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Am I A Racist?

Fellow readers:

Do you think I’m racist? Well, actually blacks can’t be racists because we have no real power in AmeriKlan. We can however be prejudiced, biased and bigoted. I was called a racist on Field Negro’s blog by a certain commenter…and on Abagond’s blog too by a certain young Canadian man with a bad case of “apathy”…as a matter of fact, most white commenters love to call me the “R” word. They think I’m “harsh” and “hateful” of white people and my “truth” is really just a farce for white hatred. I’m accused of perpetuating a myth about whiteness and its “evils”. They say, “Racism would just die off if you people would just stop talking about it!” They point to my many facts about what AmeriKlan has done and continues to do to my people and all coloured people and cry, ” No fair! That was a looooooong time ago! (last week) Why do you insist on bringing it up? Obama is President now….what more do you people want?”

Ummmmmm….first, you can stop calling me “you people.”

So, do you think I’m racist? I love to hear your honest views on my alleged “racist tendencies.” Don’t be shy…I promise if you tell me the truth, I won’t turn into this:

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58 thoughts on “Am I A Racist?

  1. Honestly, this post does makes you sound like a racist. If you hate or are holding a grudge over an entire race, that’s racism. Whether or not if they started the chain and you retaliated, it’s still racism. You can call it the truth or whatever you like, it’s still racism. One thing I never understood is why people get offended by the term “you people”? I’m not black but I’ve used the term African American, Black, you people and still received negative responses. What should I refer to you as then?

    The fact that you admitted that blacks have no power means you’ve accepted that logic and your last statement is still uninviting. Why would you belittle your own race to soothe your own self proclaimed injustice?

    I may not be black but all my life I’ve experienced racism. You’d be surprised that most of them were committed by black people. I was bullied throughout my entire life, mostly by blacks. If I received a penny for each time I was called a chink, provoked and beaten up on the assumption that I knew Kung Fu, or asked “Ching Chong Ching Ching Chong?” I’d be a billionaire.

    You don’t see me blaming blacks for all my humiliation. Rather than continuing the cycle of hate, I moved on. Life’s too short to cry wolf a thousand times. Instead, you build a better fence.

  2. Learning dog:

    Racism is just more than a thought process. It’s systematic power. The power to affect and control the outcome of an entire group of people. That is called Supremacy

    I’m not debasing my race by saying blacks can’t be racist. It’s fact. And by the way, neither can Natives or any other oppressed group. We are biased…prejudiced even, which I am and openly admit.

    Educating my people, and myself for that matter, isn’t hate. I never called for the destruction of whites or said the black race was superior. This blog, like many other blogs of colour, is a tool to un-brainwash ourselves from being told since birth that we’re worthless. And being a blog, it is my diary of observations and experiences.

    One more thing…you get “Ching-Chong”, I get Ebonics…You get “the Coconut or Banana” stereotype, I get “the Oreo.”

  3. No. you are in fact a racist. The very statement that you couldn’t be one because you’re a negress proves that incontrovertibly.

  4. Jonolan:

    Please see my response to learningdog.

  5. I saw your response. It’s further proof of my point that you’re a racist. Even your (mis)definition was created to make racism a White-only phenomenon and to protect Blacks from bearing the consequences of their own racial prejudices.

    Racism is racism; power only determine the “effectiveness” of it.

  6. Jonolan:

    My (mis)definition was my explanation of what racism means to me. Supremacy is a white affliction. The “effectiveness” as you call it, is being able to have control and power over other groups. Blacks do not have that kind of control. Being prejudiced, biased or bigoted is something that anyone can have. I admit that I am biased. No argument there. I prefer people of colour, especially my own people, to whites. My blog and these discussions, especially when we disagree, is my own way of understand the system at work…and play.

  7. It’s an inherently racist definition but, I suppose, doesn’t really matter. There’s plenty of room for another racist in the country, especially one without power but with great vulnerability.

    As for myself, I have no bias based upon genetics but a great deal of bias based upon culture and behavior.

  8. please elaborate…

  9. Simply put, the biological accidents of your birth or my birth or some other, anonymous person’s birth are largely, in and of themselves, immaterial to me. There’s not enough biological differences to matter.

    On the other hand, if you’re part of the “Black Community” or hold to “Black Culture,” I have few uses for you that you’d enjoy.

    I’m forced, however, to quote both those labels because there’s a difference, from my on-the-ground, experiences and the public faces and definitions of these things.

    I noticed above that you think that you’re trying un-brainwash yourselves from being told since birth that you’re worthless. Here’s the thing, if you adhere to what is normally described as the “Black Community” or Black Culture,” you are less than worthless to America as a whole. I say less than worthless because you not only lack worth, you are an active detriment to the nation.

    None of this is racial though. It’s purely cultural, though all of us – myself included when it comes to initial assessments – choose to conflate race and culture far too often, seemingly believing that simple, gross physical characteristics have some bearing on character.

  10. Jonolan:

    Race and culture are often interchangeble. My race remains an important factor in the way that I am viewed and treated.
    My experiences and observations are viewed through my eyes, as a black woman, from the outside looking in. I do not have any power here. I am subjugated and deemed “invisible”.

    May I ask why you don’t believe this is racial but cultural?

  11. Sure you can ask. 🙂 And I’m quite uselessly pedantic enough to answer (Yeah, I try not to take myself too seriously).

    I say it’s cultural as opposed to racial because I see far too many Blacks doing well and getting very far ahead indeed (NOTE: I work on Wall St.) and I see many Blacks doing poorly.

    The one big difference between them is culture. The successful ones have left the “Black Community” behind and operate as overall equals with their White fellows. They are, in effect White; the only difference between them and the average bloke is a few physical characteristics.

    The unsuccessful ones all seem to exhibit the all too normal cultural significators of the “Black Community,” which I think you’ll have no problem admitting is antagonistic towards America and antithetical to its culture. (AmeriKlan???)

    Too many of your kind call the successful and integrated Blacks “Oreos” or worse. We, on the other hand call them Americans. You already know what we call the ones who maintain their exilic culture…

  12. Jonolan:

    Would it surprise you that I too am “successful”. And I currently live in a mixed-with-everything farming community. I used to live in NYC so I’m very well aware of the Wall Street “type” mentality. Eat or be eaten.

    I have not left behind my “black community” for the world of whiteness. And I never will. My people are my life blood. In order to fit in with the White World, there are rules that one must follow. I am a nonconformist with my thinking, my natural hair, my dress and my attitudes of corporate AmeriKlan. My non-conformist attitude makes many whites “uncomfortable” because I can see right through the lies and B.S.

    And as for “my kind” calling our own people “Oreos”…ask yourself where and why that term came about. A dark cookie with a white filling. The desire for darkness(blacks) to become white( self-explanatory). Since whiteness is upheld in society as being “good” and “best”, to be more like whites is a rejection of being black. Also, called self-hate or internalized racism.

    Which, as I’ve pointed out, stemms from white Supremacy.

  13. Negress please. No you are not. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

  14. Oh, and ‘act white, take yourself out of the ‘black community, and everything will be all right……not! Everything will go swimmingly until something goes wrong. When that happens, you will learn just what day it is! The ol ‘the nigger did it syndrome’ will kick in’. You will then realize that despite distancing yourself from the ‘black’ community, that you were a ‘nigger’ to the white man all along.

  15. According to many, whites that is, I am “hateful” for speaking the truth. Perhaps my tone is the culprit?

    I am currently writing a post called Wise as an Owl…coming soon. It will touch on this very topic.

  16. Hmmmm…according to the white man, If “us people” would just be “more like them”,our troubles would magically disappear.

  17. brothawolf on said:

    No. You’re not a racist. You are a truth teller.

    I found out that racism is born from myths and lies about certain people the same way sexism, ageism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, and any other social isms and phobias are set up. They are derived from lies to serve the dominant culture’s position at the top and maintain the systems that not only divide society, but keep the marginalized group(s) down.

    No. You’re not a racist. You are a truth teller.

  18. wilson on said:

    I don’t think you are a racist… Not in the same way whites were racist to black.

    You aren’t saying blacks are superior, better, more divine, more civilized than whites.

    What you do as far as I can tell is talk about social injustices aimed at black people by white people.

    Whites will therefore call you racist because according to them, no one should be talking about race in the 21st century since the issue of race has been resolved by the civil rights movement. In extreme cases they will allow themselves to talk about race but only to trivialize it and downplay its effects in the modern world.

    So any person of colour who talks about race in a serious way, is a racist. You need to hide in fanciful jargon, like whites do(fanciful jargon that affirms their superiority e.g. the constant talks by politicians about how great america is — to white people america is great because of them, it’s like an unspoken rule). This way you can talk about racial issues but appear not to be.

  19. Thanks. I always like to reevaluate myself whenever possible.

  20. Another way to deflect from the truth, eh?

  21. isme on said:

    Well, as I would use the term, it is possible for you to be racist (not saying you are, just that it’s not impossible to be racist without being of a privileged race).

    On the other hand, you can only be prejudiced against people who aren’t in privileged groups, you have postjudice against people who are. I’m not a fan of that word, it seems a bit pseudo-intellectual, but the concept, the distinction between prejudice and postjudice is very important.

    At least, that’s how it seems to me, I’m no expert.

  22. wow, you are popular

  23. Matari on said:

    Of course you aren’t racist! If blacks today can be racists it would be on par with saying blacks during slavery were racists. It’s interesting, and telling, that no one – not whites, blacks, or other non-blacks have ever stated that black slaves were racists.

    So if THEY weren’t racist, how is that that we, their progeny, are NOW capable of racism?

    What’s THAT different between then and now, us and our ancestors?? What’s changed that much in this culture to enable blacks to be deemed racist?

    Who have we enslaved, oppressed, marginalized, mistreated, jailed, murdered, raped, lynched, subjugated/controlled systemically for hundreds years – and have gotten away with it???

    Racist = Delusional

    You are neither!

  24. I’m putting the finishing touches on The Problem With No Name….it’ll touch on this…

  25. What I find amusing when having these discussions about who is, and who can be, racist. Is that must people, regardless of what particular group they classify themselves to be in ASSUME they understand what RACISM IS? The truth is, unless you have researched and studied it, most people (again regardless of which group they classify themselves to be in) DO NOT KNOW WHAT RACISM IS!

    So what makes us believe we all know and understand what racism is to determine who is and who isn’t racist?

    The dominant UN-natural “racial” ideology already imposed on this planet is:

    Black & POC = Inferiority; White = Superiority

    I say UN-natural because its not reflected in the natural world. No one species of anything is naturally (and behaves as if) superior or inferior to another. Also, the concept of “race” or “races/racial” are discredited non-biological terms. So for these two reasons alone it must be an ideological imposition. Which means to try to turn this around by implying:

    Black & POC = Superiority; White = Inferiority

    Goes counter to what has already been established and exists. Which is not to say it could not be set up and equally “imposed” this way around. It could…BUT ITS NOT! There is already a ton of evidence to support the established false world view white superiority but little to support its counter opposite.

    And that is the point…You would have to breakdown the already established system of white superiority before you could replace it with the equal and opposite system of Black & POC = superiority. Who knows? Maybe this is a reality on another planet Earth in another solar system?

    Its just not the “accepted” reality in this world, on this Earth, on this planet.

    So the question now comes back to you Truthbetold. Do you think or believe you are/can be racist?

  26. Great explanation.
    No, I can not be a racist. I am bigoted. And openly admit it. I and my people don’t have the systematic power and control to dictate ANYTHING. My views, even though I struggle to break free of them, are in some fashion, the views that have been imposed upon me by whiteness. My ideas of beauty, wealth, even personal happiness have been influenced by whiteness.

    I have these discussions with whites all the time…usually they become frustrated and walk away due to the fact that I’m saying something they do not want to hear. Deep down, I suspect they know it’s the truth.

    Only those that hold power can be true racists. To touch on something you said about no other life form does this “backwards” thinking…
    Humans are a relatively new species. We aren’t as evolved as say, reptiles…We are still learning how to work together as one family of mammals. Sad, I know…but true.

  27. Well I would agree with the sentiments you express negress. An unusual choice of name. I’d be interested to hear you expand on this. Maybe in another post.

    Most racism unaware white people who get into these discussions have not done any research or can’t be bothered to so. If they did they would be truly overwhelmed by the extent of racist and white supremacist factual evidence that exists. In fact they would deny it. Which is precisely what they do with regard to racism anyway. Which just compounds the reason why they know so very little about it in the first place!

    As is the nature of any power. Its something you derive from something else. White people derive or get their “power” from their white privilege card as defined by racism. But only as long as we “others” allow or accept this card.

    On the question of human and reptilian life forms. I would say Humans (as we define or understand them today) share much in common with reptilians. You could say we are both close cousins! This is the new human species perhaps you are referring to.

  28. I’m writing a post called Wise As An Owl….I think you’ll like it. Whites can accept truth, Kwamla…ust not from us.

  29. No, Americans – those you describe as White and Oreos – can accept truth from anyone. When you actually speak it, we’ll likely recognize it and, recognizing it, accept it.

    Sadly, from what I’ve seen, the converse is not equally true.

  30. @ Jonolan

    May I ask…why only comment on this one post that questions my motives for speaking but not the others that exposes it?

  31. I’m more concerned with motives than with actions or results. Results vary and actions can be changed, but motives are another story.

  32. And what motives do you think I have for writing these posts, may I ask?

  33. Racism and the hatred of America, mostly, with a large measure of self pity and projected self loathing would be my estimation based upon the normalcy of your behaviors being projections of irresponsibility and trying to blame other for your own or your peers real or perceived failings.

    That’s just my opinion though and it’s only a preliminary one at that, so it’s largely meaningless in the greater scope of things.

  34. Why…Jonolan…we finally get down to the heart of our little banter. Thank you for being frank. Allow me to do the same.

    1. I am black. Therefore, I cannot be racist. I am prejudiced.

    2. I have a clear understanding of America. I’m not a child, neither are you. America did awful things to my people and continues to do so. I’m not childish enough to be “in love” with this country as most whites are. I see it for EXACTLY the beastly beauty it really is. That is not hatred. It’s acceptance.

    3. I did feel sorry for myself…a long time ago. Being brown, in AmeriKlan, is like wearing a bull’s eye on your forehead. You do not understand this simply because YOU are unaffected by this ” stigma of brown skin.”

    4. I have no loathing for anyone. I hate the sin…not the sinner. You, like most whites( and blacks for that matter) are diseased from Racism. Directly or indirectly, we are all burdened by the past.

    5. I am not irresponsible in any means. Nor am I a “failure”. The only thing I “failed” to do is to NOT be born a white male.

    6. It is not meaningless…we afftect each other. I am affecting you this very second. That’s why you can’t let this go and only respond to this ONE post.

    And last but not least…..
    You know why you are drawn to me? Because somewhere in the deepness of your mind, you have a nagging suspicion that perhaps, I may be right. And it annoys the shit of out you.

  35. No, I keep coming back – up to this point – in the hopes that I can get you to be honest with yourself and accept your racism.

    It’s a pathetic claim to say that a Black can’t be racist. If you’re basing opinions or judgement upon race, you’re racist. The “prejudice + power” crap is self-defeating and, itself, racist.

    But, you’ve been honest about your views and hatred of America and that’s more than most are willing to do, so you have a certain measure of my respect.

  36. The fact that you believe that it’s your right to “get me to be honest with my self and be accepting of my racism” is called White Man’s Burden. It is because of that “burden” that you feel that only you can educate and free the “poor negress” from her affliction.

    My claim is not pathetic nor untrue. If you would study the racisl history of this country, you’d know that nothing, I repeat, nothing, I’ve said so far( unless I jest) is unfounded.
    Money=power. Power + prejudice = supremacy.
    Look it up.

    And, why thank you again for giving me a certain measure of your respect. Now I can sleep at night.

  37. I’m not in disagreement over power + prejudice resulting in supremacy, though power = supremacy works just as well. I disagree with your premise that supremacy is a requirement for racism.

    I’m laughing at that White Man’s Burden comment though. I’ve a tendency to try to get everyone, but especially enemies, to look at the truth of their positions because sometimes this ends the conflict and, when it doesn’t, it allows us to engage in a more honest conflict.

    Additionally, it’s enlightened self-interest. Every time a Black gets with the program, moves past their hate, envy, and angst, and immigrates in the heart and mind to America, it’s one less that either really being a burden upon the White Man or supporting those that are.

    And, if you really believe what you say, does it seem wise to spurn and insult the respect of your “Oppressor?” 😆

  38. Jon…baby…I can’t play with you all day..I must do laundry, sweep, mop, finish my course and water my vegetables, so I’ll be brief…for now.

    The very premise of supremacy is founded on the belief that one group is “better” than the rest. I’m not your enemy…you are. Please read “The Plan”.

    We will always be in conflict due to the nature of our situation. Which, I may add, that your ancestors started. You also make me laugh…that you believe we are envious of you. We are not. Envy of the white man doesn’t come from envy of his physical self or his attributes, it comes from wanting his power.

    And, thank you for your respect.

  39. tehnoun on said:

    I don’t think you are racist or even hateful. You’re genuine and you’re honest, and it doesn’t matter if the truth sounds mean or hurts someone’s widdle feewings. When I read your posts, I can tell it’s coming from a place of experience and honesty, and if someone feels offended by it, that just shows they are guilty of racist thinking and don’t want to admit it. I consider your blog and others like it to be more of a learning experience for me, to help me unlearn my stupid, ignorant “race blindness” that I was idiotic enough to buy into for so long. I just wish more white people would listen to voices like yours instead of throwing immature hissy fits when someone points out that they’re more racist than they believe themselves to be (hell, I’m probably more racist than I believe myself to be, but I’m not the best judge of that I suppose).

  40. Darlene Davis on said:

    I always believed that being a racist equaled to what the KKK or Black Panthers promoted – destroying based on race. However, in reading through the blogs here, I’m quickly learning how very naive I have been. Not a great feeling.

    Based on the information provided, one is racist if one’s race is in power over another race. Power, being the rule-maker, which would be reflected by the mostly white law-makers of the land.

    The fact that my skin appears light in color and there are Germans and English in my bloodline, I would automatically fit into the category of being a racist because I’m not considered a minority … out loud.

    Basically, actions do not define the word racist. Race does. So, if you’re white, you’re racist. If you’re any other nationality or color, you can’t be a racist but you can be prejudiced or bigoted. But those would be a definitions of action.

    Racism, based on what I have learned here, is being white, which isn’t an action.

    That isn’t something that can be fixed. Short of making all white people slaves, or killing them off (which has been offered as a solution by a few in our crazy world) – it can’t be fixed.

    There is a hopeless feeling in this. I guess my mother was wrong.

    I don’t believe you to be a racist – partly because your definition claims it isn’t possible – but mostly because you don’t call for the destruction of others who are different in skin tone. You have logical and clear cut examples of our current culture. If anything, I have learned more than I ever thought I needed.

    I never saw myself as a racist – but the definition here states I have no choice. Of course, my ancestors would have a problem with it as they are black. But by appearance, I don’t make the cut.

    Suddenly, being blind seems simpler. *sigh*
    Many thanks for the learning.

  41. Hopeless comes from feeling that nothing can be changed. It can and will be changed. Opening your eyes to it is the first step.

    Thanks for responding.

  42. Tyrone on said:

    Black People

    Any black person that is free in mind, body, and spirit is racist in the eyes of those who aim to control and exploit our race. Black people who bend over and touch their ankles are the “enlightened ones” so to speak. Decoded, whites can manipulate those sistas and brothas to think and act as they want them too. Calling free black people racist is a cowardly act in my opinion. Instead of debating what we say, others will attempt to cut off dialogue by uttering the “R” word just to get out of a tight spot. Racism is about power and control, bias is about two thoughts not seeing eye to eye, as is the case with race-mixing for example. Whites and blacks who believe that members of their race should remain loyal are called racist, when in reality, they simply don’t support the practice. Doesn’t mean they dislike or hate the other race, they agree to disagree. Sailing to africa and enslaving millions of black people to transport to another land for the sake of picking cotton and other crops is “Racist.” People don’t even know what the word means anymore.


  43. Thanks, Tyrone. Many, many people here have called me angry, racist, aggressive, reverse-racist…which I feel is hysterical!!!

  44. Tyrone on said:


    Appreciate the feedback sista. Yes, being black and free is not for the faint of heart. Black folk like you and me will be called all kinds of names, just because we know who we are as african people on this planet. Truth, you know how Ty gets down…I don’t give a @#$% about bull%$#@ people who insult my intelligence…Don’t Care! Again, all of us are not strong in the same way, which is why being strong in mind is so hard to accomplish.


  45. Tyrone.

    Whites have monetary power…but we have spiritual power. That’s a whole different kinda strength.

  46. Mickey on said:

    Here is a video I found from Dr. Neely Fuller, Jr. on Identifying Racists.

  47. I get this too. But I disregard it and anyone saying it. Whites are in the habit b/c of conditioning to always want to frame conversations and decide what is legitimate/accepted thought & conversation. So I guess just b/c they say it, it makes it so in THEIR mind. Unfortunately this becomes so in a lot of negroes minds too b/c once whites start calling black people ‘racist’ then it has led to now almost universal acceptance of the definition as being applicable to black people who speak the truth as we see it in relation to white supremacy/global apartheid. I also don’t believe we can be racist. And I don’t care how much they say otherwise.

  48. THAT is the problem. And the jedi mind trick cuz while he’s imploring you to be like him…everything he aspires to is based on concepts, thoughts, ideas and technology from people who looked like YOU. So what you are doing is mimicing him mimicing YOU. How insane is that? And how can you not end up insane engaging in that madness?

  49. So what if you believe that black is ‘superior’ or more divine or more civilized? does that make you racist automatically? I reject that notion. If people have no trouble accepting there is a heirarchy in nature or that there is a chosen people (by definition superior to those not ‘chosen’), then why would they have a problem with the fact there are people whose historic outlook in relation to human interaction is more conducive to peace,harmony & justice? History bares this out. There is no african history (as far as I know) that shows a sustained history of predation of other humans. But we can’t say that with other people. Is that racist? Or is it truth? This again goes to the idea that they and they alone, have the right to frame topics of conversation. That they feel like they are the ultimate arbiters of what is acceptable and what’s not acceptable. The only way this continues is b/c we are constantly trying to fit our ideas and thoughts inside parameters decided by people who have no real vested interest in what we really think or the truth.

  50. I think you are right on. I think racism requires a social structure that supports and propagates it, even using people who don’t realize they are propagating it or supporting it. I think every human being has a right to decide who/what is allowed in their personal/intimate space. That right was taken away from black people under the system of white supremacy. On another tangent, I believe that black people, once this system is eradicated–will not advocate the wholesale mistreatment of whites. Therein lies the difference in our collective nature. Sure, there are exceptions. But that’s the difference–we were in control for most of our history on this earth–and we never felt the need to erect a system of black supremacy that gave us undue advantage. Unlike white supremacy, which expressly implies that if whites are forced to compete on a truly level playing field they would be unable to succeed. Thus they need artificial props and covert tools to give them an unfair advantage. Look at Re-Construction. Black Wall Street.

  51. All this crap is an effort to get you into a defensive stance. So now instead of focusing on the problem, you are now focused on defending yourself against meaningless accusations. Why not ask what this person’s motive is for being here? This is a framing thing these people do. They change the goal post and distract you to madness over shit that they really don’t care about and if you DO make a point, do you really think he/she/it is going to acknowledge the truth of your words? It’s a time wasting tactic.

  52. You are right on the $. It is a way to dismiss you and put you on the defensive. I see the same tactic used on jewish people. So the logic is, black people, jewish people–insert any other ‘whining’ group–use the trope ‘racist’ or ‘anti-semite’ so much that the words no longer have any weight or meaning and are thereby rendered useless and meaningless. Now they never expressly SAY that racism or anti-semitism no longer exist, it just then turns into a way to render you passive and fumbling around on the defensive trying to explain yourself and takes the focus off of them.

  53. we live in a world controlled by those who wish us dead or enslaved. They are white and curse truth when it confronts them. So no you are not racist.

  54. larissa on said:

    Nmaat said :Whites are in the habit b/c of conditioning to always want to frame conversations and decide what is legitimate/accepted thought & conversation. So I guess just b/c they say it, it makes it so in THEIR mind. ”
    You couldn’t have said it better. I remember commenting on a racist post on a website, just to have the writers turn around and say” You’re pointing out that it’s racist is actually racist! It’s like saying, ”You’re pointing out that I’m evil for hitting my wife is actually evil!

  55. Which is why I don’t engage in back & forth with them. It’s a waste of time and energy. They cray-cray. And I mean that. The kind that can’t be cured by meds, theology or therapy. And certainly not logic. So why try to appeal to any sense of non-existent sense of right & wrong. Again that kind of psychosis seems to be not only endemic to so-called white culture; it is encouraged. The only cure i see for that kind of cray-cray is death & possibly trying it again in another spectrum. Harsh? Keep in mind that they are/and have been trying to wipe us out for centuries in every possible way (once we were not pickin cotton & building this country) so I would not shed one tear if we woke up tomorrow and they were gone. Now how that happens is up to the Creator, but I’m just sayin’, I wouldn’t shed a tear & I’m sure I’m not the only one either.

  56. Exactly and well said.

  57. Negress,
    No, you aren’t a racist. You don’t have the power to oppress Whites the way Whites have oppressed Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and people from other nations for years. And you didn’t put up a system based on skin color and wealth that places a certain group on top and others on the bottom. And that is true racism to me.

    I like this blog and you should keep on going. Don’t listen to the stupid White trolls or non Black ones. They have no business on here. I love this blog because I get to release all of my frustration I have with AmeriKKKlan and White AmeriKKKlan’s ways, past and present and how it affects me as a young, Black woman.

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