Observations of an Invisible Woman

Medical Publications

White Racist: noun:  { hwahyt-rey-sist }

1. A breed of homo stupidus lacking the chromosome, Hu-Man-ITEE1, that believes in the doctrine of superiority due to skin colour, ethnic origin or race.

2. A deviant mental affliction that causes delusions of grandeur, paranoia, the formulation of hate groups and gun possession.

Medical Research:

ICD-9 codes: 666

Founded and studied under Dr. Louis Cypher Beelzebub.

According to the esteemed Dr. Beelzebub, the homo stupidus has the capability to distort facts or simply invent them to suit his needs. The homo stupidus, in his psychosis, will attempt to eradicate other humans in his quest for ultimate power. This quest, however futile, will cause the homo stupidus to lose all sense of reality in order to justify his actions. When confronted with undisputed evidence of his crimes and misgivings, the homo stupidus will rationalize that “everyone does it“, deflect the evidence with government statistics and simply deny that these things ever existed. This patient, in his extreme delusion and apathy for human life, will demand that his victims simply “get over” all the atrocities that he has committed against them with no sense of remorse. Under the article entitled Commandment Number 6 , this patient exhibits all the symptoms of a sociopathic personality. Dr. Beelzebub believes that this condition may be genetic, but other scientists argue that it is merely a case of Nature vs. Nurture. This individual, according to Dr. Beelzebub, has a fourth chromosome called Dee-nyal. Dee-nyal is currently under intense study as professors and physicians are unsure of the origin.

The homo stupidus, if not properly medicated with the experimental drug, N0L-Lij, will infect other homo sapiens. This can be seen within the Stupidus Group known as the Ku Klux Klan. Currently, there is no known effective cure for this debilitating disorder. Some hypothesize that it can only be cured by a higher power.

If you wish to know more about the homo stupidus and Dr. Beelzebub’s work, please send all inquires to:

Dr. Beelzebub, 420 Sodom and Gomorrah Highway, Hitlertown, USA 4/1939

All publications are copyrighted but can be ordered from: The Book of Revelations

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7 thoughts on “Medical Publications

  1. brothawolf on said:

    Homo Stupidus. LOL I like that one.

  2. ynotme on said:


    We are definitely heading down the Sodom and Gomorrah Highway.

  3. A Sister and I were just speaking about the differences between how we perceive White people and how White people perceive us.

    In our example, COINTELPRO documented that Black people liked to ride slowly in their expensive cars through their neighborhoods. Ergo, they purchased quite a few Black people through expensive cars.

    On the other hand, Black people were assured by White people that the latter would not assassinate anyone with the aid given them and the Black people believed the latter–while our whole communities were set back by the assassinations.

    Do your part Sister in spreading “N0L-Lij.” It is constantly saving you and the rest of us.

    Thank you,

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Homo stupidus that’s funny.Lol!

  5. tehnoun on said:

    “Homo stupidus.”

    This is the best thing.

  6. We’ve been heading towards that for 450 years…

  7. No thank you…

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