Observations of an Invisible Woman

Why I write…

My friend X asked me today, Truthbetold, why do you write? What does it do for you?

Well….let me explain, folks. First, being a black woman, I’m always sitting in the back of the bus. I was born with two strikes against me. Female and coloured. No one cares to listen to anything I have to say. I don’t matter. Society told me so since age 10. So I write to keep sane, to keep the fires burning, to continue this long and arduous process of un-brainwashing myself from the damages done by AmeriKlan society.

But Truthbetold, he says, aren’t you worried that white (and some blacks) people are going to read your many, many rantings and get mad? Are you crazy??? I want them to read it! Whites are as affected by black racism as we are. They are the originators of it. Therefore, they are the crux of the problem. I feel that I write not so much for my black readers but the white racist ones. Which is probably all of AmeriKlan.

This blog is my $150.00 an hour therapy session. I NEED it. I see racism everywhere. Being the invisible woman that I am, not one person makes an attempt to correct it. Because they don’t give a fuck. They’re not affected by it so why change it? Also, consider that they don’t want change because it benefits them.

Well I do give a fuck. This is as much my country as it is theirs. And till racism is dead, I’ll keep on ranting.

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11 thoughts on “Why I write…

  1. SomeGuy on said:

    I didn’t know you started a blog. You should have told a brother.

    It looks great, by the way.

  2. Hi Someguy
    Yes, the voices in my head wouldn’t stop! LOL!
    Thanks for the compliment.

  3. brothawolf on said:

    I agree with SomeGuy. This is a great blog, and you’re correct.

  4. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. Michelle on said:

    I just started reading your blog and I am humbled. I know that I am only one person but I do care and I hope that somehow (I am open to any and all suggestions) I can help to make a change that is desperately needed!

  6. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you really realize what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my web site =). We can have a link exchange agreement among us!

  7. it appears that this blog was started in May. If only you waited until the 19th to begin it (lol) but then again, let it begin with it needs to start.

  8. Omalone

    It would seem that the more I unravel white racism, the more I need to rant.

  9. so long as we fit it into a broader context and a wider framework which allows it to be accessible to more people, assuming they are concerned.

  10. Pls keep writing. But I’d say don’t hold your breath for others to ‘get it’. They spend their entire existence avoiding the truth so I don’t see them crowding the pews to hear what the masses of black people probably feel yet don’t speak out loud. Either b/c we don’t want to offend or are not as eloquent as you are. I’m sure it’s cathartic for you, but you give voice to what so many of us are also feeling and can’t find the words to say. So thank you. And I don’t think you need therapy. There’s like hundreds of millions ‘others’ who are in line ahead of you who need it infinitely more than any of us do.

  11. nmaat

    The more I write, the more I understand. The more I understand, the less confused I am.

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