalized pedophilia; Asian women are childlike; white men are sick pedos; it’s disgusting; and Asian women are self-hating whores; Have zero regard or pity for them;

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