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It Ain’t Over…Till It’s Over

 I was going to post this on Monday, but reading Blackyouthproject’s blog about the “Travyon Martin shooting range target”, I said, Why wait? I’m mad now….

Researching our torrid history in AmeriKlan, I came across something so vile, so horrible, so inhuman, it took my breath way. That thing was the lynching of my black men.( And women and children too, for that matter.) I’d always heard of the term “lynch mob” in history class but paid it no real attention. After all, history class at my public high school was dull, boring and taught by an old, Jewish teacher who made Ben Stein look like Mick Jagger.

I never knew the real meaning of lynching and decapitation of my people till I began to realize that AmeriKlan hates us. Wants us to “go home”. And “this country would be soooo great if you’d just leave.”  I wondered, what did we do?

That question plagued me since about the age of twenty. I read books, watched Roots, again, Mandingo and X; and perhaps most importantly, I did my own research. I learned that AmeriKlan’s favorite pastime was hanging my people like cattle, from a beautiful sycamore or oak tree, whilst men, women and children watched, laughed, taunted and celebrated the death of a Negro.

These very same Puritanical, God-fearing, church-going, morally good, sweet, down-to-earth white folks killed for sport. And felt good about it! Now, wait just a minute….am I missing something? Didn’t God create man “in his own image?” Didn’t the Constitution say that “all men were created equal?” I can’t seem to find any passage where God said to Moses, ” Yes Moses, man shall rule over the beast…but the Negro shall be inferior to the white man and therefore hanging him and raping his woman is perfectly acceptable.”

Can you? I never went to Harvard. Maybe I missed it….

When the Civil Rights Movement came into force, all sorts of laws were placed to prevent( yeah, right) this sort of thing from ever happening again. ( sigh of relief). So that’s it, right? It’s over. Wrong. The white man created a new version of lynching in AmeriKlan in the form of police shooting. ( In Travyon’s case, it’s a common man off the street.)

I’m sick, disgusted, tired and enraged from seeing my people killed off by a white, racist policeman’s bullet! Every time I see this shit, I wave my fists in the air and scream, ” Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Not Again!!!!!!!” I can’t list all the brothers and sisters, mostly brothers, that have fallen prey to the overzealous officer who “mistook” him for an assailant in fucking Fairbanks Alaska like, six years ago. Tell me, what is it about the sight of a black man, who cares if he’s wearing a Gucci suit?, that strikes fear in the heart of AmeriKlans? Is our dark skin so fearsome? And why don’t you look at Jerry Sandusky, a white pervert, and scramble to pull your young boys out of gym practice, the zoo, park and playground? Ahhhhhhh….I bet I know the answer! Because when whites do fucked-up shit, it’s only that one white man who is held accountable. Whereas, when we do fucked-up shit, it’s a representation of the entire black race! See, white people? I’m getting smarter all the time.

When will this end? (When God destroys us all, that’s when) The continued lynching of my men is tearing us apart. It strikes fear in the hearts of mothers and fathers when their child, brother, nephew, male cousin and close family friend leaves the house. The other day, my own brother told me that he got pulled over by the cops…I nearly shit my pants thinking about what could have happened.

I know what they want, you know…To kill us off, slowly and painfully. Most whites feel that this wasn’t our country to begin with. Technically, it’s not theirs either, but who gives a shit? White is right. But listen, it ain’t over, till it’s over.

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10 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over…Till It’s Over

  1. Sharina on said:

    I agree with you 100% on this. Sometimes I believe I am developing a hate for white people. The idea that they are christian is a big joke. They are not and do not embody any of the real teachings of Jesus Christ.

    I have been thinking lately that perhaps it would not be a bad idea to help in the development of Africa because it would be nice to just go back. Let them have America and let it fall apart for them and it will as soon as reality really sets in for them.

  2. Sharina,
    Without blacks, AmeriKlan would perish. We are needed in the system of supremacy, as victims, to keep “The Plan” afloat.

  3. There is a strange dichotomy that exists in America, something your post has wonderfully highlighted.

    The black people are a race of people who have been through so much horror in their history ,yet is capable of so much grace, love and forgiveness. Instead of just packing up and leaving, they wanted to be a part of the country they had been in for hundreds of years. Instead of turning around, enslaving all white people, and giving them a taste of their own medicine, they acted with true Christian principle, just wanting to be equal with their fellow man. Yet they have been met with so much hatred, that you would think they did something terrible to white people. You would think that white people were the ones held as slaves for 400 years, lynched en mass, that had their land taken, put in internment camps.

    Germans after WWII were given less hatred than black people have in this nation’s history. Japan after WWII…Italy after WWII, these nations that had made a point to go to war with America and kill a lot of good American soldiers, they recieved much better treatment than the black people who have lived on American soil alongside white people for centuries. The Nazis, were given more benefit of the doubt than black people ever have, and they ethnically clensed over 6 million people! I never truly believed white people in America were really horrified with the Holocaust, because they didn’t see anything wrong with smiling while they lynched men, women and children, burned towns, and even sent the National Guard to bomb a black township!

    I can attest, that this treatment is often leveled at many PoC, but never to the level that it has been levelled at black people. How can we claim to live in a free country, yet take pride in the fact that we persecute it’s citizens based on their skin color? How can we claim we live in a “white” country when our own capital was built on the backs of black slaves? When a man on the street without a badge can shoot down a teenager and have people demand his release…we have a problem.

    My theory is that, in order to placate the South, the North allowed black people to served up as scapegoats, therefore the promises to them were left unfulfilled in favor of pandering to a bunch of traitors who refused to own up to their own hand in the fracturing and ruination of their country. They needed an “other” to unite their country against, and black people were that visible “other”. The racist attitudes continued from there, and hence the law seemed very interested in punishing black people. Then racial progress that was gained in the 60’s sort of stagnated around the time when a series of conservative Republicans waged a war on the “other” to excuse their own failing policies.

  4. Ace, damn….! You said it better than I ever could! Great comments. I’ve always said that Racism is a form of self hatred.

  5. Modern-day lynching in the form of police brutality and white and other nonblack vigilantes targeting Black people of all colors, ethnicities, sexual orientation and gender.

    Although Black men are the main targets of police brutality and persecution, let’s not forget the police brutality against Black women and girls as well. There were two known cases in Seattle, WA, where two young Black women were brutally beaten by white racist cops. There was a case in Dayton, Ohio 14 years ago when a white police officer pepperspray a Black restaurant worker. The murders of Tyiesha Miller and LaTasha Harlins in Southern California back in the 90s are just a few examples of Black women victims of police brutality.

    As one Black columnist Earl Ofari Hutcingson wrote:

    “There’s also the notion that these women are dangerous women. The police slayings of black women in some cities, the upswing in violent crimes by women, and Hollywood films that show black women as swaggering, trash talking, gun-toting, and vengeful stoke public jitters about these women. One in four women is now imprisoned for violent crimes, and half of them are black.”

    Yes, there’s an open season on Blacks.

  6. Great comment. Let’s not forget rekia boyd.

  7. I made a couple of mentions about how Native Americans have been the subject of “slow-motion genocide”: having what rightfully belonged to them stolen, their people murdered and the remnants isolated on “reservations” where they’re left to self-medicate themselves into oblivion with drink and violence.

    Americans could never figure out how to quietly and neatly solve their “black problem.” And with white Americans on a fast track to becoming an actual minority in the coming decades, there’s this frenzy to reassert themselves as the top tribe, eliminate any potential threats and shore up their numbers.

    Hence illegal immigration laws that prioritize outright discrimination and exploitation over actual reform, a blind eye towards the rampant executions of young black Americans and the drive to end abortion and birth control, so white American women are forced into shoring up the dwindling numbers of white American stock.

    In its zest to continue using black Americans as a punching bag and scapegoat for the nation’s ills, its failure to fully own up to its past wrongs and genuinely reconcile with them and its continuing efforts to relegate blacks to the same fate as Native Americans, the rest of America is poisoning itself with a deadly concoction that promises to cripple and destroy the nation in due time.

    Every time a young black life is taken by the hands of a hateful, color-aroused being, every time black Americans are collectively demonized and disrespected by mainstream media and every time the law enforcement apparatchik see fit to brutalize and terrorize black Americans, it’s another deadly dose of that poisonous toxin mainlined into the very heart of the country.

    In other words, if America continues being AmeriKlan, there won’t be an America left for even its most hateful occupants to enjoy.

  8. Mack: Nice to hear from you!!

    The thing that bothers me about this wonderful Puritanical country is the excuses, excuses, excuses. Own up to it. Admit it. But I will add one thing, I’m almost waiting to see what the karma will be.

  9. Sandusky …indeed those little holes were also his targets

  10. I don’t buy that the power structure wants black people to go home. Marcus Garvey provided that opportunity. Hell, 1863 provided that opportunity. Let a mass exodus of black people happen and see what jumps off. I think what someone said about this country needing the ‘other’ to hate so that the murderous, brutal & contentious way that they dealt with EACH other before they brought their a$$es over here won’t rear it’s head again. For the most part, you really don’t hear too much about their tribal hatreds/hostilities—it’s all about battling the ‘dark hordes’. They circle the wagons and band together AGAINST us. I don’t even buy the US/USSR conflict. I think it’s theatre and for show. I think behind the scenes they are sharing technology, cameraderie and a shared belief that whites must always win.

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