Observations of an Invisible Woman

AmeriKlan’s Free Labour System

My brothers and sisters, do not be fooled. Prison was created for a reason. The answer? Free Labour.

I don’t need to tell you about our past as slaves, the ridiculous taxes that they knew we couldn’t pay once (physical)slavery ended and the police that collaborated with the court system to arrest us for the slightest infraction, a thing called “Black Tax“…we already touched on that. What I want to discuss today is the way it currently operates. Under the very clever cloak of “planting evidence” by the police, racial profiling and the bribes that the judges get, the prison system is a booming business. And the longer the sentences, the greater the payoff per “head count.” Privatized prisons make even more money per “head.” Which is why strict policing and irredeemable punishment is encouraged in predominately black neighbourhoods.

Free labour, A.K.A. slavery is illegal. Not illegal in the sense that it does not happen, it does…it’s illegal on paper, for show and tell. AmeriKlan is a country that is prideful of its own magnificence. Never mind the killing, raping, stealing, cheating and utter hypocrisy, that is unimportant. What is important, however, is AmeriKlan’s wealth. Free labour helped whites to buy that wonderful Victorian home with the gingerbread moulding, on 100 acres with the white picket fence. Free labour helped whites to open businesses that enabled their children to go to the best schools. Free labour helped whites to build communities, built by us, that we were not allowed to live in, so they could self segregate from the savage that sought to rape their daughters. And free labour helped older whites to pass on literally, billions of dollars to their spawn so that, they too could live comfortably in the country that we built.

Today, in this glorious nation, free labour is called The Prison System. When a black/brown man gets caught with a Mary Jane cigarette or baggie and is sentenced to 20 years in prison, while a white teenager is let off with a “stern warning”, you must ask yourself a serious question. What’s going on? When a black man steals a pair of shoes( I’m NOT excusing bad behaviour) and gets life imprisonment and a young white girl, a la Winona Ryder, gets 100 hours of community service, you must ask your self, what’s going on? Well let me tell you.

Money is being made by contracting, code word for EXPLOITING, the free labour that is provided by the inmates to Big Business. Yes, Big Business, like Wall Street. In simple terms, corporate stockholders rely on inmates to grow rich. Since I don’t belive anything that is written and published by the FBI/Department of Justice concerning us, I will not quote too many statistics. You know your favorite pair of Brand Name shoes? Chances are it may have been sewn by an inmate. And the pretty bird house that adorns your backyard that says, “Made proudly in the USA?”…It may have come from Riker’s Island. What is the net worth for the exploitation of my people by Fortune 500 companies…? Again, I hate statistics but somewhere in the 950 million range. A YEAR.

Source: Huffington Post

Who are the investors?

1. IBM

2. Microsoft(Yes, Mr. Gates…we’re on to you)

3. Revlon (Who advertises “white beauty” via the media. Another brainwashing tool)

4. Macy’s (Christmas time is big business. Incarceration increases when you don’t have money for gifts)

5. AT &T(Big Brother is always watching and listening)

6. Target

7. Dell…and many, many more…

Does this remind you of anything? Think hard…Nazi Germany with the concentration camps and forced labour comes to my mind. What about yours??? It seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. Another aspect to consider in this diabolical scheme. When the primary breadwinner is incarcerated, the family is left to fend for themselves in terms of food, rent/mortgage, bills, schooling, clothing and life lessons on how to survive. They will, having been exposed to this trauma, will be MORE likely to follow in the footsteps of the incarcerated parent. Broken homes begat broken children. Broken children begat a broken system. A broken system will lead to future generations of “Free Labour.”

Which, my brothers, is all apart of…”The Plan.”

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15 thoughts on “AmeriKlan’s Free Labour System

  1. GrannyStandingforTruth on said:

    The United States left a catch 22 in the 13th amendment. Whenever it comes to a negotiation or law concerning Black people Uncle Sam tends to add a catch 22 to it. In other words, it’s always done half-heartedly to pacify, but never out of sincerity.

  2. What astounds me is that they think we’re too dumb to realize it.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Excellent and enlightening post sister, If they are’nt locking up the brothers. they are killing them another young black kid gunned down in Milwaukee by a 75 year old white man. accusing him of stealing something. the kid was taking out the trash and the old man gunned him down. check it out.

  4. As GrannyStandForTruth wrote, Slavery is not Illegal. The 13th Amendment enunciates the conditions for legal enslavement. I knew this in 9th grade, at least.

    But we need to organize. Frankly, we should not even be policed by non-African people.

  5. brothawolf on said:

    I think you know already Truthbetold, but I want to post this up to show the infamous loophole.

    Section one of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution says:

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

  6. brothawolf on said:

    Then again, this country’s government hardly ever follows the Constitution anyway.

  7. I shudder to think of what Black America is going to look like in th next 50 or so years. By imprisoning Black men, you by definition destroy the Black family.

  8. Thanks guys…I did forget to include that little loophole.

  9. tehnoun on said:

    Another great post. Not like you have any other kind here.

    I think the worst part of it all is that, while the cops are arresting people of color for no real reason and turning them into slaves in all but name, people will then continue to give speeches about how they need to stop being criminals and will yank out their bullcrap statistics in order to further perpetuate the stereotype. Because clearly when a system is in place that was designed to force you into something no matter what the circumstances, it’s entirely your fault.

  10. Ok thanks…I will.

  11. Yes, I forgot to add it. There is always a catch-22, isn’t there?

  12. Mickey on said:

    I belive that is the point and the ultimate goal. This child psychologist, Dr. Umar Johnson speaks about these issues and some of the stuff is quite scary in relation to Black folks here and abroad, specifically Africa. He talks about his findings as he is a guest speaker at many venues and you can watch his speeches on Youtube.

  13. Tyrone on said:

    Dr. Reine:

    The ugly truth that we as black people don’t wanna acknowledge, is that, our own so-called black leaders lead us to slaughter by lying to us about what goes on in this country. If our best and brightest are deaf, dumb, and blind…that’s not a good sign for the rest of us. As a general rule, i avoid groups and organizations, because, they want us to think how they do. (The Black Church) is supposed to support policies that actually help our race, instead, many black pastors openly support abortion, gay marriage, welfare, radical islam, etc. As it relates to blackmen, we can’t continue to use the absentee father excuse anymore. A lot of us come from single-parent homes, it’s not an excuse to be a self-hating, butt-kissing, slave-loving blackman…Period! A man is free in every aspect, or, he’s a lame…there is no middle-ground on this issue. Blackmen as free labor is one thing, but, being taken out one by one while in the pokey is what they should be worried about. There will come a time when the powers that be on this planet will decide to erase blackmen from this planet. I’m not joking about this black people. We’re the only race of men on this planet that’s hated by other men. We can take their power and their women as well, therefore, we’re dangerous. Jail is just a place to warehouse us for the time being. Once our usefulness runs out, that’s when we’ll start dropping like flies. We have to stay 2 steps ahead of the game at all times black people. Dr. Reine, stay encouraged. All of us are not in chains just yet, we still have time to right this ship!!!


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