Observations of an Invisible Woman

There’s Something About Charlie

Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…

Where to begin. First off, Mr. Estevez, let me say that AmeriKlan sure does love a good fuck up. And if you can royally fuck up in the media’s watchful eye, even better for you! You can drink, get a DUI, use hookers ( please get tested), smoke crack, hit your wife while she’s holding your baby, fight the cops, trash hotel rooms, wave a machete in the air and get FIRED from your own show…and still have a job waiting for you come fall! Now that’s ” winning!!!!!”


It sure pays to be you. But let’s examine this closer, shall we? What would your life be like if you looked like this?

Handsome, beautiful smile( smiling while black is important in AmeriKlan) and non-threatening.  Would your life be charmed? Would major networks jump at the chance to see you “win” all over Hollywood? Would you be offered a one million dollar (or is it two million?) salary to make an ass out of yourself? Hmmmmmm…….probably not. You’d be called a “thug”, which is code in AmeriKlan for “black”, the minute you hit your wife, you’d be in Sing Sing, all cuddled up to some guy named Bubba, the media would destroy you, you’d be broke in like, two seconds, women would rally against you, a famous talk show host would urge your wife to leave you, you’d lose all your sponsors and you’d be the representation of ALL black men in AmeriKlan.

See how awesome it is to be Carlos Estevez Charlie Sheen? And good idea with the name change( wink, wink). Hollywood hates anything too different.

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3 thoughts on “There’s Something About Charlie

  1. Matari on said:


    That’s no understatement!!

    … what?

    “Smiling while black is important in Ameriklan.”

    I would say for black males, smiling (and other efforts that put white people at ease) is super-important for our survival, well-being and advancement in most soci0-economic circles in Amerikkka.

    Of course merely displaying a wonderful smile isn’t nearly enough to trump the deleterious effects of high levels of melanin contained in darker skin, as you aptly point out in your colorism post. But being a Negro with super-standing status helps immensely. Just ask Clarence, Sowell, Elders and others who make their way in life by saying things white folks love hearing.

  2. @ Matari

    What would happen if we were to just “be ourselves” with no falseness around whites? Wait…I know…I’ve been through this so many times. They widen their eyes, take a few steps backwards and slowly begin to distance themselves from you.
    Fine with me. LOL!

  3. Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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