Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Problem With No Name

****This post is dedicated to my black readers, male and female, who have written intensely personal comments and emails to me…either on this blog or other blogs. You are not alone…We are sick. I was tempted to call America an infirmary but that would suggest that we are being cared for and we all know that’s not true. For every sickness, there must be a cure…****

My white readers comment on my blog all the time. Some comments are deleted due to racial epithets, some due to excessive racial profanity and some for just being stupid and incoherent. Some write to me and ask, “Why do you keep bringing this up?Yeah…I sorta know that there may be something wrong with the world but you can’t deny that blacks commit more crimes and thusly are the problem.”

OK…fair enough. Thank you for responding. Since my people have known, from day one, that this “problem with no name” indeed has a name, just sit back and allow me to educate our paler readers.

Since I am invisible being a brown-hued female and all, many people talk right in front of me. I hear discussions on the bus, at the park, in my neighbours backyard and at work when they think I’m safely out of earshot. Whites seem to believe, almost exclusively, that blacks are the greatest problem in AmeriKlan and perhaps, in the world. But…the very essence of supremacy, the control system of said mentality, the principles and its foundation of how we are viewed, comes from the mind of whites.

Therefore, blackness isn’t the problem…whiteness is. The concept of skin colour, which is a creation of the white mind, is the pathology in which white supremacy thrives. And because of that supremacy, that control to dictate what is considered right and wrong, ugly and beautiful, sinful and holy, worthy and unworthy, dangerous and benign, whites have the means to influence not just how THEY are judged but how WE are judged.

I will give you a simple but potent example. Please prepare to be shocked. Look at this being:

What makes THE WORLD believe that this deity, this divine holy spirit, looks like this? Supremacy does. Because whiteness has the ultimate power to dictate how they are viewed. They can manipulate any imagery, any tool, change history to benefit themselves and transform a man who is middle-eastern in descent into a Germanic form with blonde hair and blue eyes to meet their needs. If Jesus were to be portrayed realistically, some say he may have looked like this:

My black scholar friends hypothesize that due to the Egyptian(which I’d like to add, is in Africa) influence during biblical times, coupled with the fact that scientists, both black and white, have proven that ALL life comes from Africa, feel that if Jesus is to be properly portrayed, he should look like this:

Not what you were expecting, is it? A far cry indeed from the Nordic God you “know so well”.

Whiteness, and its need for self-preservation, will change anything about itself that is deemed unclean, unholy, evil, wanton and unjust to point the finger at any scapegoat to distance itself from the fact that yes, there is a problem. It is because of that power to deny oneself as being flawed, that leads whiteness into a cancerous sickness of the mind and the spirit. That very sickness has spilled over to the black race in the form of depression, low self-esteem and suicide. To control a man’s mind is perhaps the most potent form of slavery. That is why today, in modern-day AmeriKlan, you see blacks still suffering from the slave mentality called unworthiness. And because slavery is still alive and well, we can choose to fight this illness, or perish.

The problem does have a name. It’s a name that is reinforced throughout history to be our greatest inventors, scientists, physicians, leaders, teachers, politicians, bankers, farmers and Gods. And that name, once and for all, is called Whiteness.

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29 thoughts on “The Problem With No Name

  1. Again, your clarity makes me jealous.

    You have boiled down 400 plus years in a few words. Now only if we can get Black people to snap out of this stupor that we have been put into, life can began.

    I really don’t think racist man/woman factored in that we a much stronger people then given credit for. The fact that we are still here is a testament to that. We have plenty of work to do no doubt, but here we are. Number one thing: deactivate the white/Jesus chip we all are forced to carry. Number two: stop the self hatred, that alone would dry up most of issues alone. Number three: get some land. Of course words are easy and we have had far to many, but words can kick start movement.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for all the support. I got an email last night from a certain commenter, a young girl, who told me some pretty personal stuff about her life. She told me my posts, Dear Diary and The Plan made her cry. I was struck at how many people feel the exact same way I do. This purging is so necessary to heal from this life and we need to rely on each other if we’re gonna make it.

    I’m trying to contact a group of bloggers (personally)that share my need for segregation and put together a realistic plan on how we can start our own small businesses…and hopefully go from there.

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. wilson on said:


    You weren’t kidding when you said great minds think alike(not that my mind is great, but yours certainly is!). This is soooo weird. Yeah totally love this article. It’s so true.

    Black people might be physically free nowadays but the battle for mental freedom is far from over, in fact it isn’t being fought for the most part because most of us accept our position. We succumb to the overwhelming propaganda and systems of design meant to keep us right where we are.

    If we can free our minds, then we can determine our futures…

  4. deedee7789 on said:

    Brilliant post!

  5. You are indeed brilliant Sista. I’m gonna hang around if you don’t mind and soak up some of glowing Black light you have here.

  6. Michelle on said:

    I truly respect this post. I am white and I think you know from my other comments on here and on abagonds blog that I am trying to listen and learn. I feel just awful and I know that doesn’t mean much and could never begin to heal the wrongs of other whites. I don’t like that you feel the need for segregation…but I have to respect it because you have to do what is right for you. It is things like this that anger me…because I can’t fix it. I will keep trying…but i feel from the tone and words that you have no intent on ever allowing another white person in your life. I cannot blame you for that…I don’t know you but from what I have read I am beginning to see your reasons. I truly hope you can find healing through faith…but I fear that the anger you hold towards white people might hinder that…I am not saying you should forgive…I could never begin to compare my experiences with yours and I have a hard time forgiving at times. I am not sure if my opinions or concern mean anything to you…but I just could not sit here quiet after reading and hearing so much pain in your life experiences. I know you probably don’t want my help…but I cannot let it go. Please tell me how I can help stop the hurt. I will do whatever it takes. I am at home all day because I lost my job due to my disability, but I am not confined, and I have plenty of time to do whatever needs to be done. I can drive and use a computer and I have access to a military base and so much other stuff. I have seen groups before but they themselves never truly educated themselves and were unknowing racists themselves and eventually the group disbanned. I have prayed about this a lot and I have the this overwhelming feeling that this is my mission in life. I have always loved helping people but I sometimes don’t know what really helps…so I am asking…If you prefer you can email me.

  7. My patience is really thin so I only made it to about, “I don’t know you but from what I have read I am beginning to see your reasons.”

    You talk to the person/people, you need to direct your focus on the evils that keep racism/white supremacy in place. I could be incorrect.

  8. Michelle:
    Thanks for the kind words. Making you or other whites feel bad isn’t my intention. Understanding the insanity is. That’s why the truth…for lack of a better word, hurts.

    The fact that you want to be better, and so do I for that matter…I think we all do, helps a lot.
    I vacilate between rage, comtempt and forgiveness mixed with pity.

    I’m just trying to deal with it as much as I know how.
    Thanks for your heartfelt response.

  9. Michelle on said:


    I apologize if I wore your patience thin. I am fully aware of the evils that keep racism/white supremacy in place. I am not sure what you are saying about me…but I found these blog sites because I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do and I thought that hearing first hand experiences would better guide me. I come across racist people my whole life and until now thought that I wasn’t one of them. But after reading and learning I have realized that I am no better than the racists that I have condemned and stood up against. And I feel that is a huge problem. I just feel that it is better to talk to the person/people to find out first hand what is needed and not assume. I found there is a lot of words that I did not associate with racism that actually are. I did not realize how some things that I have said in the past may have hurt someone that I thought of as a dear friend. By reading these blogs I have become very humbled and realized so many wrongs that I have done.

  10. I must first apologize to the host. My views and hers are in no way connected. In fact, she is a lot more forgiving than I could even have the motivation to be.

    With that, Michelle I don’t believe a single word you wrote here and I really don’t think you do either. You remind me of a liberal how’s heart bleeds at all the right times, but when doors close are no different than say Rush or pick one…OH!!….that Derbyshire fellow. Sorry so cold and blunt but the hour is late and playtime is done. No reply required.

    Not angry, just tried.

  11. wilson on said:

    @ Michelle,

    I am no expert but I think if you are looking for something to do, it’s best if you just continue educating yourself about these issues and how they manifest themselves in you…

  12. Michelle on said:

    You don’t have to believe me. Your opinions are yours and I respect that. I don’t know you, just as you do not know me. And from the sound of your post you appear to have been wronged many times over by white people. I cannot attest to your experiences or your beliefs that led you to feel this way. I imagine you have met white people that have claimed the very things that I have and they were lying to you and themselves. I am not going to try and change your mind. I am just going to be me and keep faith. I did not take offense to the cold or bluntness those are your feelings and are justified. I think you were referring to Rush Limbaugh (???) am not familiar with Derbyshire…I will be sure to look him up so I can understand what you were trying to say. I too am not angry, just trying to keep faith.

  13. Michelle on said:


    Thank your for your comment, that is something that I have been facing lately…I was and still am ignorant to so much. Thanks again.

  14. Hey, I don’t think we should be so hard on Michelle, after all aren’t we all human beings? Believe it or not, there are enlightened people in this world (I’ve met quite a few), and if there are solutions to be reached..the best way to do this is by giving others a chance to be heard. For we shall know them by their fuits, right? I’m just saying that although it’s okay (and sensible) to be cautious about a person’s intentions, any possible steps towards progress start by open, honest, and respectable communication. This is one the neccessary cornerstones on which healing, humanity, and love are built!

  15. You write brilliantly, truthbetold. One learns lessons reading you. 🙂

    Your posting of a darker Jesus turned light reveals another truth often overlook: Some ideas in the “American” consciousness are African though presented as European.

    It’s this consumption and repackaging of our truer culture that oft confuses African people. For instance, in the comment box is a European woman seeking mercy and aspiring to be helpful to the African cause. But when was ‘mercy’ an attribute of Europeans? When was ‘aspiring to be helpful to the African cause’ an attribute of Europeans? Both of these are our attributes.

    By using our own culture, she can mess with our psychology. It’s up to us to stay strong and get the facts straight: Europeans can not and will not execute African redemption.

    We as African people must locally create until we can internationally coordinate.

    And you, a woman of strength, seem to be on that pathway.


  16. Thank you for the kind words…

  17. brothawolf on said:

    Wow! That’s all I can say.

  18. mary burrell on said:


  19. mary burrell on said:

    I don’t know Sister poor Michelle she sounds like she is suffering from White guilt. I guess she’s sincere. but you know what I think you are enlightening people of all cultures to understand Black pain. @Wilson i think you have a great mind. I like your responses. Peace and chocolate.

  20. I just wanted to also add that I love your blog@diaryofanegress! Also, I meant to introduce myself and say “Hello, and how do you do”? yesterday-(my writing at late night clouded my general good manners)! lol Much respect, and appreciation..

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  22. Shaka Zulu on said:

    Hello my sister. I must say your post was excellent! Keep it up!

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  24. Found this excellent video speaking about Jesus & what he represents in the Black community and how everyone is mentally programmed to believe certain things regarding Blacks & Whites. Very eye opening.

  25. Thanks Mickey

    I’ll watch and get back to you.

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