Observations of an Invisible Woman

Yes, we do exist.

Feel invisible? Have no say? Black?

You’ve come to the right place. Stick with me, kids. We’ll explore this strange place called America.

By the way…this blog is strictly moderated so if you are a troll…don’t bother.

A little something about me:

Name: Truthbetold

Where I live: PA

Who am I: A black woman

Why I write: Therapy is $150.00 an hour. This is cheaper

My occupation: I’m in medicine

What I witness: Racism all around me

Biggest dream: To be my own boss.


Follow me for frank observations about race, beauty, work and this so-called life.

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6 thoughts on “Yes, we do exist.

  1. ynotme on said:

    We are living in a small world , we need to teach ourselves how to see people differently than by the things we see, experienced or were taught.

  2. @ ynotme
    Easier said than done. Our society makes that damn near impossible.

  3. I love your thought process. you must live in my head sister you going to have to pay me rent. lol. Happy Wednesday.

  4. Why thank you!!!
    Tell your friends to visit and comment. We need to keep the discussion honest, open and truthful!

  5. I wonder if the followers and posters would contribute to a broadcast if you ever did a call in. I think that would open up the dialogue. Writings is one thing, but speech tends to take it up another level, which in turn, is mor therapeutic.

  6. Yes! a radio broadcast would be great!

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