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The Hispanic Fallacy

When I first heard the term “Hispanic” , I said, what’s that?

Then I looked it up and found this:

Wikipedia Definition:

The term Hispanic was first adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s, during the administration of Richard Nixon,[35] and has since been used in local and federal employment, mass media, academia, and business market research. It has been used in the U.S. Census since 1980.[36] Because of the popularity of “Latino” in the western portion of the United States, the government adopted this term as well in 1997, and used it in the 2000 census.[5][6]

  • Although a large majority of Hispanic and Latino Americans have Spanish ancestry, most are not of direct, ‘from-Spain-to-the-U.S.’ Spanish descent; many are not primarily of Spanish descent; and some are not of Spanish descent at all.

Neither term refers to race, as a person of Latino or Hispanic origin can be of any race.[6][37] The U.S. Government has defined Hispanic or Latino persons as being “persons who trace their origin [to] . . . Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures.”.[5] The Census Bureau’s 2010 census form did not provide a definition of the terms Latino or Hispanic, instead allowing respondents to self-define whether they were Latino or Hispanic and then identify their specific country or place of origin.

Truthbetold’s Definition:

An African who can speak any of the Romance Languages.

The coined term “Hispanic” was created by the AmeriKlan government to persuade Africans who hated themselves through the indoctrination of a supremacist mindset to ignore their true origin and join the process of “Whitification.” By distancing yourself from who and what you are, and let me say….ANY Hispanic reading this that grows angry with me…LEARN YOUR HISTORY, you obtain honorary membership in the white club: And accrue privilege through skin colour. When I hear the hordes of Africans who come from Puerto Rico, Columbia and Brazil who cry and protest with righteous indignation that they are European, I laugh and snicker at the absurdity. I remember this conversation I had with a Peruvian, who was darker than me, on his race:

Me: Soooo….what race are you?

Him: Peruvian.

Me: Ummm….Peruvian is an ethnicity. What race are you?

Him: Hispanic.

Me: ok…there’s no such thing.

Him: Why are you badgering me! I’m Mestizo.

Me: So is my brother! I’m an Island Creole myself. But we’re still African.

Him: Leave me alone!

See? The denial is perhaps strongest with those who know exactly where they come from, like Italians/Sicilians: And those who wish desperately that they could forget. Like him: But don’t be too angry with them, my brothers and sisters. AmeriKlan has infected all of us into thinking that blackness is evil and destructive. That’s why the very definition of the word “black” in the dictionary, which a white man wrote, edited and published, is written to such extremes.

By brainwashing the Romance-speaking Negroes into believing that they too are “above” their own ancestry, they create infighting within their own culture. Colourism and prejudice between the Islanders run rampant…yes, I’m talking to you Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, Haitians (some Haitians speak Spanish-Creole) and Cubans…and forces them into the same sick cycle that light-skinned and dark-skinned/ good-hair and bad-hair blacks face. This subtle and political tool of war is very efficient and works like a charm. It also perpetuates my post entitled “The Plan”. Latin-speaking Africans are the fastest growing “minority” in this country. The government gives immigrants opportunities, like grants to start their own businesses, with the promise of joining the “white club” in exchange for becoming more AmeriKlanized. Ever wonder why the U.S. Census changes every decade or so? And more races are added, grouped together or simply omitted? But…Black/African/Negro STILL REMAINS THE SAME? Hmmm…

And for the record…Ms. Cameron Diaz, if you happen to be reading this… these people are the Original Blondes: And Original Blues:

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63 thoughts on “The Hispanic Fallacy

  1. Tyrone on said:


    Both terms are bs to me. Spaniards don’t want spanish blacks to embrace their african ancestry, otherwise, they can’t continue to exploit and control them. Especially, as it relates to the continued sexual exploitation of blackwomen in the culture.


  2. Mickey on said:

    When you look at any U.S. form that mentions race, whenever Hispanic is listed, in the fine print it states “Hispanics can be of any race.” The U.S. government knows that other countries do not have “one drop” rules (that is unique to the U.S.) and that multiple races and racial mixtures are recognized. The solution: List anybody that hails from a Spanish-speaking country as Hispanic/Latino.

    The other issue is that most Americans think of the mestizo stereotype when it comes to Hispanics. And if you watch Univision, most of the Mexican soap opera actors and actresses look Swedish! When Columbian actress Sofia Vergara came to the U.S., she was told to dye her hair dark brown to make her look “more stereotypically Latina”. For the record, she is naturally a blonde. She also said once that her family members look Polish.

    Christina Milian, who is of Cuban background, said in a recent interview that she missed out on roles because she wasn’t what the producers had in mind when she auditioned for a Latin role (translation: you’re too black-looking.) And years ago, Rosie Perez was told she was not “Puerto Rican enough” for Puerto Rican roles. And Zoe Saldana proudly calls herself Black and does not play down her Blackness.

    Speaking of Cameron Diaz, she once said that White people do not believe her when she says she is Latina (her father is Cuban) because of her Nordic appearance and Latinos do not accept her because, in their opinion, she is too White.

    This mess is too crazy for words.

  3. Crazy isn’t the word! I’ve met so many Africans that speak Spanish who hate me and thusly themselves, due to the similar culture we share.

    I remember this conversation about Yucca, a potato,…she acted like she had no idea what that was!

  4. Tyrone on said:


    White spaniards hide behind the terms also, because, they want white americans to take all of the blame, knowing damn’ well that Spain and Portugal are the genesis of the problem. In other words, it keeps the heat off of them. They can continue to use spanish blacks as a glorified “DNA LAB” for as long as they want to, which is precisely what they’re doing. Yes, this nonsense is foul in every aspect, but it can be corrected. African-Americans had to go thru the same process. As with us, blackwomen are the key to ending this madness once and for all. By now, most black-americans should know the ugly truth about spanish culture, which is the first step. The second step, confronting our spanish kin with the truth. Third step, forcing white spaniards to acknowledge their bull****. Fourth step, calling out the US census bureau and corporate america, which is a big part of the problem…they like hispanic and latino because they can target their marketing to one group instead of three different races altogether. It’s funny that they would tell Sofia Vergara to dye her hair black to look more african, yet, don’t want blackwomen to be black…Insanity! In my mind, there is no hispanic/latino anything. Pretending to be black 24/7/365 is not a race, culture, etc. I live in Miami people, this is what goes on everyday without fail. White cubans and puerto-ricans call each the n-word more than we do…Race Denial. As i’ve said before, the circle will never be complete without our spanish and portugese speaking kinfolk. We must win this battle…Period! Support Zoe Saldana, Cristina Milian, Laz Alonso, and others who i can’t recall right now…every movement begins with a few, and in time, grows larger in scope. A “Black Planet” is what we want at the end of the day. North, South, East, and West loving themselves without apology for infinity.

    La Negra

  5. Thanks Tyrone…great comment. The same for Italians, Greeks, etc

  6. You’re right on point with this post!!!! I know numerous “white skinned” Hispanics from countries in South America who would rather be dead than think they’re Black ( which they have ALWAYS been to me). And I get a serious laugh at the looks on their faces when I tell them that unlike THEM, I CAN trace my spanish speaking ancestry back to Spain!!!!

  7. Tyrone on said:


    “White Denial” is the strangest thing. It validates what we’ve always assumed from the jump. Seeing it in the flesh is a sight to behold. In the beginning, it was cute, now it’s annoying. Blacker than me and you…Wishful Thinking! What gives me hope, is that, african-americans are finally dealing with this issue directly. For a long time, we ignored the foolishness south of the border at our own expense…No Mas! I forgot to mention La La Anthony, wife of NBA baller Carmelo Anthony. She went off track somewhat in Latina magazine early in the year with the 100% puerto-rican comment, but she’s still moving in the right direction still. Truth, stay forever black and proud mamita!!!


  8. Achilleas on said:

    Hi, i accidentally found yor blog and read this post.When you refer to Italians(Al Pacino photo) and especially the Greeks what do you mean? Could you elaborate on that please?

  9. This post was long overdue…Evidence that Slavery has destroyed our racial pride.

  10. Peoples from the Mediterranean are ancestors of the Moors, which means, in literal terms:

    Sicily is on an island off of Italy and, frankly, it’s not hard to see the skin colour and facial resemblance of their predecessors.

    The same of the Portuguese…Africans or Moorish Originals were the Native peoples of these “ethnic” whites.

  11. Achilleas on said:

    Yes, the Moors had presence in Europe but at the 8th century during the expansion of Islam when they conquered the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily.Also in Greece Moors never settled there or conquered it.

  12. Please remember that Greece had Egyptian, which is Moorish, influence. That is how the fallacy of Cleopatra V began…with a cover up.

  13. Most people and I mean MOST people would cut their own throats before admitting they’re Black so “Hispanic” was right on time. The programming has been really successful.

    Something also assigned to “Hispanic” women and mostly by white men and mostly with sexual connotation is “Latina”.

  14. I like your word “programming.” Yes, it worked beautifully…Please remember that whites also coined the pejoratives:

    1. Dago
    2. Spic
    3. Gypsy
    4. Raghead
    5. Oreo

    And many more…all designed to separate, that is until said person is “needed.”

  15. Achilleas on said:

    Yes, the Egypt until the death of Cleopatra VII was under the Greek Ptolemy Dynasty and Cleopatra VII Philopater(you meant VII instead of V in the reply?) was the last of the Dynasty,but what do you mean by cover up.

  16. Mickey on said:

    Not to mention that the word Moor comes from the Greek word mauros which means “dark brown.”

  17. I get the sneaky suspicion of what is happening here, so I’ll be brief. This post is not to argue about Egypt, Cleopatra or Greece.

    Most whites will deny African heritage in favour of European ancestry, such as PRETENDING that a queen of a nation is Greek. Which she is not.

    I won’t respond further on Cleopatra.

  18. Mickey…

    Achilleas is exhibiting one of the 3 D’s…watch out.

  19. Mickey on said:


    I think what diary means is that many White people do not want to believe that a woman of color accomplished the many things Cleopatra did in her lifetime. So, why would they try to say that she was White instead of Black or, at least, part Black? One never sees Black people trying to say Joan of Arc or Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth were Black women. Yet, Whites want to claim a woman who ruled an African country. Why?

    And they never think that other African countries had Black queens, either.

  20. mary burrell on said:

    In high school I dated a cuban young man. His hair was kinky although he was light skinned and had african features he said he was not black. This was puzzling to me. He said they were just cuban. there was no black or white. but his parents were very bigoted about him dated someone like me who was dark skinned with kinky hair and prominent black features. Again an acquaintance a young lady that was puerto rican she had brown skin and wavy kinky hair she had some african blood in her I’m sure. She would get so annoyed when I called her black. Again her response like the cuban boy friend was I’m just a puerto rican. I read a post from another website about actress Michelle Rodriguez saying how her family members engaged in incestuous relationships to keep the skin color light and to keep the african features out of the family. This is so crazy.

  21. Miss Mary:

    You cannot hide from your people. I don’t understand that craziness either but slavery affected us all. That’s why self-hatred is rampant in the black community.

  22. Negress, here is a link you may be interested in:


    I have had some Sicilians tell me that they had black blood in them. Needless to say I was quite surprised they would admit to this. This information was unsolicited, they just told me. In northern Italy, southern Italians are referred to as ‘Africans’. When they came here they became ‘white’ when the whites needed to bolster their numbers. I call Mediterraneans ‘pseudo whites’. I wonder who will become ‘white’ next?

  23. Hmmm…maybe I should do a post on one of the first “Passers” in the presidency.

    Abe Lincoln.
    Thanks for the link.

  24. mary burrell on said:

    Sister, I thought I was going crazy but I could have sworn I read that years ago. I think it was from a book called The Black Presidents Of The United States. I know I read that somewhere.

  25. Lincoln was indeed a Negro. His ancestry is said to be of Melungeon, which is African, hertitage.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    Also thought I saw a National Geogrphic documentary on The Land Of The Pharoahs, I thought I heard the narrator say that alot of the monuments had the noses and lips chiseled off to disguise the African features.

  27. Mickey on said:

    There is a book calles “Six Black Presidents” or something to that effect and Lincoln was listed as one of them.

  28. Mickey on said:


  29. No Mary, you are not ‘crazy’! Take a look at ol Ike’s mother:

    Warren G Harding:


    She looks like a light skinned black woman. Even ol Ike Eisenhower!


    Look at young Ike Eisenhower:


    I think that all these ‘passers’, were aware of their African ancestry.

  30. Mickey on said:

    I have even heard of light-skinned Creoles in rural Louisiana intermarrying with cousins to keep the lightness of the skin and any other features inherited from European ancestors intact. Paul Mooney once joked on one of his comedy CDs that Oprah’s boyfriend Steadman was inbred because “them light-skinned n****** marry their own cousins and uncles to stay light.”

  31. Mickey on said:

    J. Edgar Hoover was said to be part Black as well.

  32. I read that there were 6 Black presidents.

  33. mary burrell on said:

    @Herneith AndMickey, Every last one of those mofos hated people of color. It makes perfect sense. They hated themselves.

  34. There were many Blacks that “passed” for white in my family and I’m sure mine isn’t the only one. Speaking of “passing”, has anyone else read the book “the sweeter the juice”? Great read about how the “white” sister ended up uneducated and living in a trailer park, and the “black” one ended up educated and a member of one more socially and financially elite black families in America.

  35. Mickey on said:

    I read that book. The author, Shirlee Taylor Haizlip, did a follow-up on it. It was basically letters from people across the country who discovered similar things about members of their own families.

  36. I shall look into this and do a post.

  37. Abe Lincoln was the biggest hater of them all.

  38. Tyrone on said:


    Latina is code for african-descended. Think J-Lo. Remember, whites speak in code…Urban=Black…Ethnic=Black…Minority=Black


  39. Tyrone:

    I am doing a Black Code Word Post soon!!!

  40. Tyrone on said:


    Whites have no grand history to brag about, which is why they employ racial theft. If they can’t claim it, they steal it…Simple Logic! When do you ever see whitewomen adorned in european garb, Never! On the flip side, blackwomen can dress like and style their hair like Cleopatra and other african queens with no problem.


  41. May I add that whites are not indigenous to ANYTHING so they must pirate to survive.

  42. Tyrone on said:


    At this time, ethnic whites are so far gone, who knows what will happen with the white race in the future. Whether italian, greek, jewish, turkish, arab, persian…a bunch of white folks who don’t want to be white, trying to turn back the clock. The women of this bunch are the engine that drive the insanity. Again, we have to move away from the black is less than model, it’s outdated. This group of white folk is obsessed with all things Kush(Africa) related, and have been from the start.


  43. What an education!! Thank you!!

  44. We speak raw and brutal here. But honest! Please join in and tell us your thoughts and fill out the “Getting to Know You” post.


  45. ynotme on said:


    I remember getting into an argument with a Puerto Rican co-worker over this exact topic. Even though this woman was as black as tar with obvious black features, she would constantly tell her co-workers that her race is not black, it’s P UERTO RICAN. Anyway, I tried to reason with her by telling her that Puerto Rican is not a race, but instead of her understanding or accepting my reasoning, she called me a f***ing idiot. Negress, that day was an extremely shocking and embarrassing moment for me.

  46. Ynotme:

    Name calling is the clearest way to admit ignorance.

  47. Gypsy doesn’t stick too badly as a pejorative anymore though, does it? (still sounds nomadic though)

  48. Yes…it’s more “acceptable” now.

  49. Herneith, are the Northerners calling the Southerners ‘Africans’ in a pejorative way? I’m guessing that they are.

    I was looking over the Anta Diop posts at Abagond’s. Mira made a comment about the Greeks being constructed (through propaganda) as white. “Pseudo whites” phrase makes me think about this a little more.

    Just thought of something else too: there’s an untold history of whiteness, how it was/is a club and who’s been let in over time and for what reasons.

  50. @Truth and Dr. Reine

    Truth, I don’t fully understand the main post. Are you trying to tell me J-Lo is an African/black? Is Diaz an African/black? That Charlie Sheen is black?

    Truth, is the post supposed to be about whites denying black admixture cause if that is the main point of the post then i agree. If you’re claiming that their admixture makes them black, you’ll have to explain that to me cause I don’t get it.

    The interviewer in this video raises the same issue you do but concludes that these “Hispanics” are trying to cover up their Native American race. Looking at the features on for example a J-Lo if there is black admixture to her, i guess the percentage to be low. A label (if we are forced to wear one) should be in proportion to our background. We can’t call J-Lo “African”. We ca

    The Sicilian’s admixture would be more simple though I think: Arab and/or black African with Caucasian. But still it’s a heritage thing. You think the admixture means they should be called “Black”?

    Anyway here’s the video on the Hispanics who are confused and think they are white. They aren’t white (but that don’t mean they’re African/black).


  51. @SW6

    Yep…the term hispanic is used to deny African lineage. Thanks for the video…

  52. Sanctified Brother on said:

    This was an interesting post. I grew up with a different definition of Hispanic: lover of the Spanish culture. It was considered a derogatory term when I was growing up and nobody wanted to be called that. National pride (whether Puerto Rican, Panamanian, Trinidadian, Brazilian, etc.) would force individuals to identify themselves by their country of origin. I’m still shocked to hear the term Hispanic in widespread use…

  53. Hispanic is a term Richard Nixon’s admin coined because at that time, the early 70’s, African Americans had gained the right to vote throughout the South and were overwhelmingly voting Democratic. So Nixon decided on a two point strategy. Create a new “minority” group, Hispanics, and employ the Southern Strategy. He felt that by creating this new group eventually Hispanics would outnumber Blacks , he was right, and the Republicans could get those Hispanic votes to counter the Black votes that were going to the Democrats, He was wrong about that part.

  54. Val:

    For that same reason, the U.S. government will add a new “race” very soon.

  55. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s funny that Cameron says white never believe she’s a Latina. Black didn’t either!lol Growing up in Long Beach I used to see Cameron all the time. She used to live not to far from my friend,George. George is Mexican,by the way. George also went to Poly High school with Cameron. Snoop Dogg also went there. I a knew Snoop also. He lived one block away from my cousin. But that’s another story.lol Anyway I used to see Cameron and her older sister Chimene riding their bikes in the neighborhood. Chimene was also blond and very white-looking. Cameron was real skinny,no curves and wore braces. I never gave her a second look. I didn’t find her all that attractive. She was a cheerleader for Poly High though. I used to see her at all the football games they had at Veteran Park.
    One day I was visiting George and I saw this big husky looking guy drive by with Cameron in the passenger seat. I asked George who it was–he said that was Cameron’s father,Emilio. I was shocked because he looked Mexican to me. George said he was Cuban and that he had just found out because Chimene told him. I was young then and thought all latinos were Mexican.lol I didn’t grow up around Puerto ricans,Salvadorians,Cubans or Colombians. I later learned that there are different Latinos/Hispanics are all over the world. Just a little story I thought I’d share with you guys.

  56. Tyrone on said:


    Nixon was wrong on both sides. Courting dixiecrats was wrong, and courting white spaniards was wrong as well. Most learned people know the real story. White spaniards run the show, mestizos/indians are in the middle, and blacks at the bottom. Strange thing, modern-day spanish culture was created from african culture. Yes, spaniards and indians have contributed to espana, but make no mistake about it, “Mama Africa” has her footprints all over Central and South America. As to politics, not shocked that spanish folk would support the party of slavery. Direct racists and colorblind-racists, two peas in a pod.


  57. Tyrone on said:


    As african-americans, we’ve contributed to the problem. Black folks yapping about latino this, latino that, knowing damn’ well that both are false terms. An example of blacks following behind politicians who don’t really care about our race. How do we end this insanity? We need to tell white cubans, dominicans, and others to get the hell out of our faces, first and foremost. Other races think and act the way they do, because, black folk allow them to do so…black people are enablers. We deal with spanish blacks individually, not as a group. Self-loving afro-spaniards are treated with respect, those who are not, get the silent treatment. My level of patience is very low when it comes to self-hating black people, regardless of language and nationality. We can’t play nice-nice on this issue. Our growth and advancement as a race is intertwined with the refinement or lack thereof of spanish blacks. My advice to our people, boycott spanish culture, tourism, music, etc. As long as our kin are mental slaves, we show no love to Spain, Portugal, all things spanish-related for the foreseeable future. This fight is a marathon, not a sprint.


  58. Tyrone on said:


    Makes sense to me. How can an entire family of black people be light-skinned? Most of us are brown and caramel…Strange?


  59. it is very good to know there are still some good blogs.http://www.vinhobrasil.org

  60. True. I’ve also met and heard of many Blacks who are from the Caribbean and Africa who hate american Blacks.

  61. Me: Soooo….what race are you?

    Him: Peruvian.

    Me: Ummm….Peruvian is an ethnicity. What race are you?

    Him: Hispanic.

    Me: ok…there’s no such thing.

    Him: Why are you badgering me! I’m Mestizo.

    Me: So is my brother! I’m an Island Creole myself. But we’re still African.

    Him: Leave me alone!

    —-LOL…they gon’ lock your a$$ up messin’ with them po folk. lol..I can see it now on the 5 o’clock news: surly, militant black woman is arrested after she verbally accosts a poor immigrant who is just here looking for a better life for himself and his family. For shame. For shame! lol..

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