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Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Two

Last night, I spoke to my realtor…(yes, I am looking for more land to raise farm animals) and my realtor called me to tell me about the farmhouse with lots of land in this town I’ve been eyeing. She and I, I’ll call her X, have a great rapport, we talk about our love of houses( I’m a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan ) and she loves the ornate beauty of the Victorian era.

X is white, older and full of charm. I liked her immediately. So when we spoke and she interweaved Obama into the conversation, I got a little quiet. Ok…I’ve had two reactions from whites living here, just here, concerning Obama. The first group feels that he’s doing as best as he can considering the situation. And the other ones despise him. The fact that I am black makes them apprehensive to talk to me about him due to the fact that they are deathly afraid of appearing racist. So they tiptoe around the fact that yes, he is our president now and yes, he is black.

So when X brought up the fact that because of Obama’s socialism, we are in a terrible mess with the housing market and homes that were once worth $500,000 are now selling for $300,000, foreclosures are skyrocketing and people are starving for lack of food, I wondered how one man, in 4 years could accomplish:

1. Worldwide poverty

2. A housing bubble burst

3. Predatory loans

I find that in these situations when speaking to certain folks, it’s best to keep a little quiet, nod politely and wait for the bomb. She did not disappoint. She proceeded to tell me about how her daughter was rejected from a prominent school, with good grades, for a black girl, from Philly with poor grades. She told me that affirmative action was ruining the lives of blacks and white due to an unfair practice of rewarding someone for their skin. I quickly thought of a little thing called White Privilege but said nothing.

I offered her a useless explanation. I said, “X, affirmative action was originally created to help white women in the workforce. It was then misconstrued(perhaps on purpose) by the powers that be to mean “black” but that’s only a fallacy. Many organizations that seem black-oriented were originally created for whites, by whites, to help them when they needed government assistance and to propel them into middle class status.”

She got quiet.

Well I don’t feel guilty for slavery. I never had slaves so it has nothing to do with me.”


The phone went unusually quiet. Needless to say, I didn’t check out the farmhouse and she didn’t call back. I’m sure she felt that something in our relationship was gone with the slip of the tongue. I am now in the process of searching for a new realtor, a black one this time. But this does make me wonder about one thing…how many blacks were steered into certain neighborhoods because they “belong there” by X? How many houses and farms were “not available” to certain buyers? And if she had never opened her mouth and revealed her colours, would she had steered me into a certain neighborhood? Perhaps we’ll never know.

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18 thoughts on “Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Two

  1. Just when you thought you were dealing with a human the pops out. Look people, white folk don’t like you and they are only half assed at acting like they do. Save your breath and speak to someone that looks like you. At least that way you both can hate each other equally.

  2. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But a truthful one. She shocked me…we got along so well and saw many farms. Lesson learned.

  3. Mickey on said:

    What the fuck did slavery have to do with your explanation about affirmative action? That, to me, sounds like a defense mechanism for when a POC has a historical rebuttal for their comments. You pulled out your knowledge of affirmative action like Indiana Jones pulling out his whip and she automatically went on the defensive. That just goes to show you how some people’s mindset are put on standby when confronted about racial bias.

  4. It shocked me too. She was so much fun to be with while house hunting…I still wonder if she steered other black families towards the “rightful” neighbourhoods.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    Don’t you just hate clueless obtuse people. Is that the correct word or maybe she’s just plain stupid. or I’m guessing that yes this woman is a racist. she is beyond stupid. STOOPID! stuck on stupid. I know you were just shocked but the mask came off and the ugly bigot monster came out. Peace Sister keep on keeping on.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    One more thing I hope she will play this conversation the two of you had and think about the awful things she said. But that business about slavery and “I did’nt own slaves before people start speaking and spouting off stupid shit they need to think about what they are saying. Goodnight Sister I’m going to bed now.

  7. Miss Mary:

    I’ve learned that some will never learn. Have a goodnight.

  8. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to stop associating with white people, unless I’m related to them or at work. Especially white women, they are the cause of so much world wide strife!!

  9. The foundation of Jim Crow is the protection of white women from the black man.

    White women are perhaps more racist than white men due to the fact that they are protected from their own racism.

  10. Woah! That’s deep!!!!

  11. You ran into a racist possibly. You ran into and intellectual light weight; absolutely.

    This scenario speaks to racism yet I also think it reveals that we are living in an increasingly dumbed down society. Folks are confusing parroting lines gleaned from dubious sources for real knowledge, engagement and citizenship. You are allowed to say, to anyone, that President Obama is ruining America; if you can support and defend your case with facts. You are allowed to say, to anyone, that President Obama is rebuilding America if you can support and defend your case with facts.

    Responding thoughtfully to X’s ill-advised statements prompted her tangential retort because it’s always disorienting to have your stupidity reflected back at you. She was blinded by brilliance. Unfortunately, for her, there are no sunglasses strong enough to block that glare for the dimwitted.

  12. The dumbing down of AmeriKlan was done on purpose to separate us. Keep the masses hungry and stupid.

  13. i agree with your thought. thank you for your sharing.http://www.jogosdoxmen.com

  14. wilson on said:

    In my opinion if you are dealing with elderly or “old” whites, then you should always be on your guard regarding racism… Chances are when they were in there 20’s maybe early 30’s the world for them was very different, blacks were truly 2nd class citizens and they could openly express there dislike for colored people in vulgar terms and probably get social approval for it from there peers, however, nowadays they have had to suppress this and instead it comes out in other non-direct supposedly “pseudo-intellectual” ways…

    Btw if you aren’t aware, in europe right now there is a continental football competition going on “EURO 2012” in Poland and Ukraine. There have been an incident of a banana being thrown onto the pitch and racist chanting towards certain black players, black people have been advised against travelling there to watch the games as there is a relatively high risk of being targeted..

    Racism is alive and well.

  15. Tyrone on said:


    Black people are not mind-readers. No matter how sweet and charming a white man or woman may seem on the outside, we’ll never know their true feelings and thoughts as it relates to black people. Yes, black people should aim to get along with everybody, but, we shouldn’t obsess over it. “Others have a problem with black people, and black people have a problem with themselves.” Why others seek to control and exploit black people, Who Knows?


  16. Tyrone:

    Exploitation = money. It’s that simple.

  17. Before you got to the end of your story, I imagined you thinking to yourself: Damn I gotta now find another realtor. lol..

  18. And you can also put some $ in another black person’s pocket.

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