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What Will Be The Outcome?

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5 thoughts on “What Will Be The Outcome?

  1. mary burrell on said:

    George Zimmerman will walk away a free man. I have a sinking feeling there will not be any justice for young Trayvon. But we can always hope.

  2. That seems to be the common thought. Till he or someone else does it again…to a white child then AmeriKlan will take notice.

  3. angelsonapin on said:

    it’s very sad, but i think he will walk

  4. Tyrone on said:


    At some point, reason has to win out over fear. White people are digging a deeper hole for themselves by continuing to spit on black life. They know this to be true, yet, the same bs takes place every time. In their sick minds, they want blackmen to riot and give white cops a reason to kill them in the streets. Racist whites think along these lines, which is why an acquittal would be the worst thing for blacks in this country and the nation as a whole…more dead brothas, more brothas in jail.


  5. Tyrone:

    The biggest enemy the white man has ever seen lies within his own reflection.

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