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The Strange Feeling

Let me know if you feel it too…

Are you religious or spiritual? Or maybe just open to the power of a higher being? Last night I was on the phone with X and we began talking about the strange feeling he gets about the world, you know…that something’s gonna happen.


I feel it too. Perhaps it’s the way you can see the depression on people’s faces, the way they slump their shoulders…lifeless, the way they barely smile anymore, as if there’s nothing to smile about… No jobs, no prospects, no where to turn. When the economy tanked, homes were lost. When jobs disappeared, so did our spirits. How many bullshit applications can you fill out before you say, Fuck it!  Forget about that new TV, kids; mommy has bills. Wanted that condo? Forget that now. And don’t even think about going back to school. Food comes before textbooks.

Guys, do you feel the pressure? Do you feel like we’re being squeezed? The number one precursor for crime is poverty. Without jobs and a decent paycheck, the crime rate will skyrocket in AmeriKlan. And if you’re a black guy, forget it. No one wants a black guy in their pristine office space. It makes white folks…uneasy.

I wonder if this is all leading up to Judgement Day. In the book of Revelations, God described to a tee all that would take place in the destruction of Earth and man. Call me crazy, but I can see it happening before by very eyes. I don’t really know if the Four Horsemen will actually show up but something’s not right…

Let me know your thoughts and if you feel that “strange sensation” too.

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4 thoughts on “The Strange Feeling

  1. SomeGuy on said:

    Normally, I wouldn’t want to even consider that this whole December 21, 2012 stuff is real. However, I can’t help feeling this will be a year of immense change. There appears to be a great tension that is in dire need to be released. How it will play out? Who knows.

  2. Someguy,
    I didn’t buy the 2012 hype either…but the bible foretold a destruction on Earth. One cannot deny that somethings wrong with the way we’ve seemed to spiral out of control. I remember the speech Gregory Peck gave in the movie “The Omen” about man killing his brother till man exists no more.
    What bought this on was the Trayvon Martin shooting, then Kenneth Chamberlain’s shooting, then you keep reading stories about whites getting “prepared” for a race war. The tension is mounting and getting worse. I hope “The Omen was wrong…”

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