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Scary Clothing

Listen, I wasn’t going to be bothered with this…it’s ridiculous…but it just won’t stop. So here goes…and, Mr. Rivera, if you happen to be reading this, pay close attention.

1. No article of clothing is an invitation for death. That’s like saying a woman in a short dress is deserving of violation.

2. A black man in a hoodie is no more or less “suspicious” than a white man in a hoodie. Please educate yourself with my photos:


3. The 600lb elephant in the room is RACE. Fucking admit it!

4. AmeriKlan has no empathy, sympathy or understanding of black life. Because we are less than human. I believe 3/5ths was the term. Thank you James Wilson.

5. When you try to explain why someone deserved to be killed due to their clothes, you make AmeriKlan look even stupider than we already look to the rest of the world.

6. Even if Mr. Martin was wearing a suit from the cover of GQ magazine, whites would still classify him as a nigger.

And most importantly….

The fact that this country of fighting for the justice of George Zimmerman tells me that we, as a nation comprised of immigrants, are one of the most fucked-up, sickest, in denial assholes around. I’m ashamed. And you should be too.

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19 thoughts on “Scary Clothing

  1. Bruce G Nice on said:

    I’m not exactly sure how to formally greet you, with your blog title name or the one you provided in ColorLines Magazine comment, so I’ll abstain (I know I probably sound real stalkerish right now). Though I will say this, the screenshot of the two men in hoody’s reminds me of an undoing racism training I had went to. One of the facilitators (a large man NOT of color) told us about a time he was out late at night and the police were passing him with their spotlight on him, once they had a vantage to see his actual color, the spotlight went off and they continued on. The spotlight was on him because ironically enough, he had a hoody on. Yet was given a pass, for obvious reasons.

    this next tidbit is very random, but I deem it necessary.

    I like your blog, I haven’t fully dug into all the writing you have done, but your subjects and language in them displays a vast amount of education and knowledge. Some of which I would like to absorb from you, so I can further develop. Not on some internet, instant message type basis, but on a personal one. Face to face possibly if you live in WA state. I’m not some psycho republican, KKK member, or any pale skinned, skin head out to get you. I’m just a brother trying to educate himself and the people who surround him. In the event you think this is some kind of set up, the display name I’ve provided is a link to all the networks I’m associated with. Do whatever research you deem necessary and get at me at your earliest convenience. I would enjoy hearing about your road to this blogsite as well as what you’ve learned along the way.

  2. Thank you Bruce. I hope you’ll continue to partake in our honest and sometimes brutal discussions.
    My name is Truthbetold but some here refer to me as Negress.

    As for face to face..I’m a farm girl living in rural PA.
    But you are most welcomed to comment on anything you desire. Honestly is the key here…especially when we disagree. And as for the learning process…you’d be surprised that I tend to learn best from my many commenters who help me to understand this crazy country called AmeriKlan.

  3. brothawolf on said:


    It’s sickening how someone can find ways, no matter how stupid, to justify the murder of a black person. People like Rivera are morally and intellectually handicap.

  4. You know what’s funny? Rivera talked about how hard it was for him as an Hispanic male in Law School…you’d think he would be a little less eager than to play the “suspicious” card.

  5. brothawolf on said:

    I was thinking the same thing, but sometimes the spirit of submission to the white supremacist idealism can be strong enough to catch anyone at anytime. Rivera submitted to it and adopted it with open arms.

  6. I talk about this all the time…minority against minority..it leads nowhere. Perhaps a certain young man would do us the honour of doing a post on that?
    ( hint, hint)

  7. Bruce G Nice on said:

    I keep trying to told people, anyone, EVERYONE; as a race, brown skinned people have it THEE worst. Sure, it isn’t about that, but when you’re labeled a thug, dog and all other terms that demean the people that made this world, is gross. Mexican’s get deported, Middle Easterns are labeled terrorist, and Negroes are lynched/incarcerated/stereotyped/rallied against and some more shit I would rather not go into. Something has GOT to give.

  8. Bob Marley sung, “everyman thinks his burden is heaviest.” As blacks, we are a subjugated group. but consider this, if not us, then it shall be someone else. Please read my post called Betty Davis eyes.

  9. r

    e s

    s. really? White people wear hoodies. Is Justin Bieber a thug when he wears a

    hoo die? Dothose white preppie Ambercrombie& Fitch kids thugs? You know Ger aldo can just suck it. why we got to watch how we walk talk body language without being judged.

  10. Mary, Geraldo wears hoodies all the time…but on him, it’s a fashion statement. On a black man, it’s guilt.

  11. Hey Sister, I would like to put my two cents in. Why do we have to dress talk and carry ourselves in ways white people will be comfortable? Is Justin Bieber a thug? Are those preppie white kids in the suburbs thugs? You know what? Geraldo can suck it. He is such a out of touch idiot. It’s just an article of clothing for God’s sake. White people always talking about they feel threatened when they encounter a Black person just because they are dressed a certain way. It’s like when they say to women if she had not been dressed in a tight dress she would not have got raped. It’s all such bullshit.

  12. Whites are uncomfortable not with clothing, but with our skin. No article of clothing will ever change that.

  13. Sharina on said:

    I wear hoodies to the gym, so it is really just confusing how people come up with this idea of hoodie=thug. I have come to the conclusion that racist whites will look for anything a person of color does to justify the hate.

    I will be honest though. The white guy in the hoodie screamed pervert to me. LOL.

  14. We have exactly the same nonsense in the UK. Hoodie = violent Black man.

    I cannot get over the bare faced cheek to blame the victim for the aggressors’ actions.

    It implies that Black men are so unpredictable and violent, that to kill on sight is justified. At night a group of loud men (irrespective of race) makes me nervous but would I be legally let off if I blew them all up with a bazooka?

  15. LOL!

  16. deedee7789 on said:

    “3. The 600lb elephant in the room is RACE. Fucking admit it!”

    A new form of racism…is not to own up to being racist regardless of saying racist things and supporting racist policies. It is funny and sad at the same time. I think it is still assumed that criminals have a certain look but the fact is a criminal can be anyone, of any race, of any sex, almost any age (youngest murderer I heard of was 5 years old that killed a 2 year old), of any class, of any background. Love the post Truthbetold.

  17. Thanks. AmeriKlans are bent set on the dark-skinned assailant whilst their own kind is attacking them in their own yards.

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  19. Thanks…Please feel free to comment at will.

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