Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Plan

There is a plan in AmeriKlan. It goes like this.

The beast can not be left to rule itself so it must be controlled(slavery).

The beast, if not controlled, must be caged(incarceration).

If incarceration fails, the beast must be destroyed(lynching/shooting).

But…in order for this system of supremacy to function, there must be rules.

First rule, keep the beast hungry, thirsty and with no hopes of finding refuge. When the beast is at his lowest, convince the beast that all his problems lie not with the master’s rules but with his herd or pride. This will confuse him and create the ultimate distraction. Second, offer a few desperate and willing members of his pride more food and water in exchange for the pride’s secret’s, mentality, way of life and any and all resources they keep hidden. This will ensure a guaranteed traitor. Thirdly, debase the beast in front of his female companion and his cubs. This will rob him of all sense of pride, morals and beasthood. When the beast is ready for certain death, allow the traitors to flaunt their goods, their meals and better way of life to taunt and tease the beast into anger.

This anger will boil and explode into a war amongst the pride members. You’ll have beast against beast, female against female and cub against cub. They’ll tear each other to bits and feel justified in their anger. After all, why should some pride members have…and the rest…have not?

Perhaps there will be an elder beast, one that has lived through many famines, droughts and knows that the secret to survival is compassion amongst prides, sisterhood amongst the female members and the protection of the future pride members, the cubs. This elder…this wise beast must put to death! For he will ruin a carefully laid out plan that has been in the making for centuries. This elder will see the plan before the plan is carried out. He will try to warn other pride members and speak earnestly to the women that protecting the cubs is her only occupation. This elder, this troublemaker will be assassinated by the most vicious beast of all, a member of his own herd. But remember, this too is apart of the plan and will be executed flawlessly. But make no mistake about it, the master thought of that too.

When the elder beast is put to rest, all hell breaks loose amongst the pride/herd for all is lost without his teachings. But, you must remember one thing…with every plan, comes a solution. There will be certain pride members who will watch, aghast, at the ruin of the pride. They too know and sense there is a plan at work but feel powerless to change it. They will rally, gather their cubs and preach the importance of solidarity but the plan of total supremacy will reign. It will change and twist and somersault into many different forms but the underlying message will always remain the same.

You are here to serve me. And by God, I won’t rest till you do.”

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20 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Wow! Powerful words sistah!

  2. Thanks,cleonette. It’s been nagging me for awhile.

  3. Tyrone on said:

    Strong Black Women…I Need Them In My Life!!!


  4. Thanks Tyrone….

  5. Thanks for pointing this to my attention.

    I wouldn’t contend that we’re so hopeless. After all, there’s a reason that Europeans are jealous of us. 🙂

    We’ll make a way. And strength like yours can make a way.


  6. ****blushes****

  7. This is the true Hegelian Dialectic.

    It has become almost genetic in Black folk now, something like a self destruct gene or something like that. But I don’t concern myself with that to much because if they kill every last one of us or get us to do it, the sun will surely make living here for them hell. Over simplified of course, but you get where I’m going.

    Seriously, it has been my observation that though the plan was meant for non-white humans, it has been spilling over. White folk have really lost there before. They see enemies everywhere and the government is after them and all kinda carrying on. They stockpiling potted meat and guns and digging holes to hide in, not realizing there is no refuge from what’s coming for them. How are you gonna do all the most evil acts of devilment, then think you can hide inna hole with a can of Vienna sausage, some bottled water and a gun? And I’m not even religious, I know the universe seeks balance.

  8. I will publish, The Fear, a continuation to The Plan.
    Then the final installment of the trilogy, called The Awakening.
    The universe seeks balance in the form of Karmic Revenge for those that wish to harm it and its people.

    I’m writing a post called Warning: Terrorist Ahead to touch on that very topic.

  9. Mickey on said:

    Here is a jewel that I think you will be thankful for receiving. Neely fuller Jr. breaks it down.

  10. Thanks..I’ll watch this and get back to you…

  11. Hmm…interesting, very interesting indeed.

  12. It’s very real…

  13. grin and bear it on said:

    Excellent read.

  14. What you’ve called the “plan” is beautifully described here. For those of us who become aware of its existence the control and manipulation going on in our daily lives becomes too difficult to ignore.

    Two things I would add for consideration: The “plan” has, when traced ultimately, a non-human origin. So even those caught up with administering it are actually part of an even grander plan. (Some of them know this but the majority of them bask in ignorance of it – this is where “white privilege” comes from.

    The other thing is the realisation that both of these plans are on their way out. They are failing. Again both the real administrators and their minions know this.

    But the greater challenge is for those of us awake to the nature of the real beast to opt out of the plan and, by example, allow others to see this is not the only alternative. That this is a far from a hopeless situation. The beast is falling…

  15. Kwamla

    You are correct. Whites know this but actively participate in the system anyway. That’s why I firmly believe that they are intentionally wicked.

  16. Yes Truth its true a significant white elite do know this. They are and have been responsible for unimaginable crimes. But the vast majority do not and are just dumbed down, purposely kept stupid and ignorant!

  17. You are soo right! We’ve all heard the saying about the ‘best laid plans’. I don’t pay much attention to what they say anymore. What’s more telling is what they do. But yeah, they’ve destroyed the ecosystem and actually think that they will be spared. And to put it in very basic terms: I think whites (who are conscious of it) are really mad at God. But of course, they can’t do anything to him but they CAN get to US. We as black people are just caught in the crossfire. They are genetically the odd man out on the planet. If they wanted to completely kill everyone on the planet or just target certain demographics, we know they already have the technology–I think they don’t do it outright b/c seeing their handy work is so gratifying. Just like the sociopathic serial murderers who like to keep ‘souvenirs’ of their exploits. I think it’s really about feeling smug and proud of themselves b/c they have in effect, ‘made the last 1st & the 1st last. What we must do is reverse engineer this shat.

  18. So are we talking about aliens or Satan?..

  19. ‘But the vast majority do not and are just dumbed down, purposely kept stupid and ignorant!’
    –I think a lot of them are willfully so. They don’t want to see, hear or speak it and don’t want you to either. They seem to act offended by the truth & run from it like it’s going to steal back all of their stolen slave $. A$$ backwards, coming and going.

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