Observations of an Invisible Woman

Big Tobacco’s Dirty Little Secret

Behold the power of advertising. Or as I call it: Subliminal Messages. Here’s Joe Camel chilling at the beach with white girls.

Look at these images and let’s have a chat.

Of course Menthol cigarettes are aimed at the black community. And playing pool? Hmmm…I wonder who loves that? Notice how the font on the box “Fire it up!” looks like graffiti? Now…Look at the black manish- creature with big red lips in this one. Notice the top hat. Who does that remind you of? Give up….?

Look at Uncle Sam’s hat…White supremacy is EVERYWHERE!

Teaching our black kids to kill…

Profiting from The Black Power mantra. Notice how almost regal and statuesque the box looks?

Oral sex with white women:

Child porn fellatio:

 During the 60’s with the Black Power Movement. Notice his right hand almost looks like the power fist, but whilst holding a cigarette?

Hmmmm…Black is Powerful and Sexy! Look at the interweaving of the initials…remind you of anything…?

How about a popular movie? No? Well how ’bout this?

Tony Montana’s signature chair from Scarface…Gangster Glorification. There are NO coincidences.

Now…back to Joe Camel.

Look how they darkened his complexion…notice the HUGE penis protruding from the sheets. Look who his TWO bed partners are:

Now look at Joe’s face. Look real good.

Notice how the camels body almost resembles a human exo-skeleton?

What have we learned boys and girls?

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19 thoughts on “Big Tobacco’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I thought it was just me being crazy but I alway thought Joe Camel looked like a giant penis. Everything that is destructive to the overall well being of poc is placed in our communities. It is all designed to steal kill and destroy.

  2. Big Tobacco has become filthy rich on our destruction. Nicotine is now more potent and addictive than ever! The rat poison is concentrated so you develop cancer faster and die faster…

  3. Very good lookin’ sis. I must admit that I’m one of those people that can’t see these things in advertising. I have something wrong with my brain that doesn’t allow me see subtle things hidden in adverts.

    I do like the way you laid it out for us and the bottom line is we are being bombarded with this subliminal advertising. It has also been my experience that people who smoke get it from the people around them, thus Black people smoke Newports because the people around them smoke Newports.

  4. Jesus:

    Black male sexuality has been exploited since slavery. The creation of Joe Camel…which is a derivative of the word “caramel” is an oversized black penis resting on top of testicles. Having Joe sex white girls taps into the alleged black fantasy of raping white women.

    All apart of the plan.

  5. Mickey on said:

    Did you watch the video I posted featuring Professor Griff regarding the segment on advertising and the sublimial messages is sends? It falls in line with this and the camel is featured at least once in the video.

  6. Yes…I saw it last night and nearly fell off my chair. I thought I was crazy when I noticed this stuff…

    When I was writing my post, I focused on how they target us for death through nicotine.

  7. Fiamma on said:

    You’re correct in that I myself smoked the same brands as those around me tended to smoke. In high school I started out smoking Kools — the brand, at that time, that most of the Black kids (who were smokers) smoked (the white students generally smoked Marlboro brand cigarettes). In my 20’s I noticed a shift towards Newports, and eventually I switched to smoking that brand also.

    For what it’s worth, I’m no longer a smoker and do not advocate anyone, of any age, taking up that habit. I must say in honesty though that the ad shown here featuring phrases with “black” this and that make the cigarette look quite tempting, and, if I hadn’t quit, I would definitely give them a try. Thus the power of advertising.

  8. Good comment.

  9. Fiamma on said:

    I hope this isn’t too off topic, but there was a commercial, not too long ago, for Subway sandwiches, which featured a group of so-called minorities, in an office setting, surrounding a lone white male and demanding that he share with them his lunch, which just happened to consist of a Subway sandwich. This group, if I recall correctly, consisted of an East Asian, a South Asian (Indian), a white woman and a Black man. When demanding a share of the white man’s stuff (in this case, his lunch) didn’t work, the Black man, in particular, issued an ultimatum concerning not allowing the white man to make use of the Black man’s wastepaper can “basketball hoop” (all the actors voices were rrplaced/dubbed with the voices of elementary school children).

    The commercial ends with the announcer stating emphatically, “Get your own Subway sandwich!” or words to that effect.

    For me it was a blatant statement being made by white men that “minorities” (including white women) were demanding an unfair share of what the white man had acquired — fair and square — for himself…and that the minorities need to get there own stuff rather than demanding that it simply be given to them from the white man.

  10. @ Fiamma

    Excellent observations!!! And yes, you are correct.

  11. Wow! Your perception is magnificent! But I always did think that certain brands tend to market towards POCs, particularly Newports, which happen to have one of the highest nicotine contents.

  12. There are no coincidences with the destruction of our people.

  13. tehnoun on said:

    Cigarette companies have no shame (it takes someone with no shame to sell a product that kills people imho), so I guess it’s no surprise their ads are disgusting and destructive. But somehow I was totally blind to the thing with that camel until you pointed it out. *ashamed of obliviousness*

  14. mary burrell on said:

    You should check out the comedy Thanks For Smoking. It is filled with truth about the tobacco industry.

  15. I saw it. It was very funny but true.

  16. Subliminal images are designed to go over your head.

  17. ynotme on said:


    Great job!

    Uncle Sam really wants us…DEAD!

  18. mary burrell on said:

    @ynotme:Uncle Sam really wants us…DEAD That’s very clever.

  19. ynotme on said:

    @ mary burrell

    Thank you

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