Observations of an Invisible Woman

Top Ten Beautiful Black Men






Idris Elba

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Isaach de Bankole

Dennis Haysbert

Bob Marley

Lenny Kravitz

Malik Yoba

Morris Chestnut

Blair Underwood

Taye Diggs

Honourable Mentions:

Omar Epps

Shemar Moore

Michael Ealy

Marcus Samuelsson


Any others you’d like to add?

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31 thoughts on “Top Ten Beautiful Black Men

  1. isme on said:

    Colin Salmon?

  2. Ohhhh yes! Good choice.

  3. Nakale on said:

    Nnamdi Asomugha and Osi Umenyiora are gorgeous.

  4. What!?!? No Denzel Washington?!?!? And Shemar? Not feeling nothing but the chocolate, Pretty boys gotta go!!!!

    And please excuse my color preference!!!

  5. Lol!!!! Yes, Denzel almost made my top ten but Mr. Chestnut won out. and as you can guess, I do LOVE a dark coloured man. Lol!

  6. Mr. Chestnut is my #2! LOVES him too!!!

  7. A tasty selection of (mixed) chocolates; and while we may have a taste for them, sadly, many of them have demonstrated a preference for the taste of vanilla.

  8. You know what….? Most often, it doesn’t last.

  9. Other than Taye ( whose sexuality is questionable IMHO), who on this list prefers white women? Morris, Idris, Blair, Bob, Lenny, and Omar married Black women. I think Dennis did too. D’Angelo had a baby with Angie Stone, who is one of the most beautiful Black woman around.

    Besides I never understood why Black women care about Black men who prefer white women because 1) They’re usually “soft” Black men who have this preference 2) they usually choose “lowlife’s” White women and 3) There will ALWAYS be plenty of other decent Black men around.

  10. I would like to place myself on that list. I’m not a movie or tv star and I’m not rich or musclebound, but I’m good looking, educated and I love and worship my wife for the chocolate queen that she is. I also work my fingers to the bone to make sure that my beautiful daughter is loved, cared for, happy and healthy. Every once in a while, you gotta celebrate the brothas in the real world 😉

  11. Then on behalf of all black women…we salute you.

  12. Here, here, let’s celebrate the fact that the majority of successful Black men do in fact prefer Black women!!!

  13. They certainly do…but TV aka the Racist Propaganda Machine wants us to believe otherwise.

  14. You have a good point there. I don’t see many celebrities or “regular” folks relationships (interracial or otherwise) lasting for the long haul. I can certainly appreciate the eye candy though. Thanks again and yum! 🙂

  15. I’m not a big celebrity watcher, but I’ve seen photos of Denis H (I love him cause he looks like my Daddy) sporting a woman other than a sister on his arm. Also, Lenny K has a long history of dating outside the race. Wondering -in his case is it considered outside of his race since he has a foot in both worlds?

    My interest in the relationship status of these famous gentlemen is mostly in the entertainment value. Who doesn’t sneak a peek at People magazine from time to time. These folks don’t have a meaningful impact on my life.

    In the real world Black men are free to date and marry outside of the race (as am I), but also I’m free to be curious about it. I’m neither envious nor furious about it.

    As for “soft” and low life’s – I can’t make claims to the “content of the character” of the folks in these relationships. I will say, when I hear about these relationships dissolving , my first thought is always that the chasm between the races played a role in it.

  16. A Tree….

    Good response. Terrence Howard’s marriage went south for this reason.

  17. Soulsocket7, I’m sure you are on the short list for your wife and daughter and I support you being added to the list; as a representative of all the countless everyday beautiful men of substance. My Daddy was a “real world”man of substance too. His example of how to be right in this world set the bar very high for me, his only daughter, and for my 2 brothers. Blessings!

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Sister, I am glad to have some fun today Isaach de Bankole is sexy to me he is from Cote de Ivore. Anyhoo, he speaks french. I saw two of his movies and he was so sexy to me. Unfortunately most of these guy don’t like Black women. But this was fun. Happy Monday.:)

  19. mary burrell on said:

    @Soulsocket Hat tip to you sir for loving your Nubian queen.

  20. This week’s posts will be fun/spiritual for my people. Life isn’t all education and/or our struggles….
    I too noticed Isaach and he is so fine!

    Tomorrow’s post will be fun to.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    Oooh you forgot Laz Alonzo and Lance Gross YUM!!!

  22. I don’t know them…I must look them up…

  23. tehnoun on said:

    Well, I can’t say I’m attracted to any of these guys (because I’m not attracted to men period), but they’re definitely all handsome. Though I probably would have put Idris Elba at the top too. Good job being one of only two not terrible performance in Prometheus! [/bias]

  24. Was Onitaset #11?

  25. LOL!!!
    Yes…You are number 11.

  26. One day, I’ll marry Idris…he just doesn’t know it yet!

  27. Howard’s wife is a great example of a lowlife and he is a great example of soft, lol!!!!

  28. One last point, Lenny K married one of those Cosby Show girls, demonstrating that what a man will “run around with” can be VERY different from what he’ll “wife up”.

  29. Nakale on said:

    Hey… You did not reply my comment.

  30. My apologies Nakale…yes they both are very attractive. I had to look them up having never heard of them.

  31. Again, anyone of these men that sleeps or anything else next to white women should be left off ALL list.

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