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Why Horror Movies Are Made For White People

Picture it:

It’s a dark and stormy night. You’re all alone. Perhaps your husband/boyfriend has left for that business meeting in Boston and you’ll be alone for the entire weekend. You order pizza, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine…take a nice lavender-scented bath and get ready to watch a girlish movie when….the phone rings.

Hello?“, you say. Nothing. “Hello?” Not one sound. You hang up and shrug. You pop in Thelma and Louise and the phone rings again. “Hello?” All you hear is breathing….then….”I’m coming to kill you…” in a terrifying, raspy voice. You blink, your brow furrows and you ask, “Steve? Is that you…?”

No…..it’s not Steve, dammit! It’s NEVER Steve!!! Steve wouldn’t call you from Boston and tell you that he’s going to kill you. And if he did, then you need a new boyfriend!

You know why horror movie producers, writers, directors and casting agents employ predominately white actors? Because if that was a black girl, she’d get the fuck out the house already! There wouldn’t be a movie! She’d check her caller ID, dial *69 and know better than to ass-u-me that Steve is playing a prank from Boston.

Ever see Scream with the Drew Barrymore character? Why was she talking to him? Why are you answering a total stranger and telling him that you are alone in the house? But really, folks, why do horror movie writers make white women stupid, helpless, big-breasted damsels who always fall down during a tense chasing scene? Even Jamie Lee Curtis fell whilst Michael Meyers was chasing her…and she outsmarted him!

One possibility is white women being terrorized, beaten and violated adheres to the White Male Fantasy. Remember I Spit On Your Grave? A vile film but it shows my point. A woman being subjugated to the whims of a group of derelicts. A fantasy of utter control. Another possibility is since whites are the default in AmeriKlan, all they hope to see being represented in the movies is themselves. Plus, the imagery of a beautiful, blonde, voluptuous damsel in distress( Hitchcock anyone? ) makes you root for her. While a black woman being terrorized makes you root for her killer ( Scream 2 with Mrs. Pinkett-Smith ). Sympathy for the white woman is a big box office draw….Look at Jodie Foster in The Accused. Everyone was rooting for her rapists to get nailed by the court system. Do you think if the Jodie Foster character was played by the well-toned Angela Bassett, people would empathize and want justice? I think not. I believe the word is called apathy.

You see it all the time. Countless movies with white women who have overcome all odds with a mysterious stranger wanting to kill her and the audience walks away feeling good. “Wow! That was a great movie! I must tell Susan to go see it!” But when it’s us getting murdered…”Hmmmmm???…Oh, yeah…well….it’s just a movie.”

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30 thoughts on “Why Horror Movies Are Made For White People

  1. Europeans horrify me. No people are more inhumane.

    I should one day write on the Eighth Amendment. An Elder had said we don’t understand the Constitution and we really don’t.

    But it’s worth thinking on–why do they need to explicitly forbid “cruel and unusual punishment?”

    Yet you don’t need to think on it when we see lynchings.

    It’s only that with less public inhumanities on us–these films . . ..

    Thanks for the post Sister. 🙂

  2. Something that I’ve wondered about is why the lust for gore? I must admit to finding them (some of them) funny if not entertaining but have you noticed the love for more blood and guts?

    I’m going to do a post about that so we can debate on why that is.

  3. Mickey on said:

    It’s simple. We live in a violent society. People would rather see people being ripped up and torn to bits that seeing a feel-good type of movie or a bit of flesh on-screen. Other countries laugh at us because of this.

    I also think that the movies let people live through the issues on-screen. They know that if they did half of the crap that’s done in film they would be put under the jail. It’s much safer to fantasize about killing someone and seeing it play out before you.

  4. I’ve slowed down on my posting, because I’m trying to get some good foundational works finished in an excellent manner.

    But I want to eventually show the “Cultural Continuity” of European brutality. I read of Ancient Germany and modern England and the differences are the victims. Just like modern America exercised a true brutality on our ancestors.

    I have that example queued up. I look forward to your posting.

    Thanks for this journal, 🙂

  5. Mickey, why do whites enjoy this specifically? Look at the Saw series…And what does that say about those that live amongst us?

  6. Onitaset…sure ok. I look forward to your next post. I took that test by the way…I can’t wait for the results…

  7. Mickey on said:

    Our good friend Paul Mooney talks about this from his 1993 CD “Race”.

  8. Mickey…you are awesome! Thanks…

  9. brothawolf on said:

    This is (another reason) why I don’t go to the movies. It’s the same thing with the same kind of people over and over again. Then again, you can’t expect much from Holly-white.

  10. Holly-white..LOL !

  11. mary burrell on said:

    Sister, I just love this blog so much. you just don’t know how much you help me in learning. I’m am becoming enlighted everyday. You and Brotha Wolf, and now Onitaset have helped me understand sociology. Especially how this society works pertaining to our people. Many thanks for this blog. I am a hughe horror fan. and this post was so on point about the horror movie genre. Yes even in the movies they don’t care about us.

  12. Miss Mary
    That’s why we always die off in the 1st act or die saving white people.

    Look at ANY movie with a black actor…you’ll see it.
    Alien, Scream 2, Freddy Krueger, etc…

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Hey, Sister I am subscribing to Onitaset’s blog as well Arican Blood Siblings want to learn and become enlightened. That video from the previous post was so informative. “Lord that beautful Black man speaks beautiful french. I think I want to enroll in conversational french or at least and introduction to french. Black french speaking people so sexy.

  14. You are so right.

    Even when I was younger it confused me way the damsel in distress didn’t make a run for it and screamed so much. (drawing attention to herself)

    I remember being sat in the cinema amazed that Dimjon Hounsou survived and that Gladiator Russell Crowe didn’t

  15. Here’s one of my favourite horror movies of all time, the template for future horror movies albeit shittily made and acted!:

  16. I have always had an idea for a horror movie that involved black people being chased by an anonymous white mob trying rape and lynch them . The setting? Night in a Sundown Town. Thinking about one where guys runs from plantation, you know? Like Apocalypto.

  17. Good movie, Satan. As for your horror movie…Hmmmm…I’ve read and heard about something like that somewhere….

  18. Satan they did make that, but it’s not a movie it happen, check out Black Wall St., riots in Tulsa, OK.

  19. you know why Black people aren’t in horror movies? Cause it wouldn’t last longer than a commercial.

    Another great article.

  20. I remember recently when Hunger Games came out and so many White people were upset that there was a Black girl in the film. And I remember one remarking via twitter that in the book it was sad when that character was killed because she was White but when the Black girl was killed it wasn’t sad at all. That’s America.

    Funny thing is though, the character in the book was Black too but many White readers refused to imagine her as such.

  21. No, I was thinking something like a Romero zombie movie, except without zombies, but angry middle class whites. And not like Rosewood. It would instead, use the whole suspense , surprise and implication that the best horror movies use.

  22. Val:

    Being in denial is the cornerstone of AmeriKlan.

  23. Ya know.. . its not really the white damsel in distress horror film i take issue with. Its the ones like Jeepers Creepers and King Kong. . . where the monster is always BIG and BLACK.

    Gotta love their imaginations

  24. Phoebes..

    I HATE king kong movies!!!! Who ever came up with the idea for the script needs a good lashing!

  25. IKR Truthbetold!

    But in their imagination it is always going to be some big black creature (allegorical black man) that either eats thems whole or takes over the world.

    Also, do you go by Truth on your blog or another name? Wouldn’t want to come into your lovely home without knowing :).

  26. Truth is fine. Some call me Negress. Both are acceptable.

  27. Tyrone on said:


    If i was a white female, horror flicks would offend me. They make whitewomen look stupid, and they promote violence against them at the same time. Most americans ignore this reality. Every time i turn on the news, some random white female has been snatched off the streets never to be seen again by some serial killer, usually a white guy. Blackwomen and horror flicks don’t mix, god blessed ya’ll with common sense, a blackwoman would get the hell out of dodge. Not wait around to get killed by Jason, just saying.


  28. The interesting thing about these movies is how the villainous beings are always scary and dark while the protagonists are always white and “innocent”. I think these films are subliminally training white people to fear non-whites because they still see us frightening, but they won’t say that explicitly. Also, history has shown that the terrifying things they fear in such stories were done by them towards others for over 500 years. Maybe the real perpetrators deserve a horror movie that’s honest.

  29. Ms J

    Excellent observation!

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