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Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle One

Have you ever been so dumbfounded by the things that whites ask you? Well I have. In fact, this happens to me all the fucking time. I decided to post “Confessions of a White Racist, Chronicle 1 to infinity. I need to understand why they say the fucked up shit they say to my face. So here goes…

My white co-worker has been eyeing me lately. I know that look. She wants something.

So the other day, She comes up to me and grins sheepishly, “Is it true what they say about black men’s dicks? Are they really that much bigger?”


Why, for the love for Jesus, is this an issue with white chicks?

Are you so desperate to find out the hidden nirvana of the Black man’s penis, that you’ll resort to bedding him just to satisfy your lustful craving? Why isn’t your own kind enough???

And why the fuck are you always asking me?

Do I look like I accost every black man on the street and say, “Excuse me, Black Man, may I see your cock? And don’t mind my measuring tape. White girls wanna know the truth.”

Listen, obsession with the black man’s privates has been the cornerstone of the white man’s fear since we took that boat ride. The white man may have money, a nice house, a nice car, a diverse stock portfolio and a bangin’ 401(k) plan but the black man can fuck your woman till she meows….and steal her away from you. And let’s be clear, Jim Crow laws were founded, written and exercised for the segregation of the black man from the pure, white woman.

I remember reading Black Like Me, by John H. Griffin ( A masterpiece everyone should read). He spoke candidly about white obsession with black sexuality. Driver after driver would offer him a ride with the hopes that he would expose himself to satisfy their lustful curiosity. And television doesn’t help, does it? Seeing all those tall, strapping Nubian men with willing white women only fuels the obsession and the stereotype. Just look at the entire Kardashian family and just about EVERY black, professional male athlete…

Black men who read this blog, are you reluctant to begin a relationship with a white woman for fear of being used? Are you afraid that once she satisfies her curiosity, she’ll realize you’re just an ordinary man with no super powers from the planet Cumfuck and lose interest. This is one post where your comments are MORE than welcomed. And as always…as my name states: Let the Truth Be Told.

Any thoughts on white obsession with black dick? ‘Cause some of us just don’t understand…

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28 thoughts on “Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle One

  1. brothawolf on said:

    To be honest that fear of being used applies to any and all women for me. This is why I’ve never dated.

    Looking back, during my time on the internet, there were several white women that wanted me sexually, or so they said so. In fact the first things they talked about during our first conversations online is about sex. Keep in mind, the subject about sex was during the first encounter, and they bring it in the conversation.

    Needless to say, I never gave them any. All of them were different areas of the country and around the world. Then again, I wouldn’t give them any even if they lived down the street.

    I didn’t think that much about it. Being a young male probably explains why I allowed it to go to my head. I felt kinda marveled at the fact that a woman wanted me that way mainly because I was jealous of a cousin of mine who had all the girls coming to him. I wanted to see how it felt to be approached, but I digress.

    I believed that (most of) those white women that I met online in the past mostly wanted me for my cock. There were some that didn’t appear that hungry, but others were starving it seemed.

    Still, I don’t understand why a big dick matters.

  2. @ Brothawolf

    I know black men who refuse to sleep with white women for this reason.

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  4. I posted this on Abagond’s blog:

    “My grandfather died in 1999; he was born in 1899. He told us lots and lots of things about those times and more recent times. I remember we were told that when they lynched black men, they would cut off their penis. Sometimes they would put it in their mouth and even save it as a souvenir. The legend that black men have big penises was not started by black men, but white men who lynched hundreds and hundreds of black men. We were shocked. Never heard that before until then. He told us so much. He was in sound mind up until the day he died. He was always an old man to me as I was born in the 80s. I was much older before I realized what these stories really meant.”

    I think it goes back to images of bare breasted African women and loin-clothed men. They think the clothes were “easy access”? LOL You have racist people who participate in bestiality. So you would rather bone a dog than a black person. Interesting, not that we are upset about it. That is disgusting. I got my head chewed off for bring up sexual deviancy in whites.

  5. phoebeprunelle on said:

    Jim Crow laws were not only geared towards keeping black males away from white women; it was also to protect the right of white men to freely rape, sexually abuse and beat black women without consequence.

    If you look at the span of African history–there is no indicator that black men were really all that taken with white women–even when we were in contact with them before modern history. Black men mated with black women even in Europe during the time of the Moors.

    My point is that, when people are enslaved, the group that is doing the enslaving, their women become the most “desired”. The group of the oppressed men become the ones who become “intersting” in the eyes of the opposite groups’ women. As sick as it is, this is what is happening.

    White men and women have for whatever reason been fascinated with African sexuality. It is something that they do not understand because , well, it’s African. During their Dark Ages, regular, healthy sexual relations among men and women became “sin” sometimes punishable by death. There were the sumptuary laws that regulated certain sexual activites for certain classes of people. Serf swere required to have sex one way and the middle class, clergy and the nobility had to have sex a certain way. I’m not shitting you!

    Then factor in the persecution of healthy, normal and feminine women during this time and you get very crazy ideas and notions about human sexuality. At least for their culture. Fast forward to the centuries in which trade among European and African merchants flourished. When they saw African sexuality–they mistook it’s humaneness for lewdness. Breasts could be exposed because during the day, they were not sexual objects. Only when an African women was alone with her mate. They also took African polygyny as a sign of Africans wanting sex all the time. It was quite the opposite and moreso done out of economic and political reasons.

    So when your white female colleague goes to carrying on about the penis size of black men, just remember, she has got pinned up sexual issues stemming from her ancestors sumptuary laws and Victorian laws of female chastity.

  6. @BrothaWolf:

    Being a black man, these white skanks probably thought you would jump at the chance to pump them. There are plenty out there who use their white skin to ‘get’ black men. Part of their privilege is thinking they are the epicenter of men’s lust. There are enough men who take these women up on it.

    I had this behemoth come up to me at work and tell me she ‘loved’ black men. I sarcastically asked her why. Big mistake! She went on to say it was their ‘bodies and skin that did it for her. All the while I was thinking; “Nah, it’s because you can’t get a white man” “Being the racist leviathan that you are, you probably think any black man will take you”. Of course I didn’t say this to her as I was at work. Absurdities abound folks! Just when you think you have heard it all, some other clown will come along to top it!

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  8. Its not just an issue with white women, but with white men as well. I used to be a phone sex operator, and If I had a nickel for every time white man revealed to me that he wanted to see his wife having sex with a big black man, I’d be a rich black woman. I don’t think anyone is more obsessed with the black man than the white man.

  9. Thanks for confirming, Nic.

  10. Your Grandfather said that the White men would put the penis in whose mouth? The lynched victim?

    That’s a pretty disturbing image.

  11. In my view, and what I try to teach, European women view themselves as sexual objects, but African people don’t widely understand this.

    This is why Europeans have an expression on the oldest profession being a sexual one, though that profession (prostitution) doesn’t exist in a village setting (the oldest setting).

    Nevertheless, it might not be that the European woman reduces the African man as a sexual object, insomuch as her own reduction makes her seek sexual satisfaction from an African man. Mainly because the European is not out for a woman’s sexual satisfaction but his own.

    European men who encourage African men on their women are the exceptions: believing that the African man may be more skillful in the bedsheets. By my own observations, I can imagine that European sexual practices are deficient, seeing how sexual education is lacking and male-centered (for example, “female orgasm” is seen as a joke in Eurocentric circles.)

    I don’t agree with interracial relationships partially because of sexual patterns between the races: The White women are usually those rejected by White men. The White men are usually those seeking the advantages of minority status.

    But also because I find that race is more than skin color and is a pattern of organization. Mainly, European people organize in Patriarchy while African people organize in Matriarchy. These are incompatible systems. Yet given the social status of the races, interracial relationships will be Patriarchal, whereas intraracial relationships can be Patriarchal-lite or Matriarchal. The latter is more attuned to African people.

    I try to explain this over at African Blood Siblings.

    Thanks and Hotep!

  12. Excellent comments. Thank you..

  13. I agree. Ew.

  14. brothawolf on said:

    Leviathan lol. That’s a hot one.

    But seriously, I thought about that possibility as well. Most of the white women I met online were fine, but then there were those that had more chins than Mt. Rushmore. In any case there was no way I could get with any of them.

  15. Before I begin, let me state for the record that the only thing white trash can do for me is get outta my……oh, and point the way to the Sistas.

    I live in GA., outside of Atlanta, this area I’m in is mostly white middle to upper middle no class. Me being tall, dark and extremely gorgeous, these older white tramps are always trying something (seriously, I am tall, dark and gorgeous). They want to touch my hair (locks) and will go in for a handful if I don’t slap their hands down. They see us as less than deserving of respect. Kinda like zoo animals.

    I have never had one to ask if my dick was to my knees, but I can see they want to know. They say things like: how tall are you? what size shoes are those? let me see your hands? Like I just step off the slave ship ready to bust a nut in white trash hair. **Sorry ladies, but I’m angry and don’t know how to act.**

    Also, you have to realize that most white men are homo or approaching it. If not that then they have no interest in sex with grown people, thems like children.

    I guess to sum it……..what was the question? OH!!

    If you look at history like some did up there, yes whites are captivated by Black genitalia. From Sarah Baartman all the down to O.J. Simpson. I can proudly say that I have never touch a white woman/man clothed or nude. My mother told me when I was in middle or earlier, that if I brought a girl home that didn’t look like her she would kill both of us.

    Very good piece Sista.

  16. Thanks…
    I honestly don’t oppose interracial love, to each is own but you must wonder where the attraction stems from.

  17. Hello there, I discovered your website by the use of Google at the same time as looking for a similar topic, your web site came up, it seems good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  18. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  19. Truth,

    Sometimes this topic gets on my nerve–other times when people (particularly black people) make illogical statements regarding the topic, i can’t help but comment. . .

    When i say illogical, i mean stuff like:

    “i can date/marry and prefer white people of the opposite sex and still be loyal to the black family?”

    Um wutt????

    “white women make better homemakers, mothers, wives and sexual partners because they are just like that”

    Um wutt??? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah….. you might wanna check out nomarriage.com and happierabroad.com.

    “I am not going after skin color just love. All the women i have dated just happens to be white”


    “It’s nobody’s business who i choose to love, date, marry and show preference for”

    Yet you are sharing your personal experience with this on a public forum/blog???

    I mean but back to your original post. . . i don’t think i understand the imagery of the pic with Giselle and those guys?

  20. Phoebes:

    Showing The supermodel surrounded by black men is my way of mocking the fantasy of being with the “black brute.”

  21. Ok. but why does she need four men carrying her? I mean she’s skinner than me so…

  22. Because she, being the Pure White Woman, is deserving to be worshipped, fawned upon and elevated.

  23. I see your point. Sadly, i think a lot of people by into this.

  24. Uh if you don’t HAVE one I would imagine it does. lol..why do people covet what they don’t possess? If polish sausages were plentiful in caucasian men then it wouldn’t be a big deal. I imagine living off of vienna sausages would leave you starved. lol..

  25. I’m not surprised at your grandfather’s story. The legend of black penis goes back to Africa I’m sure. You know THEY started the myth and now want to disavow it b/c it makes them feel inadequate. On boards like this if there is any mention of penile size, the 1st thing one of them will say that it’s a myth and that not all white men have tiny penises. But they are the ones who put that out there. And I think putting a castrated penis in the mouth really makes me believe even more that at the basic core of a lot of black male hatred is simply latent homosexuality. And we all know how some latent homosexuals act when they are confronted with their unresolved, repressed desires? Lynchings fit the bill in my opinion. And the bestiality? Like fido flucking is acceptable but dog fighting or even the allegation of dog eating by some asian cultures is not? Who would you trust more? Someone who flucks dogs & farm animals or someone who eats dogs?

  26. ‘Also, you have to realize that most white men are homo or approaching it. If not that then they have no interest in sex with grown people, thems like children.’

    Booyah!! That’s what I think. Hell, either other men, children or dogs but I think women come in a distant 3rd. So maybe it stems from a need to choose a sex partner deemed either incapable of resisting or incapable of telling the world how inadequate the sex was. lol…

  27. Mickey on said:

    But to make themselves feel better, many White men feel that they are hung like horses compared to other races of men, most notably, Asian males.

  28. Well of course, I really think that’s why they gravitate to asian women b/c comparatively speaking they are ‘hung’. lol..and on the other end of the spectrum, black women probably make them feel like women. I can imagine what slave women whispered about their white rapist slave owners avg ‘endowments’.

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