Observations of an Invisible Woman

Blackaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Chad and I’m addicted to black people.”

Hi Chad!”

I secretly envy them. Watch “black” movies, try to walk like them, dress like them, act like them…and it’s ruining my life!”

Do you know someone like Chad? A well-to-do white ( or working-class ) person who fits this description? I do. I work with a “Chad” and between snickering at him, looking at him with utter amazement and wondering what happened, I decided to explore why Chad left the cushy world of argyles and fisherman’s sweaters for chains, backwards hats and a dialect that even the most “street” black person finds amusing.

I went to public school. That means I saw all kinds of kids from all backgrounds. But the ones that stuck out most in my mind was the white child who wanted to fit in with the black kids. He wanted this so desperately, he grew dreadlocks, began to listen to 2 live crew, got an earring( the most potent form of rebellion back in the day ), cut class and started smoking. He also began to desire black women. And not just any black woman but the darkest black woman he could find. I began to wonder where this was coming from….

In college, the same phenomenon occurred; especially with the lust for dark-skinned women. Then it dawned on me. Whites have convinced themselves, through their own white supremacy, that they have no culture, no indigenous food, no “real music” ( Johnny Cash and Elvis don’t count since they were heavily influenced by black singers ), no dance ( Polka apparently isn’t popular with youngsters ) and thusly, no identity. They wanted to be apart of something “cool”, fresh, new, exciting and taboo. And in white supremacist AmeriKlan, what could be more exciting, taboo and popular than the culture of blacks? Forbidden fruit is always sweetest. I tried to understand how this affinity for black culture came about. After all, aren’t we inferior beings? We’re always told that we are the lowest form of humans on earth and how no self-respecting white person could ever desire to be black. So what gives?

Black mystery has always been apart of the white conscience. We are deemed suave, great dancers, sensual( this is both good and bad ) athletic but also unintelligent, slow, inept and downtrodden. Why would an alleged race of “superior” people want to aspire to be like us? Because white society, the rulers, can pick apart all the good within any culture, apply it to themselves for their betterment whilst pointing out why that very culture is beneath them. Case in point? Look at this:

And this:

Both are white women with  typical “black” features. We were given these assets, yes, I made a pun, from God. On us, it’s deemed disgusting, unkempt, unattractive….On them, it’s a “phenomenon”…white women EVERYWHERE want the “Kim Look“. Uhhhhhh….excuse me? What is the “Kim Look” exactly? Curvaceousness? Didn’t black women write the book on curves?

And that’s why when a certain movie star had this look, AmeriKlan went crazy:


People, after observing this out in the open, (and remember, I am invisible so people say and do certain things right in front of me) I decided that white society depends on blacks for more than just touchdowns. We are a necessary part of their own self discovery. For Example: without Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Muddy Waters…Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Stevie Ray Vaughan wouldn’t be the superstars they are today. And that’s only show business. Imagine if we tapped into food, art, dance, literature, dialect and clothing? I’d be typing for days…

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25 thoughts on “Blackaholics Anonymous

  1. Mickey on said:

    I think you would appreciate this video speaking on these issues byone of the greatest (and most real) comedians of all time, Paul Mooney. Please pay special attention to the first six minutes, at least.

  2. Mickey,

    I loooove Paul Mooney…he’s real and tells it like it is.

  3. Tyrone on said:


    Despite not being the majority population in the US, black people are the heart and soul of this country. No one can take that away from us. If black people were not in this country, she(america) would not be the same. Our foremothers and forefathers built this land from top to bottom. Whites have always obsessed over black people, and always will. Everything they have came from african people, directly or indirectly…wealth, power, population, beauty, sexuality, music, dance, art, food, and so forth. Will whites survive on this planet into the future? The direction that whitewomen are going, i’m not too sure about that. They have no built-in incentive to stay white. If blackness is the end all be all, might as well join the club. Whitemen like Chad are commonplace here in Miami, but, the white guys down here are spaniards. They’re worst than the average american whiteman, as it relates to fawning over blackwomen and black culture. As a black person observing all of this, it’s funny to me. If you’re not black right now, it’s never gonna happen…Pipedream!


  4. Tyrone,
    Ohhhhh yes, I’ve seen a lot of spaniards who long to be African once again.

    Whites have been and always will be obsessed with us. So much for being superior.

  5. Lest we forget, all of theirs is ours but hatred.
    For all the White man learned from us,
    He never learned “Love.”

  6. That’s why they turn against themselves…

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  8. mary burrell on said:

    Hey Sister, Happy Friday. Well I’ve always been first annoyed at whites that felt they had to copy everything we did. I”m confused if we are such scum of the earth and undesirable why try to emulate something so undesirable according to their judgement of us? It is funny though. white people perplex me.

  9. Cause whites aren’t happy being who they are.

  10. Another thing about this kind of cultural appropriation is that those Whites that do this can turn it off and return to the majority world. And really this kind of thing is more mocking than an appreciation for our culture.

    Also, you are so right about those music artists. Led Zeppelin unabashedly stole music from Black artists. Those artists had to sue them and even then it took years in court to get a little bit of the millions Led Zeppelin earned stealing their music.

  11. mary burrell on said:

    OMG I clicked on to the Paul Mooney youtube that gave me life! Thank you he said what I said in previous post. May recommend the book Brainwashed by Tom Burrell It is excellent reading. Everyone Black and White should read this.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    May I recommend pardon the typeo.

  13. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, you hit the nail on the head…they can co-opt black culture at their own discretion, and still use “white priviledge” to keep their boot on our neck at the same time. Whites who obsess over blackness know that it’s never gonna happen, which is why their love of black people is superficial at best. Again, spanish culture is a learning tool that we as african-americans should make use of. White spaniards love blackwomen, but, don’t care for blackmen that much. At the same time, white spanish women are “bestowed” blackness by those in power. Blackwomen are put on a pedestal in spanish culture by whitemen, yet, the same group of whitemen will openly discriminate against blackwomen in all facets of society, but, still desire to have sistas in their bed at night. Whites and others who love black folk more than their own, scare me. Their mindset is not normal. It’s okay to appreciate other cultures, but, trying to become a pseudo-black person is borderline insane…Not Attractive! Men are the worst offenders by far…lusting after women not of your tribe creates conflict with other men, which is why men should avoid this type of behavior. As blackmen, we fall into the trap so easily. The same men that are calling you the “N” word out of love and respect, are the same men that will put us in the grave in a heartbeat. Men don’t give a damn’ about other men, they want sexual access to the women of the men they’re brown-nosing…Bottomline! Other men know the rules of the game, except blackmen. We’re the only race of men on the planet that think they can be buddies with other men…Jokes On Us!!!


  14. Mary:

    Tom Burrell is excellent…have you read The Miseducation of the Negro? I’m reading it now and it’s superb.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    The Miseducation of the Negroe By Carter G. Woodson is on my list along with Invisable Man. I swear all I do is read and listen to music. my family and friends say I have no life. But I enjoy my time reading all African Americans in the hood need to read. I am thristy for knowledge.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    Sorry about spelling Negro. The Miseducation of the Negroe. Also The Willie Lynch Letter. Peace.

  17. Meeeeee too! I just popped in my Ella Fitzgerald CD. And later I’ll probably read the Book of Job. My favourite book.

    I’m going through some stuff right now and need to understand patience.

  18. brothawolf on said:

    Oh yes. Brainwashed is a good read indeed. I recommend it as well.

  19. I go to a school where 84% of the people are like Chad.

  20. Lord…how can you stand it?

  21. You forgot when Brittney Spears tried to do what Aaliyah had already perfected with the python.

    Sorry Britt, yours came off as clumsy and scared of the damn thing, while Aaliyah just seemed like that snake was a part of her being.

  22. Exactly.

    Selma Hayek did it too in from Dusk til Dawn.

  23. I don’t, but for now I am just trying to get an education and then once that is done I am gone.

  24. btw, does Kim and Kanya count at a case of Black Anglo-Saxons. I’m listening to Cree’s old show on who functions as “white” i.e. Arabs? Latinos? Persians? I am none the wiser!

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