Observations of an Invisible Woman

Light vs. Dark


Listen, we need to talk about this because it’s not going away.



The black community has a disease. That disease is called Colorism. Yes, boys and girls, I’m going there.

There are blacks who believe that because they are the color of caramel or mocha, they’re better and more attractive than our chocolate sisters and brothers.

History Lesson:

When we were slaves, the white master raped our maternal ancestors. This forced copulation obliterated our dark skin and transformed us into The Mulatto, which actually translates to “mule”. The Mulatto, both black and white, was the shameful proof of the masters lust for dark flesh. His spawn, if he desired, would be given special treatment like working in the house, also called “House Negro” instead of working out in the field, ie “Field Negro”. The House Negro would be better fed, better dressed but not necessarily better treated. The illusion of being with the master gave the House Negro a false sense of superiority over his Field brethren. White society brainwashed ALL OF US into believing that white is better, smarter, prettier and more valued.

Black women and men began to desire straight hair, smaller noses and lips and whiter skin. This brainwashing spread like wildfire causing a Caste System amongst Colored people everywhere. Soon there would be the infamous Brown Paper Bag test, schools, organizations, parties, sororities(Spike Lee’s School Daze, anyone?) even preferential treatment in housing and employment. Crazy shit this Caste System.

Fast forward to modern-day AmeriKlan. Blacks bleach their skin to a frighteningly pale hue, surgically alter their God-given features and don’t get me started on weaves…all to appear whiter.

Listen, let’s have some real talk, you and me.

In the world of Whiteness, no matter how light-skinned you are, no matter how straight your hair, no matter if you have blue eyes, a la Vanessa Williams, you are still a nigger. You are at the bottom of the barrel with education( no one gives a shit about your Yale certificate ), healthcare( high blood pressure and diabetes, anyone?), housing( they don’t want you in their neighborhoods) and employment( that’s a whole other post…coming soon).

This dark vs. light bullshit has to stop!

You think white people look at Italians and say, ” Hey, you…yeah you…fucking tan complexioned, dark-haired, swarthy motherfucker! Go back to Italy and eat some lasagna, you fucking Dago!” Ummmmmmmm………………..no.

We are one people. From the same continent. No…Africa is not a country. All related under God. All from the same system of oppression. Jews stick tighter than dried snot on a Kleenex. Why can’t we? Support us. And love us. To save us.

Do you have a light vs. dark story?

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9 thoughts on “Light vs. Dark

  1. When I was a child I remember a couple of instances. My cousin, Shawn and I, were raised like sisters. She long haired and light skinned; me long haired and brown skinned. I was constantly told I was cute, pretty, and praised for my dimples. However, I began to notice when the two of us were together, people would knock me over telling her how pretty she was. When you are eight years old it was a big deal. I also remember my cousin telling me he didn’t want to play with me because I was too black. I told my aunt and he got spanked. Everything else was as an adult. Guys saying they only date light skinned girls. It didn’t really phase me, these preferences, but I did get angry when they list all these dark-girl stereotypes.

  2. Matari on said:

    “Jews stick tighter than dried snot on a Kleenex. Why can’t we? ”


    Jealousy, mistrust, self-hate/loathing, internalized racism, petty BS, colonized mindset…

    As a young person I would often wonder, consider, why other non-white groups could stick together, make sacrifices for the betterment of all …. but not black people.

    On certain levels, as a group, we’re still in kindergarten. I hate that! But I can’t fix anyone other than myself.

    Neely Fuller is correct about how we black people should never come together unless it is for the express purpose of doing CONSTRUCTIVE activities. To do otherwise is to RISK being caught up in needless drama and contention.

  3. Excellent comment, Matari. The slave mindset is hard at work here. This is seen heavily in the workforce. That’s why I aspire to work solely from home.

  4. In The World Of Whiteness, No Matter How Light-skinned You Are, No Matter How Straight Your Hair, No Matter If You Have Blue Eyes, A La Vanessa Williams, You Are Still A Nigger.

    You are channeling my Granny! She used to tell us this; “To the white man you’re still a nigger” Almost verbatim to the above quote. She told us this from childhood and I’m glad she did. Granny taught me a lot about covert racism as a kid. I am grateful she did.

    As a child, nigger, spook jungle bunny, spear chucker, were seemingly my middle name. I learned early of the white mind set. I consider myself lucky that I learned what day it was at an early age. As for the ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality, I have seen plenty of that. Light skinned versus dark skinned? I’ve seen it at work with so-called ‘mixed’ people who the whites see as nothing but niggers. I have a situation at work presently with an unknown miscreant writing hate mail to the black staff threatening to kill, burn “bring back lynching’ threatening genocide against black staff etc. etc. ad nauseum. Apparently they can’t catch them. There was one ‘mixed’ woman who professed surprise that she wasn’t included in any of the complaints filed against the management. All of a sudden she was black like the rest.

  5. I see your granny was very very smart. it’s a good thing she prepared you early on. as for the work place, I’m going to be writing a post about that soon.

  6. Mickey on said:

    As Marcus Garvey said about blacks, “We are a race cursed with petty differences.”

  7. Mickey, these petty differences are placed in our minds to fulfill The Plan. I’m just astounded that WE can’t see it. Do me a favor…I’m on a mission to help as many of us as I can. Please help a fellow brother/sister with something…anything and break the curse.

  8. Sharina on said:

    Great post and I am glad it has been brought up. A few days ago I ran across a large controversy over Natural vs relaxed. I was very shocked that it was even an issue between black sistas. To me out of all the things we could be fighting against we are fighting about hair. I never realized the issue ran that deep.

    As blacks we need to get over the petty differences because whites are going to see us as black regardless of light skin or dark skin etc.

  9. Thanks..all this pettiness is The Willie Lynch Letter come to life.

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