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The Fabulous Ms. Baker

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17 thoughts on “The Fabulous Ms. Baker

  1. Are you serious?? This my all time favorite artist in creation. The concert I ever attained was at Chastian amphitheater here in Atlanta. The night was clear and warm, the stars were out and we had seafood boil candles and some adult beverages. Ms. Baker has been with me through a lot in my life and she has always been there when I needed her. Thank you Sista for this.

  2. No, thank you…Anita and I go waaaaaay back.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Thanks sister, Anita Baker is one of my favorite artist. And I have many. but when it comes to singing which today’s artist don’t seem to be able to do. My favorite Anita Baker song is Fairy Tales. You have good taste in music.

  4. Thanks…they don’t make em like they used to…

  5. brothawolf on said:

    Everytime I hear this song with Anita Baker singing, I feel this peculiar sensation within my soul. It’s nice, warm and comfortable. I guess that’s why I like this tune.

  6. Brothawolf:

    This song brings back so many memories.

  7. I love this song so very much. Oh to share it with somebody special one day…

  8. Me and this song go waaaaaaay back.

  9. Just watched her on Soul Train. She’s giddy in a very cute way.

    Sister truthbetold, has a man ever sung this song to you? Or have you sang it to a man?

    As we say, “Let me find out.”


  10. Onitaset, you flirt! I do have a very special song near and dear to my heart that
    I will post later on in the week.

  11. “I’m in love. Sweet love.”


  12. LOL!!!! You sly thing!

  13. Look at her in the interview.

    Especially her answer, to the question at 5:29, at 5:43. ­čÖé

    She cool.

  14. And very attractive…and real.

  15. That’s how we are. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. ­čÖé

  16. If only we can get the other 40 million to see that.

  17. The other 2 billion should know too. ­čÖé

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