Observations of an Invisible Woman

Young White Rage

When the Columbine massacre occurred, white AmeriKlan sat back in horrified wonder at how something so heinous could happen in their quiet community. In a country, like this one, that actually believes its own magnificence, you have those that feel safe and secure in their middle class suburban communities…for white supremacy teaches ALL OF US that bad things do not happen with others that look like you. Fear comes from the “exotic”, the unknown and the different.

When you have the media, a supremacist tool used for brainwashing, that preaches the innocence of images that resemble your own, you become open, lackadaisical and trusting of that image, thusly creating an illusion that is surely destined for failure. Blacks intimately know this system called “supremacist terror” because we are the beneficiaries of it. Therefore we can easily judge most situations that are potentially dangerous, learn how to avoid it and teach our children to recognize its “warning signs”. Those that belong to the system of terror, in simple terms, cannot. Supremacy teaches whites that anyone and everyone who “isn’t like them” is to be regarded with utmost suspicion. Which bring me to the crux of my supposition.

If a young black boy went to Home Depot to buy “certain ingredients”, the cashier would automatically be “suspicious” of why he wanted them. Case in point…I was sick recently and needed some Sudafed. Did you know that the popular cough syrup is used to make a homemade drug called “meth?” I didn’t. In fact, living in my little rural farming community, I’m lost when it comes to many things of this nature. I was questioned, extensively, on why I needed the syrup…”Ummmm…I’m sick?” The manager was called to confirm the purchase and I left with yet another confirmation that in AmeriKlan, something was surely amiss.

The Columbine boys in question look, well…normal. Don’t they?

In fact, they look like average boys you would see walking the streets of Central Park. But then came the diaries they kept…OUT IN THE OPEN! Diaries about anger, killing and “exacting revenge on the world.” Then came a school report…ON NAZISM, and not one teacher blinked, got that “funny feeling in the pit of her stomach” and sought immediately to meet and question the parents. Then came the court ordered anger management classes after they were caught breaking into a van in 1998. Then came the detailed explanation of how he would destroy others…with the date 4/20, (which by the way, WAS HITLER’S BIRTHDAY) written on his calendar, and his own dad claims he never knew about it! Not one person at school…no teacher, no administrator, not one person looked at these kids and went, “Hmmmm…” Ok…sooooooo, let me get this straight:

You live in the same house with a teenage boy, who has obvious anger problems, who has written a manifesto about murdering people, who has researched Hitler and has a police record and to you, the father, the boy is just experiencing normal teen angst? If that was a black boy, believe me, there’d be some ass-whooping going on. And the teacher, who would have had that “funny feeling” from the moment she laid eyes on him, would have alerted the school principal…at once!

I remember the day I watched the news and saw with horror, the videotape with those handsome boys carrying guns and wearing a backwards hat( a symbol of “thuggery” in the black community yet with whites, it’s a fashion statement ). I winced at what the parents were going through. Then my friend from the mid-west called me. She is, perhaps, one of the quickest young women I’ve ever met. I said, “Yeah, I can’t imagine what the moms and dads are feeling right now.” She said ever so quietly…

“Truthbetold, I’m not shocked. Whites are the original terrorists. We know that. Everyone around the world knows that. The only people who doesn’t seem to know that…is them.” At her sharp yet powerful statement, I inhaled. We talked for a while and when I hung up, I realized that she was right. White supremacy, doesn’t just cause terror to brown folks. We are the beneficiaries of their hatred. But the mental strain caused by their own intrinsic terror is what perpetuates these crimes. History doesn’t lie. We know it…They…do not.

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27 thoughts on “Young White Rage

  1. This goes along the same lines as shopping. They follow me and the white kids will clean house.

  2. A “going shopping” post to come…!

  3. Don’t forget what a lot of white people say when one of their neighbors goes berzerk and destroys his family and himself:
    “This is such a nice, quiet neighborhood…things like that just don’t happen here!”
    Code for: “This is a nice WHITE neighborhood – there ain’t no coloreds causing crime!”
    If we all had a dime for every time that’s been spouted, we wouldn’t need our 40 acres and a mule…

  4. I’d love 40 acres and a mule…along with total segregration.

  5. LOL – I hear ya there…
    I could think of fantastic structures to build on my 40 acres with a mule! The possibilities are endless.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    And there they were tuck away in their nice neatly mowed lawns in Leave it to Beaver <Ward And June Cleaver suburbia. Living their Ossie and Harriet lifestyle. and their little monsters were conspiring filled with hatred and vitriol. And they did'nt even know anything was going on. Because after all boys will be boys. And they were such nice young polite lads. Who would have ever thought. (eye roll).

  7. mary burrell on said:

    Hey sister it’s me again. You know that young European Aryan boy named Allegory. I’m going to pray for him. That is some sickness and disese right there. I don’t know what happens to these young kids to be filled with this poison. But i’m going tio pray for him and all of us in this diseased nation.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    I mean disease. sicknes and disease.

  9. tehnoun on said:

    Another thing I’ve noticed is whenever white people do something horrible like this (and are actually brought to justice for it, that is), many will act like not only is this some sort of surprise (which it never is for those who pay attention), but that the people who do this are “different” from normal whites somehow. Seriously, bring up Timothy McVeigh as an example of terrorism and most whites will somehow reject him as white, claim that he’s different from them in some way or another, but are perfectly willing to then label all Muslims as terrorists as if they share some sort of hive mind. White supremacist hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  10. Who is Allegory? And yes do pray. Most need it.

  11. A McVeigh post to come!!! Thanks for the spot on comment.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    Oh Allegory is that Young Ruropean guy on Brotha’Wolf’s blog. he is a hate filled young man go to Brotha Wolf’s blog and read about the Black cock obession. he’s on there ranting and raving like a lunatic. read some of his comments. He’s full of rage.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    European Aryan kid.

  14. OHHHH….Yeah, I got a lovely comment today from Chimpout. Seems that even on cyberspace, whites can’t stay away….Ignore them, Miss Mary….Trolls love black soul food. Yes, I made a joke…LOL!

  15. isme on said:

    And unless there’s clear and indisputable proof that refuses to be swept under a convenient rug, they’ll get together and chant “But he’s such a nice boy, he wouldn’t have done that…”

  16. isme on said:

    Argh, yes. Reading comments about the Norway murders, for example, it suddenl went from a race/culture (which are the same for “them”, right?) to one individual conveniently dismissed as deranged by virtue of him committing a terrible crime.

    Well, I say suddenly, but there were quite a few people who took some time to notice that he’d been identified as not one of “them”.

  17. When whites do bad things, there is a justification for it. It’s called Whitetification. Please read the White Dictionary.

  18. brothawolf on said:

    I’m glad you asked…Check out my latest post.

  19. brothawolf on said:

    Excellent post once again.

    I don’t remember much of the response from Columbine. However, I was warned by a collage mate because I was wearing a black trench coat. She thought my coat may make me a look suspicious because of the whole “Trench Coat Mafia” thing.

  20. Tyrone on said:


    Denial is the downfall of many. Whites can deny the insanity of some whites because they control media and journalism in this country. Those in power wrongly assume that all whites are stupid and blacks as well. Assuming allows folk to insult the intelligence of the masses. Black folk know the deal…a news story is talked about on a local news station with an obvious bias from the reporter, but, we’re supposed to be the dummies in the crowd. The same goes for whitemen who are serial killers…whitewomen are brainwashed to fear blackmen, in actuality, it’s whitemen they should be afraid of. Most homicides are intra-racial instead of inter-racial. Whites kill whites, blacks kill blacks, etc. As human beings, we should be on guard for everybody, not just a particular race. Again, we stay alert for olive-complexioned white muslims, but, black and asian muslims blow themselves up just the same…Ditto! White folk need to stop thinking that their s*** don’t stink like everybody else’s because it does.


  21. Tyrone:
    When whites do bad things, all we hear are excuses for why they happened. Or somehow, they find a way to blame blacks for it. Whites are the original terrorists. That remains their shame.

  22. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, they’re the originators of the problem, which is why they choose to ignore the insane among them. Again, whites assume too much, which will be their downfall in the end. Sista, i love your blog. I wish you had told me about it sooner. Truth, i thought you were a brotha all the while. Funny how that turned out sista. Tyrone is a fan, make no mistake about it.


  23. LOL!!! Many people think I am a man with my name: Truthbetold.

    I’m glad you found it.

  24. There is apparently a lot to realize about this. I believe you made various good points in features also.

  25. I see you have forgotten John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo alread. Don’t worry, you can continue to pluck out the only the facts your need to support your desire to make everything about race. Tell how this help us move forward as a society again, please?

  26. Null:

    I can talk till I’m blue in the face but by denying that race plays a factor in EVERYTHING concerning us, you help to perpetuate it. Please do your own research in White Supremacy and get back to us.

  27. Two black serial killers when he overwhelming majority of serial killers are white? That’s your point?

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