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The Fear: A Continuation to “The Plan”





****This post is dedicated to my African man. When God created me from your rib, you became the other half of my spiritual self. Therefore, my existence depends on your survival****

Black men in AmeriKlan, let me reveal “The Fear.”

The fear begins with the notion that you won’t succumb to “The Plan.” That you’ll defy all odds and become educated, well-spoken, dignified, confident and take AmeriKlan away from them. With proper encouragement, a good foundation of love from your friends and family and a college degree, you’ll be gaining on them. Having an education DOES NOT guarantee you success, but it will open doors for you, something white racist AmeriKlans fear the most.

Look at this guy called Barack. He’s educated, well-spoken, smart and driven. And you must agree, he’s got a nice little job, right? But let’s get back to The Fear…After going against “The Plan”, you’ll want more money with your new education. Then that corner office. After a few years, maybe your own business. Then you’ll be able to employ them to work for you. So you’ll be in charge, have the control, make the rules…See where I’m going with this? White supremacy is the antithesis of black enlightenment. If you, a black man, have a nice house, that’s one LESS nice house for them. If you, a black man, make more money, that’s one LESS dollar for them. And so it goes.

But, The Fear doesn’t stop there. There’s also the women. Since white supremacy states that white women are prized, valued and prettier than ALL other women, when you, a black man, have all the amenities only a white man should have, naturally the white woman will be yours for the taking. But what about the black woman? If you are supreme, then she becomes prized, beautiful and valued. See how it works? Ever wonder why, no matter how hard you give at your job, you just can’t get a fair shake? Ever wonder why a white man with a prison record is more likely to acquire and maintain a job than a qualified, educated black man WITH NO PRISON RECORD??? It is being done on purpose. All apart of The Fear.

On the job, you’ll be harshly criticized, swiftly punished with no means of redemption, watched like a hawk, discredited, ignored, mocked, have rumors and lies spread about you,(please, for the love of GOD, don’t be alone with a white woman for any reason unless you have a chaperone…this is especially true for doctors, construction workers, realtors/home inspectors and teachers) and made to feel dumb, slow and incompetent. This will spill over into your personal life as well. You’ll be angry, depressed, homicidal, likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, hit your woman, beat your children, overspend as a way of compensating, which I might add, leads to a lowered credit rating and has the ability to affect home and car purchases…All apart of The Fear.

And when you’ve had enough, you’ll save up money and build your own damn company in your basement or garage. You’ll struggle to eat and pay rent. You’ll fight the banks for a loan and humbly accept any amount they give you just to have a little slice of the pie. Then, somehow, someone will throw a monkey wrench in your life to try to take away everything you’ve sweated for, begged God for and had many sleepless nights wondering what will become of your life.

If you give up now, you’ll succumb to The Fear.


Stay tuned for the final installment of The Trilogy….

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27 thoughts on “The Fear: A Continuation to “The Plan”

  1. ynotme on said:


    You are brilliant…I am getting addicted to your blog site. Please keep up the excellent work.

  2. Here’s what is probably a shocker to you – Go for it! You have these delusions of “The Plan” and “The Fear” but Black men doing largely as you counsel them to do in this post is what most Americans want your men to do.

    We don’t fear it; we pray for it – because the damaging and costly parts of Black Culture and the “Black Community” cannot survive that transition.

    And for the Gods’ sake – DO start some businesses.

    I got to laugh a bit at your blaming Americans for the Black men’s bad personal behaviors though. No man controls how another responds to pressure. That’s always his choice and his fault, though a culture that always blames outside forces for their failures is more likely to have those issues since it’s a culture of powerlessness and dispair.

    As for the White Women / Black Women part – That’s a issue that is complex and I’m not going to really touch it because it’d be the work of hours just to make a reasoned response.

    Tangentially though – What’s your views on Black women dating and/or marrying White men?

  3. @ Jon
    Why, thank you for finally responding to something other than the “Racist Post”.

    First, nothing shocks me anymore concerning white folks in AmeriKlan.
    Second, I find it funny that you didn’t mention anything else in my supposition except what you call “delusions.”
    Thirdly, I find it quite amusing that an educated Wall street type like you would bother with a lowly Negress, such as I.

    As for the control that you deem absurd? Yes, it’s always “our fault”, isn’t it? We whipped ourselves, captured ourselves, made laws and rules, which are still in effect, to ruin our own lives and essentially fucked up our future generations, you know…for fun, then cried wolf to blame the white man… for he is innocent of all injustices. I’m writing a post on white victimhood and I think I’ll dedicate it just for you…

    Jon, as someone that works in a high-pressured, animalistic environment, are you trying to tell me that outside pressures do not factor with behaviour? Don’t pee on my boots and tell me it’s raining.

    And we have businesses, in fact, plenty of them…but rather then open a store or office space that costs 15,000 monthly for a 20 x 30 space, we work from home; from our kitchens as bakers and caterers, construction workers and computer programmers and realtors and home inspectors.

    Since I suspect that you are trying to get a rise out of me on my own blog with that little comment about despair and powerlessness, let me tell you something right now:


    We survived a holocaust and lived to tell the tale. That, my ignorant friend, isn’t powerlessness, it’s survival.
    Got it?

    And the whole black women/white man saga…a post yet to come.

  4. You make the assumption that I’m “educated” because I work on Wall St – at my current client, the NYSE actually. That’s not formally the case where I’m concerned.

    😆 If I were one of those “educated coastal types” I’d probably be wringing my hands – White Man’s Burden, you know – and asking what we could give you to make it all better for you.

    As for it being your fault. Irrespective of anything that is done to someone, it is the person’s choice how they respond to it. Your men are the ones to blame for their: turning to drugs, committing crimes, and domestic violence – nobody else.

    And yes, Black Culture is a culture of of powerlessness and despair because it’s based on blaming outside forces – Americans in this case – for all your woes. That breeds a lack of responsibility and a lack of self-respect and hope since it claims, as you did, that it’ll all just be taken away from you by those outside forces.

    As for you’re having “survived a holocaust” – Let’s be heartlessly honest about that. Your people didn’t survive through any effort of their own; they survived because Whites chose not to kill them off or ship them off – the latter having possibly been Lincoln’s plan after the Civil War.

    As for Black businesses – the numbers seem to refute your claim as does the regular complaints that “Black money doesn’t bounce.”

  5. Jon,
    Are you a troll? Because I ban trolls. Your suppostion reeks ignorance. I will not let my blog, a black one at that, which you know, become about you. Because it’s not. It’s about us. Contribute something worthwhile or else…

  6. What brought that reaction on? Was it that I do recognize that in the 1800s White people, including Lincoln, did ask themselves about what Solution was to be found for the Black Question (Nazi reference is intentional) and that, even before that, the Confederacy must have considered killing off their slaves as the war started to turn against them?

    In any event, just say the word and I’ll leave – although, by your own assertion in previous comments, you’re response could be taken as a sign that you know that there’s truth, not ignorance, in my suppositions and that pisses you off.

  7. One of the main reasons I chose to self-segregate myself from whites is the stunning realization that whites, due to their intense psychosis called Denial, are unable, yes, unable to recognize and own up to any fact that they are responsible for the outcome of the ills of this country…all due to white supremacy. The South after the period called Reconstruction is proof of that. The KKK, NRA and police force that joined forces to terrorize blacks and well-meaning whites is proof of that. Lincoln’s hypocrisy is proof of that. The Constitution that states that “All men are created equal” but approves the destruction of black men is proof of that. And you, Jon, a white man, who visits my black female blog to challenge me on myself, yes, myself…to tell me that my thoughts, my experiences, my revelations and my inner self is bullshit…is proof of that.

    This realization at first shocking, is now exhausting and quite expected. I knew you’d come. You always do… Which is why I’ve stopped all communication with them.

    Your posts, as ignorant and contradictory as they are, prove to me that you indeed know that there IS something happening…something sinister and your need for self-preservation will render you a dishonest liar.

    Not one statement you have given me has negated my supposition. Instead you try to pull the wool over my eyes…useless…utterly useless. I see right through you like Saran Wrap.

  8. ynotme on said:


    Everything that you’ve saying about white supremacy has been confirmed and defined by Jonolan

  9. Jon has White Denial. And it’s highly contagious…please get vaccinated.

  10. @ Jonolan:

    I took the liberty of visiting your blog. You’ve peaked my interest. Any white man that demands my docility and dares to do so on my own blog is worth checking out. Hmmmmm……so now I know…..

    Thank you, sir. I’ve always trusted my instincts. A black trait, I might add.

  11. Another well written and thoughtful post Sista. I truly enjoyed reading it twice.

    That person up there that goes by the name jonolan, must be ignored. Nothing but a distraction and a water carrier and he don’t even know it.

    Hey jonolan how’s about you take a flying leap in that murky pond of yours.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    Let me start this over strong, educated confident Black men scare the shit out of whites. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, even Barack Obama . That’s why they hate him so much. I think I heard in some documentary “That a educated nigger was dangerous. I think somebody like J. Edgar Hoover or some KKK asshole said that.

  13. Mary, the fear is all around us. That’s why whites come to this blog and many other black blogs…Just knowing who they are provokes them. Funny that we never go to them…

  14. Yet another great post!!!

  15. brothawolf on said:

    Another excellent post as always.

  16. Thank you…the Awakening coming soon…

  17. Mickey on said:

    Here is a brotha that speaks a lot of truth. I think you will like a lot of what he has to say. There are other videos of his that deal with many issues in the Black community and some of it is quite shocking. Here is one you may like:

  18. Thanks Mickey…I’ll watch it as soon as I can and let you know.

  19. Mickey on said:

    This one is in 3 parts. It is called Psycho-Academic Warfare. It is also available on DVD.

  20. Mickey:

    You are da bomb!!!

  21. WoW…great video! Thanks again!

  22. moorbey on said:

    Respect Sis. Queen. Keep on doin what u do 4 i got ur back 4 i am that Nu_Afrikan (black) Man that YT fearz. Revolutionary Blessingz

  23. Thanks…I need back up.

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