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Introducing Megan Dorsey: Vintage Shop Owner

I’ve always had a love for old things. Every time I would visit my grandmothers house, she would let me go through her vintage clothes, purses and jewelry. I could play in it for hours and it would only feel like minutes…  Megan Dorsey, Vintage Shop Owner

Megan @ Seventh Vintage on Etsy.com

This beautiful shop owner has turned her love of antique things into a fully-functioning and thriving business and with her determination, she’s created Seventh Vintage:


Even though Megan’s grandmother is now watching her from up above, we know that she’d be proud of her granddaughter for all that she’s accomplished. I took a look at her shop and this caught my eye:

Cowry Shelled Necklace

Apparently, Megan loves attention to detail…and so do I.

Megan modeling her clothes

I ran across Etsy.com by happenstance. I actually don’t remember exactly how but I’m glad I did. I remember the first thing I sold. An antique cotton lace dress made in France. I remember the price too… and instant 30 bucks. I liked how it made me feel. I liked that people loved the things I picked out and curated and I loved their positive feedback. I began to make jewelry, one of my other passions and that jumped off better than I expected. I was getting messages, business proposals and most of all great customer feedback. That was when I knew I was a business woman. I do this because it makes me feel good… because I want for African American people to see themselves in a different light. Not always following fleeting trends. The style back in the day was timeless and classy. I religiously Google pictures of African Americans from the 1900’s to 1960’s because the men and women looked so classy and I want us to get back to that.  — Megan

Megan, Shop Owner

Vintage Purse

Black Family, please visit Megan’s shop and support her efforts to bring back timeless beauty to our wardrobes. By shopping in our stores and ours alone, you not only show support for the black community, you keep the revenue circulating between us! After all, that was the way Black Wall Street began.

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25 thoughts on “Introducing Megan Dorsey: Vintage Shop Owner

  1. “…African Americans from the 1900′s to 1960′s because the men and women looked so classy and I want us to get back to that. — Megan”



    And a hat tip to the photographer who captured all those amazin’ features of Megan rockin’ that blue dress!

  2. Gorgeous!! Luv it!

  3. I agree…she’s something special, isn’t she?

  4. I’m glad you approve.

  5. soforeal on said:

    nice, why not right? i have visions of us becoming a powerhouse on the market if we just work together. cause ain’t nobody got flava and style like black people do! YA HEARD.

  6. Love the concept. Etsy seems to be the place for finding that black entrepeneurial spirit that we need to encourage. Much success to the Sistah!

  7. Great post! Black people handling their business? Love it!

  8. nmaat

    Yes…I was shock at how many of us are out there! And they ALL said yes to help each other. More to come!!!!

  9. emile

    Yes, sir. Me too.

  10. Oh wow. I love vintage stuff so I’ll definitely be visiting…

  11. Look we are going to HAVE to realize we are all we got. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better. It’s going to be every man/woman for himself & Black people are going to be forced back into the spirit of co-operation and community we exhibited prior to the lie of ‘integration’. We ain’t gon have no choice. So it’s best to start now, better late than never.

  12. larissa on said:

    it’s only a matter of time before they ban your blog, can’t have niggers trying to create another wall street

  13. larissa

    Let them ban it. Let them do what they wish. In the end, I’ve seen how the story ends.

  14. I need that handbag in my life :)

  15. They eat this kinda shit up here in the Atlanta metro area.

    Very good Ms. Truth, you be pushin’ some Black folk don’t you? That’s Black love, nothing less, nothing more. Big up sis.

  16. Jesus

    Yes. I do love my people. We’re all we’ve got. Black Wall Street is gonna be back in full swing.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Hey Sister . I received my pretty soaps today. Love them. will be ordering more.

  18. Miss Mary

    I’m so glad you like them. We aim to please. thanks for the support.

  19. mary burrell on said:

    I saw a little purse with my name on it from the young sister’s vintage store thanks for this.

  20. Thanks for introducing this lovely young lady, I will visit her etsy store ASAP

  21. meganoodlesoup on said:

    Thank you all for the support! I really appreciate it!!! xox <3 <3 <3 and thank you so much for promoting me on your site. Probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

  22. Miss Megan

    Most welcome. Anytime you need help, you know where to come.

  23. I wish you shipped internationally. This girl from the UK thinks your vintage goodies are dope :(

  24. meganoodlesoup on said:

    I do! But it’s at your own risk. The packages can’t be tracked unless you pay a ton of money. I rarely have problems but I have had them before.


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