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Wise As An Owl

I’ve been working on this post for a while now. I deleted it. Then rewrote it. It’s ridiculous, really, but it needs to be said. Since whites in AmeriKlan…





Bad about themselves from a black person, God made Tim Wise. If you don’t know Tim J. Wise, let me tell you a few things about this fellow:

He’s a white anti-racist scholar….or so he claims. He’s a southerner. He’s an author and an orator that speaks about whiteness and its supremacist machinations in AmeriKlan. He’s trained companies and law enforcement officials on how to undo racial practices in the workforce( which we blacks know only teaches them how to be MORE racist and get away with it ). And he’s esteemed, well-spoken, highly educated and thought to be “One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation.”

“Tim Wise is one of the few people, along with perhaps Frederick Douglass, who has ever really spoken honestly and forcefully to white people about themselves…” —Charles Ogletree, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice

“(Wise’s) work is revolutionary, and those who react negatively are simply afraid of hearing the truth…” —Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor of History, University of Southern California, author of Race Rebels, and Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!

I’ve noticed a few things about the white mind while traveling across this country. Most whites in this society are monolithic. They act, speak and think the exact same things. That’s why say, in Vermont, I can hear the same conversation with two white women that I hear in say, Michigan. White supremacy has prepped them from birth on how to be the same..think the same…eat the same…shop in all the same stores…much like The Borg. With supremacy, sameness is key. Since I no longer speak to or have relations with whites lest I go mad, I wonder who will converse with them regarding The Problem with No Name?” (Folks, if you haven’t read my post yet, please do.)

Wise, a white scholar, says EXACTLY the same things blacks have been saying for centuries, in fact he himself even says that he is NOT saying anything new. Yet when he speaks, a hush falls over the crowd and they hang onto his every word in adoration. In fact, with his old southern-like, preacher-ish way of speaking, he reminds me of the Baptist ministers I knew in church. Please listen to an excerpt:

Wise, ever so eloquently, explained to an “educated” white man why only blacks can call each other “niggers.” The man, in his desperate need to understand this “problem with no name” was transfixed. I found the whole thing riveting. And extremely amusing. I began to wonder why is Mr. Tim Wise the voice to be heard regarding the “complicated issue of race in AmeriKlan?”

My Supposition:

1. Whites don’t want to hear a black person tell them anything about racism for fear of being blamed for it. Remember, whites in AmeriKlan are good, decent, moral, Puritanical Christians (excuse me while I cough). Getting blamed for something that happened a really, really, really long time ago forces them to deal with their sickness called racism. And it also forces them to answer for the sins of perpetuating this supremacist society directly or indirectly, with the most detrimental of all actions: silence and acceptance. Who wants to swallow that medicine?

2. Whites only believe what other whites tell and teach them. This is the foundation of racism in and of itself. But don’t tell them that. That’s why only white people can teach other white people about racism. Please see example #1.

3. Mr. Wise, a white man, will “break it to them gently” using lengthy, multi-syllabic words while a black person will just say it “like it is”. This matters greatly to them. The way you say something is more important than what you say.

4. Wise, who shares their skin, doesn’t pose as a threat to their whiteness.

5. Because blacks are considered scary to converse with it. See Example #1.

6. Because blacks are still considered inferior, low-class, dumb and nothing can be learned from the black man.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Why even write this post? Because Mr. Wise, in his alleged “goodness” has taken on the White Man’s Burden Syndrome…for white people. This burden, given to them by The Almighty, compels them to be the omniscient beings they were born to be. In order for whites to understand the pathology of their illness, they need to be confronted with it. Head on. We’re not children. Blacks had no choice but to confront racial hatred head on so why should whites be coddled?

They know EXACTLY what this “problem with no name” is. They know every single time they look at our brown faces…and glance away. They know when they feel the need to stop talking whenever we enter the room. They know when they are fearful of saying the “wrong things” and upsetting us. And they know every time an incident occurs because of racism and they try, oh so desperately to convince us, “See? It happened to me too!” I don’t buy the bullshit! And neither should you!

In fact, my awakening has lead me to believe that white supremacy intentionally created Mr. Wise as a distraction to Amos Wilson, Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller. If I’ve learned one thing about the system of white supremacy, that thing is this:

White people will do just about anything to remain supreme.

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41 thoughts on “Wise As An Owl

  1. I hate to be a bringer of bad news, but Tim Wise is a fake. Simply search the C.O.W.S. and Time Wise, he called Dr. Welsing book and I quote, “pseudo-scientific bullshit”. They fight racism white people are nothing bleeding hearts who can’t even remember the last time they had a Black person in their house. I mean believe what you will, but please keep your eyes open.

  2. I don’t buy it either…but I wanted to explore why he’s respected and listened to.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    So Sister I want to believe Tim Wise is sincerein his activism, but I guess I should be leery. I want to believe there is some white people that are helping fight racism.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    I want to believe Tim Wise is sincere in his activism and trying to enlighten his peers about racial prejudice. (Correction)

  5. Miss Mary:

    I’d be cautious of anyone not Coloured preaching the gospel. I just wanted to explore him and the reasons why he’s so respected.

  6. brothawolf on said:

    Tim Wise may seem sincere, but he is not – I repeat – NOT invulnerable from his own privileges and whiteness. I saw one person go from anti-racist to white man in no time over one comment.

    We must be mindful because Kil Ja Kim says it all:

  7. brothawolf on said:

    Actually, it was one blog and not one comment. Let’s just say it all went down hill from there.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    Hey Sister I have one more question for you. I noticed you use the word coloured this seems like such a strange and antiquated word, Like something people use to say in the sixties. Is black negative to you? Example: evil, dark . I am aware that black is defined in such negative terms. I was just curious . Thanks for all your thoughts and enlightening post.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    I just had a moment of clarity. Brotha Wolf had a good point, They do go from Anti-Racist and snap back to White, Especially when around their peers when It’s convenient for them to be white. Yeah I clearly am understanding this white priveledge thing. I was always aware of this thing, Just did’nt know how to articulate it into words. Until I started reading internet blog about race and social issues concerning The African American community.

  10. I call all non whites Coloured. To white supremacy, we’re all in the same boat.

  11. Mickey on said:

    Well, Tim Wise may be suspect, but have you ever heard of Jane Elliott? She has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few times and on other shows showcasing her racism exercises that she first did in her class in the sixties. Here is one she did in England called “How Racist are You?”. There are four parts to it. Please watch it, especially the interview at the end. Jane is a damn trip!

  12. Mickey on said:

    Correction. There are 3 parts.

  13. I’ve seen many whites who are “well-meaning” say the most horrific things…without realizing it.

  14. Mickey, I’ve come to rely on you for your educational videos…thanks.

  15. Ok…Saw the interviews and Jane is fierce! I remember her from the Oprah show.

  16. Matari on said:


    I’m a fan of this woman! I LOVE what Jane Elliot does (putting white people in uncomfortable “exercises” for a short period of time). At least she uses her white privilege for the cause..

    I HATE that non-white people are not permitted/allowed to do/demonstrate what she does – show white people in a forceful and unapologetic way exactly what racial discrimination *feels* like … because blacks and other non-whites are expected to be kind, soft-spoken, non emotional when talking to whites about THEIR racism.

    HOW non-whites speak to whites matters more that WHAT we’re talking about.
    That’s Bull Sh*t!

  17. mary burrell on said:

    On a light hearted note this is off topic but check out a movie called The Drop Squad, And Good Fences I think thses are great films have a great weekend.

  18. Thanks Mary…I don’t much TV / Movies anymore but they sound interesting.

  19. tehnoun on said:

    I think that Wise probably is sincere, but that doesn’t change the fact that trying to be gentle and delicate about racism is the worst way to handle it, because it let’s people think that they aren’t to blame for racism when it’s very likely that they are, even if only out of ignorance rather than malice. Of course, America would never want victims of it’s injustice to actually have a voice on the subject, that might *gasp* force it to CHANGE and stuff!

  20. The very premise of supremacy is based on denial and deflection.

  21. wilson on said:

    In the clip you posted, substitute the color of his skin from white to black.

    White in the clip gives the impression of a progressive liberal..

    Black in the clip gives the impression of a “trouble maker” who might go off at any point.

    What do you think?

  22. X, King, Garvey, Dubois were all “troublemakers.” Kennedy, Wise, etc are “enlightened.”

  23. ( which we blacks know only teaches them how to be MORE racist and get away with it )

    I think that this is the kicker.

    You can’t stop White folk from being “racist” (tribal.) You can only make them better at hiding it (mis-leading Black folk.)

    But we can’t go so far as to claim that White folk don’t extend a stage to Black folk: Malcolm X was all over the news circuits. And Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson have pulpits too.

  24. Good comment, Onitaset. I’ve read that a white antiracist is an oxymoron.

  25. “Gesundheit” is another way to respond to “White anti-racist,” as it is a senseless utterance. 🙂

  26. Onitaset…you are too much for me! Lol!

  27. Tyrone on said:


    White people are afraid of us. No matter how nice we may act towards them, they’re still gonna feel threatened by us anyway…this is the true legacy of slavery. Whites have what they have because their forefathers enslaved another race of people, it’s a terrible burden that was given to them. As such, they suffer the consequences of their fathers, wrong or right. I was introduced to Tim Wise during my high school years by an uncle who read some of his material. Yes, he calls out white folk for this and that, but he still enjoys the same white priviledge that all whites have. The test for white people…are they willing to forgo “WP” to prove once and for all that they’ve truly seen the light? As i tell my peeps, life is dynamic, not static. Nothing stays the same, change is the only constant in life. Whites are not gonna be on top forever, and blacks are not gonna be on the bottom forever as well. Black people don’t need whites, whites need us, this fact of life has always been true.


  28. Tyrone,

    Excellent comment! Without blacks, AmeriKlan would not be the country is it today. That threat you speak of is called GUILT.

  29. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s true. I have one of Tim’s books. He does make some good points from time to time. But yeah,he’s a fake. Pam from Trojan Horse told me about that bullshit comment he made. After he dissed Dr Welsing(Master teacher) I was done with him. These fake ass Jewish liberals are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Tim is real slick. He’s as fake as they come.

  30. THANK YOU!! Negroes love to love white folk they think love them.

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah,that’s very true. The era of the “Uncle Tom” is over. Loving your oppressor because he sometimes speaks truth?? I don’t think so. We have to get beyond that if we want to move forward as a people.

  32. put simply… agreed. I have no regard for any people in the church. All smiles, but rage on the inside. I really do think they struggle to be neighbourly, meaning… the struggle is there’s.

  33. yes, Drop Squad remains popular in the UK.

  34. ‘In fact, my awakening has lead me to believe that white supremacy intentionally created Mr. Wise as a distraction to Amos Wilson, Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller. If I’ve learned one thing about the system of white supremacy, that thing is this:
    White people will do just about anything to remain supreme.’

    —I think you are exactly right. And they can’t stand for us to be able to speak on anything with authority that they can’t speak with equal authority–even our oppression. Even that has to be outsourced to a white man. And I don’t buy Mr. Wise’s schtick. I just don’t. I think it’s just a perverse game of white man see what black man do and decide he can OUT BLACK us. Finally, there would have to be millions upon millions of Tim Wises for their to be any kind of discernable change in the psychosis of the white american.

  35. Hell lets be real. There are some colored you have to be leery of so ain’t no way I have time to be trying to figure out the motives of seemingly benign whites. If they really want to eradicate white skin privilege (which is counter-intuitive in my opinion) then they should go and do it and do it b/c it’ s the right thing to do. Not b/c they are receiving accolades. That actually is true of anybody. But yeah, whites working, actively working to eradicate the advantage that not only keeps them privileged but ALIVE, nope, not buying it.

  36. Yes, they have offered forums to black people who tell it like it is. I think this is curiously an extension of the propensity they have for sexual abuse and denigration–it’s like a verbal golden shower or you know the other one..lol..I think for some, the more Malcolm X spoke truth and made them literally fear him, the more aroused they became by him. But could colorism also be apart of it? They didn’t like Garvey talkin’ shat. lol..ANd Jack Johnson? Lawd, they almost lost their collective minds. And has anybody read about the CIA drugging Paul Robeson?

  37. darqbeauty on said:

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions and they are first and foremost. “Saving” the darkies from rotten old Africa with slavery, “bestowing” upon them a religion that was stolen from them and then repackaged, separating us with Jim Crow laws so we could be “separate but equal” and a plethora of other “good” works. *eye roll*

  38. I couldn’t tell you. But far as I understand, the White folk tried and tried hard to outsmart Malcolm, they just couldn’t. However, I think they would have been very pleased to themselves make Malcolm seem less than he was. As to colorism, I don’t know if we can say that. Elijah Muhammad chose Malcolm to be the spokesperson, not White people. I think Malcolm was just a good speaker; and maybe White folk never liked that. Really, I think that there may be more behind the scenes requiring a deeper look at finances and counter-revolutions.

  39. floydmerit on said:

    Your first two points are pretty well on the nose. Whites will always prefer to hear “your a racist” from a white person than from a black person because it’s safer. It’s safer because the fact of a white calling another white out on racism in a sense demonstrates that racial insensitivity is not intrinsic to being white. Perversely, this sense of security is shared by both the accusing white and the accused white. Secondarily, the accusing white accrues a sense of personal regard, having offloaded culpability from “good whites” like himself onto “bad whites”, while the accused white preserves a sense of personal regard behind the awareness that a white person’s standing to present accusations of racism is, compared to a black person’s standing to present the accusation, essentially meaningless.

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