Observations of an Invisible Woman


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about why us blacks can’t “just get over it.” And “what is it gonna take for you people to stop talking about it?” What is there for us to stop talking about? How the white man built a ship with manacles and sailed across the Atlantic for three, almost four months, to capture free people in their own land to bring them here, shackled like cattle, covered in fecal matter, urine and menstrual blood, to work on your plantation while you sit perched on your veranda, sipping sweet tea, so you can grow stinking rich?

Should we pretend you didn’t rape our 4th and 5th great-grandmothers, obliterating our DNA and creating a new race of people with caramel/mocha skin called Mulattoes? Should we forget that you killed, burned, lynched, decapitated our men for fun? And what about the children born to the slave master….his secret shame? You know, the ones he let bleed out by untying the umbilical cord so no one would know how much he fancied dark flesh? Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Jefferson.

Should we forget how we were whipped for the slightest infraction? Or simply because it was Tuesday? Should we forget Jim Crow and the Reconstruction Era in the South where the NRA, KKK and the police joined forces to kill us off? Should we forget about Sundown Towns, Redlining and White Flight that pushed us into the deepest, darkest, grimiest ghettos whilst you lived in white suburbia with your Donna Reed white picket fence? Should we forget how you created the court system with all-white jurors and of course, a white judge who was a secret member of the KKK?

Should we forget how you discriminated against us in employment, welfare, housing, medicine(my area of expertise), insurance companies, banking, education, agriculture and the MEDIA? Should we forget how you put the country in harm’s way just to spite President Obama? Should we forget how hordes of white actress win the Oscars each year but you can’t let Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Cicely Tyson and Marianne Jean-Baptiste win just one time? And giving Halle the Oscar for a vile sex scene and Denzel the Oscar for playing a dirty cop doesn’t fucking count!

But should we forget how you continue to play slave master every chance you get? You haven’t learned a damn thing in over 400 years! And you wonder why we don’t trust you……You can’t even BEGIN to pay us for what you’ve taken from us.

So fuck you…..Black Blood ain’t for sale.

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15 thoughts on “Reparations

  1. “Well alrighty then, Sister do what God loves and speak the Truth.” I swear you are living in my head. Im going to have to start charging you rent. Lol. but seriously this is all the truth. I love you for speaking the truth. White people say why don’t you just forget this. This just the history of this country. Blacks were’nt the only ones that were slaves my co worker said. what about Europeans and indentured servants? They pull that out their asses alot. Keep speaking the truth. So glad i found this blog post. Blessings to you this evening.

  2. Thanks a lot Mary for all the support. Indentured servants, like the Irish, were freed once their “debt” was paid off. Blacks on the other hand…we’ve been slaves for over 450 years.

  3. brothawolf on said:

    I think the academy committee, or whatever they’re called, gave the Oscars to Berry and Washington because they felt pressure and wanted to be done with it. I could almost hear them say, “There! You happy now!?”

  4. Mickey on said:

    That’s exactly why they did it. And I know many Blacks who were not impressed with their wins. They said that out of all of the nominations Denzel won, why did it have to be for playing a dirty cop? Why not for the Hurricane or Malcolm X? And I felt that Halle’s win was because she finally did what the folks in Hollyweird were waiting for her to do – show some flesh.


    Do not forget the outlandish medical experiments performed on Blacks, like the Tuskegee experiments.

  5. Thanks…That’s why so many black people don’t trust doctors and don’t get vaccines.

  6. brothawolf on said:

    I knew it.

  7. Tyrone on said:


    Native-Americans will get reparations before we do, because, they lost three continents to whitemen from Portugal, Spain, France, and England. They’re the native peoples, therefore, Uncle Sam will take care of them first. Hell, we can’t even get reparations via native-american tribes with respect to casinos. Native-Americans mixed so much with blacks, that, entire tribes on the east coast were wiped out in totality. Knowing this, blacks have been shut out from having a cut of casino profits. We should be the ones owning and running the casinos…Real Talk! Whitemen think that pushing whitewomen into the arms of blackmen will calm us down, Wrong! What more do you want blackman, we’ve given you our women on a silver platter, Damn? So What! It’s gonna take more than whitewomen to shut us up. We want what was promised to our ancestors…Period!


  8. Tyrone
    There isn’t enough money in all the world to say “I’m sorry.”

    I’d settle for total segregation with our own money, schooling, banks, etc.

  9. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, they could say sorry till they’re blue in the face, but as long as “white priviledge” is still intact…Nada! Total segregation is best for our survival and sanity, but, blackmen have to stop thinking that it’s their job to satisfy other women just because. As long as blackmen are distracted by whitewomen in this country, progress is on hold. Whitemen think they’re so smart. Honestly, i don’t want their blood money anyway, i want them to get a life. We don’t need anything from them, except respect…Bottomline!


  10. Tyrone,

    I truly do want total segregration…without the black community, America would fall to its knees.

  11. ‘What is there for us to stop talking about? How the white man built a ship with manacles and sailed across the Atlantic for three, almost four months, to capture free people in their own land to bring them here, shackled like cattle, covered in fecal matter, urine and menstrual blood, to work on your plantation while you sit perched on your veranda, sipping sweet tea, so you can grow stinking rich?’

    POW!!! lol..Tell em why you mad!–this sums it up perfectly. I just can see people turning crimson after reading that paragraph. You need to write for a living. I mean books..are you a good orator too?

  12. nmaat


    I was having a baaaaad day when I wrote that! I’ve always written since I was like 6. And yeah, when I get fired up, my mouth runneth over. LOL!

  13. They got ‘hip’ to that one. Too much wealth circulating inside the black community. The mafia wasn’t getting their ‘fair share’. Can you imagine how many times a black dollar turned over in the black community during segregation as opposed to today? So-called integration was another trick–lure us away from our communities with promises of true inclusion and acceptance, while the plan all along was to drain our communities of financial resources and brain drain us of the best in our communities. Black-owned hotels? Are there any today?

  14. You can tell YOU MEANT THAT SHAT!! lol..but yeah, all the rage and frustration, you summed it up perfectly, Sis. Black people are too many times admonished for expressing righteous and completely justified anger lest we make de whites uncomfortable. But they ain’t never wondered or cared about our comfort, that’s for damn evident. Keep writing/preachin’ while the chuch says Amen.

  15. Mickey on said:

    Found this on Youtube. Enjoy!

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